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Accounting, Personal Finance and Stocks

Count your beans.

Business Accounting,  Checkbook Programs,  Personal/Household Accounting,  Programs for Saving Money,  Stock Tracking and Investment Tools,  Tax Programs
0 (21) Open Tax Solver v16... [717]
Feb 27, 2019
Admin, System Administrator Tools

Tools to make a system administrator's job a little easier or make you feel like a system administrator.

Active Directory Tools,  Batch Scripting and Tools,  CHMOD and Permissions,  DDNS Tools,  Environment Variable Tools,  Group Policy Tools,  Hardlinks, Junctions and Symbolic Links,  Host File Tools,  Hotfix/Update Tools,  Key and Certificate Tools,  Kiosk Software,  Lockdown Tools,  Log File Tools,  Migration Tools,  Network Inventory/Help Desk Tools,  Reference Guides and Manuals,  Remote Administration Tools,  Run As Tools,  Software Crash Control,  Terminal, Powershell, Command Tools,  Update Tools
0 (36) DefProf v1.10 [35]
Jan 09, 2020
Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Security Utilities

Kill that malware dead!

Ad Blockers,  Advanced Malware Tools,  Anti-Keyloggers/Anti-Surveillance,  Anti-Webminers/Coinminers,  Bootable Malware Removal Tools,  DNS Infection Tools,  File Hash Tools,  Free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection,  Identity Protection and Tools,  Malware Diagnostic Tools,  Malware, Adware, Spyware Removal Tools,  Pentesting and Vulnerability Tools,  Post Malware Repair/Cleanup,  Ransomware File Decryption Tools,  Ransomware Protection and Tools,  Rootkit Removers/Rootkit Protection,  Sandboxes and Sandbox Tools,  Scam/Junkware/Bundleware Protection,  Web Browser Cleaners/ Web Browser Protection,  Web Filtering and Content Blocking,  Windows Defender Tools,  Windows Registry Protection
0 (137) AllThreadsView v1.00.. [37]
Jan 06, 2020
Appearance and Customization

Change what doesn't look pretty.

23 System Font Bold v1... [21]
Jan 13, 2020
Assistive Software

Software to help with impairments.
3 OptiKey v2.23.0 [649]
Mar 30, 2019
Back-Up Utilities

Keep your files safe.

31 Create Synchronicity.. [479]
Jun 25, 2019
Battery and Power Utilities

More power!

3 AutoPowerOptionsOK v.. [862]
Dec 29, 2018

Test your hardware to score bragging rights.

6 CrystalDiskMark v7.0.. [1,041]
Oct 22, 2018
Boot Disks

Free Boot Disks with IDE CDrom Drivers Included .

20 Windows 2000 Pro Boo.. [5,535]
Dec 14, 2008
Boot Managers

Set your system up for booting multiple OSes.
3 Clover EFI bootloade.. [566]
Jun 20, 2019
CD, DVD and Bluray Burning/Ripping Software

That's right, you don't have to pay for good burning software.
11 OpenCloseDriveEject .. [364]
Aug 12, 2019
Cloud Based and NAS Software

Keep your files safe from disaster and available to all of your devices.
7 DropboxPortableAHK v.. [177]
Nov 04, 2019
Command-Line Utilities

For all you über-geeks
15 Cmder v1.3.13 [455]
Jul 10, 2019
Data Recovery

21 TestDisk and PhotoRe.. [468]
Jun 27, 2019
Database Utilities

Tools to work with and recover databases.
8 Database Browser v5... [35]
Jan 08, 2020
Desktop Utilities

Some pretty useful stuff here.
152 KeyboardStateView v1.. [34]
Jan 06, 2020
Device Drivers
Hard to find and common device drivers.

Audio Drivers,  CDROM, CDRW, DVDROM, DVDRW firmware and drivers,  Compaq Presario Drivers,  Game Controller Drivers,  HiNote Notebooks,  Keyboard Drivers,  Modem Drivers,  Motherboard Drivers,  Mouse, Trackball, and Digital Pad Drivers,  Network Drivers,  Printer Drivers,  Scanner Drivers,  USB Drivers,  USB Flash Drive Drivers,  Video Drivers,  Webcam/Camera Drivers
0 (91) Dell Dimension 4700C.. [5,391]
Mar 07, 2013
Do Everything Boot Disks

Boot Cds with all of your computer repair tools.
6 Rescatux v0.71 [571]
Jun 14, 2019
Download Managers and Tools

