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Most Downloaded Files Today (Click for full description)
#1  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.3- Free app removes adware/toolbars/malware.
#2  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.4.0.117- Removes malware, viruses & more.
#3  SUPERAntiSpyware Free v10.0.1230- Removes malware other programs miss.
  LibreOffice Portable v7.1.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
 McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.264- Free program to remove viruses & malware.
#6  NirLauncher v1.23.46- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
#7  Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.1- Emergency boot disk based on Win 10 PE x64.
#8  Windows/Office ISO Download Tool v8.46- Download Windows/Office from MS.
#9  Windows Repair v4.11.2- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
#10   Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.
  Log of updated or added files by date (Click for full description)
 NEW 06/18  Notable v1.8.4- The Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.
 UPDATED 06/18  Strong Passwords Need Entropy v18.0- Password generator and checker.
 NEW 06/18  Windows 11 Sounds- All of the current .wav files from Windows 11.
 UPDATED 06/17  PortScan and Stuff v1.83-  Scan, search and ping devices on your network.
 NEW 06/17  DynaWin v1.0.2- A utility to change the Windows 10 desktop dynamically.
 UPDATED 06/17  Tricycle v2.6.1- An easy, open-source video transcoder for macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 06/17  Notepad++ v8.1- A free, multi-language source code editor.
 NEW 06/17  Windows 11 High Res Wallpapers- 32 wallpapers leaked from Windows 11.
 UPDATED 06/16  APNG Assembler v2.91- Create animated PNGs from PNG/TGA sequences.
 UPDATED 06/16  Homedale v1.96/1.12-Scan for Wi-Fi / WLAN APs & monitor signal strength.
 UPDATED 06/16  O&O ShutUp10 v1.8.1422- Free tool to stop Windows 10 from spying on you.
 UPDATED 06/16  O&O Lanytix v1.0.1340- Portable app to scan your network for devices.
 UPDATED 06/16  OBS Studio v27.0.1- Free software for video recording & live streaming.
 UPDATED 06/16  CrystalDiskInfo v8.12.2- Monitors disk health, status, temp, S.M.A.R.T. info.
 UPDATED 06/15  WinMerge v2.16.12- Free tool for comparing/merging of files/folders.
 NEW 06/15  Invoke-PingSweep v1.0- Script to scan a subnet for hosts with masking ability.
 NEW 06/15  Inspect Recently Created or Modified Files v2.1.2.0- Tool for incident response.
 UPDATED 06/15  AntiDupl v2.3.10- Finds similar and defective pictures on your computer.
 UPDATED 06/15  Rainlendar 2.16.1- A full-featured calendar for your desktop.
 UPDATED 06/15  JabRef v5.2- An open source bibliography reference manager.
 UPDATED 06/15  Oolite v1.90- An open source 3D space trading and combat game.
 UPDATED 06/15  opentrack v2.3.13- An app that tracks head movements to control flight sims.
 UPDATED 06/15  Scribus v1.5.7- Powerful, open source desktop publishing software.
 UPDATED 06/15  QuickTextPaste v7.22- Insert pre-defined text into programs with hotkeys.
 UPDATED 06/15  DesktopOK v8.91- Saves the position of your desktop icons and more.
 UPDATED 06/15  Money Manager Ex v1.5.3- Open-source, easy-to-use personal finance software.
 UPDATED 06/15  Revo Uninstaller Free v2.2.8- A free utility to remove stubborn programs.
 UPDATED 06/15  SUPERAntiSpyware Free v10.0.1230- Removes malware, spyware & adware.
 UPDATED 06/15  McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.264- Free program to remove viruses & malware.
 NEW 06/14  Cyotek Color Palette Editor v1.7.0.411- Free tool to easily edit color palettes.
 UPDATED 06/14  Antivirus Live CD v37.0-0.103.2- A live/bootable CD for removing viruses.
 UPDATED 06/14  SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.59- Complete computer/network info.
 NEW 06/11  WebESC v18.12- Detects changes in your list of local or web files.
 UPDATED 06/11  Logyx Pack v22.32- 150 games, mostly logic, under one window.
 NEW 06/11  WinDynamicDesktop v4.6.0- Use the MacOS Dynamic Desktop in Windows 10.
 NEW 06/11  DesktopClock3D v1.02- 3D Windows desktop clock with different fonts/themes.
 UPDATED 06/11  Q-Dir (PORTABLE) v9.55- Free, quadro-view file management system.
 NEW 06/11  USBDriveLog v1.00- Displays a log of all USB drives plugged to your computer.
 UPDATED 06/10  Kaspersky Rescue Disk v18.0.11.3c- Free, bootable virus removal disk.
 UPDATED 06/10  LibreOffice Productivity Suite v7.1.4- Free, open source office suite.
 NEW 06/10  SCleaner v0.9.7.1- Portable tool to quickly clean temp, log files, bloat and more.
 NEW 06/10  Easy Timer v2.6- Simple, intuitive combo of desktop clock & alarm timer.
 NEW 06/10  ResEdit v1.6.6- A free resource editor for Windows programs.
 UPDATED 06/09  Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.2.7- Fastest way to download your repair tools.
 UPDATED 06/09  Antivirus Removal Tool 2021.06- Completely removes antivirus software.
 UPDATED 06/09  Universal Android Debloater v2.9.1- Removes bloatware from Android phones.
 UPDATED 06/09  vDos v2021.05.01- Run old DOS applications in 32 or 64-bit Windows 7-10.
 UPDATED 06/09  Blender v2.93.0- A free, open source 3D animation and #gamedev suite.
 NEW 06/09  TCPView Portable v4.12- Shows detailed listings of all TCP/UDP endpoints.
 NEW 06/09  Defender Exclusion Tool v1.2- Drag & drop files to exclude from Defender.
 UPDATED 06/08  GO Contact Sync Mod v4.0.3- Sync Outlook contacts/calendars with Google.
 UPDATED 06/08  Complete Internet Repair v8.1.3.5260- Free utility to fix your Internet connection.
 UPDATED 06/08  AndreaMosaic v3.50.1- Create photographic mosaics with your pictures.
 UPDATED 06/08  Pale Moon v29.2.0- An Open Source, Goanna-based web browser.
 UPDATED 06/08  RegistryChangesView v1.28- Compare snapshots of Windows registry.
 UPDATED 06/08  NirLauncher v1.23.46- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
 UPDATED 06/07  Brave v1.25.70- Free Chromium-based browser w/ unmatched speed, security.
 UPDATED 06/07  Grub2Win v2.2.2.2- Multiboot Windows & Linux systems on GPT & MBR disks.
 UPDATED 06/07  Calibre v5.20.0- Open source e-book library management application
 UPDATED 06/07  Wagnardsoft CPU Benchmark v1.1.0.0- Simple tool for benchmarking CPUs.
 UPDATED 06/06  CpuFrequenz v3.73- Free tool for exact determination of the CPU frequency.
 UPDATED 06/06  MeinPlatz v6.99- Free program to scan the hard disk for lost disk space. 
 UPDATED 06/06  DS4Windows v3.0.8- Use a Playstation 4 DualShock Controller on a PC.
 NEW 06/06  DisplayMagician v1.1.2- Tool to auto-configure multi-displays for games/apps.
 UPDATED 06/06  CrystalDiskMark v8.0.2- Free program to benchmark the performance of disks.
 NEW 06/04  Rescuezilla v2.2- The power of Clonezilla with a much easier interface.
 UPDATED 06/04  Pidgin IM v2.14.5- Free instant messaging app for multiple chat networks.
 UPDATED 06/04  XMedia Recode v3.5.3.7- A powerful, free audio/video converter and more.
 UPDATED 06/04  Everything v1.4.1.1009- Search engine that locates files/folders instantly.
