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File - Download Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0

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Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0

An open source barcode encoding library supporting over 50 symbologies.

Encodes data into any of the following: Australia Post barcode, Aztec Code, Aztec Runes, Channel Code, Codabar, Codablock-F, Code 11, Code 128, Code 16K, Code 2 of 5 (Including IATA, Datalogic, ITF14, Deutsche Post Leitcode and Identcode), Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode), Code 39, Code 39+, Code 49, Code 93, Code One, Data Matrix (including DMRE), DotCode, Dutch Post KIX, EAN, Grid Matrix, GS-1 DataBar (including stacked and composite symbols), Han Xin, HIBC, Japan Post, Korea Post, LOGMARS, MaxiCode, MSI, PDF417 and Micro PDF417, Pharmacode, POSTNET, PLANET, QR Code and Micro QR, Royal Mail 4-state (RM4SCC) and Mailmark, Telepen, Ultracode, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPNQR and USPS Intelligent Mail.

Automated ECI switching to support all Unicode characters and automated FNC1 character insertion in GS1 mode. Save to PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, SVG, WMF and EPS. Includes CLI, GUI and API for calling from other applications.

v2.13.0 (2023-12-18)

**Incompatible changes**
- Buffer lengths of members `fgcolour` and `bgcolour` in `zint_symbol` extended
10 -> 16 to allow for "C,M,Y,K" comma-separated decimal percentage strings
- CMYK values for EPS (slightly) and TIF (significantly) have changed - now use
the same RGB -> CMYK formula
- Text (HRT) placement for vector (EMF/EPS/SVG) output changed - for EAN/UPC
slightly further away from barcode, for all others slightly nearer. Some
horizontal alignments of EAN/UPC vector text also tweaked
- Text (HRT) for standalone EAN-2 and EAN-5 now at top of symbol
(was at bottom)
- Text height (font size) for SMALL_TEXT vector output reduced
- For Windows, filenames are now assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. Affects `outfile`
in `zint_symbol` and all API filename arguments
- Never-used `fontsize` member removed from `zint_symbol`
- Buffer length of member `text` (HRT) in `zint_symbol` extended 128 -> 200
(client buffers may need checking/extending)
- Font of text of SVG vector output now "OCRB, monospace" (EAN/UPC) or
"Arimo, Arial, sans-serif" (all others)
(was "Helvetica, sans-serif" for both)
- Unintended excess horizontal whitespace of Composite symbols removed, and
quiet zone settings respected exactly, and centring of HRT (if any) now
relative to linear part of symbol only rather than whole symbol
- Unlikely-to-be-used `bitmap_byte_length` member removed from `zint_symbol`
(was only set on BMP output to length of BMP pixel array)
- EXCODE39 now defaults to displaying check digit in Human Readable Text (HRT)
- GS1_128 now warns if data > 48 (GS1 General Specifications max)

- BMP/EMF/EPS/GIF/PCX/PNG/SVG/TIF/TXT: check for errors on writing to output
file (ticket #275)
- manual/man page: document octal escape; Code 128 subset/mode -> Code Set
- Add special symbology-specific escape sequences (Code 128 only) for manual
Code Set switching via `input_mode` flag `EXTRA_ESCAPE_MODE` (CLI --extraesc)
(ticket #204)
- GUI: disable "Reset" colour if default; add "Unset" to Printing Scale dialog
(allows unsetting of X-dim/resolution settings without having to zap)
- API/CLI/GUI: allow foreground/background colours to be specified as
comma-separated decimal percentage strings "C,M,Y,K" where "C", "M" etc. are
0-100 (ticket #281, 3rd point)
- PCX: add alpha support
- GUI: rearrange some Appearance tab inputs (Border Type <-> Width, Show Text
<-> Font, Text/Font <-> Printing Scale/Size) to flow more naturally;
save button "Save As..." -> "Save..." and add icon
- Add `text_gap` option to allow adjustment of vertical gap between barcode and
text (HRT)
- DAFT: up max to 250 chars
- CLI: use own (Wine) version of `CommandLineToArgvW()` to avoid loading
- EAN/UPC: add quiet zone indicators option (API `output_options`
`EANUPC_GUARD_WHITESPACE`, CLI `--guardwhitespace`) (ticket #287)
- EAN-2/EAN-5: HRT now at top instead of at bottom for standalones, following
- EPS/SVG: use new `out_putsf()` func to output floats, avoiding trailing zeroes
&amp; locale dependency
- EPS: simplify "TR" formula
- SVG: change font from "Helvetica, sans-serif" to "OCRB, monospace" for EAN/UPC
and "Arimo, Arial, sans-serif" for all others;
use single "<path>" instead of multiple "<rect>"s to draw boxes (reduces file
- Add `EMBED_VECTOR_FONT` to `output_options` (CLI `--embedfont`) to enable
embedding of font in vector output - currently only for SVG output
- GUI: use "OCRB" font for EAN/UPC and "Arimo" for all others (was "Helvetica"
for both); add preview background colour option (default light grey) so as
whitespace will show up in contrast (access via preview context menu)
- CODE128/common: add `ZINT_WARN_HRT_TRUNCATED` warning
- QRCODE: better assert(), removing a NOLINT (2 left)
- CLI: add some more barcode synonyms for DBAR
- CMake: don't include png.c unless ZINT_USE_PNG (avoids clang warning)
- vector: reduce SMALL_TEXT font height 6 -> 5 to be more like raster;
reduce antialiasing allowance for `textoffset`;
adjust text to baseline using values for Arimo rather than percentage
- manual: expand size/alpha details in Section "5.4 Buffering Symbols in Memory
(raster)" (cf ticket #291); add BSD info
- EXCODE39: change to display check digit in HRT by default
- CODE39/EXCODE39/LOGMARS: new hidden check digit option
- GUI: move some symbology-specific options into Data Tab so separate tab
- DATAMATRIX: add `DM_ISO_144` (--dmiso144) option for ISO placement of ECC
codewords instead of default "de facto"
- manual: add annexes on Qt and Tcl backends
- CODE128: increase no. symbol chars max 60 -> 99
- frontend: truncate overlong `--primary` instead of ignoring
- man page: list size detail for matrix symbols (`--vers`)
DAFT/TELEPEN/TELEPEN_NUM: increase allowed lengths
- API: add `ZBarcode_Reset()` to fully restore `zint_symbol` to default state

