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Most Downloaded Files Today (Click for full description)
#1   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v5.1.6.117- A powerful tool to remove malware.
#2   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
#3   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.8- Emergency boot disk based on Win 11 PE x64.
  PrivaZer v4.0.90- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
#5   Rufus v4.5- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
  LibreOffice Portable v24.2.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
#7   NirLauncher v1.30.12- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
#8   SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.77- Complete computer/network info.
#9   Windows Repair v4.14.0- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
#10    Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.

  Log of updated or added files by date (Click for full description)
 NEW 07/22  WinMute v2.5.1- Auto-mutes & unmutes all sound devices based on various triggers.
 UPDATED 07/22  RegCool v2.010- An advanced registry editor with features missing in Regedit.
 UPDATED 07/22  HDCleaner v2.077- Free toolkit for system maintenance in Windows.
 UPDATED 07/22  TweakPower v2.057- A powerful and free PC optimization tool.
 UPDATED 07/22  Audacity v3.6.1- A free and easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.
 UPDATED 07/22  Manager Desktop Edition v24.7.22.1747- Free small business accounting software.
 UPDATED 07/22  NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) v7.4.3- Scan documents to PDF and more.
 NEW 07/21  Ant Movie Catalog v4.2.3.3- A free program to manage your collection of movies.
 UPDATED 07/21  Mozilla Thunderbird v128.0.1esr- Latest generation of Mozilla's email client.
 NEW 07/21  Mypal68 v68.14.3b- A free web browser for Windows XP based on Firefox 68.
 UPDATED 07/21  xd-AntiSpy v4.10.3- Successor to the classic XP-AntiSpy to disable crap in Windows.
 UPDATED 07/19  Endless Sky v0.10.8- Open source space exploration, trading, and combat game.
 UPDATED 07/19  Warzone 2100 v4.5.1- A 100% free and open-source 3D real-time strategy game.
 UPDATED 07/19  ksnip v1.11.0- A free cross-platform screenshot and annotation tool. 
 UPDATED 07/19  WinSCP v6.3.4- A free SFTP, SCP, S3, WebDAV, and FTP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/19  Imagine v1.5.5- A free image and animation viewer for Windows.
 NEW 07/18  Brightness.Manager.OK v1.11- Free utility to adjust the brightness of your monitor.
 NEW 07/18  O & O AppBuster v1.4.1345- Bust Apps you do not want in Windows 10 & 11.
 UPDATED 07/18  DefenderUI v1.22- Improves usability & unlocks hidden features of Microsoft Defender.
 UPDATED 07/18  HWMonitor v1.54- Free hardware monitoring program for voltages, temps, fans. 
 UPDATED 07/17  MediaInfo v24.06- Shows relevant technical & tag data for video & audio files.
 UPDATED 07/17  MediaConch v24.06 Free checker, reporter & fixer of pro audiovisual files.
 UPDATED 07/17  ExifToolGUI Portable v6.3.4-1- Free image metadata reader and modifier.
 UPDATED 07/17  AnyBurn Portable v6.2- Free, professional CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software.
 UPDATED 07/17  Pale Moon v33.2.1- An Open Source, Goanna-based web browser.
 UPDATED 07/17  Blender v4.2.0- A free and open source 3D animation and #gamedev suite.
 UPDATED 07/17  VirtualBox v7.0.20- Create virtual machines in Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
 UPDATED 07/16  ToDoList v8.3.6.0- A flexible, effective and FREE way to manage your busy life.
 NEW 07/16  DataExplorer v3.9.0- Gathers data from connected devices and displays for analysis.
 UPDATED 07/16  Trellix Stinger v13.0.0.143- Free tool to remove specific computer viruses.
 UPDATED 07/15  EventLogViewer v1.010- Free tool to view event logs on a local or remote computer.
 UPDATED 07/15  SmartSniff v2.30- Capture TCP/IP packets that pass through your network adapter.
 UPDATED 07/15  Lintalist v1.9.23- Store, search & edit texts in bundles and paste into active programs.
 UPDATED 07/15  Notepad++ v8.6.9- A free, open source, multi-language source code editor.
 UPDATED 07/15  OBS Studio v30.2.0- Open source software for video recording & live streaming.
 UPDATED 07/15  PrivaZer v4.0.90- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
 UPDATED 07/14  OpenShot v3.2.1- A free, simple, open-source video editor for Linux, Mac & Windows.
 UPDATED 07/14  Kdenlive v24.05.2- A free & open source video editor for Windows, macOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 07/12  Galaxy Buds Client v5.0.1- Configure/control Samsung Galaxy Buds on your desktop.
 UPDATED 07/12  StopUpdates10 v4.6.2024- Free tool to take control over Windows updates.
 UPDATED 07/12  PhotoDemon v2024.7- A free, portable, open-source photo editor for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/12  Shortcuts Search And Replace v2.3.0- Free tool to repair/replace Windows shortcuts.
 UPDATED 07/11  Metadata++ v2.05.2- Freeware tool to view, add, edit, modify, extract, copy metadata.
 UPDATED 07/11  Homedale v2.11- A free Wi-Fi / WLAN monitor for Windows and MacOS.
 UPDATED 07/11  Error Lookup v2.6- Translates error codes into a more meaningful text description.
 UPDATED 07/11  simplewall v3.8.2- Free firewall tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform.
 UPDATED 07/11  FreeCommander XE v2024 b.901- Easy-to-use alternative to Windows file manager.
 UPDATED 07/11  1by1 v2.10- A free directory audio player for Windows and Android.
 UPDATED 07/10  Q-Dir v11.71- Free, quadro-view file management system for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/10  Reset Windows Update Tool v11.1.0- Free troubleshooting tool for Windows Update.
 UPDATED 07/09  AllDup v4.5.62- A freeware tool to find & remove duplicate files in Windows.
 UPDATED 07/09  Clonezilla v3.1.3-11- Free, open source hard drive imaging/cloning program.
 UPDATED 07/09  PingInfoView v3.15- Easily ping multiple host names & IP addresses in one table.
 UPDATED 07/09  GifCam v7.7- An easy, free and fun animated gif making app.
 UPDATED 07/08  HiBit Uninstaller v3.2.30- Removes stubborn software, apps & browser extensions.
 UPDATED 07/08  NTFSLinksView v1.35- Shows all symbolic links/junctions in a folder and target paths.
 UPDATED 07/08  WhyNotWin11 v2.6.1.0- A free script to identify why your PC isn't Windows 11 ready.
 NEW 07/07  Atomic - Periodic table v2.2.2- Bring a free periodic table with you anywhere you go.
 NEW 07/07  CatLock v1.0.0- A free, simple utility designed to prevent accidental keyboard input.
 UPDATED 07/05  ScrambleOnClick v1.7.7.0- Encrypt/decrypt a section of text in any document.
 UPDATED 07/05  mrv2 v1.2.0- Free, pro player & review tool for VFX, animation & computer graphics.
 UPDATED 07/05  MobaXterm Home Edition v24.2- Enhanced terminal for Windows with many tools.
 UPDATED 07/05  FolderChangesView v2.36- Free tool to monitor folders or drives for changes.