Get some new stuff!
3 HTTP Downloader v1.0.. [832]
Jan 22, 2019
Downloads for Fixing Specific Annoying Problems

This is where we add files that are used to fix specific problems.
2 Microsoft Windows Ex.. [5,353]
Apr 06, 2013
Drawing, Graphic Design, Animation and Art Programs

These programs will make you seem like an artist even if you can't draw stick people.
44 Pencil2D Portable v0.. [144]
Nov 21, 2019
Driver Tools

Tools to help with updating and fixing device drivers.
9 AMD Clean Uninstall .. [417]
Jul 24, 2019
Email Programs, Utilities and News Readers

Programs to manage email software.
27 GreatNews v1.0 [191]
Oct 25, 2019
File and Folder Tools

Tools for working with files and folders.
141 File Synchronizer v4.. [25]
Jan 16, 2020
File sharing and Torrent Stuff

9 BiglyBT v2.0 MacOS [376]
Jul 30, 2019
Firewall Protection and Utilities

14 WaGi's IP-Blacklister v1.3.7 [287]
Sep 12, 2019
Fonts and Font Tools

You're not just a geek... you're a font geek.
6 FontViewOK v5.61 64b.. [757]
Feb 20, 2019
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Tools

Tools for uploading to the Borg.
6 Core FTP LE v2.2.193.. [1,586]
Feb 10, 2018
Genealogy Software

Find out why your sister is so weird.
7 ScionPC v8.3 [1,035]
Oct 22, 2018
General Education

Resources to teach.
12 Safe Exam Browser v2.. [242]
Sep 26, 2019
Hard Disk Utilities and Cloning

Diagnose or clone your hard drive.
48 GParted Live v1.0.0-.. [231]
Oct 15, 2019
Hardware Monitoring and Information

Keep tabs on the state of your hardware with these utilities.
22 CpuFrequenz v2.41 [635]
Apr 25, 2019
Hardware Testing and Diagnostics

Impress your friends and relatives.
8 CPU Core Overload v2.. [233]
Oct 08, 2019
Internet Utilities and Browsers

Stuff to help your Internet experience.
71 qutebrowser v1.8.2 M.. [104]
Dec 04, 2019
Memory Management/Utilities

These tools won't make you forget your trombone lessons, they're for your computer's memory.
6 MemPlus v1.3.2.0 [1,601]
Mar 07, 2018
Messaging, Chat, Video Chat, IRC, VoIP

Have some face time.
20 Retroshare v0.6.5 (M.. [419]
Jul 12, 2019
Monitor, Video and Webcam Utilities

Computers would be pretty boring without video output.
14 Sordum Monitor Off v.. [122]
Nov 26, 2019
Multimedia, Streaming and Broadcasting

For those of us who looked at books strictly for the pictures.
31 MediaPortal v1.22 [449]
Jul 11, 2019
Music Education

Because we were in the marching band!
29 alda v1.3.1 (MacOS/L.. [516]
Jun 02, 2019
Network Monitoring and Hacks

Intended for good... not evil.
109 Simple Bandwidth Mon.. [123]
Nov 27, 2019
Networking and Port Forwarding

Pay it forward.
39 IP Finder v1.4.0.2 [435]
Jul 15, 2019
Office, Home Office and Writing

Stuff to help your inner office geek.

Address Books and Tools,  Automation,  Bibliography Tools,  Business Card Tools,  Calculators,  Calendars and Tools,  Character Typing,  Church Software,  Clipboard Tools and Text Pasting,  Copy Machine Tools,  Desktop Publishing,  Diagram and Flowchart Tools,  Diaries and Journals,  eBook Readers and Tools,  Mail Merging and Mass Mailing,  Note Taking/Organizing,  Notepads and Text Editors,  Office Suites,  PDF Readers and Tools,  Point of Sale,  Printables,  QR and Barcode Scanners and Tools,  Resume Tools,  Social Media and Forum Tools,  Software Documentation,  Specialized Editors,  Spellchecking ,  Text Conversion,  Text Search and Text Replacement Tools,  Text to Speech, Dictation and Transcription,  Todo Lists/Managers, Time Keeping/Management,  Translating,  Typing Tutors and Tools,  Unit Conversion Tools,  VoIP (Voice over IP) Tools,  Writing
0 (155) RapidTyping v5.3 64b.. [76]
Dec 23, 2019
Password Utilities, Hacks and Cracks

A bunch of tools to let you remove, view and work with passwords.
67 Infinite Password Ge.. [133]
Dec 17, 2019
Perfomance Tweaks, Overclocking and Maintenance

