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File - Download SimplySync Backup v1.5.3.0

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SimplySync Backup v1.5.3.0

SimplySync Backup is an intuitive folder backup and synchronization tool. It works in both portable and installed mode, and is very fast and easy to use.

SimplySync Backup has unique features such as the ability to update backups ensuring they contain the very same files as the source. It also performs backups in bi-directional synchronization mode, and obviously restore operations.

Application setup

SimplySync Backup can be used as both a portable application and an installed application.

If you want to use it as a portable application, you just need to execute it, and immediately benefit of all its features. But even in portable mode, you may want to use the Associate the application with .sall files option listed below.

To configure SimplySync Backup, press the Settings button in the application's main page. You will be presented with a dialog box similar to the one in the picture below. Select the desired options. The selected options will only be applied when you press OK.

Install the application on this PC (recommended) - If you select this option, SimplySync Backup will be installed in the local computer, acording to the selected options below. If you uncheck this option and SimplySync Backup is already installed, it will be uninstalled.

Create Desktop shortcut for unattended backup - This option creates a desktop shortcut that automatically starts the last saved backup in unattended mode (no user interaction needed).

Create normal desktop shortcut to launch SimplySync Backup - This option creates a desktop shortcut for the current user that just launches SimplySync Backup.

Create uninstall entry, to completely remove SimplySync Backup - This option creates an uninstall entry that will allow users to remove the installed version of the application through the Add/remove programs control panel applet.

Associate the application with .sall files - This option associates SimplySync Backup files (.sall) files with our app, allowing you to open them with a simple double-click.

Once you have selected the desired options, press OK. If you're installing the application, SimplySync Backup will be restarted and the installed version will be launched.

If you don't want to apply the selected options, press Cancel to close this dialog box.

Adding / Editing backup folder pairs

SimplySync Backup displays the list of backup folders in its main interface. The list consists of pairs of directory paths, the first being the source folder, and the second the destination folder. Just below the list, you have three buttons that help you to manage the folder pairs in the list: Add folder pair, Edit selected and Delete selected.

Adding folder pairs to the list is pretty straightforward. You just need to press the Add folder pair button, and you will be presented with a dialog box similar to the picture below.

The Source folder field holds the path of your backup's original folder. The Destination folder field holds the path of your backup folder. Both fields support "drag & drop", so you can simply drag the source and destination folders directly from the Windows file explorer and drop them over the fields, in order to set the folder paths.

In Common backup and Strict backup mode, SimplySync Backup copies the files from the source folder to the destination folder. In Restore mode, files are copied (restored) from the destination folder to the source folder. In Synchronization mode files are copied in both directions.

Use the Browse button to the right of each field to add the desired paths to the fields. If the destination folder's name is different from the source folder's name, the app will ask you if you want to append the source folder's name to the destination path. You should press Yes, or No, depending on your choice.

If you don't want this folder to be automatically checked when it is added to the list, un-tick the Item checked chebox.

Press OK to add the folders to the list, or Cancel to close this dialog box without adding them.

To edit the existing folder pairs is even easier. You just select the folder pair you wish to edit in the list, and press the Edit selected button. You will be presented with the same dialog box, but the fields will be already set with the current paths. You can manually edit the paths directly in the text fields, or use the Browse buttons to change the paths with the help of the Windows shell.

To remove a folder pair from the list, click the corresponding line to select it, and press Delete selected.

If you right-click a folder pair in the list, you will see a menu with two options: Open source folder, and Open destination folder. Each of these options allows you to quickly open the selected source or destination folder in one click.

You can also move the items up or down in the list by using the "arrow" buttons, to the left of the Add folder pair button.

Loading and saving settings

The list of backup folders and the selected bakup options can be saved to a file of your choice, and they can be loaded back later from that file.

To save the current folders and settings, press the Save as... button, in SimplySync Backup's main interface. Select the desired path and file name to save the settings to. The file will have a .sall extension.

Once you save your backup folders and settings, you have several ways of loading them back. One easy way is to simply drag your .sall file over the SimplySync Backup's icon or desktop shortcut. Another way is to press the Open button, in the app's main page, and select the desired file to load.

In any case, you can associate the .sall file extension with SimplySync Backup so you can load those files by double-clicking them. See the Application setup help section for more information.

Starting the bakup / restore operation

To begin the backup/restore operation, you just need to press the Start backup button in SimplySync Backup's main interface. You will be presented with a dialog box similar to the one in the picture below.

While the operation is being performed, you can pause or cancel it, by pressing the respective buttons.

You can also schedule SimplySync Backup to perform a power related action when the backup operation is complete, by selecting the desired option in the drop-down box just after When the operation completes. Available actions are Do nothing, Close application, Log off, Sleep, Hibernate, Shut down and Restart.

Supported command line switches

SimplySync Backup supports the following command line parameters:

SimplySync.exe "Settings file" /Uninstall /Passive /Quiet

"Settings file" - The path of the SimplySync Backup settings (.sall) file to load. The backup operation may or may not be automatically started, depending on the other switches. You should enclose this path in double quotes, in case it contains white spaces.

/Uninstall - Uninstall the application. The UI may or may not be shown, depending on the other switches.

/Passive - Perform the backup or uninstall operation with no user interaction showing only the progress of the operation.

/Quiet - Perform the backup or uninstall operation with no user interaction and no user interface.


All command line switches are optional.
If you pass neither "Settings file" nor /Uninstall, SimplySync Backup will use the default settings file for the current user - if any - saved in the same directory as the SimplySync Backup executable.


The command below performs the backup operation previously saved to my backup.sall, in passive mode.

SimplySync.exe "my backup.sall" /Passive

The command below performs the default backup operation, in quiet mode.

SimplySync.exe /Quiet

The command below uninstalls the application silently.

SimplySync.exe /Uninstall /Quiet

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