 UPDATED 07/05  RJ TextEd v16.25- A unicode source and text editor and web development editor.
 UPDATED 07/05  SmartSystemMenu v2.27.0- Extends system menu of all windows in the system.
 NEW 07/05  Colorful v2.1- A simple 2D side-shooter game for Windows, Linux and Android.
 UPDATED 07/05  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v5.1.6.117- A powerful tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 07/03  Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.4.3- Fastest way to download your repair tools.
 UPDATED 07/03  Antivirus Removal Tool 2024.07- Free tool to completely remove antivirus software.
 UPDATED 07/03  CustomFolder v3.4- Free tool to customize folders with icons and emblems.
 UPDATED 07/03  Joplin v3.0.12- A free, open source note taking and to-do application.
 REMOVED  MouseAxisLocker v1.0- No longer free.
 UPDATED 07/03  IP Changer (IPC) v1.3.5.0- Easily change your IP address for all network adapters.
 UPDATED 07/03  MailStore Home v24.3- Free email archiving program for personal use.
 UPDATED 07/02  Shotcut v24.06.26- A free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
 UPDATED 07/01  BriskBard v4.2.0- A free web browser with 10 built-in applications.
 UPDATED 07/01  ColorConsole v6.92- A free, colorful alternative to the standard Windows cmd.
 NEW 07/01  Fireworks Theme v1.0- A free fireworks desktop theme for Windows 11,10, 8 & 7.
 UPDATED 07/01  Cherrytree v1.1.4- A free, hierarchical note taking app and todo list.
 NEW 06/30  Podman Desktop v1.11.1- Open source tool to work with containers & Kubernetes.
 UPDATED 06/30  Music Collection v3.6.5.1- A free program to archive your music collection.
 UPDATED 06/30  CUETools v2.2.6- A free tool for lossless audio/CUE sheet format conversion.
 UPDATED 06/30  FreeShow v1.1.9- Free presentation software designed for small churches.
 UPDATED 06/28  HiBit Startup Manager v2.6.40- Manage applications that are loaded automatically.
 UPDATED 06/28  ReactOS v0.4.14 r116- Open source operating system w/ NT4,2K,XP,03 compatibility.
 UPDATED 06/28  Memtest86 Free v11.0- The industry standard for memory (RAM) diagnostics.
 UPDATED 06/28  Calibre v7.13.0- A free, open source e-book library management application.
 UPDATED 06/28  F3D v2.4.0- Free 3D viewer supporting physically based rendering and raytracing.
 UPDATED 06/27  Domination (Risk Board Game) v1.3.1- A free Risk clone with hundreds of maps.
 UPDATED 06/27  Fort Firewall v3.13.2- A simple, free & open source firewall for Windows 7/8/10/11.
 NEW 06/27  DBee v0.22- A fast, free, open source and minimalistic database browser.
 UPDATED 06/27  Recuva v1.54.120- Free program to recover your deleted files quickly and easily.
 UPDATED 06/27  WSCC v7.1.0.0- The free tools you need to repair Windows in one portable app.
 UPDATED 06/27  Adobe Digital Negative Converter v16.4- Convert camera-specific raw files to DNG.
 UPDATED 06/25  Battle for Wesnoth v1.18.1- The wildly popular, free, turn-based strategy game.
 UPDATED 06/25  OpenTTD v14.1- Simulation game based on Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
 UPDATED 06/25  RustDesk v1.2.6- Free remote desktop software for Win, Mac, Linux & Android.
 UPDATED 06/24  cPicture v4.1- A free Windows photo explorer with lots of features.
 UPDATED 06/24  Microsoft Process Monitor v4.01- Shows real-time file, Registry & process activity.
 UPDATED 06/24  SepPDF v3.80- Split multi-page PDFs into individual PDF files for each page.
 UPDATED 06/24  WinScan2PDF v8.88- Tiny, portable tool to scan from any scanner to PDF.
 UPDATED 06/24  CopyQ v9.0.0- An advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features.
 UPDATED 06/24  CrystalDiskInfo v9.3.2- Monitors disk health, status, temp, S.M.A.R.T. info.
 UPDATED 06/21  NewFileTime v7.23- Manipulate the timestamp of any file or folder.
 UPDATED 06/21  ThisIsMyFile v4.25- A free program for unlocking/deleting locked or protected files.
 UPDATED 06/21  FocusWriter v1.8.8- Write without distractions with this free editor.
 NEW 06/21  TinySetup v1.4- An easy way to create a simple installer for your programs.
 NEW 06/21  Folder2ISO v1.2.0- A free portable tool to create an ISO Image from a folder.
 UPDATED 06/21  ImgDrive Lite v2.1.8- Portable utility to mount any disc image as a virtual drive.
 UPDATED 06/21  Librer v1.0246.172- A file cataloging program with extensive customization options.
 UPDATED 06/21  Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v18.0.7.7- Completely remove graphics drivers.
 UPDATED 06/20  Shutter Encoder v18.2- Free, professional video converter for Windows/Mac/Linux.
 UPDATED 06/20  HWiNFO v8.04- Free hardware information & diagnostic tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/20  WordWeb Free v10.37- Look up word definitions in any program with just one click.
 UPDATED 06/20  Artweaver Free v7.0.17- Full-featured painting tool with realistic brushes.
 UPDATED 06/30  DiskGenius Free (portable) v5.6.0.1565- Free tool to work with disk partitions.
 UPDATED 06/30  NirLauncher v1.30.12- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
 UPDATED 06/20  LibreOffice Productivity Suite v24.2.4- Free, open source office suite.
  We are leaving for vacation June 6th. No updates while we're gone.
  If there were updates, it wouldn't be a vacation. ;) -Randy and Deanna

 UPDATED 06/06  Transwiz v1.19.1099- Migrate your current user profile to your new user account.
 UPDATED 06/06  User Profile Wizard v24.6.1293- Free tool to migrate a user profile to a new domain.
 UPDATED 06/05  Gaia Sky v3.6.2- A free, real-time, 3D astronomy visualization software.
 UPDATED 06/05  OpenHV v20240401- A free, pixel art, science-fiction, real-time-strategy game.
 NEW 06/05  Notation Player v5.0.1- Displays MIDI music files as sheet music while the notes play.
 UPDATED 06/05  Biniware Run v7.0.1.0- Fast access to your favorite web addresses, files & folders.
 UPDATED 06/05  Microsoft PowerToys v0.81.1- Windows system utilities to maximize productivity.
 UPDATED 06/04  no-defender v1.1.0- A slightly more fun way to disable Windows Defender.
 UPDATED 06/04  Unicodia-encyclopedia of characters v2.7.3- A free character map with definitions.
 UPDATED 06/04  Libre Hardware Monitor v0.9.3- Monitors the temps, fans, voltages, load & speed.
 UPDATED 06/04  Treesheets v9365612553- Free, open source, free form data organizer.
 UPDATED 06/04  Caesium Image Compressor v2.7.1- Compress pics up to 90% without quality loss.
 UPDATED 06/04  BatteryBoi v2.4.1- The battery app your Mac's been dreaming about.
