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File - Download Uninstalr v2.0

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Uninstalr v2.0

A fast, lightweight and accurate way to uninstall software in Windows.

Uninstalr is an easy to use and very accurate software uninstaller for Windows. It can uninstall multiple apps at the same time.

• Batch uninstall many apps at the same time.
• Supports unattended uninstallation of apps.
• Deep analysis of data created to the system by installed apps.
• Supports monitoring of new software installations.
• Allows fixing incorrect data from the Windows installed apps listing. Such as installed apps showing the wrong amount of space used.
• Also detects portable apps and previously uninstalled software leftovers.
• Shows all the data added to your system by installed software on a file by file basis.
• Shows all the data it will remove before starting the uninstallation.
• Sort, filter and search the list of installed software.
• According to Macecraft Software, benchmark (below), Uninstalr is the most accurate software uninstaller by leaving the least amount of leftovers when uninstalling apps.
• Supports detection and uninstallation of Microsoft Store, Steam,, Big Fish Game System, Chocolatey, NuGet and Ninite installed software.
• Supports Windows Dark Mode.
• Supports Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.
• Has a single executable file portable version and a normal setup version.

Uninstalr is freeware, lightweight and easy to use. There are no bells and whistles and no nonsense. Most importantly, Uninstalr allows you to decide how you want to do things. If you don’t want to batch uninstall anything, you can choose to do the uninstallations one by one. If you don’t want a deep level analysis, you can disable that. Uninstalr puts you back in charge of your computer.

Comes with these translations builtin: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

The main screen shows all the installed software in your system, as well as how much space they occupy.
Uninstalr creates this list by analyzing the entire computer, not merely reading the same list Windows Installed Apps uses.

Before the uninstallation, you will see every single file, folder, registry key and registry entry the specific app has created to your system.
All this data is automatically detected by Uninstalr, and removed if you choose to proceed with the uninstallation.

Uninstalr uses a custom uninstallation engine, that is how it is able to also detect leftovers of previously uninstalled apps.
For example, in this screenshot, leftovers from an old installation of Winzip are detected.

If you want, you can also use Uninstalr to monitor when you install any new app, and it will detect its data while you install it.

Uninstalr’s custom engine analyzes which files and folders were created by the installed apps.
This is how it can also use this data to fix the Windows Installed Apps listing where the space occupied by software information is often incorrect.
For example, in this system Adobe Acrobat is reporting that it is using 666 MB of space, but it is actually using 2 GB of space.

You can make Uninstalr to look and feel the way you want to.
Also notice how it comes with translations builtin. You can change the language of the program's UI by simply choosing the translation from the list.
And all this is free and under 6 MB!

Feature Comparison
How does it actually compare against other Windows uninstallers?

* = Geek Uninstaller and Uninstall Tool say they support batch uninstallation, but this feature is disabled from the free trial version.
** = Total Uninstall and Uninstall Tool have a portable version, but the portable version package is available for download only after purchasing a license.
It must be noted that IObit Uninstaller wants to install something called iTop VPN Free and iTop Screen recorder as pre-checked bundled software and it also suggests installing iTopEasy Desktop as an optional bundled software. It is deeply ironic that a software uninstaller wants to install more nonsense to your computer and I cannot express how much I didn’t need these to be installed.

Uninstall Performance Benchmark

• Bulk Crap Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of AIMP, Firefox, KMPlayer, Internet Download Manager, IrfanView, Mailbird, Bonjour and Winrar and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.
• HiBit Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of Core Temp, Internet Download Manager, KMPlayer, Mailbird and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.
• IObit Uninstaller claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of AIMP, Core Temp, FileZilla, Internet Download Manager, iTunes, KMPlayer, Mailbird, Firefox and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.
• Revo Uninstaller Pro claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of Blender, iTunes, Mailbird, KMPlayer, Apple Mobile Device Support, AIMP, Internet Download Manager and Apple Software Update and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.
• Total Uninstall claims to be able to batch uninstall software, but in this test it failed to automate the uninstallation of Mailbird, Winrar, KMPlayer, Internet Download Manager, IrfanView, Core Temp, AIMP and Firefox and it required user’s help in uninstalling these apps.

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

v2.0 02-15-24
New feature: Added improved searching, filtering and sorting options to the installed software list.
New feature: You can now choose the leftover scanning mode. For example, to use Uninstalr to only batch uninstall software by automating the running of each app's own uninstaller, but without any additional leftover data cleaning.
New feature: You can now choose the installed software analysis depth.
New feature: You can now skip the main analysis to quickly see the main program window, for example, if you just want to use the new software installation monitor.
New feature: Uninstalr can now detect and uninstall apps.
New feature: Uninstalr will now attempt to create a System Restore Point before the uninstallation begins.
New feature: Uninstalr can now detect and fix incorrect information from the Windows installed apps list, such as incorrect installed app sizes.

Improvement: Greatly improved the accuracy of installed software, portable apps and leftover detection.
Improvement: The installed software scan is now faster on most systems. In systems with a lot of software, the scan can still be fairly slow.
Improvement: The program is now much better in detecting cases when user attempts to uninstall something that might be dangerous. In such case, an additional confirmation message is shown to the user.
Improvement: Starting to type anywhere within the main results view will now add these key presses to the search input box. Previously, the search input box had to be in focus for this to work.
Improvement: You can now start uninstallation by selecting an app from the list and hitting the DEL key from your keyboard.
Improvement: Pressing ESC can now be used to close elements within the program, for example, ESC will now clear any active search filter. If you want to close the program itself, a Shift+ESC press is required. This is to avoid accidentally closing the program while working with it without using mouse.
Improvement: The rows of the selected apps are now highlighted to make it more clear what is selected.
Improvement: The Show All Data view now also includes a search feature, allowing you to quickly see whether the list contains any paths matching your search term.
Improvement: Hitting the Home key from the keyboard now takes you back to the list of installed software.
Improvement: Starting the uninstallation will now better communicate to the user that the system will be restarted during the process, if that option is checked.

Fix: In some rare cases, the software could get confused with paths of software with similar names and also list such paths to be removed as well.
Fix: When uninstalling software, Uninstalr can fail to automatically close browser popup if you are using Edge browser.
Fix: The default sort order of the result list was quite random. Now the default sort is based on the software name, and it's also easy for the user to view the current sorting method and change it.
Fix: The Don't Show Builtin Windows apps filter could sometimes hide third party apps if their names sounded similar to builtin Windows apps. For example, if you have an app called Notepadify installed, it could have been incorrectly classified as a Builtin Windows app, because it sounds like Notepad.
Fix: Right Click menu's Settings option was visible also when the Settings view is already open.
Fix: Maximizing the program window could cause it to go over the Windows task bar.
Fix: The installation date can be different than what is shown in Windows Settings > Installed Apps.

Known issues: The default installed software scan is slow in cases of a lot of installed software. For example, if you have over 200 installed software, the default installed software scan is probably going to take a few minutes. In such case, you can change the scan setting from the Settings view for the program to start faster.
Known issues: The program doesn't fully support screen readers.

This download is for the portable version.
If you need the installer version, download here.

Click here to visit the author's website.
Continue below for the main download link.

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