 UPDATED 06/04  FreeBASIC 1.08.0- Open source, BASIC compiler for Windows, DOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 06/04  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.3- Removes adware/junkware/malware.
 UPDATED 06/04  W10Privacy v3.7.0.8- Easily change privacy/telemetry settings in Windows.
 NEW 06/03  Nethor v2021.3.0- A free packet analyzer and visualization tool for Windows.
 NEW 06/03  Mypal v29.2.0- Finally! A free, open source web browser for Windows XP!
 UPDATED 06/02  Asteroids v1.0- It's portable and it's ASTEROIDS!!!!!
 UPDATED 06/02  OSFMount v3.1.1000- Free program to mount local disk image files.
 UPDATED 06/02  Notes Keeper v4.6.3.0- A free, portable program to create and save notes.
 UPDATED 06/02  Pinner v3.7.3.0- A free, customizable and feature-rich desktop launcher.
 UPDATED 06/01  URL Blocker v2.0.0.0- Import a list of websites and have them blocked.
 UPDATED 06/01  AppleWin v1.30.2.0- A totally free, portable Apple II emulator for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/01  Clonezilla v2.7.2-38- Free, open source hard drive imaging/cloning program.
 UPDATED 06/01  User Profile Wizard v22- Move user profiles between computers and domains.
 UPDATED 06/01  DiskGenius Free v5.4.2.1239- All-in-one tool for recovery, partitioning & backup. 
 UPDATED 06/01  simplewall v3.3.3- Tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform.
 NEW 05/29  WA2L/WinTools v1.2.06- End user utilities to launch from the "Send To" menu.
 UPDATED 05/29  PrivaZer v4.0.24- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
 UPDATED 05/29  Ventoy v1.0.45- A new way to create a bootable USB drive for multiple ISO files.
 UPDATED 05/29  HiBit Uninstaller v2.5.95- Completely removes Windows programs and apps.
 UPDATED 05/29  HiBit System Information v2.0.25- An incredibly thorough system info tool.
 UPDATED 05/29  HiBit Startup Manager v2.2.25- Manage start-up applications in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/29  Rufus v3.14- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
 UPDATED 05/29  AppNetworkCounter v1.46- Counts number of bytes/packets sent by all apps.
 UPDATED 05/29  Inkscape v1.1- Free, open source, pro-quality vector graphics software.
 UPDATED 05/29  Tixati v2.83 (Windows/Linux)- Free file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.
 UPDATED 05/29  ExperienceIndexOK v3.71-  Show Performance Index in Windows 8/10.
 UPDATED 05/29  Don't Sleep v8.28- Prevents shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate.
 UPDATED 05/28  WipeFile v3.6- Wipe individual files/folders with 14 different standards.
 UPDATED 05/28  Thonny v3.3.10- Free program to teach Python IDE to beginners.
 UPDATED 05/28  Social Network Visualizer v2.5- Free social network analysis & visualization.
 NEW 05/28  Micronaut v1.0- Like mazes? You've never played a maze game like this before.
 NEW 05/28  GXSCC v236e- Emulates a Famicom (NES) or SCC sound chip to play MIDIs.
 UPDATED 05/27  LabChirp v1.60- Free program to create sound effects for games/music/videos.
 UPDATED 05/27  LEGO Digital Designer v4.3.12- Build with LEGO bricks on your PC or Mac.
 UPDATED 05/27  SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony (DOS)- The original DOS version is here!
 UPDATED 05/27  525 DOS Games From The 1980s- A big ol' zip file of memories.
 UPDATED 05/27  Apple II Disk Image Collection- Dig that old beast out of your mom's closet!
 UPDATED 05/27  Double R Pack: Amiga Disc Collection- A giant zip file of coolness.
 UPDATED 05/27  StarCraft Anthology for Windows- Yeah... we have Starcraft. ;)
 UPDATED 05/27  StressMyPC v4.64- Free stress-testing software for computers.
 UPDATED 05/27  DirPrintOK v5.33- Print & save directory contents & directory structures.
 NEW 05/27  CPUID Instruction Viewer v1.0.0.2- Utility for devs to view CPU instruction info.
 NEW 05/27  ShutdownWithUpdates v1.2.4.0- Install pre-downloaded updates & shutdown.
 NEW 05/27  Command No Window v1.0- Run command line scripts without a window.
 NEW 05/27  CPUSetter v1.6.3- Adjust the number of active cpu cores in your Mac computer.
 UPDATED 05/26  ESEDatabaseView v1.66- Displays the data stored inside of ESE databases.
 UPDATED 05/26  Microsoft Process Monitor v3.80- Real-time monitoring of system activity.
 UPDATED 05/26  Microsoft Process Explorer v16.40- Shows what files processes are using.
 NEW 05/25  Maintenance v2.7.6- Free maintenance and cleaning utility for macOS.
 UPDATED 05/25  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.4.0.117- Removes malware, spyware, etc.
 NEW 05/25  RustDesk v1.1.5- Open-source remote desktop client software written in Rust.
 UPDATED 05/24  Metasploitable v2.0.0- An intentionally vulnerable Linux VM for infosec training.
 UPDATED 05/24  Buttercup v2.5.1- Open-source password manager based on NodeJS.
 UPDATED 05/24  TurboRisk v2.0.5- World domination game. Finally a replacement for WinRisk.
 UPDATED 05/24  Waircut v2.0- Free auditor to check the security of WPS wireless networks.
 UPDATED 05/24  LastActivityView v1.35- Free forensics tool to show history of computer usage.
 UPDATED 05/24  Windows 7 Games For Windows 10 v2- Install Win7 games into Win10.
 UPDATED 05/24  Win10 Settings Blocker v1.1- Block access to Windows Settings pages.
 UPDATED 05/24  Pocket Radio Player v210522- Free Shoutcast/IceCast compatible internet radio.
 UPDATED 05/21  WSCC v4.0.7.2- The free tools you need to repair Windows in one portable app.
 UPDATED 05/21  PointerStick v5.15- A free, virtual pointer stick for presentations.
 NEW 05/21  Zen Chimes Classic v1.2- Listen to relaxing wind chimes on your computer.
 NEW 05/21  hashcat v6.2.1- World's fastest password cracker w/ only in-kernel rule engine.
 UPDATED 05/20  Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) v7.4.0.26- Overclocking for Intel gear.
 UPDATED 05/20  Tron Script v11.2.0- A collection of auto-batch files to clean/disinfect computers.
 UPDATED 05/20  LeoMoon HotKeyz v1.8.5- Assign hotkeys to files/folders/programs/actions/etc.
 UPDATED 05/20  Run-Command v4.84- An alternative to standard Windows Run-Dialog.
 UPDATED 05/20  HWiNFO v7.04- Free hardware information & diagnostic tool.
 UPDATED 05/19  foobar2000 v1.6.6- An advanced, freeware audio player.
 NEW 05/19  MiTeC Mail Viewer v2.5.1- A stand-alone viewer for email files and databases.
 UPDATED 05/19  Macrium Reflect FREE Edition v8.0.5902- Free hard drive cloning software.
 UPDATED 05/18  ESET SysRescue Live v1.0.20.0- Clean computer of malware from USB or CD.
 UPDATED 05/18  Aomei Backupper Standard v6.5.1-  Free Windows backup software.
 UPDATED 05/18  Switch Power Scheme v1.2- Switch power plans by right-clicking on desktop.
 UPDATED 05/18  WifiHistoryView v1.57- Displays the history of connections to wireless network.
 UPDATED 05/18  OpenMPT v1.29.10.00- Create and play back music with this free tracker.
 UPDATED 05/18  3D.Benchmark.OK v1.05- A small, portable graphics benchmarking tool.
