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File - Download F3D v2.4.0

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F3D v2.4.0

Fast and minimalist 3D viewer

F3D (pronounced /fɛd/) is a fast and minimalist 3D viewer desktop application. It supports many file formats, from digital content to scientific datasets (including glTF, USD, STL, STEP, PLY, OBJ, FBX, Alembic), can show animations and support thumbnails and many rendering and texturing options including real time physically based rendering and raytracing.

It is fully controllable from the command line and support configuration files. It can provide thumbnails, support interactive hotkeys, drag&drop and integration into file managers.

F3D also contains the libf3d, a simple library to render meshes, with C++ and Python Bindings, as well as experimental Java and Javascript bindings.

User Documentation

Added a new option --point-type used to specify how to display points sprites
Add support for 3D Gaussians Splatting in binary .splat format
Added ability to cycle through available animations by pressing W hotkey (thanks @kathleenhang!)
Added display of current animation name within cheatsheet (thanks @kathleenhang!)
Added orthographic camera projection option (--camera-orthographic) and binding (5) (thanks @kidharb!)
Added proper continuous integration for MacOS ARM64
Added support for glTF Draco encoded file
Added support for dark title bar on Windows (thanks @chirag-droid!)
Added support for colormap presets, using --colormap-file option
Added a option to reload file automatically when changed on disk (--watch)
Added support for streaming output images to stdout, using - filename
Added animation support to Alembic plugin
Improved OCCT plugin (STEP and IGES files) performance drastically (thanks @snoyer!)
Improved config file parsing so that it is parsed in file order (thanks @snoyer!)
Fixed an issue with blur circle of confusion (thanks @snoyer!)
Fixed an issue with the grid being clipped (thanks @snoyer!)
Fixed an issue with STEP file coloring (thanks @snoyer!)
Fixed an issue when time range was not starting at zero (thanks @z-shaffer!)
Fixed an issue when record file does not exist (thanks @chirag-droid!)
Fixed an issue when using --no-render and --hdri
Fixed an issue with the Windows thumbnailer with process never properly killed (thanks @chirag-droid!)
Fixed an issue where OCCT would output to terminal
Fixed an issue with FISH completion

For libf3d users:
Added a new option model.point-sprites.type used to specify how to display points (only if model.point-sprites.enable is true)
Added a image::toTerminalText method to print image to terminal text (thanks @snoyer!)
Added an image metadata API (thanks @snoyer!)
Added a vtkext module for plugin developer, see the documentation
Added a new f3d component to find_package of, pluginsdk, require to build plugins against F3D

For F3D packagers:
Added a CMake report at the end of configuration
Added a new cmake installation component, plugin_sdk, needed to compile external plugin against F3D
Added a new cmake installation component, colormaps, needed for the colormap feature
Fixed multiple issue with static (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF) build
Fixed a compilation issue with gcc14 (thanks @topazus!)
Fixed a compilation issue with OCCT 7.8.0 (thanks @thierry-FreeBSD!)

Limitations and Troubleshooting

This download is for the Windows installer version (very bottom of page). All other download assets are below:

Windows: (portable)

F3D-2.4.0-macOS-x86_64-raytracing.dmg (Intel)
F3D-2.4.0-macOS-arm64-raytracing.dmg (Apple Silicone)


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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
449 1,502 Michael Migliore and Mathieu Westphal <img src=""border="0"> Jun 28, 2024 - 10:52 2.4.0 67.19MB EXE 5/5, out of 5 Votes.
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v2.4.0  F3D  
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