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File - Download Microsoft Small Basic 1.2

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Microsoft Small Basic 1.2
Microsoft Small Basic puts the "fun" back into computer programming. With a friendly development environment that is very easy to master, it eases both kids and adults into the world of programming.

Small Basic combines a friendly environment with a very simple language and a rich and engaging set of libraries to make your programs and games pop. In a matter of few lines of code, you will be well on your way to creating your very own game!

With a new and revolutionary IntelliSense®, Small Basic makes writing code a breeze.

Share your programs with your friends; let them import your published programs and run them on their computer. Using the Silverlight player, you can even post your games on your blogs and websites for them to play your creations in the browser.

Learn the programming concepts starting with the fundamentals and move your way up. Small Basic is based on .NET and what you learn here could be easily applied to other .NET programming languages like Visual Basic. And when you do graduate to Visual Basic, you can bring your existing programs with you using a built-in conversion utility.

Microsoft Small Basic 1.2 includes Kinect for Small Basic, which introduces three new Kinect objects! It also expands the Dictionary object to translate in 7 languages, fixes the Dictionary object bug, and fixes another 7 crash and error bugs. It also features updated UI text for 15 languages! If you're using Windows XP or earlier operating systems, please download Small Basic 1.0 instead.

New Features:

Kinect for Small Basic - Small Basic 1.2 introduces three Kinect objects: KinectBodyList, KinectFaceList, and KinectWindow. With these objects, you can program with the Microsoft Kinect Sensor and the information that it captures. You can:
Show the color, infrared, depth, body index, and body sensor data
Capture images from the color, infrared, depth, and body index sensors
Replace the background behind people in the foreground with another image (this is similar to chroma key compositing or “green screen” processing)
Get the position and orientation of 26 different “joints” in up to 6 human bodies in both 3D space and on the screen
Get the open/closed state of the hands of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor
Get the lean angle of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor
Get the position and orientation of the faces of up to 6 humans in front of the sensor
Dictionary Object: Expanded Languages - In Small Basic 1.0, the Dictionary Object supported the following languages (where you enter a word in the first language and the definition is displayed in the second language): EnglishToEnglish, EnglishToFrench, and FrenchToEnglish. We expanded our support to these languages:
EnglishToGerman, GermanToEnglish
EnglishToItalian, ItalianToEnglish
EnglishToJapanese, JapaneseToEnglish
EnglishToKorean, KoreanToEnglish
EnglishToSimplifiedChinese, SimplifiedChineseToEnglish
EnglishToTraditionalChinese, TraditionalChineseToEnglish
EnglishToSpanish, SpanishToEnglish

Bug Fixes:

Dictionary Object (1.0-12) - The Dictionary site changed their API, which broke the Dictionary Object for Small Basic 1.0 and 1.1. This has been fixed for Small Basic 1.2.
Language Improvements - We made thorough reviews and updated the UI text for these languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. We also had some logged errors that were fixed in this pass:
Hebrew Errors (1.0-D03) - Hebrew translation errors in the IDE are fixed.
French Errors (1.0-D05, D06, D07) - French translation errors in the IDE are fixed.
Japanese Errors (1.0-D01, D12-D28) - Japanese translation errors in the IDE are fixed.
GraphicsWindow.GetPixel Crash (1.0-14) - In Small Basic 1.0/1.1, the GraphicsWindow.GetPixel method crashed if the coordinates were outside the window (such as x < 0). This crash is eliminated in 1.2.
Turtle.Show() Issue (1.0-02) - In Small Basic 1.0/1.1, the Turtle.Show() method didn&amp;squo;t show the Turtle after you used GraphicsWindow.Clear() or Turtle.Hide(). This has been fixed for 1.2.
TextWindow.Show Crash (1.0-15) - In Small Basic 1.0/1.1, hiding and showing a TextWindow crashed Windows 8.1 and deleted content from Windows 7. This crash is eliminated in 1.2.
Setup Needs .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (1.1-01) - In Small Basic 1.1, Small Basic Setup (SmallBasic.en_us.msi) requires you to have.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed. This is inconsistent because Small Basic v1.1 moves to the requirement of .NET Framework 4.5 instead. This has been fixed for 1.2.
Shapes.AddText() Error (1.0-05) - In Small Basic 1.0/1.1, if you use the Shapes.AddText() method at the top of your program, Small Basic shows an exception thrown by the target. The exception is no longer thrown in 1.2.
Math Object Crashes (1.0-03) - In Small Basic 1.0/1.1, various Math object errors caused unhandled exceptions. The crashes were fixed for 1.2.
Divide by Zero Produces Zero (1.0-22) - In 1.0/1.1, if you divide by zero (0), you get the result of zero (0), even though in math this isn't possible (and should result in an error). In 1.2, you receive an error when you attempt to divide by zero.
IDE Documentation Updates - We made several improvements to keep the documentation in the UI as accurate as possible:
Math.Floor and Math.Ceiling (1.0-D04) - Clarified how these return the largest integer.
Controls.Add*() Methods (1.0-D08) - Updated to mention how they require the position coordinates not the width/height.
Network Object (1.0-D09) - Clarified that it is a helper class, not a private helper.
Sound.PlayMusic (1.0-D10) - Updated MML to write out as Music Macro Language.

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