 UPDATED 05/17  FocusWriter v1.7.6- Write without distractions with this free editor.
 NEW 05/17  TreeNoote v1.6- A free, hierarchically organized note taking application.
 UPDATED 05/17  USB Repair v8.0.1.1069- Fixes USB drive errors and failed installations.
 UPDATED 05/14  Simple Data Backup v10.0- Free, easy and efficient backup software.
 NEW 05/14  DAR (Disk ARchive) v2.7.0- Free command-line backup and archiving tool.
 NEW 05/13  Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools- For posterity and time travelers.
 UPDATED 05/13  NetworkTrafficView v2.40- Captures packets passing through network adapter.
 UPDATED 05/13  Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.0- A free, mass program uninstaller. 
 UPDATED 05/12  Microsoft PowerToys v0.37.2- A set of utilities to tune & streamline Windows.
 UPDATED 05/12  ScreenToGif v2.30- Screen, webcam & sketchboard recorder with an editor.
 UPDATED 05/12  LibreOffice Portable v7.1.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/12  Office.Files.Images v1.11- Creates a list of all images used in your documents.
 UPDATED 05/12  AutoPowerOptionsOK v4.11- Increase energy efficiency in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/12  WinScan2PDF v7.07- Free tool to easily scan documents and save as PDF files.
 UPDATED 05/12  ColorConsole v5.77- Free tool to colorize your Windows Console. 
 UPDATED 05/11  Spybot-Search & Destroy Portable v2.8.68- Removes malware/adware/spyware.
 UPDATED 05/11  GPU-Z v2.39.0- Provides vital info about your video card and GPU.
 NEW 05/11  Sazanami v1.7.3- Free, full-featured audio editor for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/11  VLC media player v3.0.14- Free multimedia player for Audio/Video.
 NEW 05/10  DesktopTime v2.0.3- Display time/date/battery level on top of your Mac desktop.
 UPDATED 05/10  KeepingYouAwake v1.6.0- Prevent your Mac from entering sleep mode.
 UPDATED 05/10  FontViewOK v6.88- Free, portable program to work with your fonts in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/10  Joplin v1.7.11- A free, open source note taking and to-do application.
 NEW 05/09  FreeOffice v2018 r982- The best, most usable free office suite we've ever tested!
 UPDATED 05/07  Open-Shell v4.4.166- Free tool to bring back the look of Windows 7's Start Menu.
 UPDATED 05/07  hostsmgr v2.1- Console tool to auto-update the Windows hosts file.
 UPDATED 05/07  ClamWin Antivirus v0.103.2- Free antivirus scanner with scheduled scans.
 UPDATED 05/06  Distant Desktop v2.3- Free, portable, secure remote desktop software.
 NEW 05/06  PDF Fixer v1.0.0.4- Free, portable tool to fix and recover damaged PDF files.
 UPDATED 05/06  WinSetView v1.50- Free tool to globally set Windows Explorer folder views.
 NEW 05/03  ADVANCED Codecs for Win10 Portable v15.0.1- Free audio/video codecs.
 NEW 05/03  Fotografix v1.5- A tiny, free and powerful image editor for Windows.
 NEW 05/03  FileZilla Client Portable v3.53.1- Portable version of the popular FTP client.
 NEW 05/02  i2pdf v1.0.46- Free, portable program to make PDFs from multiple pictures.
 UPDATED 05/02  ocenaudio v3.10.6- Free, fast and feature-packed audio editor.
 NEW 04/30  Apache OpenOffice Portable v4.1.9- Run OpenOffice from cloud, drive or folder.
 NEW 04/30  Arena Chess GUI v3.5.1- A free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess.
 UPDATED 04/30  Tweakeze v1.16.716- Free, portable program to stop unwanted system changes.
 UPDATED 04/29  SoundSwitch v5.8.3- Switch default playback/recording devices using hotkeys.
 UPDATED 04/29  DxWnd v2.05.69- Run old fullscreen games in a window for compatibility.
 NEW 04/29  CoolTerm v1.8.0- Serial terminal app for servos, robotics, GPS, microcontrollers.
 UPDATED 04/29  Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool v20.0.8.0- Free tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 04/28  AMD Ryzen Master v2.6.2.1818- The easiest way to over-clock your Ryzen CPU.
 UPDATED 04/28  PingInfoView v2.16- Continuously ping multiple host names and IPs at once.
 UPDATED 04/28  HWMonitor v1.44- Reads PC's main health sensors: voltages/temp/fans speed.
 UPDATED 04/28  NetworkOpenedFiles v1.38- View files currently open on your network.
 UPDATED 04/27  Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.337.35.0- Free tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 04/27  Simple Firefox Backup v1.2- Backup Firefox bookmarks, passwords & settings.
 UPDATED 04/27  Ghostpress v2.5.1266- A free anti-keylogger to prevent keystroke captures.
 UPDATED 04/27  RedNotebook Portable v2.21- Free, modern journal with calendar and more.
 NEW 04/26  Drive Passport Utility v1.0.0.0- Get ID, Serial, info of HDD/SSD even in enclosure.
 UPDATED 04/26  BrokenMouse v1.0.1- Keeps cursor on one screen w/ dual screens & old games.
 UPDATED 04/26  YUMI-UEFI v0.0.3.7- Creates Multiboot USB Flash Drive with multiple OSes.
 UPDATED 04/26  RegCool v1.133- An advanced registry editor with features missing in regedit.
 UPDATED 04/26  TweakPower v1.173- Free & junkware-free program to tune-up your computer.
 UPDATED 04/26  HDCleaner v1.331 Comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/26  atomiccleaner3 Free v1.3.5.25- A free program to tune-up your computer.
 UPDATED 04/26  MobaXterm v21.1- Win terminal w/ X11 server/tabbed SSH client/net tools/more.
 UPDATED 04/26  CurrPorts v2.65- List of all currently opened TCP/IP & UDP ports.
 NEW 04/24  Desktop Icon Spacing v1.0.0.0- Tool to set the space between desktop icons.
 UPDATED 04/24  PasswordFox v1.70- View user names & passwords stored by Firefox.
 UPDATED 04/24  Microsoft Autoruns v13.100- Shows and disables programs that run at boot.
 UPDATED 04/23  Cube 2: Sauerbraten v2020_12_21- Free FPS for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 04/23  AutoText v7.7- Easily insert saved words, phrases, snippets into programs.
 UPDATED 04/23  Wireshark v3.4.5- World’s foremost & widely-used network protocol analyzer.
 NEW 04/23  Shellbag Analyzer and Cleaner v1.29- Analyze & clean Windows Shellbag info.
 NEW 04/22  OpenNN v5.0.5- A software library written in C++ for advanced analytics.
 UPDATED 04/21  Scid v4.7.1- Free database of millions of past chess games for study.
 UPDATED 04/21  VirtualBox v6.1.20- Create virtual machines in Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
 UPDATED 04/21  Personal Backup v6.1.16.3- A completely free backup program for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/20  Tux Paint v0.9.25- Free, award-winning drawing program for ages 3 to 12.
 UPDATED 04/20  Avogadro v1.2.0- A free, advanced molecular editor for Windows, MacOS, Linux.
 UPDATED 04/20  Audacity v3.0.2- Free multi-track audio editor and recorder.
 UPDATED 04/20  Universal USB Installer v2.0.0.2- Free, live Linux bootable USB creator.
 UPDATED 04/20  YUMI (Legacy) v2.0.8.6- Create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive with multiple OSes.
 UPDATED 04/20  Maxima v5.44.04- Free computer algebra system like Mathematica & Maple.
 NEW 04/19  CustomFolder v3.0- Customize folders with icons and emblems.
