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File - Download Lintalist v1.9.8

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Lintalist v1.9.8

Lintalist allows you to store and (incrementally) search and edit texts in bundles and paste a selected text in your active program. The text can be interactive, for example you can automatically insert the current time and date, ask for (basic) user input or make a selection from a list etc and finally it can also run a script. You can use keyboard shortcuts or abbreviations to paste the text (or run the script) without opening the search window.

Full Feature List:

- Full text snippet search using four different search modes
- Context sensitive bundles
- Abbreviations for your favourite snippets (Hotstrings in AutoHotkey terminology)
- Shortcuts for your favourite snippets (Hotkeys in AutoHotkey terminology)
- Run (AutoHotkey-)scripts
- Local variables (user specific)
- Bundle converters (simple lists, CSV, UltraEdit, Texter)
- Portable application
- Plugins are easy to develop, included by default are:
- return caret to position in text
- insert date & time incl. dates and time math
- calendar
- user input
- select item from a list
- use clipboard
- use selected text
- counters (can be created on the fly)
- chain snippets (insert the text of one snippet into another)
- insert text from file
- math (calc)
- random selection
- split and reuse text
- formatted text and images using HTML, Markdown, RTF and Image

Lintalist is a portable application. It stores all settings and bundles in the folder the program resides in.

When you run it for the very first time it does ask if you want a shortcut on your desktop or would like to automatically start it with Windows but you don't have to do that. You can run the program from a USB drive or dropbox account for example.

If you want to take your copy of Lintalist with you all you have to do is copy the Lintalist folder. Same goes for making a backup.

For Windows. [WinXP(sp3)/Vista/7/8/10]

This program is written in AutoHotkey, a free, open-source (scripting) utility for Windows.

Full instructions here.

Lintalist v1.9.8
New: [[FileList]] plugin returns list of file names from folder - see DOC for all available options
New: [[Choice]] Search (filter as you type) option for Choice by adding ! similar to ? Question help/text;
Allow user to resize Choice GUI; Use FontSize for Choice GUI (in the listbox) incl. Auto Center checkbox
New: Editor save size and position (resize by dragging window border)
New: Optional Statistics (see Configuration) #112
New: added :hover 'permalink' helpers for most headings etc using visible pilcrow (∂) in DOC
Fixed: ClipSet("s") call in Lintalist and Seleted, Split* plugins - #116
Update: ClipSet() now also use ShortcutCopy, ShortcutPaste, ShortcutCut settings.
Update: Title case for selected/clipboard plugins now uses TitleCase() for more flexibility
#113 also available as seperate function (for AHK)
Update: Incorporate CancelPlugin (avoids SoundPlay and return nicely) in plugins: Calendar, Choice, File and Input
Change: Revert change #52 (v1.8)
Change: Choice and Editor now use WinWaitClose vs "ugly Loop"
Change: LCID values for Calendar and DateTime can now be Hexidecimal values as well (L1036 and L0x040C = French)


This release includes the source code and Lintalist.exe (simply a renamed AutoHotkey.exe v1.1.30.01 32-bit Unicode) - If you have AutoHotkey installed you can just as easily download the source directly.

Just unpack the zip file and run Lintalist.exe to start the program.


tray menu, check for updates, update; or:
close your running copy of Lintalist first
unpack the zip file and overwrite all files. Note: any (changed) bundles and settings will not be overwritten

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622 937 Lintalist <img src=""border="0"> Oct 23, 2019 - 22:20 1.9.8 831.5KB ZIP 5/5, out of 5 Votes.
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