26 Cleanmgr+ v1.2.6.866 [845]
Feb 24, 2019
Photography, Graphics and Images

Programs to use with your digital photos and graphics.
77 Ai Viewer v3.2 [2]
Jan 20, 2020
Printing and Scanning Tools

Stuff to help you kill trees.
1 Multi File Port Moni.. [1,560]
Oct 20, 2017
Privacy, Personal Information Protection and Encryption

93 Debotnet v0.2.8 [23]
Jan 15, 2020
Programming, Coding & Software Development

Code your little fingers off.
71 Notepad3 v5.19.815.2.. [55]
Dec 31, 2019
Remote Control/Access Software

Control your computer remotely with these programs.
24 Wayk Now v2019.2.2.0.. [75]
Dec 16, 2019
Schematics for iso programmers

Here's a few iso programmer schematics
1 1ChipISO7816-V1 Pr.. [5,465]
Mar 28, 2009
Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Mathematics, Weather

Science nerds are the best nerds!
41 XFLR5 v6.47 (MacOS) [280]
Sep 10, 2019
Screen Savers and Windows Themes

No reason why your computer should not look cool when you are not using it.
11 Holiday Lights Theme.. [65]
Dec 24, 2019
Smartphone Apps

Things for that tiny computer in your hand.

Android,  Apple iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad),  BlackBerry
0 (19) EasyBee for Mac v1.1.. [1,574]
Aug 10, 2017
Spam Email Filtering

Good with eggs, bad for your inbox.
2 Scrollout F1  [476]
Jun 13, 2019
Surveillance, Forensics and Sneaky Stuff

11 MobileFileSearch v1... [151]
Nov 21, 2019
System Information and Monitoring

See what's happening under the hood.
83 specPortable v1.32 [152]
Nov 19, 2019
Tablet Tools and Utilities

Tools for your tablet.
1 Nexus Root Toolkit 2.. [3,706]
Sep 27, 2014
Toys, Fun Geek Stuff and Other Software

34 VZ Enhanced 56K v1.0.. [99]
Dec 08, 2019
Uninstall Utilities

Programs to help uninstall pesky, unwanted software.
22 Revo Uninstaller Fre.. [961]
Dec 18, 2018
USB Flash Drive Utilities

Programs and Operating Systems for Your Flash Drive.
24 ISO2Disc v1.0 [312]
Sep 16, 2019
Video Game Tools & Strategy Guides

Play better... cheat.
6 DS4Windows v2.0.4 [18]
Jan 14, 2020
Video Game/Board Game Development and Tools

Tools to build and work with video games.
17 Godot Game Engine v3.. [158]
Nov 10, 2019
Video Games

We have been searching the web looking for the best freeware video games. Here is what we found so far.

Action,  Adventure/Fantasy/RPG/Horror,  Arcade,  Card and Board Games,  Emulators,  First Person Shooter,  Game Cheats and Tools,  Other,  Platformer,  Puzzle,  Racing,  Shooter,  Simulation,  Sports,  Strategy,  Vintage Games
0 (408) SuperTuxKart v1.1 Li.. [21]
Jan 14, 2020
Video/Audio/Music/MP3 Utilities

For you "artsy" types.

LAME Bundles,  LAME DirectShow and ACM Codecs,  LAME Libraries,  LAME Patches,  LameDropXPd,  Utilities, Codecs, Converters and Players
0 (157) Request Slip Generat.. [13]
Jan 16, 2020
Vintage Software (also see Vintage Games under Video Games)

Back in the day...
2 Double R Pack: Amiga.. [2,946]
Jun 13, 2015
Virtualization and Emulation

Keep it real... or not.
24 VirtualBox v6.0.12 (.. [304]
Sep 04, 2019
Web Browser Tools

For the little "Big Brother" in all of us.
30 BrowserDownloadsView.. [32]
Jan 07, 2020
Web Design, HTML Editing and CMS

A collection of tools to edit websites.
16 Link Builder v1.0 [223]
Oct 08, 2019
Windows Hacks

Make Windows work your way.
57 Windows Key Viewer v.. [39]
Jan 14, 2020
Windows Registry Tools

Tools to fix the registry in Windows.
26 OandO RegEditor v12... [148]
Nov 24, 2019
Windows Repairs, Testing and Diagnostics

Fix problems with Windows.
78 Rebuild Shell Icon C.. [177]
Nov 03, 2019

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