 UPDATED 04/19  ChromePass v1.55- Retrieves passwords stored by Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 04/19  ProduKey v1.97- Extracts ProductIDs from various Microsoft products & others.
 UPDATED 04/17  Display Driver Uninstaller v18.0.3.8- Completely removes video drivers.
 UPDATED 04/17  Immunet 7- Free, cloud-based, community-based anti-virus by Cisco Systems.
 UPDATED 04/16  Malwarebytes Browser Guard v2.2.23- Filters out ads, scams, trackers, malware.
 UPDATED 04/16  Edge Blocker v1.7- Block Microsoft from forcing the Edge browser on you.
 NEW 04/16  Bpuzzle v1.2- Make a slide puzzle by dragging and dropping any picture.
 UPDATED 04/16  Net Disabler v1.1- Disable the Internet and password protect the settings.
 UPDATED 04/16  CudaText v1.132.0.2- A free, cross-platform, open source text editor.
 UPDATED 04/15  Commander Genius v2.7.7- Free platformer based on Commander Keen 1-6.
 UPDATED 04/15  Microsoft Solitaire & Spider Solitaire from WinXP- When it was easy to win!
 UPDATED 04/15  TakeStock v2.0 r63- Free, full-featured investment management software.
 NEW 04/15  ExSleep v1.0.0.0- Portable tool to put your computer to sleep with filters.
 NEW 04/15  Easexp Settings Backup v1.0.0- Back up, restore, sync Windows and settings.
 UPDATED 04/14  Gnuplot v5.4.1- Command-line graphing utility for scientists/ students.
 UPDATED 04/14  WizTree v3.38- World's fastest, free hard disk space analyzer.
 UPDATED 04/14  Network Drive Control v1.55- Auto-map network drives for different networks. 
 UPDATED 04/14  NPC v1.14- Explicitly set the Windows 8/10 default printers by network name.
 UPDATED 04/13  HDDExpert v1.18.7.48- Gives info on your hard drive's (HDD or SSD) health.
 NEW 04/13  nexusfont v2.7.0- Free tool to manage ,compare and choose fonts.
 NEW 04/13  nexusfile v5.4.1- Fast, powerful dual-pane file manager with FTP, rename, more.
 UPDATED 04/12  SuperDuper v3.3.1- The popular, free program to repair/backup/clone your Mac.
 UPDATED 04/12  Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit v1.62.0.1250- Free tool to remove malware. 
 UPDATED 04/12  Vampix v1.10.3.21- makes nice color / black & white effects for your pictures.
 NEW 04/12  Scancode Map v1.11- An easy, portable tool to re-map your keyboard keys.
 UPDATED 04/11  seashore_chung v1.0- The worst video game you will ever play. Please stream.
 UPDATED 04/11  vJoy v2.1.9.1- Creates virtual joystick devices for application writers.
 UPDATED 04/11  ClearClipboard v1.07-1- Clear contents of your Clipboard at regular intervals.
 UPDATED 04/11  ImageFinder v1.001- Free program to find & remove identical images.
 UPDATED 04/11  Core FTP LE v2.2.1960-  A free, full-featured FTP program.
 UPDATED 04/09  OpenCV v4.5.2- Open source computer vision/machine learning library.
 UPDATED 04/09  StepMania v5.1.0-b1- A free & open source, cross-platform rhythm game.
 UPDATED 04/09  Kaku v2.0.2 (added Linux)- Free music player that supports online platforms.
 UPDATED 04/09  CryptSync v1.3.5- Synchronizes multiple folders, keeping one of pair encrypted.
 UPDATED 04/09  SmartFix v2.3.11- Fixes common Windows issues from Recovery Environment.
 UPDATED 04/09  LosslessCut v3.36.0- Open source video editor for lossless trimming & cutting.
 UPDATED 04/09  FlightGear-Flight Simulator v2020.3.8- Crazy popular, open source flight sim.
 UPDATED 04/09  Mouse Jiggler v2.0.25- Simulates mouse input to Windows to keep it awake.
 NEW 04/09  ESET Online Scanner v3.4.7.0- Free tool to remove malware and viruses.
 NEW 04/09  Sophos Virus Removal Tool v2.9.0- Free tool to remove malware and viruses.
 UPDATED 04/09  SciTE v5.0.1- A SCIntilla based text editor to build and test programs.
 UPDATED 04/08  Mixxx v2.2.4- A free, open source mixing program for DJs.
 UPDATED 04/08  CDex Portable v2.24- Free program to extract data directly from an audio CD.
 UPDATED 04/08  alda v1.4.4- A free music programming language for musicians.
 UPDATED 04/08  StorURL v3.0.29.0- Use your bookmarks/favorites across browsers.
 UPDATED 04/07  Stretchly v1.5.0- Free app that reminds you to take breaks.
 UPDATED 04/07  Google Play Music Desktop Player v4.7.1- Play your Google music on desktop.
 UPDATED 04/07  Sonic Pi v3.3.1- Free code-based music creation/performance tool.
 UPDATED 04/07  balenaEtcher v1.5.117- Flash OS images to SD & USB drives, safely and easily.
 NEW 04/07  Lock Cursor Tools v3.1- Locks mouse to a predetermined area of desktop.
 NEW 04/07  Delta Chat v1.15.5- Like Telegram/Whatsapp without tracking/central control.
 UPDATED 04/07  Linux Reader v4.8- Get access to files on a Linux partition using Windows.
 UPDATED 04/06  Novabench v4.0.9- A free benchmark that tests your computer's performance.
 UPDATED 04/06  uGiffer v0.9.10- Creates GIFS from recording area of screen up to 100FPS.
 UPDATED 04/05  Blank And Secure v6.22- Free, portable tool to securely delete files.
 NEW 04/05  PhotoSift v1.11- It's time to sort all of those old pictures on your hard drive.
 NEW 04/05  CCTime v1.01- Simple, free, unobtrusive time tracking software for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/04  IPInfoOffline v1.60- View IP address info without connecting to external server.
 UPDATED 04/04  Visual Pinball v10.6.2- Open source tool to make & play your own pinball tables.
 UPDATED 04/04  Radmin VPN v1.1.4288.10- Free program to create virtual private network (VPN).
 UPDATED 04/04  Cygwin v3.2.0-1- Tools to make Windows act more like Linux.
 UPDATED 04/04  Monitorian v2.14.0- Adjust the brightness of multiple monitors independently.
 UPDATED 04/04  LeoCAD v21.03- Design virtual models to build with LEGO bricks.
 UPDATED 04/04  Macrorit Disk Scanner v4.3.7- Scans and marks bad sectors on hard drives.
 UPDATED 04/04  Chatty v0.14- A dedicated Twitch chat client similiar to a classic IRC client.
 REMOVED  Bat To Exe Converter- Removed. Malware detected in new version.
 UPDATED 04/04  KeePass v2.47 for Windows- A free, opensource password manager.
 UPDATED 04/04  PyScripter v3.6.4- Free Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
 UPDATED 04/04  XBox One Controller Battery Indicator v1.3.1-Tray icon shows controller battery.
 UPDATED 04/04  TinyTask Portable v1.71- Free automation app to record & repeat actions.
 NEW 04/04  ChromeCookiesView v1.65- View cookies & info in Chromium-based browsers.
 NEW 04/02  Advanced Properties v1.0- Modify attributes that Win. properties doesn't show.
 NEW 04/02  WinFile v10.1.4.0- Original Windows 3.1 File Manager to run on newer Windows.
 UPDATED 04/01  Copy++ v1.0- Have 10 slots of text or 6 slots of screenshots ready to paste.
 UPDATED 04/01  Bulk Rename Utility v3.4.3.0- Rename multiple files with the click of a button.
