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Quick Access Popup v9.3
Speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher! Freeware for Windows.

QAP 101: What should I know about Quick Access Popup before I start (and can't stop) using it?

When you run it, Quick Access Popup (QAP) adds an icon in the Notification Area and awaits your orders. When you want to open a frequently used folder, launch an application or work on a document, open the Quick Access Popup menu.

There are three ways to to open the Quick Access Popup menu:
Click on the Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification Area (System Tray).
Or click the middle mouse button (MMB).
Or, if you are a keyboard shortcut addict, press Windows+W.
In the QAP menu, select your favorite folder, application or document. Quick Access Popup will instantly launch it!

Open the QAP menu from the QAP icon in the Notification Area to launch a favorite

You are already working in a Windows Explorer and just want to change the folder in the current window?

Click the middle mouse button while the mouse pointer is over the Explorer window (or press Windows+W while the Explorer window is active). In the popup menu, select the desired folder. Quick Access Popup will instantly navigate your Explorer to the selected folder! Changing folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.) is also available if you enable this option.

Open the QAP menu in Windows Explorer (middle mouse button or Windows + W) to change the folder in the current window

Now, you can't resist to customize your popup menu? Adding your own folders, applications, documents, web links or FTP site is very easy.

Open the QAP popup menu (middle mouse button or Windows+W) and choose the Settings menu.
In the Settings window, click the Add button, select the type of favorite to add (for example Folder, Document or Application) and click Continue.
In the Add Favorite window, enter the menu name and the path to your favorite folder, application or document. There are plenty of options to discover in the other tabs but all you need to enter is in the first one justly named Basic Settings.
Click Add when you are finished with the favorite's settings.
Back in the Settings window, use the various buttons to add, reorder, remove or edit your favorites. Don't forget to click the big Save & Close button in the Settings window to keep your changes.

There are other ways to add favorites:

Add folders or web pages on the fly. When you are in a favorite folder or web page, open the QAP popup menu, select the menu Add This Folder or Link (or press Shift+Control+A) and enter the menu name of this new favorite.
Drag & drop favorite folders, documents or applications from your file manager to the Settings window and give them a menu name. That's it!
Add favorite folders, documents or application using the Windows Explorer context menu.
There are special items in the My QAP Essentials and My Special Folders allowing to add new QAP Features or new Windows Special Folders.

What's new

Quick Access Popup v9.3 includes new features, more integration with Directory Opus and Total Commander, internal performance improvements and fixes some bugs including a memory leak that was becoming noticeable when running QAP for a long period. Update is strongly recommended for v9.2.x users and recommended for all other users.

Version: 9.3 (2018-11-14)
[ update is STRONGLY recommended for v9.2.x users and recommended for all other users ]

Directory Opus Favorites menu
- add the new QAP feature "Directory Opus Favorites" under the "Dynamic Menus" category
- at first QAP launch, add the QAP feature "Directory Opus Favorites" to main menu if DOpus is selected as supported manager (NOTE: users upgrading to this release must add the QAP feature manualy)
- fix bug when opening a group of folders in Directory Opus and DOpus is not launched, or when the first group item is not a folder

Total Commander Hotlist menu
- when builing Total Commander Hotlist menu, support path redirected by "RedirectSection=" value under [DirMenu] (in addition to supporting "AlternateUserIni=" under [Configuration]), with path relative to folder of wincmd.ini
- at first QAP launch, detect Total Commander ini file location and save it to the settings file
- fix bug when opening a group of folders in Total Commander when the first group item is not a folder

Various improvements
- add the option "Start Numeric Menu Shortcuts at 1 (instead of 0)" in "Options", "Menu" tab
- add "Refresh Live Folders and Shared menus" and "Open QAP working directory" items to Tray menu (QAP system menu)
- always close the "Update Quick Access Popup" dialog box after any buttons is clicked
- change QAP icon to gray "loading" icon at the beginning of QAP load sequence and set the normal blue icon when loading is complete and menu can be open

Performance improvements
- when checking if a path in Windows Recent Items is a document, if path is on a server (starting with "\\"), check if server is offline and if yes avoid trying to retreive info from the file
- when checking if a file in Windows Recent Items exists, if path is on a server, return that file does not exist if server is offline
- stop refreshing the Windows Apps list at each startup, do it at first QAP launch before adding the "My Windows Apps" menu to ini file, on demand when user adds a Windows App favorite or when RefreshWindowsAppsListAtStartup=1 in settings file
- when refreshing the "Clipboard" menu, do not refresh the menu if the Clipboard size is greater than 10,000 bytes to avoid too long delay before showing the menu (the maximum value can be changed using "ClipboardMaxSize=" in settings file)

Bug fixes
- fix bug in "Options", stop changing the QAP temporary folder from %TEMP% to QAP working folder by error
- after Settings import, reset the QAP temporary folder to %TEMP% to avoid dependency on local folder from other system
- fix bug in "Settings" tool tips labels were inversed for "Sort" and "Always on top" buttons


Quick Access Popup is available in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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494 1,342 Jean Lalonde <img src=""border="0"> Nov 15, 2018 - 12:08 9.3 4.23MB ZIP 5/5, out of 3 Votes.
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