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File - Download RSS Guard v4.5.0

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RSS Guard v4.5.0

Feed reader which supports RSS/ATOM/JSON and many web-based feed services.

RSS Guard is a simple RSS/ATOM feed reader for Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2 or macOS which can work with RSS/ATOM/JSON feeds as well as many online feed services:
• Feedly
• Gmail
• Google Reader API (Bazqux, FreshRSS, Inoreader, Miniflux, Reedah, The Old Reader and more)
• Nextcloud News
• Tiny Tiny RSS

Supported Operating Systems
RSS Guard is a cross-platform application, and at this point it is known to work on:
• Windows 7 and higher
• GNU/Linux with glibc 2.31+ (including PinePhone and other Linux-based phone operating systems)
• BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.)
• macOS 10.14+
• OS/2 (ArcaOS, eComStation)

v4.5.0 Latest
24 August 2023
List of article filters assigned to feed is now visible in feed details pane. (#1045)
Right-to-left optional layout for feeds/articles. You can switch this in each feed properties.
Gmail: Labels are now fetched from the service too and they are synchronizable.
New feature called "regex queries" allowing users to have (persistent) regular expression based article list filters. See your feed list for "Regex queries" item and right click to add one.
"reader mode" feature now uses skin-based format & colors.
All features which generate random colors now use better HSV-based algorithm.
Added application-wide and feed-wide ability to limit articles based on article date/time. This can be changed in application settings in "Feed fetching" section and in feed properties dialog in "Articles" section.
JavaScript code of article filters now has syntax highlighting.
Use non-standard "url" element as fallback for article URLs in RSS format.
Percentages of localization progres for each translation is now shown in "Localization" settings section.
"clang-format" updated.
User CSS styles can now be supplied via file <user-data-folder>/web/user-styles.css.
When fetching metadata during OPML import, there is now option to NOT fetch icons. (#1009)

Icons in feed list are now correctly vertically centered. (#999)
Fixes related to word-wrap of long texts in article list and feed details pane. (#1033)
Multi-column sorting is now correctly persistent. (#1039)
Fixed a problem where article filters are sometimes not applied correctly when feed is fetched.
Skin's pallete (dark) are now applied depending on slightly enhanced logic.
Skin's custom colors are now applied depending on slightly enhanced logic.
HTTP redirection was not working sometimes, breaking some feeds.
Docs updated.
Feedly: Fix errors when some feeds did not have titles.
Almost all localizations refreshed.
Fixed multiple crashes.
Correctly show numeric badge on Windows if RSS Guard starts in tray/minimized mode.

This download is for the Windows 10 installer version. All other download assets are below:


Windows no web engine versions (Does not include an integrated web browser).



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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
3,612 5,715 Martin Rotter <img src=""border="0"> Aug 28, 2023 - 12:03 4.5.0 90.94MB EXE 5/5, out of 26 Votes.
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RSS  Guard  v4.5.0  
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