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File - Download Notepad3 v5.20.414.1

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Notepad3 v5.20.414.1

Although the Windows operating system was updated significantly over the past years. However, the default Windows Notepad has not been updated in 20 years. If you need a text editor for simple programming tasks, using the vanilla Windows Notepad just does not cut it. Enter Notepad3!

Therefore, we created Notepad3 with all the features that the default Windows Notepad currently lacks. Notepad3 is a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs.

Basic Notepad3 Features

Furthermore, Notepad3 has the following features: code folding, bracket matching, automatic indentation, word auto-completion, convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16), newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.

Supported Languages

Previously we mentioned that Notepad3 can handle almost any programming job and we are not lying. Just take a look at the list of supported programming languages below and spot your favorite.

It offers syntax highlighting support for Apache, ASP, Assembly, AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Awk, Bash, BAT, C, C++, C#, CGI, CMake, CoffeeScript, CSS, CSV, D, DIFF, Go, HTML, INF, INI, Inno Setup, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LaTeX, Lua, Makefiles, Markdown, MATLAB, Nim, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Python, REG, Resource, R-S-SPlus Statistics, Ruby, Rust, Shell, SQL, Tcl, TOML, VB, VBScript, VHDL, XHTML, XML, YAML and improved support for NFO ANSI.

Version 5.20.414.1 (14 April 2020) Changes


Executables and dll’s are now signed.
Fix DPI scaling of Toolbar bitmaps (avoid slicing by rounding errors).
“Open with Notepad3” Right-Click in Explorer Context Menu (install/setup version).
In About Resources: Data Sharing Service from
Automatic scrolling when dragging selected text near window edge (SCI).
break rectangular selection into multiple selection on end-of-lines (move caret).
Infos of screen/display/dpi for “Copy Version Info” button.
Preserve stream selection in file history (w/ text position remembering).
Language dependent status bar abbreviations.
Copy directory to clipboard and Open path in explorer.
Toggle menu bar option.
Add Lexicographical Line Sort Order.
CSV Prism Color Lexer.
Preserve File Modification Date/Time: Option stays until new session is started.
Save with Original File Date/Time – Ctrl+Alt+F6.


Change default settings for word/long-line wrapping.
Update “KeyboardShortcuts.txt”.
Split undo typing sequence by line-breaks default -> true.
Add file history to recent docs (taskbar) jumplist.
NP3 INI file read/write using file locking (shared read / exclusive write) for multiple instances.
Reset build-of-the-day number in AppVeyor on new day.
Change version numbering of build_# (the build number is now daily based).
Remove AppVeyors build number, add build-of-the-day number, add short version of commit/local build ID.
Accelerator key remapping: move line up/down vs. jump folds.
Separate auto esc’d control chars from “transform backslashes” switch in find/replace dialog.
Increase encoding detection confidence threshold to 92%.
Finetuning of Single Byte Char Set (SBCS) detection.
Add current Encoding and Lexer to “Copy Version Text”.
Lexer keyword initializer list simplified.
Find/Replace dialog: in case of “transform backslashes” do Esc control seqs.
Upper confidence level for UCHARDET to: “AnalyzeReliableConfidenceLevel=92”.
UCHARDET: Enhanced confidence calculation for Single Byte Character Set (SBCS).
Replace std messagebox “save modified file warning” by (silent) custom messagebox if message beeps are muted.
Don’t Auto-Close blank untitled document, only empty untitled document.
Encoding detection fallback: if “Load ASCII as UTF-8” is checked use UTF-8 (if valid) else current ANSI code-page.
Use Ctrl+Shift+L for toggle “Menu: Reuse Window” option.
Inversion of Accelerator key Ctrl+Alt+L with Ctrl+Shift+L.
Change wording “Administrator” to “Elevated”.
Hidden “ExitOnESCSkipLevel” feature (Exit on ESC can ignore a selection).
ESC Key clears active selection (not exiting Notepad3 if configured) (Config: ExitOnESCSkipLevel=2).
Set large file size limit to 2GB (INT32_MAX).
Set big file size limit warning to 64MB (syntax highlighting is switched off) (Config: FileLoadWarningMB=64).
New Notepad3 Icon (Notepad3 icon by designed by
Initial default big toolbar only for monitors > Full-HD.
Copy to clipboard instead of insert (filename, path, GUID).
Option [Settings2] LexerSQLNumberSignAsComment.
Option [Settings2] LineCommentPortfixStrg= e.g. add a space to comment chars.
Option [Settings2] NoCopyLineOnEmptySelection and NoCutLineOnEmptySelection.
Thin rectangular (multi) selection after toggling line-comment block for multi insertion.
Full Work Area Mode (F11) -> Full Screen Mode (Maximize window if “full work area” is requested).
Ctrl+Alt+Enter AutoCompletion behavior.
Menu and behavior for copy/paste and copy/paste line.
Allow each modification step to split undo typing sequence (set timeout 0 < to < 20ms).
Split undo typing sequence (by line-breaks and/or timeout) (UndoTransactionTimeout=0, LnBrk via Menu).
Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.5 (2020/01/28).
Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.3.2 (2020/03/06).