 UPDATED 04/01  FreezeToStock v1.3- Pause non-required processes/services before gaming.
 UPDATED 04/01   PicPick Portable v5.1.4- Free, screen capture, editor, color picker and more.
 NEW 04/01  Delete ALL Temp- Delete temporary files in all user accounts.
 UPDATED 03/31  WirelessKeyView v2.22- Recovers all wireless keys/passwords from your PC.
 UPDATED 03/31  Extra Keys Pro v2.2.5- Desktop tool that enables easy input of letters/symbols.
 UPDATED 03/31  GPT fdisk v1.0.7- A disk partitioning/repair tool used for (GPT) disks.
 UPDATED 03/31  SynWrite v6.40.2770- A free source code and HTML editor for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/31  Killer v0.7.4- Kill multiple processes at once with this portable utility.
 NEW 03/30  OpenRGB v0.5- Open source RGB lighting control for Windows, Linux, MacOS.
 UPDATED 03/29  ReactOS v0.4.13- Open source O.S. w/ NT4,2K,XP,2003 compatibility.
 NEW 03/29  HP Linux Imaging and Printing v3.21.2- HP printing/scanning/faxing in Linux.
 DISCONTINUED  Vipre Rescue- Discontinued by Vipre. Latest version no longer functional.
 UPDATED 03/26  FurMark v1.25.1.0- A free, intensive OpenGL benchmark for graphics cards.
 UPDATED 03/26  IsMyHdOK v3.13- Free, super fast, super tiny hard drive tester.
 NEW 03/26  PrcInfo v5.26- A free, full-featured process manager for Windows.
 NEW 03/26  Steem SSE v4.1- An open source Atari ST emulator for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 03/26  Mozilla Thunderbird v78.9.0- A fast, free and easy to use email client.
 UPDATED 03/26  Mozilla Thunderbird Portable v78.9.0- Portable version of the popular email app.
 NEW 03/25  NetworkMiner Free v2.6- An open source network forensic analysis tool.
 NEW 03/25  Vov System Uptime v1.6- A portable tray utility that displays system uptime.
 NEW 03/25  Sound Recorder v1.0- A no-frills, portable audio recorder for Windows.
 NEW 03/24  AD FastReporter Free v2.2- Get full reports on everything with Active Directory.
 UPDATED 03/24  Caffeine v1.96- Simulates a key press every 59 sec. to keep your PC awake.
 UPDATED 03/24  Microsoft Sysinternals Suite March 23, 2021-  Bundling of Sysinternals Utilities.
 UPDATED 03/23  WifiInfoView v2.68- Displays complete info on wireless networks around you.
 NEW 03/23  DWS Remote Control- Remotely access your devices from a Web browser.
 NEW 03/23  Batch Excel to PDF Converter v1.1- Convert Excel files to PDF format in bulk.
 NEW 03/22  Pixopedia XE v2020.07- A portable painting and image editing program.
 UPDATED 03/22  PDF-Arranger v1.7.1- Merge or split pdf docs & rotate, crop & rearrange pages.
 UPDATED 03/19  Kaspersky Products Remover v1.0.1641- Removes all Kaspersky programs.
 UPDATED 03/19  Internet Processes Monitor v3.5.2.0- Watch for new TCP & UDP connections.
 UPDATED 03/18  Windows Repair v4.11.2- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
 UPDATED 03/18  Registry Backup v4.0.0- Uses the VSS to backup your system registry.
 NEW 03/18  adb-tools-mac v1.1- An open source MacOS menu bar for common adb tools.
 UPDATED 03/17  Belarc Advisor v9.7- Free, complete system information for computers.
 UPDATED 03/17  QuickMon v5.3.1 Monitor & alert on various resources locally or remotely.
 NEW 03/17  Sourcetrail v2021.1.30- Free and open-source cross-platform source explorer.
 UPDATED 03/16  Termshark v2.2.0-  A terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark.
 UPDATED 03/16  BruteShark v1.2.0- Free network forensic analysis tool to inspect traffic.
 UPDATED 03/16  Nmap Security Scanner v7.91- Open source utility for network auditing.
 UPDATED 03/16  The Dude Network Monitor v6.48.1- Create a live map of your network.
 UPDATED 03/15  UninstallView v1.41- Alternative uninstaller for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista.
 NEW 03/13  GloboNote v1.6-  A free and easy to use desktop note taking application.
 NEW 03/13  NETworkManager v2021.2.17.0- A free, powerful tool for managing networks.
 UPDATED 03/13  mRemoteNG v1.76.20- Tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager.
 UPDATED 03/12  ControlMyMonitor v1.28- Modify, save, restore all the settings of your monitor.
 UPDATED 03/12  SimpleProgramDebugger v1.15- A simple, free program debugging tool.
 UPDATED 03/11  SystemRescueCd v8.0.1- Free, Linux-based system rescue and repair disk.
 UPDATED 03/11  NewFileTime v5.15- Manipulate the timestamp of any file or folder.
 UPDATED 03/11  IsMyTouchScreenOK v1.66- Free utility to check touch functionality of monitors.
 NEW 03/11  EtherApe v0.9.19- Graphical network monitor for Linux modeled after etherman.
 UPDATED 03/10  TCP Handshake Connection Tester v2.5.0.0- Check TCP 3-way handshake.
 NEW 03/09  OpenMediaVault v5.5.11- Create a network attached storage device (NAS).
 UPDATED 03/09  Registry Finder v2.49- Free replacement for Windows registry editor.
 UPDATED 03/08  rhiimoot v1.1.0.0- A mini controller software for Spotify on your PC.
 UPDATED 03/08  Wireless Network Watcher v2.25- Monitor who connects to your wifi.
 NEW 03/07  SPM-Monitoring v3.6.0.6- Free monitoring Tool for your IT Environment.
 UPDATED 03/07  GIMP Portable v2.10.22-2- Free, open source alternative to Photoshop.
 NEW 03/05  DNS Cache Viewer (DCV) v1.3- View your local DNS Cache & flush it if needed.
 UPDATED 03/05  AdvancedRun v1.23- Run any program with a ton of different settings.
 NEW 03/04  Logon Message Editor v1.1- Easily change the logon message of Windows.
 NEW 03/04  Ping Tracer v1.9- Continuously pings hosts from computer to destination.
 UPDATED 03/04  WizFile v3.03- A fast file search utility to find files on your PC almost instantly.
 UPDATED 03/03  vmPing v1.3.11- Free, portable ping utility for monitoring multiple hosts.
 UPDATED 03/03  Defender Control v1.7- Easily disable/enable Windows Defender in Windows.
 UPDATED 03/03  Folder Painter v1.3- Change the colors of individual folders in Windows.
 NEW 03/02  Gajim v1.3.1- Open source, full-featured XMPP client w/ end-to-end encryption.
 UPDATED 03/02  PSPad v5.0.5- Free text editor for developers of Windows. 
 UPDATED 03/02  RSS Guard v3.9.0- A free, simple (yet powerful) feed reader for RSS/RDF/ATOM.
 UPDATED 03/01  Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor v3.09- Free, multi-language typing tutor program.
 UPDATED 03/01  XigmaNAS v12. Free NAS OS to install on virtually any x64 hardware.
 UPDATED 03/01  Firemin v6.3.0.5099- Stops Firefox memory leaks & decreases memory usage.
 NEW 03/01  MakeMKV v1.16.0- Convert DVDs you own into unencumbered file format.
 UPDATED 02/27  QuickSetDNS v1.31- Quickly set DNS servers of your Internet connection.
 UPDATED 02/27  Weather Agent v3.6.0- A weather forecast gadget for the Windows desktop.
 UPDATED 02/26  VICE v3.5- A free Commodore emulator for Windows and MacOS.
