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File - Download ImHex v1.29.0

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ImHex v1.29.0

A modern hex editor and reverse engineering tool written in pure C++20 using GLFW and Dear ImGui.


Featureful hex view
Byte patching
Patch management
Copy bytes as feature
Hex string
C, C++, C#, Rust, Python, Java & JavaScript array
ASCII-Art hex view
HTML self-contained div
String and hex search
Colorful highlighting
Goto from start, end and current cursor position

Custom C++-like pattern language for parsing highlighting a file's content
Automatic loading based on MIME type
arrays, pointers, structs, unions, enums, bitfields, namespaces, little and big endian support, conditionals and much more!
Useful error messages, syntax highlighting and error marking

Doesn't burn out your retinas when used in late-night sessions
Dark mode by default, but a light mode is available as well

Data importing
Base64 files
IPS and IPS32 patches

Data exporting
IPS and IPS32 patches

Data inspector allowing interpretation of data as many different types (little and big endian)

Huge file support with fast and efficient loading

String search
Copying of strings
Copying of demangled strings

File hashing support
CRC16 and CRC32 with custom initial values and polynomials
MD4, MD5
SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

Disassembler supporting many architectures (frontend for Capstone)
ARM32 (ARM, Thumb, Cortex-M, AArch32)
MIPS (MIPS32, MIPS64, MIPS32R6, Micro)
x86 (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit)
PowerPC (32-bit, 64-bit)
IBM SystemZ
Berkeley Packet Filter

Region highlighting

Data Analyzer
File magic-based file parser and MIME type database
Byte distribution graph
Entropy graph
Highest and average entropy
Encrypted / Compressed file detection

Built-in Content Store
Download all files found in the database directly from within ImHex

Yara Rules support
Quickly scan a file for vulnerabilities with official yara rules

Helpful tools
Itanium and MSVC demangler
ASCII table
Regex replacer
Mathematical expression evaluator (Calculator)
Hexadecimal Color picker
Base converter
UNIX Permissions calculator
Anonfiles File upload tool
Wikipedia term definition finder
File utilities
File splitter
File combiner
File shredder

vv1.29.0 05-21-23


Added support for saving / loading your own Layouts!
Added spanish translation. Thanks a lot to @XorTroll
Added a network control interface
When enabled, external tools can now send commands to ImHex over a TCP Socket
Added non-ranged and aligned value search to find view
Added a Documentation helper AI window where you can ask questions about ImHex and the Pattern Language
Added selection range radio button to various views to allow specifying of exact start/end addresses
Added a button to restore default layout when no views are open
Opening .hexproj files through the File -> Open menu now opens them as Projects instead of as Files
Names and Values in the pattern data view now display tooltips when hovering over them if they're too long
Added bit and byte reversal nodes to the data processor. Thanks to @Nowilltolife
Drastically improve the usefulness of the IEEE754 tool. Massive thanks to @paxcut


ImHex now tries its best to not keep any file handles around
This should allow opening files in other tools while they're already open inside of ImHex.
For this to work, the other tool needs to support sharing the file though.
Some things that didn't really fit in the Help menu have been moved to the new Extras menu
Many things that accessed file data are now significantly faster
Files in the file chooser popup can now be opened by double clicking them
Greatly improved how popups are being handled
Pins in the data processor are more visible now
Buttons in the bookmarks view now have tooltips
ImHex's FPS limit now better follows the setting
ImHex now shows an error message when it can't open files. Thanks to @iTrooz
Pattern highlighting is now being generated much more quickly
About page is now resizable
Diff table is now being cleared properly when providers are closed
MacOS should now be able to use the Open With dialog to open a file with ImHex
Patterns that are empty can no longer be saved
Patterns are now being automatically re-evaluated when code sync is on and the provider is being changed
Fixed issue where the cursor icon sometimes got stuck on Windows

Bug Fixes

Fixed crash when trying to place patterns through the Edit menu
Fixed issue where Disassembler names didn't correspond to the correct architecture
Fixed occasional crashes when opening project files
Fixed a bug where the last line of patterns went missing when saving / reloading them
Multi-window support is now disabled by default on Linux as it doesn't work well. It can still be enabled in the settings.
Fixed issue where some shortcuts triggered twice
Fixed commit link in about page not working correctly
Fixed provider undo stack not working correctly
Fixed crash when patterns are being evaluated to quickly in succession
Fixed project files failing to save when custom encodings are loaded
Fixed issue where ImHex sometimes dumped a bunch of compiled magic files into the user's current directory
Fixed a crash when closing providers too quickly
Fixed Copy-As options not being disabled correctly in some cases
Fixed issue where editing a hex cell sometimes had the wrong value in it

Pattern Language

Added try-catch statements
Added std::math::exp()
The std::file functions can now write entire patterns to a file instead of just strings
Ternary operators now correctly short-circuit
Fixed use of templates in pointer sizes
Fixed tons and tons of bugs

This download is for the Windows portable version. All other download assets are below:





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1,566 2,891 WerWolv <img src=""border="0"> May 24, 2023 - 11:28 1.29.0 20.91MB ZIP 5/5, out of 11 Votes.
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ImHex  v1.29.0  
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