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SideSlide 4.2.80
SideSlide is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids!

SideSlide keeps your desktop clutter-free and organizes your PC life in a unique and personalized way.

With dynamic containers, a full featured keyboard launcher and various innovative features, SideSlide lets you get instant access to everything you have and much more.

SideSlide is the program launcher you never knew you needed, with the ability to contain and organize a bewildering amount of information.

This program respects your system and keeps all of its configuration files in a single folder.

SideSlide is completely free. It doesn't contain adware/spyware or bundled with any 3rd party software.

Dock and hide SideSlide to any screen edge. Browse through your favorite RSS news feeds, keep shortcuts to files, folders and URLs you frequently visit and execute various commands quicker than ever. Add multiple notes and picture slideshows, schedule reminders, save web snippets and more.

Customize the workspace to emphasize the things you use the most and make more information accessible without occupying precious screen space.

By using containers you can shrink and fold to organize your projects, downloading ready-made containers from an online library, linking containers to actual folders on disk, detaching containers from the workspace to claim additional space, various ways of launching multiple shortcuts at the same time, shortcut tags, zooming in and out of shortcuts, news feed reader, advanced keyboard navigation and launcher, different skins, picture containers, quick expression calculator and colored notes; SideSlide is designed to make a great deal of content instantly accessible and neatly organized.

Main Features:

Instantly accessible and adjustable workspace that stays out of your way until you need it.
Add multiple shortcuts, commands, URLs, RSS news feeds, pictures, reminders and notes.
Resizable, detachable, foldable and shrinkable containers extend the workspace beyond the limits of the screen.
The workspace lets you sort and position everything in the way that works best for you, without any rules.
Mouse & keyboard support with a full-blown keyboard launcher that includes a quick expression calculator, directory navigator and much more.
RSS news feed functionality featuring a Subject Tracker that allows you to track what you are interested in the most.
Keep your eyes on multiple picture slideshows that are easily added.
Floating, colorful notes are quickly created and adjusted in bulk or separately.
Shortcuts can be tagged for additional functionality and organization.
Various ways of launching multiple shortcuts with a single click or the keyboard.
Speed Launch: Launch shortcuts using a single keystroke.
Link containers to actual folders on disk (launch, move, copy and delete files).
Shortcuts, URLs, text and pictures from Windows or your browser can be dragged & dropped in the workspace.
A growing online library with ready-made RSS news feed and shortcut containers.
Every style and setting in the entire program and for each individual object can be customized.
Fancy special effects that don't slow you down.
Comes with multiple themes and wallpapers and you can also define your own style.
Supports a portable installation to run from a USB stick: The workspace remains fully functional even when Windows assigns a different letter to the drive SideSlide is running from.
Much more...

v4.2.80 - August 06, 2018
New and Changes

- Added a new right-click menu to the Lock/Unlock Workspace for Editing button (top right corner of the workspace, next to the Dock button). You can now select between locking the movement of all objects in the workspace or only shortcuts.
- Added setting "Start Web Search on Spacebar" under the Keyboard Navigation/Web Search section in the Settings dialog. Selecting this option will cause any input in the Keyboard Launcher that includes a space character to start a web search, as opposed to entering 's ' + search query. Omitting the space will look for workspace shortcuts instead.
- When a single shortcut is selected and it's inside a container, the container's name will be shown in square brackets (in the workspace title-bar). This is useful when using the Keyboard Launcher to find shortcuts that are inside shrunken containers.
- Added a new command to the shortcuts' right-click menu: "Command Prompt" below the "Open File Location" menu item. This will open the command prompt in the location of the shortcut's root folder.
- Added "Keyboard Launcher" menu item to the main workspace menu to show the keyboard launcher using the mouse.
- Added "What's New" link to the Container library dialog (performs the same action when leaving the search field empty and pressing enter/clicking the Go button)
- RSS News Feeds Subject Tracker: When a subject is found and an headline is highlighted, the RSS News Feed container small RSS icon (the icon drawn on top of the container icon to indicate it's an RSS container) will change into green, to indicate that subjects you are tracking were found, in case the container is shrunk when refreshed.
- RSS Viewer toolbar buttons are now at the top of the window and the RSS selector is the first item from the left (replacing the refresh button).
- Other misc. minor changes.


- Launching shortcuts at startup from the #STARTUP container caused the workspace to collapse to a Large docking border size when Normal or Small were selected.
- The Target Path ("Start in") was ignored when adding shortcuts from the Windows Explorer (Desktop, etc) to the workspace.
- RSS Subject Tracker >> Add (to add a new subject to track) and other input dialogs didn't always accept all input.

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676 1,850 Northglide <img src=""border="0"> Aug 07, 2018 - 10:58 4.2.80 1.02MB ZIP 5/5, out of 7 Votes.
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