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File - Download Desktop Info v2.5

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Desktop Info v2.5

This little application displays system information on your desktop. Looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and updates in real time. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms or any computer youíre responsible for. Uses very little memory and nearly zero cpu.

Everything is customisable including language.


Display every kind of metric about your Windows system
Extensive display and data formatting options
Bar charts and line charts
Monitor files, registry keys and event logs
Custom WMI queries
Visual alerts
Arithmetical expressions
External command execution, Powershell etc
Clickable controls
Small memory footprint
Low priority cpu
Adjustable transparent background
Fonts and colors configurable
Pull data from http server
Log raw data to csv files
Display text from a file
Display registry values
Graphic Banner
Screen saver
Up to 9 pages of information
Supports multi-display configurations
Application logging to text file and/or Windows Event Logs
Full multi-byte, Unicode multi language support
Supports all Windows versions from 2000 onwards
Comprehensive reference manual
Much moreÖ

Desktop Info v2.5 Released
14 April, 2020

Change 1: Button and hyperlink controls modified to reduce redraws.
Change 2: Major refactor of the display routines which eliminates the blinking and shimmering that some people are experiencing. For those in the know, the display now uses a masked buffer bitmap (ala Buster Keaton), similar to double buffering but more sophisticated. A lot of the logic has changed, often in subtle ways, so watch out for introduced bugs.
Change 3: Refactored the bar chart drawing routine to eliminate the bouncing effect.
Change 4: Adjusted the thread priorities. The main thread is now below normal priority and the collector thread is low priority.
Change 5: Do not load empty language string to avoid empty displays when using a language file. When you enable a language file, all the comments would immediately stop displaying because the comment item in the language file is empty. Now, if a language item is empty it will keep the item text from the main ini file.
Change 6: Fixed RDS item to correctly display ipv4 address. See the notes in the item reference for more information on how RDS displays the client ip address.
Change 7: More work on RTL and right alignment issues.
Change 8: If youíve dragged DTI to a new location, changing the page wonít send it back to itís starting position.
Change 9: Navigation buttons modified to reduce redraws.
Change 10: The navigation buttons no longer grow (highlight) when you hover the mouse. However, Iíve made them a slightly bigger target and the mouse cursor still changes when you hover over them so you should be ok.
Change 11: Added a minimum width constraint on the form mode (/f).
Change 12: HOST item is now multi-byte.
Change 13: HOST item is extended to include dns domains and host names.
Change 14: Added navigation button hover hint language strings to the text section.
Change 15: Fixed bug where switching languages on the fly doesnít always update the context menu.
Change 16: CONTROL buttons and hyperlinks now support user variables in the button-color and hover-color options as well as the display and uri options.
Change 17: The context menu Refresh option is now Reload because instead of just refreshing the display it does a full ini file reload.
Change 18: Added PHYSICALDISKS item. This shows all physical disks, size, manufacturer, partitions, logical drives etc.
Change 19: If the code-page option is specified in CMD, it will try to remove the leading byte order mark (0xEF 0xBB 0xBF) from the output if it finds it.
Change 20: Added the trim option to CMD to try to trim leading and trailing white space and line feeds from the output. Hopefully this will help cleaning up Powershell output.
Change 21: Added the sample-scripts sub-directory which will contain various interesting Powershell scripts and batch files.




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1,498 3,603 Glenn Delahoy <img src=" Info1_th.png"border="0"> Jul 02, 2020 - 19:57 2.5 1.05MB ZIP 5/5, out of 13 Votes.
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