- CEPNET: fix no HRT (library: `has_hrt()`)
- man page: fix Code 11 check digit info
- CMake: allow ctest to be run without having to install zint or manually set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH (ticket #279, props Alexey Dokuchaev)
- GUI: fg/bgcolor text edit: fix right-click context menu not working properly
by checking for it on FocusOut
- GUI: fix fg/bgcolor icon background not being reset on zap
- EMF/EPS/SVG: fix addon bars placement/length when text hidden
- For Windows, assume `outfile` &amp; API filename args are in UTF-8,
&amp; use xxxW() APIs accordingly, ticket #288, props Marcel
**Backwards-incompatible change**
- GUI: fix `save_to_file()` `filename.toLatin1()` -> `toUtf8()`
- CLI: batch mode: don't close input if stdin
- EAN/UPC: fix excess 1X to right of add-ons
- Composites: fix excess whitespace; fix quiet zone calcs to allow for linear
- GUI: fix not enabling font combo "Small Bold (vector only)" by default
- CODEONE: fix S/T quiet zone 1X bottom (props BWIPP issue #245 doc)
- library: fix 21-bit Unicode conversion in `escape_char_process()`; fix
restricting escaped data length by using de-escaped length to check
- AZTEC: fix out-of-bounds crash when user-specified size given, ticket #300,
props Andre Maute; fix 4-layer compact block max (76 -> 64); fix encoding of
byte-blocks > 11-bit limit
- CODABLOCKF: fix crash due to `columns` overflow, ticket #300, props Andre
- CODEONE: fix out-of-bounds crash in `c1_c40text_cnt()` and looping on latch
crash in `c1_encode()` and too small buffer for Version T, ticket #300, props
Andre Maute
- EANX_CC/UPCA_CC: fix crash in `dbar_date()` on not checking length and crash
in `gs1_verify()` on not checking length, ticket #300, props Andre Maute
- GS1_128_CC: fix divide-by-zero crash in `calc_padding_ccc()`, ticket #300,
props Andre Maute
- HANXIN: fix incorrect numeric costings (out-by-1) in `hx_in_numeric()`, ticket
#300 (#16), props Andre Maure
- PDF417: fix out-of-bounds crash in `pdf_text_submode_length()` and
out-of-bounds crash on overrunning string and codeword buffers, ticket #300,
props Andre Maute
- QRCODE: fix out-of-bounds crash due to incorrect mode costings for GS1
percents in `qr_in_alpha()`; fix incorrect numeric costings (out-by-1) in
`qr_in_numeric()`; ticket #300 (#14, #15; #16), props Andre Maute

This download is for the Windows version.
If you need the Linux version, download here.
If you need the user manual, download here.

Note: For Windows, unzip the file and run qtZint.exe, NOT zint.exe

Click here to visit the author's website.
Continue below for the main download link.

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2,476 4,795 Robin Stuart <img src=""border="0"> Feb 20, 2024 - 12:04 2.13.0 10.06MB ZIP 5/5, out of 26 Votes.
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