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File - Download Strong Passwords Need Entropy v16.0

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Strong Passwords Need Entropy v16.0

Strong Passwords Need Entropy" is a great strength and survivability checker, and a strong password generator


• 16 rules to be respected when it comes to password policy and security
• Password properties
• WPA2 key generator with histogram
• Test password dictionary - able to test a list of almost 20,000 passwords
• Search passwords in worst list (10,010 passwords)
• Password versus Password - comparison

• Password generator via different modules:
- Guid
- Mac adress
- Random
- Serial
- Prononceable word (Password Psychology)
- Morse code (Password Psychology)
- Emoticons (Password Psychology)
- Cryptocode (Password Psychology)
- Leetspeak (Password Psychology)
- Hexspeak (Password Psychology)
- Special dictionary
- Piece of poetry

- No Adware No Spyware
- 100% freeware
- No install required. Just unzip in the directory of your choice
- No modification of the registry
- Requires no administrator authorization
- Doesn't modify files outside own directories
- Requires no internet connection

SHA-256: B2FC27D033CD3949DB928E1311779A558048B4D8F5524696106564D335AAE273

Version 16.0 - Update from 2nd of April 2019
• Automatic removal of duplicate passwords and passwords with low entropy
• New: status bar
• Update of list of worst passwords (end 2018)
• New: similarity between 2 passwords based now on Jaro-Winkler and Levenshtein distance
• Cryptocode module updated (key)
• WPA2 module updated (histogram)
• Code improvement
• Gui improvement

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45 136 ProtoSoftware <img src=""border="0"> Apr 03, 2019 - 10:59 16.0 367.5KB ZIP 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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Passwords  Strong  Need  Entropy  v16.0  

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