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File - Download ToDoList v7.2.0.0

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ToDoList v7.2.0.0

ToDoList is a rare form of task management tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience. Your tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets. ToDoList's flexible design makes it ideal for both IT related projects as well as more general GTD uses.

ToDoList has been in continuous development for the last 6 years and is an ongoing project.

What's New from 7.1.5:

* NEW * - 'Mind Map' task view
* NEW * - 'Week Planner' task view
* NEW * - 'Word Cloud' task view
Added '<any>' to top of multi-selection filter droplists
Added '<nobody>' to single selection filter droplists
Added 'Alt' key modifier to trigger 'Import Tasks' when dropping files in 'Task Tree'
Added 'Comments' to default task attributes in 'Preferences' dialog
Added 'Comments Size' column to 'Task Tree/List View'
Added 'Completion Date' column to 'Gantt Chart'
Added 'Display > Hours' to 'Gantt Chart'
Added 'Edit' button to 'Preferences' to allow translators to edit the active UI Language file
Added 'Elapsed Time' to 'Time Tracker'
Added 'Export Format' to 'File > Email Tasks' dialog
Added 'Flag' icon to 'Kanban' items
Added 'Last Modified By' task attribute
Added 'Move > Select Next Task' support to 'Kanban'
Added 'Multi-Sort' support to 'Gantt Chart'
Added 'Parent Task' name to 'Reminder' popups
Added 'Quick Find' support to 'Kanban'
Added 'Recurrence' option to preserve comments when tasks are recreated
Added 'Reload Icons' button to 'Edit Task Icon' dialog
Added 'Rich Text Comments' toolbar button to 'Lock Colour Selection'
Added 'Rich Text Comments' toolbar button to 'Paste Formatting'
Added 'Style > Task View' to 'Print/Preview' dialog
Added 'Slovenian' language translation (thanks to Jadran Rudec)
Added 'Time Remaining' graph to 'Burndown'
Added 'Toolbar' preference to control visibility of 'User Defined Tools' icons
Added button to 'Time Spent' to add time to task log
Added button to 'Time Tracker' to reset 'Elapsed Time'
Added completion checkboxes to 'Gantt Chart'
Added completion checkboxes to 'Kanban'
Added context menu to file path of 'Status Bar'
Added custom 'Time Period' attribute
Added filtering support to custom 'List' attributes
Added menu command 'Edit > Find/Replace in Task Titles'
Added menu command 'Edit > Other Task Attributes > Offset Task Dates > Forwards/Backwards'
Added menu command 'File > Save Task View to Image'
Added menu command 'Move > Go to Task...'
Added menu command 'New Task > New Dependent Task Above Selected Task'
Added menu command 'Tools > Cleanup Preferences...' (Inspired by Pierre de la Verre)
Added menu command 'Tools > Enable Logging' menu item
Added menu command 'View > Show Reminder Notification Window'
Added menu command 'View > Toggle All Tasks Expanded State'
Added mouse-wheel support to 'Calendar' mini-calendar
Added parent task 'Rollups' to 'Gantt Chart'
Added preference to 'Calendar' to 'Show overdue tasks as Due Today'
Added preference to 'Calendar' to hide parent tasks
Added preference to 'Gantt Chart' to colour 'non-working hours'
Added preference to 'Gantt Chart' to control column visibility
Added preference to 'Gantt Chart' to display 'Task Title' after Gantt bar
Added preference to 'Kanban' to indent subtasks
Added preference to position Edit fields above Comments field when stacked
Added preference to calculate parent 'Last Modified' as latest of subtasks
Added preference to show full task path in 'Sticky' reminders
Added preference to specify a sound for time-tracking notifications
Added preference to stop time-tracking after reminder
Added preference to use 'Creation Time' when initialising 'Start Date'
Added preference to configure a 'Custom Toolbar'
Added resizability to 'Task Reminders' dialog
Added splitter bar to 'Find Tasks' dialog
Added splitter bar to 'Gantt Chart'
Added support for 'Kanban' tasks to be created directly in selected column
Added support for 'Move > Select Next Task' to 'Gantt Chart'
Added support for 'QuickFind' to 'Gantt Chart'
Added support for high DPI (4K) monitors
Added support for individual 'Custom Attribute' selection in 'Print/Preview' and 'Export/Transform/Email Tasks' dialogs
Added support for inheriting 'Custom Attribute' values from parent task
Added support for title sorting in 'Calendar View'
Added task 'Drag and Drop' support to 'Gantt Chart'
Added task links to 'Stickies' reminders
Added the ability to copy task attributes via the commandline
Added tooltips to 'Task Links' in 'Comments' fields

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