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Rosegarden v22.06

The MIDI sequencer for Linux that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Rosegarden is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux, ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home recording environments.

  • MIDI and audio sequencer with unlimited tracks
  • Rich music notation editing capabilities
  • Large built-in database of real-world instruments to aid composers
  • Support for 100+ MIDI playback devices
  • Support for DSSI synth plugins

Learn more about Rosegarden:

Take the tour!
Read the user documentation.

Included in this release...
===== Bug Fixes =====
* Improve Cut/Copy/Delete behavior in both the matrix and the
notation editors. Bug #1601.
* "Scroll to Follow Playback" now remembers its last setting.
Bug #1606.
* Fixed a problem in notation with note selection and the blue
indication. Bug #1496.
* Fixed volume and pan issues with older .rg files. [51647cc]
* Changed "For Notation" to "Exclude from Printing" in the
Segment Parameters.
* Fix confusing relative values in the "Insert Controller Sequence"
dialog for volume and expression. [14ff99a]
* When changing the audio file path, the user is asked whether
they want to move the audio files to the new location. [71a62e6]
* Fix stuck green preview note when switching modes. Bug #1614.
* Fix modified flag (*) not cleared when saving in notation.
Bug #1617.
* Fix RG stopping JACK transport when it shouldn't. Bug #1051.
* Fixed toolbar mode buttons not reflecting current state when
Esc is pressed. Bug #1615. [f651345]
* Notation: Fix green preview only available in one staff.
Bug #1619.
* Fixed issues when building with Qt6. Feature Request #490.
* Fixed bad rendering of note heads at small font sizes. Bug #1484.
* Fixed an endless loop in notation. [7d734f7]
* Improved management of audio file paths. Bug #1283. Feature
Requests #494 and #495.
* Simplify editing of audio instrument label in audio parameters
* Fixed display bugs in matrix editor. Bug #1622. [b4425d7]
* Fix collapse notes in matrix. Bug #1575. [521ad4e]
* Fix scrollbar issues in main window combo boxes.
Feature Request #502. [abdf22b]
* Fix deletes in the tempo/time signature editor. Bug #1628.
* Fix problems editing multiple segments in matrix. Bug #1624.
* Notation: fix crash when segment is deleted. Bug #1260. [cf0a28d]
* Notation: fix crash when undoing an Add Layer. Bug #1260.
* Notation: fix note move issue. Bug #1629. [ba70dcf]
* Fix lilypond export sometimes ignores time signature. Bug #1620.
* Fix hairpins not always exported to LilyPond. Bug #1620.
* Fix missing "StartupWMClass" in .desktop file. Bug #1635.
* Fix chord ruler. Bug #1633. [2b2fbf7]
* Fix Event Filter dialog clearing selection on first launch.
* Fix lilypond common/cut time signatures. Bug #1637. [1c83f8b]
* Fix a crash when unquantizing using the quantize combo box on the
editors. [329ab46]
* Fix a crash when resizing segments. Bug #1638. [cdec668]
* Fix a refresh issue when using the toolbar undo button. [2a01178]
===== New Features =====
* Stop playback at end of last segment. (Preference.)
* Advanced Looping. (Experimental preference.) Bug #1605.
* Keyboard shortcut editor. Feature Request #412.
===== Additional Contributors =====
* Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
* Kevin Cole - Yamaha PSR-220/230 device file

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
2,271 3,183 Rosegarden Dev Team <img src=""border="0"> Oct 17, 2022 - 10:10 22.06 6.21MB BZ2 5/5, out of 27 Votes.
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Rosegarden  v22.06  
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