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File - Download CopyQ v9.0.0

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CopyQ v9.0.0

An advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features.

CopyQ monitors system clipboard and saves its content in customized tabs. Saved clipboard can be later copied and pasted directly into any application.

• Support for Linux, Windows and OS X 10.15+
• Store text, HTML, images or any other custom formats
• Quickly browse and filter items in clipboard history
• Sort, create, edit, remove, copy/paste, drag’n’drop items in tabs
• Add notes or tags to items
• System-wide shortcuts with customizable commands
• Paste items with shortcut or from tray or main window
• Fully customizable appearance
• Advanced command-line interface and scripting
• Ignore clipboard copied from some windows or containing some text
• Support for simple Vim-like editor and shortcuts
• Many more features

Using the App
To start the application double-click the program icon or run copyq.

The list with clipboard history is accessible by clicking on system tray icon or running copyq toggle.

Copying text or image to clipboard will create new item in the list.

Selected items can be:
• edited (F2),
• removed (Delete),
• sorted (Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Shift+R),
• moved around (with mouse or Ctrl+Up/Down) or
• copied back to clipboard (Enter, Ctrl+V).

All items will be restored when application is started next time.

To exit the application select Exit from tray menu or press Ctrl-Q keys in the application window.

Command Line
CopyQ has powerful command line and scripting interface.
Note: The main application must be running to be able to issue commands using command line.

Print help for some useful command line arguments:
copyq --help
copyq --help add

Insert some texts to the history:
copyq add "first item" "second item" "third item"

Print content of the first three items:
copyq read 0 1 2
copyq separator "," read 0 1 2

Show current clipboard content:
copyq clipboard
copyq clipboard text/html
copyq clipboard \? # lists formats in clipboard

Copy text to the clipboard:
copyq copy "Some Text"

Load file content into clipboard:
copyq copy - < file.txt
copyq copy text/html < index.html
copyq copy image/jpeg - < image.jpg

Create image items:
copyq write image/gif - < image.gif
copyq write image/svg - < image.svg

Adds editItem() script function for editing any item format (#2672).
Item color is now shown in tray menu as the default icon (#2700).

Removes large margins in the tab tree.
Single action "Toggle Tag …" replaces the two separate actions "Tag as …" and "Remove tag …" for each custom tag (this can make the item context menu a lot
more compact).
Selected items can now be accessed even from commands started from outside
the app using global commands or from command line.
The dialog() script function can now be used for asking Yes/No questions
without providing any fields. In such case, the function will return true
instead of undefined after accepting the dialog. For example:
const remove = dialog(
'.title', 'Remove Items',
'.label', 'Do you really want to remove all items?'
if (!remove)
// remove items ...
The execute() script function now throws an exception when command cannot
be executed instead of returning undefine.

Includes many performance improvements for working with large amount of items.
Fixes triggering menu items by number (#2569).
Fixes text color in the internal item editor (#2643).
Fixes showing global shortcuts in tray menu (#2382).
Fixes passing captured texts to automated commands (#2707).
Fixes duplicate synchronized items after tagging or modifying data.
Fixes situation when display commands stop updating items.
The pre-defined "Move to tab" action will be shown only if the current tab is not the same as target tab (#2669). Previously, in such case the item was
removed unexpectedly.
Windows: Detect and ignore secrets from more apps (#2679).
Linux: Fixes storing previously synchronized clipboard (#2630).
Linux: Fixes storing selection when "Store text selected using mouse" option
is enabled but "Run automatic commands on selection" is disabled (#2651).
Linux: Fixes clipboard synchronization with Qt 6 GUI framework.
Linux: Fixes showing tab tree labels with Qt 6 GUI framework.

This download is for the Windows portable version (very bottom of page). All other download assets are below:




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