 NEW 02/26  Code::Blocks v20.03- The wildly popular and free C/C++ and Fortran IDE.
 UPDATED 02/26  cStatus v1.2.4.4- A free reliable tool to scan and monitor the network.
 UPDATED 02/25  Dead Deer v3.11.133.2020- Free 3D modeler, game maker, demo maker.
 UPDATED 02/25  mrViewer v5.7.4- Player, viewer, flipbook for VFX, 3D graphics & illustration.
 REMOVED  Discalot- Removed. Malware detected in new version.
 UPDATED 02/24  Clear Disk Info v1.9.4.0- Displays health info of connected storage devices.
 UPDATED 02/24  ADATA SSD ToolBox v4.0.2- Get info, speed-up, lifespan info of ADATA SSDs.
 NEW 02/23  Copy Public IP v1.3- Finds your public IP address & copies it to the clipboard.
 UPDATED 02/23  AskAdmin v1.8- Restrict access to individual applications, folders or files.
 UPDATED 02/22  Dust Racing 2D v2.1.1- Open source, tile-based 2D racing game.
 UPDATED 02/22  KCleaner v3.8.0.110- Detects and securely cleans temporary and useless files.
 UPDATED 02/22  Executor v1.0.2- Incredible, free, multi-purpose launcher for the desktop.
 UPDATED 02/22  WebCacheImageInfo v1.32- Search images/EXIF info stored in browser cache.
 UPDATED 02/22  Pulover's Macro Creator v5.4.0- Free full featured automation tool for Windows.
 NEW 02/20  IVAN (Iter Vehemens Ad Necem) v0.58- A free, graphical, roguelike game.
 NEW 02/20  SQLiteSpy v1.9.15- A fast and compact GUI database manager for SQLite.
 UPDATED 02/20  CarotDAV v1.15.10- Free, simple WebDAV / FTP / SFTP / Online Storages client.
 UPDATED 02/19  Windows Update Blocker v1.6- Take control of the update process in Windows.
 UPDATED 02/19  Apache OpenOffice v4.1.9- Free, full-featured office suite for Windows & MacOS.
 UPDATED 02/19  AutoClicker v3.0- A full-fledged, portable autoclicker without malware/adware.
 UPDATED 02/19  Hugin v2020.0.0- Assemble photographs into a complete panorama.
 NEW 02/18  Winkey v1.a- Tool to view Operating System type, product ID & product key.
 NEW 02/18  Whitenoir v1.2- Converts any image to a strictly two color monochrome image.
 UPDATED 02/18  Imagine v1.1.1- A freeware image and animation viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/18  BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition- Free antivirus for Windows.
 NEW 02/17  DISM_GUI v1.0.7247-  A free,  portable GUI for DISM & SFC in Windows 10.
 UPDATED 02/17  Arasan chess v22.2- Chess program with an opening book of 750,000 moves.
 UPDATED 02/17  Robocode v1.9.3.9- Learn Java while building and fighting robots.
 UPDATED 02/17  Freeciv v2.6.3- Free turn-based multiplayer strategy game based on Civilization.
 UPDATED 02/17  Angry IP scanner v3.7.6- Open source IP address & port scanner. 
 UPDATED 02/17  WinDefThreatsView v1.12- List threats detected by Defender/ edit default action.
 NEW 02/17  Default Programs Manager v1.0.2.0- Backup & restore your default programs.
 NEW 02/17  ShadowGuard v1.0.0.0- Prevents ransomware from deleting shadow copies.
 UPDATED 02/17  KillEmAll Mini v21.1.27- A free command line tool to terminate programs.
 UPDATED 02/17  KillEmAll v21.2.16- Terminates all non-essential running programs in Windows.
 UPDATED 02/16  Alt. Password Generator v1.100- Generate passwords & test against brute force.
 UPDATED 02/16  Alternate Password DB v3.240- Store passwords & PINs with Blowfish 256 bit.
 UPDATED 02/16  Windows Registry Recovery v3.1.0- Extracts system info from offline hive files.
 UPDATED 02/16  MJ Registry Watcher v1.2.8.7- Hooker/poller, that protects startup registry items.
 UPDATED 02/16  fre:ac v1.1.4- Free audio converter and CD ripper for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 NEW 02/15  RolloSONIC v1.1-  Mouse-guided, real-time & modular sound-synthesizer.
 NEW 02/15  Chess AI v1.0- A free chess game with great AI and integrated learning.
 UPDATED 02/15  Sandboxie-Plus v0.7.0- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 02/15  Sandboxie-Classic v5.48.0- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 NEW 02/13  AmoK CD/DVD Burning v2.1- Free CD/DVD burning software for Win98-Win10.
 UPDATED 02/13  PeaZip v7.7.1- RAR, TAR, ZIP archive utility that supports 211 file extensions.
 UPDATED 02/13  Reset Windows Update Tool v11.0.0.9- Free tool to repair Windows Update.
 UPDATED 02/13  WebBrowserPassView v2.10- Reveals the passwords stored by web browsers.
 UPDATED 02/11  Universal Radio Hacker v2.9.1- Complete suite for wireless investigation.
 UPDATED 02/10  StExBar v1.11.2- Ultimate tool for Windows Explorer with stuff Microsoft forgot.
 UPDATED 02/10  ImageUSB v1.5.1003- Write an image concurrently to multiple USB flash drives.
 UPDATED 02/10  Memtest86 Free v9.0 Windows/Linux/Mac USB image- Free memory tester. 
 UPDATED 02/10  FileOptimizer v14.60.2600- Reduce file sizes without loss in quality/functionality.
 UPDATED 02/10  CheatBook DataBase 2021- Encyclopedia of game cheats, walkthroughs, tips.
 NEW 02/09  MangaMeeya v7.4- An incredibly fast & responsive comic reader for Windows.
 NEW 02/09  Bad Peggy v2.3- Scan images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF) for damage & blemishes.
 UPDATED 02/08  MemTest v7.0- Free RAM tester that runs under Windows.
 UPDATED 02/08  Wise Program Uninstaller Portable v2.3.8- Removes stubborn programs.
 UPDATED 02/08  UNetbootin v7.02- Create bootable, live USB drives for Linux distros & more.
 UPDATED 02/08  ToDoList v8.0.16.0- A free, unique task management tool.
 UPDATED 02/08  Windows Error Message Creator v1.40.32- Mess with your IT person.
 UPDATED 02/08  FRSSystemWatch v1.1.1- Free tool to monitor changes to files/folders/registry.
 UPDATED 02/08  Avira Rescue System 2021.02.03- Bootable USB or CD to remove malware.
 UPDATED 02/08  NewFileGo v1.05- Free app that watches files for changes/triggers a command.
 NEW 02/07  MicSwitch v1.0.140- Free tool to mute/unmute your mic using a hotkey.
 UPDATED 02/07  MultiClipBoardSlots v2.32- Extend the Clipboard to 10 Clipboard memory slots.
 UPDATED 02/07  ThisIsMyFile v3.66- Unlock/delete locked files with this free portable app.
 UPDATED 02/07  AIMP v4.70, build 2242- A free multimedia player/converter/recorder/tag editor.
 NEW 02/06  Win10Clean v1.0.0- Portable tool to remove/fix annoying things in Windows 10.
 NEW 02/06  DiskCheck v4.3- A speed test and drive viewer for old and new hard drives.
 UPDATED 02/05  CrococryptMirror v1.43- Mirrors complete folders to encrypted folders.
 UPDATED 02/05  USB Oblivion v1.15.0.0- Erases all traces of previously connected USB devices.
 NEW 02/05  Photivo v2020-11-19- A free and open source (GPL3) photo processor.
