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File - Download muCommander v1.4.0

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muCommander v1.4.0

The easy to use file manager.

muCommander is an open source, dual-pane file manager available on all major operating systems

• Copy, move, rename and batch rename, email files
• Multiple tabs
• Universal bookmarks
• Credentials manager
• Configurable keyboard shortcuts
• Cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive [1]
• Virtual filesystem with support for local volumes, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS and Bonjour
• Archives ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb, LST
• Checksum calculation
• Fully customizable user interface, configurable toolbars and themes
• Available in many languages

Bump version to 1.4.0 by @ahadas in #996
Document workaround for installing on Debian < 12 by @ahadas in #1001
Document post-installation of unsigned dmg by @ahadas in #1004
Adding Google Cloud Storage Protocol by @spakm in #989
gcs: cleanup by @ahadas in #1013
Cleanup related to SFTP by @ahadas in #1018
Upgrade commons-collections to commons-collections4 v4.4 by @ahadas in #1019
Editor/Viewer Bumped verion of RSyntaxTextArea and removed workaround code by @pskowronek in #1024
Make ActionId serializable by @ahadas in #1023
Enable use of 'space' in quick search by @ahadas in #1025
Updated bug_report.yml to encourage ppl for searching similar bug by @pskowronek in #1028
Fix copying files to clipboard on macOS by @ahadas in #1029
Rephrase auth_dialog.store_credentials by @ahadas in #1030
Set shift+f4 as alternative shortcut of make file by @ahadas in #1032
Cleanup related to recent-locations quick-list by @ahadas in #1034
Sign the rpm package by @ahadas in #1035
rpm: use crazy-max/ghaction-import-gpg@v5 by @ahadas in #1037
Document fix for #1020 by @ahadas in #1038
Java 20 is recommended now by @ahadas in #1039
Terminal - reworked presentation to show two-liner of Terminal and toggle to maximization by @pskowronek in #1033
Fix to update actions in CommandBar and ToolBar if shortcut changed by @pskowronek in #1041
Show keyboard shortcuts as notification popup on MainFrame by @pskowronek in #1036
Terminal - fix command line #1033 by @pskowronek in #1043
Added opens for javax.swing.plaf.basic for linuxAppImage by @pskowronek in #1047
Simplify Credentials#getMaskedPassword by @ahadas in #1049
Enable unit-tests of mucommander-commons-file by @ahadas in #1051
CRLF -> LF by @ahadas in #1054
SplashScreen reformat by @ahadas in #1055
Application reformat by @ahadas in #1056
Nicer SplashScreen plus defer Bonjour init even more by @ahadas in #1057
Removed wildcard imports for awt and swing by @ahadas in #1058
improve logging of exceptions in BrowseLocationThread by @ahadas in #1059
Bonjour defer loading even more by @pskowronek in #1061
Extract gson to a separate OSGi bundle by @ahadas in #1064
gcs: exclude jackson-core by @ahadas in #1065
Add a plugin for OneDrive by @ahadas in #494
Drop javax.annotation from felix framework in favor of FindBugs JSR-305 by @ahadas in #1066
Shrink the size of jediterm fat-jar by @ahadas in #1067
Debug mode to wait for debugger connection by @pskowronek in #1070
Faster init - file icon provider init in bg by @pskowronek in #1069
make Application#splashScreen a local variable by @ahadas in #1071
Set credentials to OneDrive application by @ahadas in #1072
fix(docs): Correct grammar errors in by @sundaram-sharma in #1075
Cleaning up mucommander-viewer-pdf dependencies by @ahadas in #1087
Avoid using log4j 1.x by @gladko in #1085
open java.scripting/javax.script (required by log4j-core) by @ahadas in #1089
Update of BinEd library by @hajdam in #1090
Added missing Android icon by @pskowronek in #1098
Faster start - get Icons res faster by @pskowronek in #1096
IconManager better log by @pskowronek in #1097
Faster start - DesktopManager: trash and notifier async by @pskowronek in #1095
Faster start of muC app in JVM by @pskowronek in #1094
Fix incorrect block selection on native L&amp;F by @ShayArtzi in #1106
upload nightly artifacts to the nightly build action by @ahadas in #1109
fix nightly build action by @ahadas in #1110
fix nightly build action by @ahadas in #1111
nightly: replace 'mucommander_version' with a job-specific step by @ahadas in #1112
nightly: debug 'Upload msi' by @ahadas in #1113
nightly: restore preliminary linux job to retrieve the version by @ahadas in #1114
nightly: fix 'Sign rpm' by @ahadas in #1115
nigtly: fix 'get-version' job by @ahadas in #1116
nightly: bump actions/checkout to v4 by @ahadas in #1117
nightly: bump Node.js 16 actions setup-java and ghaction-import-gpg by @ahadas in #1118
nightly: debug linux artifacts by @ahadas in #1119
nightly: fix upload of deb package by @ahadas in #1120
nightly: replace gradle-build-action@v2 with setup-gradle@v3 by @ahadas in #1121
Minor cleanup in GitHub actions by @ahadas in #1123
mv JRE for macOS to macOS/x64 by @ahadas in #1124
Skip re-authentication for SFTP address change when using private key by @ShayArtzi in #1104
document fix for #1062 by @ahadas in #1135
add support for macOS aarch64 by @ahadas in #1138
build dmg for aarch64 on macOS 14 by @ahadas in #1139
Use File#FS with Java 23+ by @ahadas in #1141
Use File#FS also with Java 23 by @ahadas in #1142
update JREs by @ahadas in #1143
Fix flakiness of AppleScriptTest#testScriptOutput by @ahadas in #1145
Run tests also on macos-14 (M1) by @ahadas in #1144
Add dmg for aarch64 by @ahadas in #1148
muC faster start up by @pskowronek in #1044
nightly: change rpm signing by @ahadas in #1150
Sign the RPM package by @ahadas in #1151
Update nightly.yml by @ahadas in #1152
nightly: Fix dmg signing by @ahadas in #1153
Bump gradle to v8.7 by @ahadas in #1154
Create unsigned dmg by default by @ahadas in #1156
Sign and notarize the dmg packages by @ahadas in #1157

This download is for the Windows installer version. All other download assets are below:


mucommander-1.4.0-1-x86_64.dmg (Intel)
mucommander-1.4.0-1-aarch64.dmg (Apple Silicone)


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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
57 306 muCommander <img src=""border="0"> May 10, 2024 - 11:35 1.4.0 148.08MB MSI 5/5, out of 2 Votes.
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muCommander  v1.4.0  
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