 UPDATED 06/04  Privacy Badger v2024.5.31- A browser extension that auto-learns to block trackers.
 UPDATED 06/03  LosslessCut v3.61.1- The free, Swiss Army Knife of lossless video/audio editing.
 UPDATED 06/03  Tablacus Explorer v24.5.30- A free tabbed file manager with add-on support.
 UPDATED 06/03  QTranslate v6.10.0- A free language translator for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/03  Telegram Desktop v5.1.1- Messaging app focused on speed and security.
 UPDATED 06/03  MakeMKV v1.17.7- Convert video that you own into free unencumbered format.
 UPDATED 06/02  MeinPlatz v8.26- An easy and fast way to scan the hard disk for lost disk space.
 UPDATED 06/02  Blank And Secure v7.72- A portable tool to securely delete data from Windows.
 NEW 06/02  Subtitle Edit v4.0.6- A free and open source editor for video subtitles.
 NEW 05/31  AutoAudioRecorder v1.0- Internally record any audio playing on your computer.
 UPDATED 05/31  Google Chrome Portable v125.0.6422.142- Run Chrome from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/31  Google Chrome Standalone Installer v125.0.6422.141- For offline installations.
 UPDATED 05/31  RSS Guard v4.7.2- Feed reader for RSS/ATOM/JSON & many web-based feeds.
 UPDATED 05/31  Uninstalr v2.5- An easy to use and very accurate software uninstaller for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/30  SyncBackFree v11.3.29.0- Free Windows backup & synchronization program.
 UPDATED 05/30  Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC) v2.2.1- Free audio/video player.
 UPDATED 05/30  Transmission v4.0.6- A fast, easy & free Bittorrent client for macOS, Windows, Linux.
 UPDATED 05/30  LibreOffice Portable v24.2.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/29  LightBulb v2.5.1- Reduces eyestrain produced by staring at a computer screen.
 NEW 05/29  WinSatUi v1.0- Displays performance values of your video, CPU and HDD/SSD.
 UPDATED 05/29  Microsoft Sysmon v15.14- Service & device driver that monitors/logs system activity.
 UPDATED 05/29  Microsoft Process Explorer v17.06- Shows info of processes loaded in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/28  WinPing v2.61- Check or measure connections in a local network or the Internet.
 UPDATED 05/28  QuickTextPaste v8.83- Allows you to paste pre-defined text into any application.
 UPDATED 05/28  FastCopy v5.7.12- Free program to copy large amounts of data at high speed.
 UPDATED 05/28  Birthday Reminder v1.9.0- Alerts you to birthdays you need to remember.
 UPDATED 05/27  WhoisThisDomain v2.46- A free domain registration lookup utility.
 UPDATED 05/27  Strong Passwords Need Entropy v19.0- Password strength checker & generator.
 NEW 05/26  Dune 3D v1.1.0- A free and opensource parametric 3D CAD application.
 NEW 05/26  TimeLapze v1.2- Take color-accurate timelapses of screens/cameras on macOS.
 NEW 05/26  Ayin v0.1.0- A free, portable and open source photo editing software for Windows.
 NEW 05/26  Superfile v1.1.3- A free, very fancy and modern terminal file manager.
 NEW 05/24  Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers v2.3- A free, highly technical kart racer game.
 UPDATED 05/23  Jiffy Reader v1.1.5- An amazing web browser extension to read better faster.
 UPDATED 05/23  Personal Backup v6.3.16.0- Free, easy to use backup software for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/23  Lively Wallpaper v2.1.0.4- Free animated desktop wallpapers for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/23  FxSound v1.1.22.0- Free software to boost your cold, boring, and quiet sound.
 UPDATED 05/23  Rufus v4.5- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
 UPDATED 05/22  SoundSwitch v6.10.3- Switch default playback/recording devices using hotkeys.
 REMOVED  Tixati - Removed due to compromised IP address warning from Malwarebytes.
 NEW 05/21  QuickRecorder v1.2.5- A free, high-performance screen recorder for macOS.
 NEW 05/21  Display Hot Keys v1.3.2- Effortlessly control display settings with hotkeys.
 UPDATED 05/21  CertViewer v1.2.8- Free, simple X.509 certificate viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/21  InsideClipboard v1.26- Displays the binary content of all formats stored in Clipboard.
 UPDATED 05/21  Ventoy v1.0.98- An open source tool to create a bootable USB drive for ISO files.
 UPDATED 05/21  HandBrake v1.8.0- Convert video from any format to widely supported codecs.
 UPDATED 05/20  Foxit Reader Portable v2024.2.1- Free program to view, annotate, form fill, sign PDFs.
 UPDATED 05/20  AutoRun LWMenu v1.5.9.3- A free control menu, application launcher & portabilizer.
 UPDATED 05/20  KeyNote NF v1.9.5.2- Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level & encryption.
 NEW 05/20  Sound Player Lilith v2019.01.01- An ultra light, portable, skinnable music player.
 UPDATED 05/17  GPT fdisk v1.0.10- A free set of text-mode GPT partitioning tools.
 UPDATED 05/17  GParted Live v1.6.0-3- A free, bootable partition editor to manage your disk partitions.
 UPDATED 05/17  EaseUS Partition Master Free v18.5- Free drive partition manager for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/16  SmartContextMenu v1.3.4- A free, smart context menu for all windows in the system.
 UPDATED 05/16  7-Zip v24.05- A free, open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.
 UPDATED 05/16  AutoHotkey v2.0.15- The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/16  Mozilla Thunderbird Portable v115.11.0- Run Thunderbird from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/15  Rename Master v3.18- A free utility to rename multiple files with just a few clicks.
 NEW 05/15  Open Industry Project v1.2.0- Free/open-source warehouse/manufacturing simulation.
 UPDATED 05/15  SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.77- Complete computer and network info.
Reinstated 05/13  PotPlayer v240509- A free and comprehensive video and audio player.
 UPDATED 05/13  HopToDesk v1.41.9- Free remote desktop software comparable to TeamViewer.
 UPDATED 05/13  PeaZip v9.8.0- RAR, TAR, ZIP archive utility that supports 200+ file extensions.
 Refresh 05/10  StarCraft Anthology v1.0.0.2716- Rediscover a real-time strategy classic.
 Refresh 05/10  86 DOS Version 0.1 C Serial # 11 (original disk)- Seattle Computer Products 1980.
 UPDATED 05/10  Just Color Picker v6.0- Free portable offline color picker and color editor.
 NEW 05/10  muCommander v1.4.0- An open source, dual-pane file manager for all major OSes.
 UPDATED 05/10  Scribus v1.6.1- Powerful, free & open source desktop publishing software.
 UPDATED 05/10  darktable v4.6.1- Free, open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom.
 UPDATED 05/09  Clipboardic v1.18- Listens to clipboard activity and auto-saves copied data.
 UPDATED 05/09  ShareX v16.1.0- A free screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool.
 NEW 05/09  Puzzle Collection Portable v1.0- Free, portable collection of Simon Tatham's puzzles.
