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SlunkCrypt v1.3.0

An experimental cross-platform cryptography library.

SlunkCrypt is an experimental cross-platform cryptography library and command-line tool. A fully-featured GUI is provided for the Windows platform.

Encryption algorithm

The SlunkCrypt algorithm is based on core concepts of the well-known Enigma machine but with numerous improvements, largely inspired by R. Anderson’s “A Modern Rotor Machine”:

  • The original Enigma machine had only three (or, in some models, four) rotors, plus a static “reflector” wheel. In SlunkCrypt, we uses 256 simulated rotors for an improved security. Furthermore, the original Enigma machine supported only 26 distinct symbols, i.e. the letters A to Z. In SlunkCrypt, we use 256 distinct symbols, i.e. the byte values 0x00 to 0xFF, which allows the encryption (and decryption) of arbitrary streams of bytes, rather than just plain text. Of course, SlunkCrypt can encrypt (and decrypt) text files as well.

  • In the original Enigma machine, the signal passes through the rotors twice, once in forward direction and then again in backwards direction – thus the “reflector” wheel. This way, the Enigma’s encryption was made involutory, i.e. encryption and decryption were the same operation. While this was highly convenient, it also severely weakened the cryptographic strength of the Enigma machine, because the number of possible permutations was reduced drastically! This is one of the main reasons why the Enigma machine eventually was defeated. In SlunkCrypt, the signal passes through the simulated rotors just once, in order to maximize the number of possible permutations. This eliminates the most important known weakness of the Enigma machine. Obviously, in SlunkCrypt, separate “modes” for encryption and decryption need to be provided, since encryption and decryption no longer are the same operation.

  • In the original Enigma machine, the rightmost rotor was moved, by one step, after every symbol. Meanwhile, all other rotors were moved, by one step, only when their right-hand neighbor had completed a full turn – much like the odometer in a car. The fact that most of the rotors remained in the same “static” position most of the time was an important weakness of the Enigma machine. Also, the sequence of the Enigma’s rotor positions started to repeat after only 16,900 characters. SlunkCrypt employs an improved stepping algorithm, based on a linear-feedback shift register (LSFR), ensuring that all rotors move frequently and in a “randomized” unpredictable pattern. The rotor positions of SlunkCrypt practically never repeat.

  • The internal wiring of each of the original Enigma machine’s rotors was fixed. Each rotor “type” came with a different internal wiring (i.e. permutation). Some models had up to eight rotor “types” to choose from, but only three or four rotors were used at a time. Nonetheless, the internal wiring (i.e. permutation) of each of the supplied rotors was not modifiable. This severely restricted the key space of the Enigma machine, as far as the rotors are concerned, because only the order of the rotors and the initial position of each rotor could be varied. In SlunkCrypt, a fully randomized wiring (i.e. permutation) is generated from the password for each of the 256 simulated rotors. The initial rotor positions are randomized as well.

  • SlunkCrypt does not currently implement the plugboard (“Steckerbrett”) of the original Enigma machine. That is because, even though the plugboard has a large key space, it is just a fixed substitution cipher that does not contribute much to the cryptographic strength of the Enigma machine. In fact, the plugboard could be “erased” by Welchman’s diagonal board.

Legal Warning

Use of SlunkCrypt may be illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. The developers believe it is legal to use SlunkCrypt in many countries all around the world, but they acknowledge that they are not lawyers, and so if in doubt you should seek legal advice before downloading it. You may find useful information at, which collects information on cryptography laws in many countries.

System Requirements

The SlunkCrypt library and the command-line application currently run on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows (Windows XP SP-3, or later) — i686, x86-64 and ARM64
  • Linux (kernel version 3.17, or later) — i686, x86-64, ARM64 and MIPS
  • Various BSD flavors (tested on NetBSD 9.2, FreeBSD 13.0 and OpenBSD 7.0) — i686 and x86-64
  • Solaris (tested on Solaris 11.4 and OmniOS/illumos) — i686 and x86-64
  • GNU/Hurd (tested on Debian GNU/Hurd 0.9) — i686
  • Haiku (tested on Haiku R1/b3) — i686 and x86-64
  • Mac OS X (tested on “Big Sur”) — x86-64 and ARM64

The SlunkCrypt GUI application currently runs on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows with .NET Framework 4.5 — can be installed on Windows Vista, or later


See the README file included in your download for GUI settings and command line instructions.


There are a few hits on VirusTotal that are either false positives from a couple of the usual suspects or just a warning about the file being a PUA (potentially unwanted application). The downloads are safe. LoRd MuldeR has been a trusted source of security software in the infosec community for years.

This download is for the Windows GUI version. All other download assets are below:

DragonFly BSD:
Debian GNU/Hurd:
Haiku OS:
Mac OS X (macOS):
Oracle Solaris:
Source Code:

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