 UPDATED 02/04  Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.19.73- Protects PCs from ransomware.
 UPDATED 02/04  Hekasoft Backup & Restore v0.95- Backup/restore your web browser profile.
 UPDATED 02/04  McAfee GetSusp v4.0.0.132- Free tool to isolate undetected malware.
 UPDATED 02/04  NoMachine v7.13.6- Totally free, full-featured remote desktop program.
 UPDATED 02/04  Password Safe v3.55- Create an encrypted username/password list.
 NEW 02/03  WhoisLogin v1.0- Takes a webcam photo after every successful login/unlock.
 UPDATED 02/03  GParted Live v1.2.0-1- Free, bootable partition editor for Windows, Mac & Linux.
 UPDATED 02/03  WebChangeMonitor v21.02- Monitors multiple web pages and tracks changes.
 UPDATED 02/02  BriskBard v2.4.0- Web browser with email, FTP, IRC &  more built in.
 UPDATED 02/02  BriskBard v2.4.0 PORTABLE- Web browser with email, FTP, IRC & more built in.
 UPDATED 02/01  Telegram Desktop v2.5.8- Messaging app focused on speed/security.
 UPDATED 02/01  PingStatus v3.4.0- Portable tool to monitor failures of your Internet connection.
 NEW 02/01  StrokesPlus.net v0.4.1.3- Completely free mouse gesture recognition utility.
 UPDATED 01/29  Open Tax Solver v18.00- Easy-to-use program for calculating tax return forms.
 UPDATED 01/29  Speedy Painter v3.6.6- A free, lightweight OpenGL painting application.
 UPDATED 01/29  RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) v1.0.1- A free image optimizer.
 NEW 01/28  SeaMonkey Portable v2.53.6- Free, all-in-one internet application suite.
 UPDATED 01/28  Mozilla Firefox v85.0- Full install package of the Firefox web browser.
 UPDATED 01/28  Mozilla Firefox Portable v85.0- Run Firefox from your USB flash drive.
 UPDATED 01/28  Tor Browser v10.0.9- Open source browser to use the Internet anonymously.
 NEW 01/28  A Trip to the Moon v2020.1.0- Platformer inspired by "Un voyage dans la Lune".
 UPDATED 01/26  NetSetMan v5.0.4- A free network settings manager with 6 profiles.
 UPDATED 01/26  RosarioSIS v7.6- Free student information system for school management.
 NEW 01/26  Hush for Safari v1.0.1- Blocks nags, invasive tracking on Mac, iPhone and iPad.
 UPDATED 01/25  Stella v6.5.1- A free Atari 2600 emulator for Windows, Mac and Linux.
 UPDATED 01/25  Fan Control v64- Free, customizable fan controlling software for Windows.
 NEW 01/23  Barbara vs Zombies v1.0.0- Kill zombies, meet your weird neighbors, pet cats.
 UPDATED 01/23  Prime95 v30.3- Donate your processing power to find Mersenne Prime numbers.
 UPDATED 01/23  Text Editor Pro v14.1.0- Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 01/23  NetCrunch Admin Toolset v2.0.0.63- Set of various network tools for admins.
 UPDATED 01/23  NetworkUsageView v1.25- Shows network info in SRUDB.dat database.
 UPDATED 01/22  CPU-Z v1.95- Gathers info on the main devices in your system.
 UPDATED 01/22  The Classic Browser v6.3- A browser designed to serve YOU not corporations!
 NEW 01/22  FanCtrl v1.3.2- Free tool to automatically control the fan speed on your PC.
 UPDATED 01/21  HDClone Free Edition v10.1.0- Cre­ates clones/im­ages of disks/mass stor­age.
 NEW 01/21  ZMeter v1.1.0- Show Network, CPU, RAM and Disk in a desktop graph.
 UPDATED 01/21  MobileFileSearch v1.35- Search files inside a smartphone or tablet.
 UPDATED 01/21  KiTTY v0.74.4.5 PORTABLE- Free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client.
 UPDATED 01/20  Windows/Office ISO Download Tool v8.46- Download Windows/Office from MS.
 UPDATED 01/20  Winaero Tweaker v0.19- Tweaking program with all of Winaero's amazing tools.
 NEW 01/19  HE-Hardware Read & Write Utility v1.21.1.20-  Access/edit most hardware.
 UPDATED 01/18   Clavier+ v11.1.0- Allows creating keyboard shortcuts involving almost any key.
 UPDATED 01/18  Mirror v1.5.0- Mirror copies only files that have changed to a source directory.
 UPDATED 01/18  RoboIntern v1.18- Automation & task scheduling tool for repetitive office tasks.
 UPDATED 01/18  SmartSystemMenu v2.3.1- Extends system menu of all windows in the system.
 UPDATED 01/16  ChromeCacheView v2.22- Displays the contents of the cache in Chrome.
 UPDATED 01/16  BrowserAddonsView v1.25- Displays web browser's add-ons/extensions.
 UPDATED 01/16  BrowserDownloadsView v1.32- Displays the details of downloaded files.
 NEW 01/15  XsX Alpha Blended Cursors v1.1- Make your mouse cursor way prettier!
 UPDATED 01/15  HolyServices v1.0.0.37- Planning calendar for small churches w/ Google sync.
 UPDATED 01/15  Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager v2.7.4- Keep track of your investments.
 UPDATED 01/15   Yori v1.40- A free replacement shell for CMD with tons of features.
 UPDATED 01/15  WPD v1.4.1765- Free tool to customize privacy related settings in Windows.
 UPDATED 01/15  Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.13.1.316- Detects/stops security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 01/15  Privatezilla v0.43.0- Free app to perform a privacy check & debloat Win10.
 UPDATED 01/14  Signal-Private Messenger v1.39.5- Cross-platform encrypted messaging app.
 UPDATED 01/14  lessmsi v1.8.1- View and extract the contents of an MSI file.
 UPDATED 01/14  IrfanView v4.57- A fast, compact and free image viewer and converter.
 NEW 01/14  Microsoft Expression Design 4 (Free Version)- Free vector graphics editor.
 NEW 01/13  LuLu v2.1.0- Free firewall for MacOS to block unknown connections.
 NEW 01/13  Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version)- Full-featured tool for web design.
 NEW 01/12   Porta v1.04- A no-nonsense, hassle-free web photo album generator.
 UPDATED 01/12   NVIDIA GeForce Experience v3.20.5.70- Update GeForce drivers/game settings.
 UPDATED 01/12   AppReadWriteCounter v1.31- Shows read/write info of all applications.
 UPDATED 01/11   TCP Optimizer v4.1.1- Free utility to optimize your Internet speed.
 UPDATED 01/11   Detect It Easy v3.01- Free packer identifier to help define a file type.
 UPDATED 01/07   Hardentools v2.0- Free tool that disables "features" that expose Windows.
 UPDATED 01/07   Wu10Man v4.2.1- Free, portable tool to declutter & prevent updates on Win10.
 UPDATED 01/07   Game Cleaner v3.0.2.25- Clean up all of the unneeded junk in Steam.
 NEW 01/07   RBTray v4.11- Allows almost any window to be minimized to the System Tray.
 NEW 01/07   Microsoft Windows 95 Year 2000 Update- For posterity and time travelers.
 UPDATED 01/07   Spybot Identity Monitor v3.4- Check if your info is in the hands of hackers.
 UPDATED 01/07   BulkFileChanger v1.72- Create a list of files and change their attributes.
 NEW 01/06   WindowTextExtractor v1.7.1- Extracts text from any window & behind asterisks.
 UPDATED 01/06   Exact Audio Copy v1.6- Free audio ripper for CDs and DVDs.
 NEW 01/06   ATAPI.exe v4.2- Patch to support large drives in Windows NT. For posterity.
