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File - Download KeyNote NF v1.8.5.1

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KeyNote NF v1.8.5.1

A free, opensource tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption.

This project is an evolution of Tranglos Keynote (of Marek Jedlinski), with new features like:
• Unicode compliant
• Improvement in image management
-Support for GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, WMF, EMF and ICO
-Several image storage options: EmbeddedRTF, EmbeddedKNT, External (Zip or Folder), ExternalAndEmbeddedKNT
-Images can be saved in its own format (binary), and shown in RTF in pngblip and jpegblip, not only wmetafile8 or emfblip
-Included internal image viewer (also possible to open with external viewer)
-It is possible to change the visibility of the images in the file
• Redesigned navigation history mechanism
• New KeyNote file format: compressed
• Improved Find All
-Search is now much faster
-Excerpts from the note of the matches found are displayed, where the searched words are highlighted
-The treatment of the options 'All the words' and 'Any of the words' is extended
-Added new option: "Current node and subtree"
-Added new options to restrict search depending on checked status of nodes
-Added new options to define search scope, allowing to restrict search to node names
• Improved treatment of links, and new internal KNT links, vinculated to markers, not only to caret position
• Improved Clipboard Capture / Web Clip
• Better treatment of tables
• Improved Export
-Added new tokens and options for note/node heading
-Added new options for indenting nested nodes
• Checkboxes on children of selected nodes
-Selecting checkboxes for all nodes (View/Tree Checkboxes -- now View/All nodes Checkboxes) is still posible. Besides, checkboxes can be shown only on children of selected nodes (Children Checkbox)
-Added options in treeview context menu to hide/show child nodes based on checked status
• Hidden nodes
• Capacity to work with hidden nodes. Nodes can be hidden in two ways:
-Activating a mode wich automatically hides checked nodes (Show or Hide checked nodes)
-Filtering one note's nodes or all notes under a searching criterion (Filter Tree Note)
• New kind of virtual nodes: links to other nodes (Mirror nodes)
• Allow to organize the information in different ways, because nodes can be simultaneously in different notes. It will be possible to sort, rank and structuring in a free tree hierarchy, independent of the hierarchy in wich 'real' nodes reside.
• New button: 'Copy Format'
• Added 'KeyNote' as target format in File | Export
• Alarms on nodes
• Added a new property, "Default Zoom", and new action: View | Alternative Margins
• Multilanguage support

v1.8.5 .01 03 Feb 14:30
Fixed issue #644: Export Notes Crash - Error Message and Application Freeze During Text Notes Export
Fixed issue #642: KeyNote disappear after select 'Cancel' in the confirmation message box for exit with unsaved modification
Improved Bookmarks 0-9: Now are persisted, and are linked to target through a hidden mark
Glossary: shortcuts formed exclusively by non alphanumeric characters will be automatically recognized
Revised behavior of color selection buttons
Fixed: When navigating back in the history to another Editor (node or note), try to keep visible position
Adjustment in history navigation
Fixed: Exception navigating history to a deleted node
Fixed: When pasting from clipboard, RTF should be prioritized over image
Fixed: TAB multiple lines (#31) didn't work in plain text notes
Fixed some bugs related to Export and UNICODE (see details)
Adjustment on converting HTML to RTF
Disabled for now the insertion of a hyperlink when pasting image from a web browser

This download is for the Windows installer version.
If you need the Windows portable version, download here.

Click here to visit the author's website.
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259 1,175 Daniel Prado Velasco <img src=""border="0"> Feb 04, 2024 - 14:30 4.49MB EXE 5/5, out of 4 Votes.
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KeyNote  NF  v1.8.5.1  
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