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AIMP v4.51, build 2075
An advanced multimedia player that includes an audio converter, recorder, and tag editor. Includes an easy to use interface, small size and minimal use of system resources.

Main features and Functions

Multi-format Playback:
.CDA, .AAC, .AC3, .APE, .DTS, .FLAC, .IT, .MIDI, .MO3, .MOD, .M4A, .M4B, .MP1, .MP2, .MP3,
.MPC, .MTM, .OFR, .OGG, .OPUS, .RMI, .S3M, .SPX, .TAK, .TTA, .UMX, .WAV, .WMA, .WV, .XM, .DSF, .DFF

CUE Sheets supports

Output supports
DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI / WASAPI Exclusive

32-bit audio processing
For the best quality!

Internet radio
Listen internet-radio stations in OGG / WAV / MP3 / AAC / AAC+ formats
Capture stream to APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WV, WMA and MP3 formats
Capture stream as is for MP3 / AAC / AAC+ formats

Sound Engine

18-band equalizer and built-in sound effects
Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed, Bass, Enhancer, Voice Remover

Music Library

Music Library
Represents the music files organizer, which allows you easily organize your music, set marks for listened Tracks, keeping playback statistics.

Smart Playlist
Playlists based on content from Music Library data base, with ability to filter and group data
Playlists based on content from one or few folders


Multiple playlists
While one plays - you work with another

Powerful View Settings
An ability to display data at one or two line for each track
An ability to group tracks via user defined template
An ability to define separate settings for each playlist

Ability to block content from changes

Smart Playlist
Playlists based on content from Music Library data base, with ability to filter and group data
Playlists based on content from one or few folders

Files search
Search files on all opened playlists

Audio Converter

Multithreading encoding

Few encoding modes
Single source - single result / All sources - single result (with ability to generate CUE Sheet)

Encode to popular formats
Encode to APE, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, OPUS, MusePack and WavPack formats
An ability to plug-in external command-line encoders

Audio CD Grabber
Allow you to import audio data from Audio CD

An ability to change format of input audio streamа

Shut down the computer after conversion operation

Tag Editor

Popular formats of tags are supported
ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, Vorbis, WMA, M4A

Work with group of files
An ability to apply changes to group of files

Naming and sorting files
Naming and sorting files by folder according to specified template

Auto numering
An ability auto calculate and fill the track number / tracks total fields for group of files

Auto filling tags
Auto filling tags based on name of file

Transliteration and change the register
An ability to transliterate or change the register for group of files

Replay Gain
Calculation of ReplayGain information for single track / album / group of albums

Calculation of BPM information for selected tracks

Simple Scheduler

Alarm Clock
You can choose playback start time of selected track with smooth volume increasing.
Wake up the computer from sleeping mode is supported.

Auto shutdown the computer
You can sleep while listening favorite music, just set the timer to shutdown the computer at given time or on playback finish.

AIMP v4.51, build 2075 (05.01.2018)

Common change log

Audio Converter: new encoding mode - "single folder - single file"

DSP-Manager: Now you can specify different preamp values for the "on-the-fly analysis" or "value from tags" modes

DSP-Manager: an ability to remove silence longer than 0.5 seconds

Lyrics: support for lyrics that embedded to CUE sheet

Plugins: new built-in visualization called "Album Art" has been added

Tag Editor: an ability to start autonumeration from specified index

Tag Editor: support for the "delete word left/right from cursor" commands in text boxes

Common: Localizations have been updated

Default Skin: an ability to customize text size for lyrics box

Music LIbrary: table - an ability to specify action by double click on table items

Music Library: Core - performance of DB Engine has been improved

Music Library: table - cards in group details view mode are now groups by value of first displaying field

Plugins: Compatibility with plugins from v2.60 has been improved

Tag Editor: the %Random(A) macro has been added

Fixed: Audio Converter - tracks are skipped in some cases if the "one folder to one file" mode is used

Fixed: AudioConverter - calculation of total progress does not take files duration into account

Fixed: AudioConverter - stat does not take all parts of the output file into account, if it has been divided into several physical files during conversion

Fixed: AudioConverter - the "remove sources on successful conversion" does not work with audio files that split by CUE sheet

Fixed: General - control's images in dialogs displays too small if app is running on monitor with scale factor more or equal to 200%

Fixed: Music Library - Grouping Tree - quick search value specified in one data source affects to other

Fixed: Music Library - Grouping Tree Preset Editor - default sorting value is displayed incorrectly

Fixed: Music Library - grouping / filtering works incorrectly with the "Copyrights" field

Fixed: Music library - canceling background task may leads to hangs the app

Fixed: Player - Replay Gain - preamp for values from tags affects to default replay gain value

Fixed: Player - the "restore playback position for each playlist" works incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Playlist - click at group header selects all tracks in group including tracks that have been hidden by quick search filter

Fixed: Plugins - API - the IAIMPServiceFileTagEditor service cannot be used from non-main thread

Fixed: Plugins - InputFFmpeg - memory leaks occurs during playback of files that contains multiple streams

Fixed: Plugins - - invoking the dialog with track information on app startup leads to hangs the app

Fixed: Plugins - inputFFmpeg - bitrate for files in OPUS file format was not displayed (regression)

Fixed: Plugins - inputFFmpeg - displays total bitrate of file instead bitrate of audio stream

Fixed: Skin Engine - small issues have been fixed

Fixed: Skin Engine - text scaling works incorrectly for skins that does not support for high dpi on system with dpi that differs from 96 dpi

Fixed: Tag Editor - the album art field does not read from files in OPUS file format

Fixed: Tag Editor - unexpected behavior on jumping to next track in the list, if the list has been sorted by tag field that was changed during editing

Fixed: Tags - ID3v2 - data from the USLT tag field is interpreted incorrectly in some cases

Small bugs and defects were fixed

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
4,577 6,963 AIMP DevTeam <img src=""border="0"> May 02, 2018 - 11:42 v4.51, build 2075 10.16MB EXE 5/5, out of 31 Votes.
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AIMP  v4.51,  build  2075  

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