 UPDATED 05/09  TreeSize Free v4.73- Free program to inspect your disk usage in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/07  Rclone v1.66.0- A free command line program to sync files/directories to cloud.
 Refresh 05/07  Recently Created or Modified Exe. Search v2.1.0.2- Tool for incident response.
 UPDATED 05/06  Delete.On.Reboot v3.31- Free tool to delete locked files, directories & subfolders.
 UPDATED 05/05  Simutrans v124.0- Free transportation simulator game for Win,Mac,Linux & Android.
 UPDATED 05/05  Stirling-PDF v0.23.1- Your free, locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs.
 NEW 05/05  OFGB (Oh Frick Go Back) v0.3- Removes ads from various places in Windows 11.
 UPDATED 05/03  DAR (Disk ARchive) v2.7.14- A free command-line backup and archiving tool.
 Refresh 05/03  Microsoft Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter (wushowhide)- Hide updates.
 UPDATED 05/03  Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) v04.22.2022-Take full control over updates.
 UPDATED 05/02  Antivirus Live CD v45.0-1.3.0- Create a live USB or CD to remove viruses.
 UPDATED 05/02  Avira Rescue System v2024.02.20- Free bootable system to remove viruses.
 UPDATED 05/02  CheatBook DataBase 2024- Massive collection of cheats, hints, tips, trainers, codes.
 UPDATED 05/01  Yori v2.20- CMD replacement that supports backquotes, job control, aliases & more.
 UPDATED 05/01  Eraser v6.2.0.2994- Remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it.
 UPDATED 05/01  Agent DVR v5.4.7.0- A free, super advanced video surveillance platform.
 UPDATED 04/30  Browserosaurus v20.8.0- Be prompted to use your choice of browser in macOS.
 UPDATED 04/30  Quick Access Popup v11.6.3.3- Save thousands of clicks with this Windows utility.
 UPDATED 04/30  Money Manager Ex v1.8.0- Free, open-source, easy-to-use personal finance software.
 UPDATED 04/29  Upscayl v2.11.0- Free, open source AI image upscaler for Linux, macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 04/29  MAMEUI v0.265- Emulates many stand-alone arcade machines from 1975 to 2003+.
 UPDATED 04/29  KeepMouseSpeedOK v3.26- Prevents apps from changing your mouse speed.
 NEW 04/29  Bitte.Wenden v1.11- A small, free countdown application for Windows and Android.
 UPDATED 04/28  DesktopOK v11.21- Saves the position of your desktop icons and more.
 UPDATED 04/28  Quick Clipboard Editor v2.0- A free Windows Clipboard text editor.
 UPDATED 04/28  CudaText v1.214.0.0- A cross-platform, open source text editor, written in Lazarus.
 NEW 04/26  Principia v2024.02.29- Build advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames & robots!
 UPDATED 04/26  Stunt Rally v3.1- A free 3D racing game with rally style driving.
 NEW 04/26  PuTTY v0.81- A free SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, and SUPDUP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/25  ServiWin v1.72- Free tool to take full control of drivers and services in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/25  PortableApps.com Platform v29.5- A full-featured portable software system.
 NEW 04/24  MiTeC JSON Viewer v3.2.1- A full-featured JSON/BSON viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/24  VLC v3.0.20- A free and open source cross-platform multimedia player.
 NEW 04/23  Investor`s Clock v1.09- Shows the time in different time zones on Windows Desktop.
 UPDATED 04/23  WinPrint v1.5.0.60- Takes print output from DOS & forwards to a Windows printer.
 UPDATED 04/22  ZMeter v1.2.2- Displays network, CPU, RAM & disk space in a Desktop graph.
 UPDATED 04/22  Extended GodMode v1.0.2.18- Easy and quick access to system-level settings.
 UPDATED 04/22  Classic Auto Login v1.0.0.1- Bring back the Auto Login feature in Windows 10/11.
 UPDATED 04/22  ElevenClock v4.3.3- Free tool to customize the Windows 11 taskbar clock.
 Refresh 04/22  Drive Letters Tool 1.0.1- Change the way drive letters are displayed in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/22  Pegasus Mail v4.80- A full-featured free email client for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/22  BulkFileChanger v1.73- Create a file list & then perform actions on them.
 UPDATED 04/19  Calcpad v6.2.3- Free software for mathematical and engineering calculations.
 UPDATED 04/19  Hasleo Disk Clone v4.2- Free Windows migration/partition/cloning software.
 UPDATED 04/19  LucKey Park v25- A free and open source amusement park building game for Linux.
 UPDATED 04/19  Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1- A classic, turn-based strategy game with up to four armies.
 UPDATED 04/19  Puran File Recovery v1.2.1- Free program to recover deleted/lost files/partitions.
 UPDATED 04/19  HomeBank v5.7.4- Free and easy way to analyze your personal finances.
 UPDATED 04/19  Eqonomize! v1.5.6- Free, efficient and easy accounting for personal finances.
 UPDATED 04/19  NolaPro Cloud Accounting v5.0.23586- Free version for home-based freelancers.
 UPDATED 04/18  IsMyHdOK v3.96- Easily check the performance of a drive in Windows.
 NEW 04/18  Sizer v4.0- Free utility to accurately resize and reposition windows.
 UPDATED 04/18  SyMenu v8.01.8833- Portable menu launcher to organize your applications.
 UPDATED 04/17  RunX v1.0.0.1- Launch any process with System or TrustedInstaller account privileges.
 Refresh 04/17  BootSafe v5.0- A no-hassle utility to restart Windows in the Safe Mode of your choice.
 UPDATED 04/17  7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.15.1- Configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 04/17  ExplorerPatcher v22621.3296.64.1- Enhance the working environment of Windows.
 NEW 04/16  AlbumEasy v4.5.0- Free stamp album page design and layout software.
 NEW 04/16  Network Aware Printing v5.0- Auto-change default printers based on network.
 UPDATED 04/16  Text Editor Pro v29.0.0- Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 04/15  FileVoyager v24.4.13.0- The free Swiss Army Knife of file management for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/15  foobar2000 v2.1.4/2.6.3- Advanced, free audio player for Windows/macOS/mobile.
 UPDATED 04/15  Opal v1.3.1- Mix and match relaxing sounds using sliders for volume levels.
 NEW 04/12  FocusOn Renamer Portable v1.6- Free tool to easily rename multiple files.
 UPDATED 04/12  Macrorit Partition Expert Free Edition v8.1.6- Free drive partitioning software.
 UPDATED 04/12  Brave v1.64.122- Free Chromium-based browser with unmatched speed/security.
 UPDATED 04/12  Visual Code Studio v1.88.1- Microsoft's free, powerful source code editor.
 UPDATED 04/12  Winpilot v3.5.0- A free AI-driven way to customize your Windows 10/11 installation.
 UPDATED 04/12  BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0- An epic scale real-time strategy experience.
 NEW 04/11  Tiny Crate v18- Free & open source crate-chucking puzzle-platformer game.
 UPDATED 04/11  CopyPath v2.0- Adds "Copy File Path" & "Copy Folder Path" to the right-click menu.
 NEW 04/10  RandomPass v2.4.0.360- Command-line program to generate complex passwords.
