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Endless Sky v0.9.8 for Win64bit

A space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity.

Explore other star systems. Earn money by trading, carrying passengers, or completing missions. Use your earnings to buy a better ship or to upgrade the weapons and engines on your current one. Blow up pirates. Take sides in a civil war. Or leave human space behind and hope to find some friendly aliens whose culture is more civilized than your own...

Endless Sky is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to create their own content. An editor can be used to create new star systems and planets (or to replace the existing universe entirely), and the wiki has instructions on how to create ships, missions, and artwork. You can also visit the Steam page for more screenshots and a video.

If you have a Github account, please report bugs in the issue list. If not, or if you want to suggest new features or discuss the game with others, visit the forum / mailing list on Google Groups.

This is a stable release. The game is fully playable and feature-complete, and has gone through five months of beta testing. But, only one of the three main story lines (the "Free Worlds" story) is written. Playing through the story takes about 8-16 hours, but you can also ignore it and treat this like a sandbox game.

These graphics are used in place of the normal, lower-resolution ones if you have a high DPI monitor or a zoom factor set higher than 100%. The effect is most noticeable in the outfit thumbnails and the landscape photos. Using the high-DPI graphics will significantly increase the game's load time and memory requirements.

Early on in the game, you can earn a living just by buying commodities for a low price in one star system and selling them at a profit elsewhere.

Finding trade routes, made easy: the map view shows commodity prices for other star systems and can color them based on price, to help you decide what trade goods you should buy in the current system for sale elsewhere.

The fast, risky road to riches: disabling pirate ships, boarding them, and stealing their cargo and equipment. If you have enough crew members to pilot both ships, you can also try to defeat the enemy ship's crew and capture it. Of course, you can also plunder innocent merchant ships if that's more your style...

The safer way to earn a living: taking jobs carrying cargo or passengers.

Once you've saved up enough money, you can spend it on upgrading your ship's equipment and weapons, or on a bigger ship.

Rather than hunting around at random hoping to find a planet that sells the particular ship or outfit you want, the map can now show you a list of every ship or outfit you know about and where each one can be bought.

Use the universe editor to create new star systems and planets. Making new ships or equipment is also designed to be easy, and can be done with any drawing program that can save PNGs. New content can be added through plugins or by editing the game data itself.

A merchant fleet traveling via hyperspace. You can buy as many ships as you want, but the more freighters you have in your fleet, the more attractive it will be to pirates.

Strange discoveries await you beyond the boundaries of known space.

Version 0.9.8:
* Bug fixes:
* Typo fixes. (@Amazinite, @Bladewood, @Hadron1776, @MessyMix, @tehhowch)
* You no longer ever transfer crew to automata when capturing them. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed ships not fully decloaking after cloaking to repair themselves. (@tehhowch)
* Shift-selecting a range of ships in a shop no longer includes disabled ships. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed an error in how the travel plan is drawn when you have no flagship. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed flashing ships repeatedly triggering the warning siren. (@Hadron1776)
* Fixed a bug that kept you from landing on planets that aren't on your travel plan. (@tehhowch)
* Adding a stellar object that is linked to a planet definition now works properly.
* Map labels now reset to their default state when loading a new game.
* Fixed a crash that could happen when disowning ships.
* Fixed a crash that could occur when your flagship is captured.
* Daily weapon reloads (e.g. when you jump) no longer reset turret angles.
* Fixed the messages list not resetting if creating a new pilot from the main menu.
* Game content:
* Fixed a Remnant mission that could be offered on non-Remnant worlds. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed the turret assignments on the cloaked Archon. (@tehhowch)
* The uninhabited "Far Monad" world will no longer fine the player. (@Amazinite)
* Fixed some issues with the Wanderer / Kor Sestor missions. (@tehhowch)
* Reordering some ship hardpoints for consistency. (@warp-core)
* Added a different faction log entry for the Remnant if you don't befriend them. (@tehhowch)
* Added descriptions for the Remnant ships and thumbnail images for their outfits.
* Made the Remnant's Point Defense Turret far more effective, to justify its price.
* Made the Remnant generators a bit better, and made the Crystal Capacitor draw power.
* Made the Starling and Albatross ships a bit faster, and gave the Starling more fuel.
* Added another wormhole link connecting the rest of the Ember Waste.
* Wanderer jobs now become less frequent after the Hai invade them.
* The prison on Clink now "closes" once the war is over.
* If you bomb Zenith in the Wanderer story, its planet sprite now changes to show the crater.
* Some Hai ships now have "Quantum Keystones" installed, to match the lore about them.
* Hai outfitters now sell fuel pods.
* The mission NPC void sprites are now "mute," like all the others.
* Game mechanics:
* Fixed some inefficiencies and glitches with ships assisting each other. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed some bugs with escort pathfinding and spurious refuelling. (@tehhowch)
* Demanding tribute from a planet now always makes its government and allies hostile.
* Enemies will no longer hang out just waiting for a player who is beyond the "invisible fence."
* Missions can now specify a random range of time delays for events.
* If your ship has no forward-facing guns, auto-aim will no longer activate.
* The <payment> substitution in missions now shows payment for that action clause, if any.
* Once a "derelict" NPC has been boarded, it can now repair when landing like an ordinary ship.
* User interface:
* In the radar, the "blink" color for mission targets is now customizable. (@Hadron1776)
* Restricted planets are now a different color than hostile planets. (@Hadron1776)
* If a plugin overrides the start date, new player messages still work correctly. (@Hadron1776)
* Fixed a missing newline in the scan dialog for harvested materials in cargo. (@tehhowch)
* In fullscreen mode, the cursor now disappears if you don't move the mouse for 10 seconds.
* Sped up the main view zoom animation so it's easier to set it to a specific zoom level.
* Made it so you can sell outfits in cargo without switching to the cargo view.
* Fixed a case where your flagship could end up included in the escort selection.
* In the map, systems with "inhabited" worlds but no spaceports now show up as uninhabited.
* Made it possible to click a planet in the map to set it as your landing target.
* You can now double-click a snapshot in the Load / Save panel to load it.
* Planet labels now always use the government color (instead of being red for hostile planets).
* Under the hood:
* Refactored the assistance-seeking AI to use less CPU time. (@tehhowch)
* Fixed some missing #includes that messed up compilation in Visual Studio.
* Fixed some potential issues and dead code found by Clang's static analyzer.

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1,779 6,133 Michael Zahniser <img src=" Sky1_th.png"border="0"> Mar 12, 2019 - 11:49 0.9.8 71.83MB ZIP 5/5, out of 22 Votes.
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