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File - Download Librer v1.0246.172

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Librer v1.0246.172

A file cataloging program with extensive customization options.
For Windows and Linux

Librer is a cross-platform GUI file cataloging program with extensive customization options to suit user preferences. Highly optimized for multi-core parallel search speed, data integrity, and repository portability.

Main window, new record creation dialog and running custom data extraction:

The primary purpose of this software is to enable users to catalog their files, especially on removable media such as memory cards and portable drives. It allows user to add metadata, referred to here as custom data, and later search the created records with multiple cryteria. Custom data consists of textual information acquired through the execution of user-chosen commands or scripts. Custom data may include any text data customized to meet the user's requirements, restricted only by the available memory and the software accessible for data retrieval. The retrieved data is stored in a newly created database record and can be utilized for search or verification purposes. Liber allows you to search files using regular expressions, glob expressions and fuzzy matching on both filenames and custom data. Created data records can be exported and imported to share data with others or for backup purposes.

Guidelines for crafting Custom Data Extractors
Custom data extractor is a command that can be invoked with a single parameter - the full path to a specific file from which data is extracted. The command should provide the expected data in any textual format to the standard output (stdout). CDE can be an executable file (e.g., 7z, zip, ffmpeg, md5sum etc.) or an executable shell script (, extract.bat etc.). The conditions it should meet are reasonably short execution time and reasonably limited information output. The criteria allowing the execution of a particular Custom data extractor include the glob expression (on file name) and the file size range.
Custom Data Extractor - Tutorial

Usage tips:
do not put any destructive actions in your Custom Data Extractor scripts
try to keep as little custom data as possible, to speed up scanning and searching records and keep record files small
if general purpose and generally available tools produce too much and not needed text data, write a wrapper script (*.sh, *bat) executing specific tool and post-process retrieved data.
You don't have to use Custom Data if you don't need to. Only the file system will be cataloged.

Supported platforms:
Windows (10,11)

librer writes log files, configuration and record files in runtime. Default location for these files is logs and data subfolders of librer main directory.
Importing data from "Where Is It?"

Search dialog:

Context menu:

update Pyinstaller, Nuitka + others, Nuitka distro on python3.12

This download is for the Windows portable version (very bottom of page).
If you need the Linux portable version, download here.

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398 1,485 Piotr Jochymek <img src=""border="0"> Jun 21, 2024 - 11:00 1.0246.172 21.66MB ZIP 5/5, out of 4 Votes.
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Librer  v1.0246.172  
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