 UPDATED 04/10  Memtest86+ v7.00- Stand-alone memory tester for x86-64 architecture computers.
 UPDATED 04/09  Cryptomator v1.12.4- A free tool to protect your cloud data independently.
 UPDATED 04/09  Cyberduck v8.8.2- A free server and cloud storage browser for macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 04/09  AnyTXT Searcher v1.3.1370- A free powerful local document & text search application.
 UPDATED 04/09  Mitec EXE Explorer v3.7.1- Exe File Explorer for OS/2, NE, PE32, PE32+, VxD types.
 UPDATED 04/09  AVG Clear v24.3.8975.0- Removes all traces of AVG software.
 UPDATED 04/08  AvastClear v24.3.8975- Free tool to completely remove Avast Antivirus software.
 UPDATED 04/08  OpenLoco v24.04- Re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion game.
 UPDATED 04/08  Zero Install v2.25.7- Free system to run applications without installing them.
 UPDATED 04/08  UpdateHub v2.4.0- A free app that simplifies updating software on your computer.
 UPDATED 04/08  AOMEI Backupper Standard- Free Windows backup & synchronization software.
 UPDATED 04/08  Info-Base v13.1- Free personal information manager and free-form database.
 UPDATED 04/08  StressMyPC v5.33- Free hardware stress testing software for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/08  GPU-Z v2.58.0- Provides vital info about your video card & graphics processor.
 UPDATED 04/08  ControlMyMonitor v1.38- Allows you to view & modify the settings of your monitor.
 NEW 04/05   CrossLine v1.0- A free outliner with sophisticated cross-link capabilities.
 NEW 04/05   MKVCleaver v0.8.0.0- Free tool to extract data from single or multiple MKV files.
 UPDATED 04/05   IrfanView v4.67- A fast, compact and free image viewer and converter.
 UPDATED 04/05   Veloren v0.16.0- A free action-adventure role-playing game set in a vast fantasy world.
 UPDATED 04/05   Widelands v1.2- A free, open source real-time strategy game.
 UPDATED 04/04   Mandelbulber v2.31-1- Free and open source 3D fractal rendering software.
 UPDATED 04/04   Midnight Commander for Windows v4.8.31- A free clone of Norton Commander.
 UPDATED 04/04   MediaPortal v2.5-Turn your PC into a very advanced MediaCenter/HTPC.
 NEW 04/04   Integrity Downloader v2.1.0.4- Significantly reduces the security risks of downloads.
 UPDATED 04/04   GnuCash v5.6- Free & open source financial management software.
 UPDATED 04/04   DavMail v6.2.2- Use any mail client with Exchange, Office 365 & Outlook Web Access.
 UPDATED 04/03   GrandPerspective v3.4.2- Free app that graphically displays Mac disk usage.
 UPDATED 04/03   Equalizer APO v1.3.2- An open source parametric/graphic equalizer for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/03   ESET Online Scanner v3.7.4.0- One-time scan to remove malware and threats.
 UPDATED 04/03   Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.20 b1.1.491- Stops actions of ransomware.
 UPDATED 04/03   Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.13.1.585- Detects/stops security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 04/03   Earner v1.0.2.9-Billable time keeper app that display earnings & logs work to Excel.
 UPDATED 04/03   Bluefish v2.2.13- A powerful, free editor for web designers & programmers.
 UPDATED 04/03   KiTTY v0.76.1.13- A fork of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
 UPDATED 04/03   Harmony v1.00.3340- Digital clock with 100+ chimes and 50 alarms + reminders.
 UPDATED 04/03   MACAddressView v1.48- Finds details of the MAC address of a product.
 UPDATED 04/03   MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe v4.8.4- Free Task Manager replacement on steroids!
 UPDATED 04/03   Iridium Browser v2023.09.116- A free browser securing your privacy. That’s it!
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar MiniToolBox v13.5.2022.0- Free tool to detect Internet connection issues.
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar Service Scanner v30.4.2023.0- Diagnose network connectivity issues.
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar Recovery Scan Tool v2.4.2024.0- Portable tool to diagnose malware issues. 
 NEW 04/02   SharpCut v1.4.6- A free, simple video editing utility to cut scenes without re-encoding.
 UPDATED 04/02   FileOptimizer v16.60.2819- Advanced file optimizer with lossless file size reduction.
 UPDATED 04/01   Pocket Radio Player v240324- Free Shoutcast/IceCast compatible internet radio.
 UPDATED 03/29   DiskCryptor v1.3- An open-source, free, whole disk encryption software for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/29   TraceRouteOK v3.35- Tracks path of data over the Internet or local networks.
 NEW 03/29   WSJT v2.7.0 rc4- Free weak-signal technique ham radio communication software.
 UPDATED 03/28   NiceScaler v1.13- Open source image/video deep learning upscaler for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/28   Image Analyzer v1.43- Advanced image editing, enhancement & analysis software.
 NEW 03/28   SnipSVG v1.2- Free SVG format screen capture & graphics editor.
 NEW 03/28   Eagle Mode v0.96.1- Free zoomable user interface with file manager, games & more.
 UPDATED 03/27   CheckIP v2.3.0- Get detailed information about an IP address.
 UPDATED 03/26   CpuFrequenz v4.24- Small tool for exact determination of the CPU frequency.
 UPDATED 03/26   NetworkInterfacesView v1.35- Show info on network adapters & disabling/enabling.
 UPDATED 03/26   Sweet Home 3D v7.2- Interior design program to draw house plans/arrange furniture.
 UPDATED 03/26   OmegaT v6.0.0- Open source Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool.
 UPDATED 03/26   Route Generator v1.11.0- A free tool to draw routes on a map & generate a movie.
 UPDATED 03/25   Hugin v2023.0.0- A free panorama photo stitcher for Windows/MacOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 03/25   DS4Windows v3.3.3- Free tool to use a DualShock 4 Controller on your PC.
 UPDATED 03/25   BiblioteQ v2023.12.30- Open-source archival and library software.
 UPDATED 03/25   Internet DJ Console v0.9.8- Free DJ console and internet radio client for Linux.
 UPDATED 03/25   QPrompt v1.1.6- Free teleprompter software for streamers & presenters.
 UPDATED 03/25   Discord portable v1.0.9035-18- Portable version of the popular VoIP app.
 UPDATED 03/25   WifiInfoView v2.93- Displays complete info on wireless networks around you.
 UPDATED 03/24   ForceDelete v1.1- Free utility to delete files & folders in Windows that refuse to die.
 NEW 03/22   Tiny Pixel Planets v0.3.1- Humanity enters the final frontier. Find habitable planets.
 UPDATED 03/21   Demucs GUI v1.1- Open source tool to separate music files into separate tracks.
 UPDATED 03/21   qmmp v2.1.6- Open source, Qt-based multimedia player similar to Winamp.
 UPDATED 03/21   DBeaver v24.0.0- Free universal database tool and SQL client.
 UPDATED 03/21   VICE v3.8- A Commodore emulator for C64, C128, VIC20, PET & more.
