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File - Download Quick Access Popup v9.2.0

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Quick Access Popup v9.2.0
Speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher! Freeware for Windows.

QAP 101: What should I know about Quick Access Popup before I start (and can't stop) using it?

When you run it, Quick Access Popup (QAP) adds an icon in the Notification Area and awaits your orders. When you want to open a frequently used folder, launch an application or work on a document, open the Quick Access Popup menu.

There are three ways to to open the Quick Access Popup menu:
Click on the Quick Access Popup icon in the Notification Area (System Tray).
Or click the middle mouse button (MMB).
Or, if you are a keyboard shortcut addict, press Windows+W.
In the QAP menu, select your favorite folder, application or document. Quick Access Popup will instantly launch it!

Open the QAP menu from the QAP icon in the Notification Area to launch a favorite

You are already working in a Windows Explorer and just want to change the folder in the current window?

Click the middle mouse button while the mouse pointer is over the Explorer window (or press Windows+W while the Explorer window is active). In the popup menu, select the desired folder. Quick Access Popup will instantly navigate your Explorer to the selected folder! Changing folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.) is also available if you enable this option.

Open the QAP menu in Windows Explorer (middle mouse button or Windows + W) to change the folder in the current window

Now, you can't resist to customize your popup menu? Adding your own folders, applications, documents, web links or FTP site is very easy.

Open the QAP popup menu (middle mouse button or Windows+W) and choose the Settings menu.
In the Settings window, click the Add button, select the type of favorite to add (for example Folder, Document or Application) and click Continue.
In the Add Favorite window, enter the menu name and the path to your favorite folder, application or document. There are plenty of options to discover in the other tabs but all you need to enter is in the first one justly named Basic Settings.
Click Add when you are finished with the favorite's settings.
Back in the Settings window, use the various buttons to add, reorder, remove or edit your favorites. Don't forget to click the big Save & Close button in the Settings window to keep your changes.

There are other ways to add favorites:

Add folders or web pages on the fly. When you are in a favorite folder or web page, open the QAP popup menu, select the menu Add This Folder or Link (or press Shift+Control+A) and enter the menu name of this new favorite.
Drag & drop favorite folders, documents or applications from your file manager to the Settings window and give them a menu name. That's it!
Add favorite folders, documents or application using the Windows Explorer context menu.
There are special items in the My QAP Essentials and My Special Folders allowing to add new QAP Features or new Windows Special Folders.

Version: 9.2 (2018-10-02)


Frequent Items QAP Features
- new "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" QAP Features showing a menu with the ten most frequently used folders or files (excluding folders or files not found) sorted by frequency
- categorize "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" QAP Features under the section "Dynamic Menus" of the QAP features list in the "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box
- if, in early usage, "Frequent Folders" and "Frequent Files" menus are incomplete, a notice is added to explain that the menus will improve with QAP usage

Frequent Items menus options
- reorganize "Options" dialog box tabs: remove "Exclusions" tab and add the "More" tab with buttons for "Exclusions list", "Frequent Items Dabatase" and "User Variables" options dialog boxes
- in the "Frequent Items Database" options dialog box:
- show QAP Privacy Statement
- enable/disable Frequent Items database checkbox
- collection interval for Windows Recent Items (in seconds, minimum 60, default 60)
- number of days covered by the Frequent Items menus (default 30 days)
- maximum size of the database in MB, decimal values allowed (default 3 MB)
- checkbox to show the favorites frequency index in Frequent Items menus and in "Settings" window
- button to "Flush Recent Items database"

Frequent Items database technical notes
- a background task collects (for user's usage only) Windows Recent Items and QAP usage in an SQLite local database named QAP_Frequent.DB
- QAP is now distributed with files sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.def (32-bit or 64-bit - appropriate version is used according to user's system)
- when maximal database size is exceeded, QAP removes oldest items until the maximal size minus 10% is respected
- when exiting QAP, it creates a backup of the database under the name QAP_Frequent.DB-BK, always overwriting the previous copy (this allows scheduled backup programs to copy the backup file even when the live database is locked by QAP)

"In the Works" menu
- at first launch of QAP, a new "In the Works" menu is added to Main menu including items "Frequent Folders", "Frequent Files", "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Current Windows" (aka "Switch")
- this menu is added at the top of Main menu for new users or at the bottom of Main menu for users upgrading to v9.2+
- assign to the "In the Works" menu the QAP icon and the Shift + Control + W shortcut
- users upgrading to v9.2 can remove the duplicates "Recent Folders", "Recent Files" and "Current Windows" (aka "Switch") items previously in the "My QAP Essentials" menu

Recent Items menus
- "Recent Folders" and "Recent Files" are now refreshed from the Frequent Items database (keeping the previous method if Frequent Items database is disabled)
- Recent Items menus are now always attached to the Main menu (because they are now built more reliably from the database)


New {Clipboard} and {SEL_LOC} Placeholders
- the new "{Clipboard}" placeholder can be used to insert in favorites paths and snippets content the current content of the Windows Clipboard (if it contains text)
- the new placeholders "{SEL_LOC}" inserts in favorites paths and snippets the path of the item currently under the mouse pointer or the item selected in the the file manager window
- the "{SEL_LOC}" placeholder variants are: "{SEL_LOC}" (full path), "{SEL_NAME}" (file name only), "{SEL_DIR}" (directory), "{SEL_EXT}" (extension), "{SEL_NOEXT}" (file name without extension) and "{SEL_DRIVE}" (drive letter)
- the "{SEL_LOC}" placeholder is supported when using Windows Explorer and Directory Opus (this feature is currently not available in Total Commander)

Improved Placeholders
- replace all placeholders ("{Clipboard}", "{LOC}", "{CUR_LOC}" and "{SEL_LOC}" and their variants) in favorite's "Location", "Parameters" and "Start In" fields (for all types of favorites supporting these options)
- also replace these placeholders in Windows Apps parameters

Placeholders in Snippets
- placeholders "{Clipboard}", current location "{CUR_LOC}", selected item "{SEL_LOC}" and their variants are now replaced in Snippet content
- placeholders can be inserted in both in "Text" and "Macro" modes Snippets
- when displaying a prompt before launching a Snippet, placeholders in prompt text are expanded
- tip: if a Snippet includes a location placeholder, use the "Prompt before launching the snippet" option in "Advanced Settigns" to allow moving from the Explorer window to the window where the snippet must be pasted
- tip: if you need to insert the name of a placeholder "as-is" in a Snippet, preceeds the opening bracket with backtick (eg: "`{Clipboard}")

User Variables and Cloud Drives Placeholders
- user variables are custom placeholders that can be inserted in favorites properties and snippet content
- the button "User Variables" under the "More" tab of the "Options" dialog box opens the "User Variables" dialog box
- at its first launch (or when user variables list is empty), QAP creates user variables for these cloud drives (if detected): "{Dropbox}", "{Google Drive}", "{OneDrive}" (SkyDrive) and "{iCoudDrive}"


- allow sorting of favorites list when filtered using the Search field
- language of QAPmessenger v1.2 (used to send Windows Explorer contect menu commands to QAP) is now translated
- when an error message is displayed because a Shared menu ini file is not found, offer to skip future error messages for this Shared menu file
- add "NeverQuotes=1" to QAPconnect file manager properties to skip enclosing of location path between double-quotes when it includes space(s)
- rename the QAP feature "Switch" to "Current Windows"

- update of Brazilian Portugueze, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish language files
- language files include text of QAP Messenger v1.2

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