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File - Download Desktop Info v1.18

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Desktop Info v1.18

This little application displays system information on your desktop. Looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and updates in real time. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms or any computer you’re responsible for.

Uses very little memory and nearly zero cpu. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms. Everything is customisable including language.

Small memory footprint
Low priority cpu
Multi language support
Transparent background
Colors configurable
Extensive display and data formatting options
Visual alerts for configured items
Monitor files, registry keys and event logs
Custom WMI queries
Screen saver
Supports all Windows versions from XP onwards
Much more…

Changes: v1.18
28 July, 2019

Change 1: Fixed crash in collector logging during config refresh.
Change 2: Refactor of form creation code fixes a number of issues with form display in the three modes: desktop/window/screen saver.
Change 3: Fixed obscured column 1 text on button control.
Change 4: Removed deprecated BATTERY item. See Useful WMI Queries for a replacement.
Change 5: Removed deprecated CPUTEMP item. See Useful WMI Queries for a replacement.
Change 6: Removed deprecated NETWORKADAPTER item. Use NETWORKINTERFACES instead.
Change 7: The SET item is now global. That is to say it will be evaluated every cycle regardless of the active and interval options and what page is being displayed. You can view the result of the SET evaluation by setting hidden:0 and active to the page upon which you want to display it.
Change 8: The SET item is now evaluated during configuration load so that user variables may be used to store color values.
Change 9: Added total up time in seconds to UPTIME.
Change 10: Moved alarm checking into the collector. It also works out which display line contains the alarming metric.
Change 11: The threshold color change is now restricted to the display line on which the metric is appears and only column 2 text, not column 1 title text.
Change 12: Added new item LOGICALDRIVES which will replace FIXEDDISK and DISKIO.
Change 13: Added option to display the navigation buttons at the top of the display, below the logo if visible.
Change 14: Restricting config reload to DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL and DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE for DBT_DEVTYPE_VOLUME and only when FIXEDDISK is active. This completely eliminates the redraws when a drive is plugged in or removed when using the new LOGICALDRIVES. Otherwise only a DBT_CONFIGCHANGED will trigger a config reload.
Change 15: Added Mod function to expressions. Modulus returns the remainder after dividing the first argument by the second argument.
Change 16: Added unix time to DATETIME and BOOTTIME.
Change 17: Added expression parser to user variables so you can do some math when setting a variable value.
Change 18: Added expression parser to IF item so you can do some math when comparing values.
Change 19: Removed the single instance restriction and the Show Desktop option on the context menu.

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771 2,070 Glenn Delahoy <img src=" Info1_th.png"border="0"> Jul 29, 2019 - 10:47 1.18 982.2KB ZIP 5/5, out of 5 Votes.
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v1.18  Desktop  Info  

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