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File - Download SyMenu v7.00.8038

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SyMenu v7.00.8038

A portable menu launcher and a Start Menu replacer to organize your applications quickly and easily.

On top of that SyMenu is able to automatically index any application installed on the host pc.
But the real power of SyMenu unfolds when you approach its integrated large and daily growing suites of freeware programs.

You can download the following program suites directly from SyMenu:
- the native SyMenu suite
- the NirSoft suite
- the Sysinternals suite

Why should I use SyMenu?
Ease of use: really! SyMenu is easy to learn but, at the same time, it gives you a deep complexity to explore if you want;
Strong customization: you can organize all your applications in a hierarchical structure with custom names, descriptions, colorful folders, separators and labels;
Large program suites: the Standard for Portable Software (SPS) allows to install, update and remove the programs available in the SyMenu suites automatically;
Fully customizable menu: you can choose which built-in elements to add to your personal SyMenu;
Portability means freedom: if you work in a strict controlled IT environment you won't need anymore to ask your IT administrator the permission to install that umpteenth useful program, do it with in the portable way;
Portability means cleanliness: you know that Windows suffers for frequent programs installation and uninstallation. The portable programs don't need to be installed and your PC System folders and Registry will thank you;
Search bar: (Windows like) it allows to quickly search amongst any SyItem configured on menu;
Search bar wrapper for Windows: SyMenu exposes through its Search bar every program linked in the host PC Windows Start menu too;
Extension Manager: it allows to temporarly replace the normal Windows extension associations with the SyMenu custom extension associations;
Autoexec: it allows to launch a custom list of SyItems at SyMenu startup or closing;
Execution modes: Run, RunAs, Open folder, Show Properties, Run as Admin, Configure item;
Batch Import: it's really helpful to massive import of a new SyItem set;
Plugin support: you can extend the SyMenu capabilities with one of its plugins or you can write something new by your own;

Language files
English US -
Chinese (Simplified) - 小恐龙 (xkonglong)
Chinese (Traditional) - 陳嚮陽 (Yang)
Czech - Richard Kahl
Dutch - Jan Roelof
Finnish - VeikkoM
French - Marc Giraudou
German - Björn Hanke
Greek - Ilias Mitzias
Hungarian - Janos Meggyeshazi
Italian -
Korean - Wonjae Park
Polish - Radek Skórzak (Radsoft)
Portuguese - Luis Neves
Russian - Ivan Laktionov
Slovenian - Jadran Rudec
Spanish - Ignacio Bezanilla Díaz
Turkish - Erhan Kültür

Free of charge: and finally you don't have to pay for it!

What's new
Version 7.00.8038 [2022.01.03]

The search patterns for the SPS Manager are now fully customizable. You can edit the default ones, add your recurring search, even delete the default templates if they annoy you.
The SPS Manager search tool has a new search instruction (:auto). It searches for every SPS program with a flagged built-in updater option
Every program, folder and command item can be optionally started with a maximized or minimized window. This feature doesn't work for every program, especially for those one that use a launcher (every PAF for example). It's not a problem on the SyMenu side, but it's the program launcher that doesn't communicate the desired window size down to the main program
The user entries tooltip now has a more flexible duration setting. The duration can be set from 1 sec. to 30 sec. If you set it to any value greater than 30 sec. or directly to 0 sec. the duration becomes infinite. This setting is available directly on the configuration file
There is a new action modifier to open the programs' documentation files. The documentation file is searched at run-time following certain naming rules
The massive import function shows the folders in gray because the folders are not imported
During the same working session the options form remembers the last opened tab
The combobox is drawn with an homogeneous style
Fix in the translation labels of the proxy form
Fix in configuration form for the right hand side flow panels placement
Fix in path editing: the double quotes are automatically removed because they are not allowed in paths
Breaking change: when the working dir of an item was a relative path, the SyMenu resolution was wrong. The old resolution rule was based on the SyMenu root folder instead of the program root folder as asserted by the documentation. This version solves the bug so if you have some items configured with a relative working dir, please re-check your configuration.

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5,170 13,369 UGM.NET <img src=""border="0"> Jan 05, 2022 - 10:49 7.00.8038 3.97MB ZIP 5/5, out of 38 Votes.
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SyMenu  v7.00.8038  
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