 UPDATED 03/21   FreePlane v1.11.11- For mind mapping, knowledge & project management.
 UPDATED 03/21   ocenaudio v3.13.5- Free, fast & feature-packed audio editor for Win, Mac, Linux.
 REMOVED   DUDE (DUplicates DEtector)- Too many VirusTotal hits in latest version.
 UPDATED 03/20   XFLR5 v6.61- An open source analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes.
 UPDATED 03/20   Gnuplot v5.4.7/6.0.0- A portable, multi-platform, command-line driven graphing utility.
 UPDATED 03/20   Volume² v1.1.8.465- A complete replacement for the Windows volume control.
 UPDATED 03/20   EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) v5.28- Keep track of your movies and TV series.
 UPDATED 03/19   Tweakeze v2.17.1777- Portable program to stop unwanted system changes.
 UPDATED 03/19   SystemRescue v11.00- Free, Linux-based, bootable system rescue & repair tool.
 UPDATED 03/19   Flying Carpet v8.0.1- File transfer for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows over WiFi.
 NEW 03/18   Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe- Free replacement for expired versions of Money.
 UPDATED 03/18   Webots vR2023b- An open source, multi-platform robot simulator.
 UPDATED 03/18   ChromeHistoryView v1.53- Displays/saves the history file of Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 03/18   Kooha v2.2.4- Elegantly record your screen in Linux easily & without distractions.
 Refresh 03/18   Warsow v2.1.2- Free, fast-paced first-person shooter for Windows, Linux & macOS.
 UPDATED 03/18   64tass v1.59.3120- Assembler for the legendary 6502 processor & it's derivatives.
 UPDATED 03/18   x64dbg v2024-03-08_16-44- An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.
 UPDATED 03/18   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.8- Do-everything boot disk based on Win 11 PE x64.
 UPDATED 03/18   GNS3 v3.0.0 dev12- A network simulator to design & configure virtual networks.
 NEW 03/18   WhatChanged v1.07- A free utility that scans for modified files and registry entries.
 UPDATED 03/18   Xelitan Video Player v1.5- Free, portable video player with lots of built-in decoders.
 UPDATED 03/17   Network Profile Name Changer v1.4- Rename Windows network connections.
 UPDATED 03/17   Wireless Network Watcher v2.41- Displays list of devices connected to your WiFi.
 UPDATED 03/17   ManageWirelessNetworks v1.12- A better alternative to "Manage Wireless Networks".
 UPDATED 03/15   TakeStock v2.0 R69- Free full-featured personal investment management software.
 UPDATED 03/15   MAME v0.263- A multi-purpose emulation framework to preserve/play classic games.
 UPDATED 03/15   QOwnNotes v24.3.3- Plain-text notepad with ownCloud/Nextcloud integration.
 NEW 03/15   Magicavoxel v0.99.7.1- A free 8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer.
 UPDATED 03/14   Art of Illusion v3.2.1- A free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio.
 UPDATED 03/13   GnuCOBOL v3.2- A free, open source COBOL compiler for Windows & Linux.
 UPDATED 03/13   Manuskript v0.16.1- Open source tool for writers to write from draft to completion.
 UPDATED 03/13   Quiz/Survey/Test Online v3.12.02- A free, open source assessment solution.
 UPDATED 03/13   Lilidog v24.02.22- Lightweight, stable Debian based Linux distro with Openbox.
 UPDATED 03/13   Rosegarden v23.12- A free, open source MIDI sequencer for Linux.
 UPDATED 03/13   Stickies v10.1d- Sticky notes for your desktop with tons of features.
 UPDATED 03/12   Skim v1.7.1- A free & open source PDF reader and note-taker for MacOSX.
 Refresh 03/12   The Bridge Designer 2016- Design a bridge and learn about engineering.
 UPDATED 03/12   OpenCV v4.9.0- Open source computer vision & machine learning software library.
 UPDATED 03/11   Lorien v0.6.0- Free infinite canvas drawing/whiteboarding app.
 UPDATED 03/08   ProjeQtOr v11.1.5- PHP web-based, open source project organizer.
 UPDATED 03/08   FreeCol v1.1.0- A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization.
 UPDATED 03/08   CoolTerm v2.1.1- A simple, free serial port terminal application.
 Refresh 03/08   Speed Dreams v2.3.0- A free 3D open source motorsport sim & racing game.
 UPDATED 03/07   JTOpen v20.0.7- The IBM Toolbox for Java. An IBM i communications library.
 UPDATED 03/07   CiteSpace v6.3.1- A widely used tool for visual exploration of scientific literature.
 Refresh 03/07   MorseRabbit v0.21- A free utility to learn and practive Morse Code.
 NEW 03/07   FaxTool v0.20- A free drag & drop utility for splitting/merging TIFF & PDF files.
 UPDATED 03/07   Signal v7.1.1- A free, cross-platform encrypted messaging app.
 UPDATED 03/06   Paint.NET v5.0.13- Free, full-featured image and photo editing software.
 UPDATED 03/06   Crossfire v1.75.1/.2- Cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.
 UPDATED 03/06   Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware v26.2- Full-featured, web-based Wiki+CMS+Groupware.
 NEW 03/06   Clipshare v2.8.0- Share clipboards between Android device and Win/macOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 03/05   Nortantis v2.0- A free fantasy map generator geared towards writers and novelists.
 UPDATED 03/05   WizTree v4.19- World's fastest, free hard disk space analyzer that now finds duplicates.
 UPDATED 03/05   MetarWeather v1.77- Decodes METAR weather reports and displays them in a table.
 UPDATED 03/05   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
 UPDATED 03/04   Greenfish Icon Editor Pro v4.2- Create icons, cursors, animations & icon libraries.
 UPDATED 03/04   gretl v2023c- A cross-platform statistical package for econometric analysis.
 UPDATED 03/04   WifiDiagnosticsView v1.05- A free WiFi diagnostics tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/04   TaskSchedulerView v1.74- View, disable & enable mutiple Windows tasks at once.
 UPDATED 03/04   FontViewOK v8.38- Creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts.
 UPDATED 03/04   MegaMek v0.49.18- A networked clone of BattleTech turn-based sci-fi boardgame.
 UPDATED 03/04   PSeInt v20240122- Learn programming basics with a simple spanish pseudocode.
 UPDATED 03/04   PSeInt- Aprende los conceptos básicos de programación con un simple pseudocódigo en español.
 UPDATED 03/04   AntiMicroX v3.3.4- Map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad.
 UPDATED 03/04   RisohEditor v5.8.1- A free, portable resource editor for Win32 development.
 UPDATED 03/04   XMedia Recode v3.5.9.2- Converts almost all known audio/video formats for free.
 NEW 03/03   FurMark 2 v2.1.0.2- Free GPU stress test and OpenGL & Vulkan Graphics benchmark.
 UPDATED 03/03   FurMark 1 v1.38.1.0- Free 32bit GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark.
 NEW 03/01   Durak v1.0- A free card game where you attack or defend against your opponents.
 NEW 03/01   Paste Into File v5.2.0.0- Paste clipboard data into files & copy file contents directly.