Load files larger than 2GB (64-bit) – Limit to 4GB (Scintilla problems).
Parameter to set document limit for big files (switch off highlighting).
ScintillaWin: IMEJPCancelAction (SCI).
File locking mechanism (.ini-file) to avoid multi process file write race conditions.
Menu entries for move line and folding control.
Multi-line Search Find/Replace.
Apply Start Case to AutoHotkey Lexer.
Change to 1-pass (file open/close) to save settings in Notepad3.ini.
Enclosing selection with HTML-Tag – Remember last pattern (session).
Repeat selection enclosing (HTML-Tag) n-times control.
Hyperlink detection for Unicode.


Locale dependent string comparison and Logical Number comparison.
Review scroll behavior for context menu and Stop scrolling on context menu click.
Do not use analysis hint UTF-8, if file is invalid UTF-8.
Configurable default ANSI code-page (locale) detection bonus.
No AutoCompletion on empty words (busy loop bug).
DPI Scaling Toolbar and DPI scaling selection mode.
Common controls will use preferred/available MUI language.
Sticky window position handling.
Initial, default and current window position handling.
Debug assertion (isspace() called on non ASCII char).
Correct return result of Styles export.
Scintilla method declaration.
Move hardcoded lexer <-> filename (w/o .ext) associations to configurable scheme (regex def).
Drag&amp;drop rectangular selection shuffles chars.
Paint() hangs due to unnecessary LockWindowsUpdate().
Drag&amp;drop selection should use configured slop settings.
Internal file-history submitted to taskbar JumpList.
Load files larger than 2GB (64-bit) – Limit to 4GB (Scintilla problems).
Automatic scrolling when dragging text near window edge: make caret visible after drop.
No styling for big/large files (loading speedup and UI responsiveness).
Esc skip level on rect/multi-selection.
Avoid caret jump on cancel multi-selection (esc).
In case of “Transform BS”, swallow single slashes not related to a ctrl-char.
Handling of default settings for deprecated ‘SciDirectWriteTech=…’
Concurrent access to .ini-File (lock file).
Caret virtual space movement options: remove “SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART”.
Jump to selection “start/end” operations.
Word lists for LUA Lexer.
Line Comment (Toggle) for NIM Lexer.
Slow indentation (TAB/BACKTAB).
AutoCompletion box.
Find/Replace Dialog behavior.
Transform backslashes while pasting into search/replace box.
Some issues for lexers: YAML and JSON.
Clipboard multi-line paste hook for Find/Replace pattern CB.
Allow multi-line Search Find/Replace pattern.
IME color and IME color styler.
Wrong language reference for lexer : “Tag”.
“Recent Files” History handling.
URL Encode/Decode (according to RFC 3986) for (Win7 API).
Win7 “procedure entry point “SetCoalescableTimer()” could not be located.
Wrap to Column – default=80.
Preserve file modification time option on elevated.
Elevated relaunch after encoding change.
Sub dialog centering in multi monitor environment.
Modern style message box icons.
System MessageBox() for “not saved” warning on modified files.
Oniguruma RegEx engine: respect EOL mode on encoding type.
Wrong encoding detection settings for explicit config .ini-File load.
Disable HyperLink calltip on ESC, as long as caret is in hyperlink text range.
Crash on very large file size (rejecting too big files).
Batch lexer: handle comment after ampersand(&amp;) command sequence.
Bug in replace on single step find/replace.
Convert to Hex and vice versa: work on (stream-)selection (original source by ZuFuLiu).
Comparison warning: signed/unsigned mismatch.
Canonical ini-file style section order for settings from scratch.
Prevent concurrent settings-file-access (re-launch elevated).
Small fixes on “Relaunch Elevated” functionality.
Minor fixes for window positioning by cmdline parameter.
Minor correction of HotKey.
Ctrl+Shift-C/X and Paste behavior.
Markdown highlight overflow.
Redo initial selection after replacement (ins/del).
Hyperlink Regex detection and Update visible indicator issue.
Correct resource id for language sk-SK.
Insertion handling: keep selection if non empty selection is replaced.
TAB behavior after multi-selection undo sequence.
Encoding tag insertion Ctrl+F8.
Division by zero exception (indentation and tab width).
Selection undo/redo in case of “lean” change notify event.


Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F (Code Folding) no longer works from Windows 10 19H1 1903.


Afrikaans (af-za).
Belarusian (be-by).
Chinese Simplified (zh-cn).
Dutch (nl-nl).
English (en-gb).
French (fr-fr).
German (de-de).
Hungarian (hu-hu).
Italian (it-it).
Japanese (ja-jp).
Korean (ko-kr) (to resume…).
Polish (pl-pl).
Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br) (to resume…).
Russian (ru-ru).
Slovak (sk-sk) (to resume…).
Spanish (es-es).
Swedish (sv-se).
Turkish (tr-tr) (to resume…).

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