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File - Download Memtest86 Free v11.0

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Memtest86 Free v11.0

Industry standard for memory diagnostics.

• MemTest86 is the original, free, stand-alone memory testing software for x86 and ARM computers.
• Boots from USB flash drives to test the RAM in your computer for faults.
• Utilizing algorithms that have been in development for over 20 years.
• Industry standard since 1994.

• 13 different RAM testing algorithms - including row hammer fault detection
• All RAM types supported (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, SODIMM, XMP, ECC)
• Self-booting off USB without needing DOS, Linux nor Windows
• Optimized for UEFI-based x86/ARM systems
• Native 64-bit code (since version 5)
• Secure Boot verified – Code signed by Microsoft
• Graphical interface with mouse input
• Save logs and create customizable HTML reports
• Full test automation via configuration file
• Support for memory blacklisting in Windows (badmemorylist) and Linux (BADRAM)
• Multi-language support (Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish and more)

• IMPORTANT: MemTest86 V10.2 images support only UEFI boot. On machines that don't support UEFI, MemTest86 will not boot. Please download the older V4 BIOS release of MemTest86 instead.
Windows USB v4.3.7
Windows Floppy v4.3.7
Windows CD image v4.3.7
Linux/macOS USB v4.3.7
Linux/macOS Floppy v4.3.7
Linux/macOS CD image v4.3.7

• Installation and usage instructions are available on the Technical Information page
• MemTest86 is a stand-alone program that does not require or use any operating system for execution. The version of Windows, Linux, or Mac being used is irrelevant for execution. However, you must use either Windows, Linux or Mac to create a bootable USB drive.

System Requirements
• x86 (32/64-bit) or ARM64 based hardware
• UEFI platform firmware
• Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
• USB Flash Drive (> 1GB capacity)

Version 11.0 (Build 1000) 13/Jun/2024
New Features
Added new configuration file parameter CHECKMEMSPEED for verifying whether the configured memory speed is consistent with one of the SPD profiles or an arbitrary minimum speed specified by the user. If this check fails, an error message is displayed and the memory test will not start. This is useful for confirming that the memory tests are carried out at the maximum speed supported by the RAM.
Added new configuration file parameter TCPREQUESTLOCATION for specifying the URL request path (and cloud API key) for PassMark Management Console integration
Added new configuration file parameter TCPGATEWAYIP for setting the default gateway route IP address to allow for connections outside the local network for PassMark Management Console integration
Added new configuration file parameter SPDREPORTEXTSN for specifying whether to use the module’s extended, 18-digit serial number or standard 8-digit JEDEC serial number in reports. The extended serial number encodes additional manufacture information (including the manufacture ID, date and location) and is more likely to match the serial number printed on the label of the RAM module.
Added new configuration file parameter DISABLESPD for disabling SPD collection. This is a workaround to prevent throttling of memory speeds, which results in increased test times. This occurs when reading SPD data interferes with the chipset’s Closed-Loop Thermal Throttling (CLTT) mechanism. CLTT is used on a small number of server motherboards to reduce the speed of RAM access when temperatures are too high. But in this case the throttling was seen to be incorrectly activated, due to what we suspect is a BIOS bug.
Added new configuration file parameter TSODPOLL to enable/disable polling of DIMM temperature sensors (if available). Polling is on by default.
Preliminary address module decoding support for Intel Meteor Lake/Arrow Lake chipsets. This can help pinpoint the physical location of a memory error.
Support for collecting memory timings periodically during the test session. When the test completes, the lowest/highest memory speeds are reported. This is to support CPUs that may vary timings in a dynamic fashion.
Added support for reporting AMD EXPO profiles in DDR5 SPD. EXPO allows for running the RAM at faster than normal speeds without manual overclocking. As always, MemTest86 never changes the BIOS settings. This is just a change to report what profiles are available.
Added TLS (encrypted data) support for PassMark Management Console integration. This is only used when sending test results to the central database for record keeping.
Added DNS support for PassMark Management Console integration
Added support for new DDR5 form factors "CDIMM", "CSODIMM" and "CAMM2" for CHIPMAP configuration file parameter. This is to support the new clocked (CUDIMM/CSODIMM) and compact (CAMM2/LPCAMM2) DDR5 form factors supported by newer chipsets (eg. Intel Arrow Lake).
Increased maximum string length of chip labels to 6 for CHIPMAP configuration file parameter. This is to support longer names used in CUDIMM, CSODIMM and CAMM2 component labels such as “DAR0B0”.
Fixed bug in address module decoding on Intel Comet Lake chipsets
Fixed incorrect channel mode detection for the following chipsets:
AMD Ryzen
Intel Coffee Lake
Intel Comet Lake
Intel Ice Lake
Intel Rocket Lake
Intel Tiger Lake
Intel Elkhart Lake
Fixed incorrect memory timings detection for the following chipsets:
AMD Ryzen
Intel Meteor Lake
Intel Arrow Lake
Intel Ice Lake-SP
Intel Emerald Rapids-SP chipsets
Fixed incorrect clock speed detection for the following chipsets:
Intel Rocket Lake
Intel Ice Lake
Intel Tiger Lake
Intel Alder Lake
Intel Meteor Lake
Intel Arrow Lake
Intel Elkhart Lake
Intel Ice Lake-SP
Intel Emerald Rapids-SP
Preliminary support for obtaining memory settings for the following AMD chipsets:
AMD Bulldozer
AMD Piledriver
AMD Steamroller
AMD Excavator
AMD Jaguar
AMD Puma
Preliminary support for multithreading on ARM64, which was previously unavailable due to UEFI BIOS limitations
Fixed issue with reading DDR5 SPD when the SPD page has not been reset to zero
Fixed ECC injection option not available on AMD Ryzen Zen 3 chipsets. Note that in general ECC injection is not a feature that is normally accessible by end-users and typically requires a custom BIOS.
Fixed In-band ECC (IBECC) capability detection on the following chipsets:
Intel Tiger Lake
Intel Alder Lake
Intel Meteor Lake
Intel Arrow Lake
Intel Elkhart Lake
Fixed ECC capability detection on Intel Ice Lake-SP and Emerald Rapids-SP chipsets
Fixed reporting of invalid DIMM temperatures by adding checks for valid Temperature Sensor on DIMM (TSOD) raw data
Added support for retrieving Intel Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake CPU information
Updated Chinese and Japanese localization strings (courtesy of Nagisa)
Updated blacklist to work around specific mainboards/BIOSes with known UEFI multithreading and other issues

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6,907 16,161 Passmark Software <img src=""border="0"> Jun 28, 2024 - 11:32 11.0 build 1000 11.5MB ZIP 5/5, out of 64 Votes.
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