 NEW 03/01   REDUCE rev.6658- Free general-purpose algebra system for Win, Mac, Linux.
 UPDATED 03/01   WinDefThreatsView v1.15- Displays threats detected by Defender to set default action.
 UPDATED 02/29   SubsPlayer v2.0.8.7- Open source media player for encoding/decoding subtitles.
 UPDATED 02/29   grepWin v2.0.15- A regular expression search and replace for Windows. 
 UPDATED 02/29   BowPad v2.8.9- Small, fast text editor with a ribbon interface & syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 02/28   Notes v2.2.1- Beautiful, powerful & open source note-taking app (Win,MacOS,Linux).
 UPDATED 02/28   ArsClip v5.39- A freeware Clipboard manager utility for Windows. 
 UPDATED 02/28   TestDisk & PhotoRec v7.2- Two free, powerful data recovery tools in one download.
 NEW 02/27   TIC-80 v1.1.2837- A fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.
 UPDATED 02/27   FreeFileSync v13.4- Open source folder comparison & synchronization.
 NEW 02/26   Tetzle v2.2.3- A free jigsaw puzzle game that uses tetrominoes for the pieces.
 UPDATED 02/26   CrystalDiskMark v8.0.5- Free program to benchmark the performance of disks.
 UPDATED 02/26   Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK v4.04- A free calendar for the Windows desktop.
 NEW 02/23   C-Dogs SDL v2.0.0- A free, classic overhead run-and-gun game for WIn, Mac, Linux.
 UPDATED 02/22   Run-Command v6.06- A free alternative to the standard Windows Run dialog.
 UPDATED 02/22   Simple BIG Clock v1.0- HOLY COW!
 UPDATED 02/22   MyPhoneExplorer v2.1- Total control to sync between Windows & Android.
 UPDATED 02/22   SimpleCodeGenerator v1.13- Generate QR codes for scanning with a smartphone.
 UPDATED 02/22   BatteryHistoryView v1.05- Displays the history information of your laptop battery.
 UPDATED 02/22   ProcessTCPSummary v1.18- See processes w/ TCP connections/listening UDP ports.
 UPDATED 02/22   Risen3D v2.2.35- An advanced Doom port video game for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/22   AssaultCube v1.3.0.2- A free multiplayer, FPS game, based on the CUBE engine.
 UPDATED 02/22   SearchMyFiles v3.24- Better alternative to 'Search For Files And Folders'.
 UPDATED 02/22   Crow Translate v2.11.1- A translator that allows you to translate and speak text.
 UPDATED 02/22   8bit killer v8.0.0- A first person shooter styled to resemble an NES game.
 UPDATED 02/22   World of Padman v1.6.2- A first person shooter where everyone is tiny... real tiny!
 UPDATED 02/22   USBImager v1.0.10- Write compressed disk images to USB drives & create backups.
 UPDATED 02/22   FileTypesMan v2.00- Alternative to the 'File Types' tab in 'Folder Options' of Windows.
 UPDATED 02/22   RedNotebook Portable v2.32- Free, modern journal with calendar and more.
 UPDATED 02/22   Password Tech v3.5.4- Generate large amounts of secure passwords and more.
 NEW 02/21   Realistic VHS Video Converter v1.3.3- Convert high-res videos to VHS-looking videos.
 NEW 02/21   PDFgear v2.1.4- Free software to read, edit, convert, merge, and sign PDF files.
 UPDATED 02/21   GCompris v4.0- Free educational suite with activities for children age 2 to 10.
 UPDATED 02/20   Xonotic v0.8.6- The Free and Fast Arena Shooter for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 02/20   Monocraft v3.0- A programming & general use font based on the Minecraft.
 UPDATED 02/20   UninstallView v1.50- Collects info about all programs installed on your system.
 UPDATED 02/20   FTP Rush v3.5.7- Free file transfer software for Win, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.
 UPDATED 02/20   Burn v3.1.7- Simple, advanced & open source disc burning software for macOS.
 UPDATED 02/20   USBDeview v3.07- Lists all current & previously connected USB devices.
 UPDATED 02/20   Enigma v1.30- Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd (Atari ST) & Rock'n'Roll (Amiga).
 UPDATED 02/20   ccPortable v6.21- Run CCleaner from the cloud, USB, or folder without installing.
 UPDATED 02/20   Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0- An open source barcode encoding library.
 UPDATED 02/20   NetworkConnectLog v1.16- Logs devices as they connect /disconnects from network.
 UPDATED 02/20   OpenAPC v7.7- An open process control and laser engraving software solution.
 NEW 02/18   Lix v0.10.19- A free puzzle game inspired by Lemmings (DMA Design, 1991).
 UPDATED 02/18   Pentobi 22.0- A computer opponent for the board game Blokus.
 UPDATED 02/18   Media Companion v3.763b- Free program to catalogue/browse movie/tv collections.
 UPDATED 02/18   Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.9- A free web-based point of sale application.
 UPDATED 02/18   MX Linux–Xfce v23.2- Cooperative O.S. between antiX & MX Linux communities.
 UPDATED 02/16   Retroshare v0.6.7- Create an encrypted network for forums/channels/chat/mail.
 UPDATED 02/15   Linux Kodachi v8.27 Kernel 6.2- A secure, open source Linux distribution.
 UPDATED 02/15   Trilium Notes v0.62.6- A hierarchical note taking app for personal knowledge.
 UPDATED 02/15   AM-DeadLink v6.0- Detects dead links & redirections in bookmarks & files.
 UPDATED 02/15   Windows Registry Recovery v3.1.2- Extracts useful info from Windows hard drives.
 UPDATED 02/14   Naikari: Eye of Chaos v0.12.0- A free and open source 2-D space mystery game.
 UPDATED 02/14   File Attribute Changer v1.2.0.147-Change name, timestamps, attributes of files/folders.
 UPDATED 02/13   Vidiot v0.3.39- Insanely easy to use video editor targeted for home video editing.
 NEW 02/13   Skiff v1.0.0.9- Privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar.
 UPDATED 02/12   LastActivityView v1.37- Displays a log of actions made by the user and events.
 UPDATED 02/12   Revo Uninstaller Free v2.4.5- A free utility to remove stubborn programs.
 UPDATED 02/11   City Art Search v7.0.0.6- Personalize Win10/11 lock screen with  high-res artworks.
 UPDATED 02/11   Sudoku v1.3.1- Play Sudoku on your computer or print out the game sheets.
 UPDATED 02/11   NetworkLatencyView v1.72- Listens to TCP connections and calculates latency.
 UPDATED 02/11   Matrix Screensaver v1.4- Screensaver of the green "Matrix" cypher-code.
 UPDATED 02/11   PhotoResizerOK v2.88- Free tool to quickly reduce the file size of pictures.
 UPDATED 02/11   Okular v23.08.4- Read PDFs, comics, EPubs, images, markdown docs & more.
 UPDATED 02/11   TheSage v7.58- Free English dictionary & thesaurus. A 21st century lexical reference.
 UPDATED 02/10   ZoomIt v8.01- A free screen zoom, annotation, record tool for presentations & demos.
 UPDATED 02/10   WifiHistoryView v1.65- Displays history of connections to wireless networks.
 NEW 02/09   FileFriend v1.9.1- A free file manipulation and encryption utility for Windows.
 NEW 02/09   Arctic Warfare v1.0.0- Battle tanks in the Arctic!
 UPDATED 02/09   Peace Equalizer v1.6.6.0- Free, system-wide PC audio equalizer and effects app.
 UPDATED 02/09   Microsoft Autoruns v14.11- Shows what loads during system bootup & allows disabling.
 NEW 02/09   Escape Velocity Nova: CE r2- Free space RPG series from the 90s & early 00s.
 UPDATED 02/08   Stella v6.7.1- A free, multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator.
 UPDATED 02/07   RuntimeClassesView v1.00- Displays a list of installed Windows Runtime classes.
 UPDATED 02/07   NetworkUsageView v1.31- Shows network info in SRUDB.dat database.
 UPDATED 02/08   CSV Buddy v3.0- A complete, portable tool to edit CVS files.
 UPDATED 02/08   KiCad EDA v7.0.10- Cross platform, open source electronics design automation suite.
 NEW 02/07   AM-Notebook v7.0- Free, multi-featured note taking software for Windows.
 NEW 02/07   Capture the Flag v3.2- A blast from your 1990s past!
 NEW 02/07   Terrordorme: Rise of the Boogeyman v2.10.3- The ultimate horror movie fighting game!
 UPDATED 02/06   JSignPdf v2.2.2- Free tool to add digital signatures to PDF documents.
 UPDATED 02/06   Espanso v2.2.1- Supercharge your typing, messaging, scripting & coding experience.
 UPDATED 02/06   Artweaver Plugins and Language Files v2.0- Everything you need for Artweaver.
 UPDATED 02/06   ChromePass v1.58- Retrieves passwords stored by Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 02/06   BakAndImgCD v44.0- A live, Linux-based OS to perform data backup & disk imaging.
 UPDATED 02/06   Print.Test.Page.OK v3.02- An alternative, portable test page printout for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/05   streamWriter v5.9.0.1103- Records music broadcasted by internet radio stations.
 UPDATED 02/05   Don't Sleep v9.47- Prevents shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate of Windows.
 NEW 02/05   MilkyTracker v1.04.00- A free, open source, multi-platform music tracker.
 UPDATED 02/04   Kate v23.0.8.4 Build 2299- A free, open source and feature-packed text editor.
 UPDATED 02/04   WinContig v5.0.2.1- Free tool to defrag designated parts or all of a hard drive.
 UPDATED 02/04   Ron's HTML Cleaner v2024.01.30.1138- Free tool to clean your HTML code.
 NEW 02/01   Chocolate Theme v1.0- A  free chocolate desktop theme for Windows 11, 10 and 8.
 NEW 02/01   Fate v11.02.1- No nonsense file and text encryption for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 02/01   Portable Text Encryption v14.11- Free, portable tool to encrypt text.
 UPDATED 01/31   W10Privacy v5.1.0.0- Free tool to easily find/change privacy settings in Win10/11.
 UPDATED 01/31   HiBit System Information v2.1.20- Extract details of all components of your computer.
 UPDATED 01/31   Dwarf Fortress Classic v50.11- Fantasy game in a random generated/persistent world.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.8- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Classic v5.67.8- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 NEW 01/30   MOLOSS II v24.01.21- Multi Oscillator Linear Open Source Synthesizer.
 UPDATED 01/29   Multi Commander v13.5- A free multi-tabbed file manager for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/29   LSASecretsView v1.26- Free tool to view LSA secrets stored on your computer.
 NEW 01/26   Flexxi v1.0- Free program to resize, rotate, rename & convert batches of images.
 NEW 01/26   Scale Travel v1.0- Start as a small hero and become bigger than the Universes!
 NEW 01/26   Arithmometer v2.0-  A free card-playing/deck-building game you can't stop playing.
 UPDATED 01/25   croc v9.6.6- Free tool to transfer files/ folders between 2 computers.
 UPDATED 01/25   Bforartists 4 v4.0.2- All in one, free and open source 3D creation. (fork of Blender)
 UPDATED 01/25   massCode v3.10.0- Free & open source code snippets manager for developers.
 UPDATED 01/24   IPerf2 v2.1.9- Measures network performance of TCP/UDP including latency.
 UPDATED 01/24   Polymeter v1.0.14- A MIDI sequencer that's in multiple prime meters simultaneously.
 UPDATED 01/24   PropertySystemView v1.20- Modify the properties of a file from GUI & command-line.
 UPDATED 01/24   FolderTimeUpdate v1.72- Syncs 'Modified Time' of folders with time of files in it.
 UPDATED 01/24   AuthPass v1.9.9+1975- Free password manager. Compatible with KeePass files.
 UPDATED 01/24   Mines-Perfect Portable v1.4.0.4- Looking for the ultimate Minesweeper clone?
 UPDATED 01/24   Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One- One batch file to install them all.
 UPDATED 01/23   CPU-Z v2.09- Gathers and displays info on the main devices in your system.
 UPDATED 01/23   Password Safe v3.65.0- Create an encrypted username/password list.
 NEW 01/22   AbleWord v3.0- A free word processor and PDF editor that can replace WordPad.
 NEW 01/22   AbiWord v2.8.6- A free word processing program very similar to WordPad.
 UPDATED 01/19   Grub2Win v2.3.8.3- Safely multiboot Windows & Linux on both GPT & MBR disks.
 UPDATED 01/19   Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v0.31.0- A roguelike adventure through dungeons.
 UPDATED 01/19   MiniTool Partition Wizard Free v12.8- Free program to organize disk partitions.
 UPDATED 01/18   Minetest v5.8.0- A near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine.
 UPDATED 01/17   Network Password Recovery v1.57- Recovers network passwords stored in Windows.
 UPDATED 01/17   Twine v2.8.1- Open-source writing tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.
 UPDATED 01/17   Pencil v3.1.1- An open-source GUI prototyping tool for mockups.
 UPDATED 01/16   Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v7.14.0.15- Free tool to overclock/monitor/stress a system.
 UPDATED 01/16   Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool v4.1.9.41- A free diagnostic tool for Intel processors.
 UPDATED 01/16   Wavosaur v1.8.0.0- Free audio editor for editing, processing & recording sounds.
 NEW 01/15   Gaming Debloater v1.4- Free gaming debloater with gaming tweaks for your computer.
 UPDATED 01/15   VidCoder v9.17- An open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping & video transcoding application.
 UPDATED 01/15   EditPad Lite v8.4.2- A great, free replacement for the Windows Notepad or Wordpad.
 UPDATED 01/15   DocPad v30.0- A great, free replacement for the Windows Notepad or Wordpad.
 UPDATED 01/15   AutoIt v3.3.16.1- BASIC-like scripting language for automating Windows GUI.
 UPDATED 01/12   AutoHideDesktopIcons v6.07- Hide your desktop icons via an adjustable timer.
 UPDATED 01/12   Textify v1.10.4- Copy text from dialog boxes that don't allow it.
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