 UPDATED 01/05   PE Anatomist v0.2.0- Shows known data structures in a PE file with analytics.
 NEW 01/05   TweakUI for Windows 98/ME- For posterity.
 NEW 01/05   Windows 98se Shutdown Supplement (239887UP.EXE)- For posterity.
 UPDATED 01/04   GnuCash Portable v4.4- Free & open source financial management software.
 NEW 01/04   Generate Thumbnail v1.0 (Portable)- Create thumbnails of all images in a folder.
 UPDATED 01/04   Error Lookup v2.4-Translates Windows error codes into text descriptions.
 UPDATED 01/03   FileVoyager v21.1.2- A free file manager that does it all with VirusTotal built-in.
 UPDATED 01/03   BleachBit v4.2.0- Securely wipe free disk space and program information.
 UPDATED 01/01   ccPortable v5.75- Free, portable version of CCleaner without bundleware.
 UPDATED 01/01   ForceEnd v1.1.2.47b- Stops a running process, with or without force.
 UPDATED 12/31   WinPrint v1.5.0.50- Takes print jobs from DOS apps & forwards to Win printer.
 NEW 12/31   RunX v1.0- Easily launch any process with System/TrustedInstaller privileges.
 NEW 12/30   Valor Stream Overlay v0.9.9- Overlay for Valorant that shows rank/points/ELO.
 UPDATED 12/30   Tablacus Explorer v20.12.29- A free, tabbed file manager with Add-on support.
 UPDATED 12/30   Decimal BASIC v8.1.0.7- A free programming environment based on Full BASIC.
 UPDATED 12/29   Ping Alert v5.6- Free utility to ping multiple hosts & receive alerts on ping loss.
 UPDATED 12/29   Zero Install v2.18.5- Run applications with a single click without installing them.
 NEW 12/29   LiteLockr v0.91- Restrict access, so kids can only use programs you choose.
 NEW 12/28   Password Expiry Email Notification v2.9- Email AD users of password expiring.
 UPDATED 12/28   darktable v3.4.0- Free, open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom.
 UPDATED 12/28   TrustViewer v2.5.1- Totally free computer remote support software.
 UPDATED 12/28   Open Hardware Monitor v0.9.6- Monitors temp, fans, volts, clock speeds.
 UPDATED 12/27   yWriter 7- A free word processor that breaks your novel into chapters & scenes. 
 UPDATED 12/27   Alternate Shutdown v1.290- Schedule your computer to shut down.
 UPDATED 12/27   PeStudio Standard v9.09- Free malware initial assessment tool used by pros.
 UPDATED 12/27   Discord portable v0.0.309-7- Portable version of the popular gamer's VoIP app.
 UPDATED 12/27   HDHacker v1.6.5(updated)- Saves, visualizes, & restores the MBR & bootSector.
 UPDATED 12/27   DShutdown v1.78.71- Easily shutdown and wake up local or remote PCs.
 UPDATED 12/27   DesktopSnowOK v5.11- Make it snow on your Windows desktop!
 NEW 12/27   Rdex v1.5.6- When you just want to take notes and organize without extras.
 UPDATED 12/24   Windows 10 Settings Shortcut v1.2- Makes desktop shortcut to Win10 settings.
 NEW 12/23   Windows Snowy Night Theme- A perfect desktop theme for the holidays.
 NEW 12/23   Windows Sugar and Spice Theme- Desktop theme featuring tasty goodies!
 NEW 12/23   Windows Snowmen Theme- Desktop theme featuring our frosty friends!
 UPDATED 12/23   Christmas Quest v1.0- Someone has stolen Santa's gifts! Help get them back.
 UPDATED 12/23   Santa Claws v1.0.0- Save Elf Town from the Santa Claws and his evil elves.
 UPDATED 12/23   Holiday Lights Theme v1.0- A holiday theme for your Windows desktop.
 UPDATED 12/23   Universal Media Server v9.8.3- Open source media server for Win, Mac, Linux.
 UPDATED 12/23   LMMS v1.2.2- Free system to create music in Windows, MacOS or Linux.
 UPDATED 12/23   Mitec EXE Explorer v3.0.0- Exe File Explorer for OS/2, NE, PE32, PE32+, VxD.
 NEW 12/22   Wifinian v2.5.0- Free tool to give more control over Windows wifi connections.
 NEW 12/22   Taskbar groups v0.1.4- Create & pin groups to the Windows taskbar or desktop.
 NEW 12/22   eDEX-UI v2.2.5- Terminal emulator/system monitor inspired by Tron Legacy.
 NEW 12/22   Owncast v0.0.3- Do your own streaming on your Mac or Linux computer.
 UPDATED 12/22   LightBulb v2.3- Reduces eyestrain from staring at a computer screen.
 UPDATED 12/22   SyMenu v6.14.7660- The largest suite of utilities ever made for your flash drive.
 UPDATED 12/22   ConEmu v201124- Advanced console window to run any shell of your choice.
 UPDATED 12/22   AppCompatibilityView v1.03- Displays all programs with compatibility settings.
 UPDATED 12/22   Cleanmgr+ v1.36.1141- Free app to replace the retiring "cleanmgr.exe" tool.
 UPDATED 12/22   Bloatbox v0.15.5- Allows uninstalling of built-in/sponsored Windows 10 apps.
 UPDATED 12/22   ControlUWP v0.22.0- What the Windows 10 Settings app should be.
 NEW 12/22   Patchfluent v0.12.2- Lets you control when/which updates are installed.
 UPDATED 12/21   Ghidra v9.2- Free, reverse engineering suite from NSA's Research Directorate.
 NEW 12/21   WatchMe v2.5.6- Track time for a number of different tasks or events.
 NEW 12/21   PhotoResizerOK v1.02- Free tool to quickly reduce the file size of pictures.
 NEW 12/20   Picture Resizer v6.0- Trust us... You've never used a picture renamer like this.
 UPDATED 12/17   Vidiot v0.3.32- A free, super easy video editor for the casual user.
 UPDATED 12/17   security.txt v1.1.0- Browser ext. for displaying security.txt & humans.txt files.
 UPDATED 12/17   Quick Access Popup v11.1- Multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher.
 UPDATED 12/17   Eraser v6.2.0.2991- Completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive.
 UPDATED 12/17   PopMan v1.3.9- Safely view/filter/delete emails from server before downloading.
 UPDATED 12/16   USBFlashCopy v1.16- Free app to backup flash drives/cards on the fly.
 UPDATED 12/16   Folder Monitor v1.2.0.1- Monitors what happens in a folder and alerts you.
 UPDATED 12/16   Account Profile Fixer v1.6.0.0- Repair severe issues with Win user accounts.
 NEW 12/16   MiniTool Video Converter v2.1.2- Converts video/audio into 1000+ formats.
 NEW 12/15   Random Executor v1.0.10.18- Launch random files from any folder you choose.
 UPDATED 12/15   LazPaint v7.1.6- Image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.Net, written in Lazarus.
 NEW 12/15   Crossfire v1.72.0- Free, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG/adventure game.
 NEW 12/15   Terrain Generator v1.0.4.16- A free, open source terrain editor.
 NEW 12/15   PhpGedView v4.3.0- Lets family/organizations collaborate on genealogy online.
 NEW 12/14   Spread32 v3.06- An Excel-compatible, portable spreadsheet program.
 UPDATED 12/14   GifCam v6.5- A free, easy and fun animated gif making app.
 NEW 12/12   AZdecrypt v1.19- The tool used to solve the Zodiac Killer's "340 code".
 NEW 12/11   Tugeny v1.4- A free, open source tournament organization software.
 UPDATED 12/11   MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe v3.7.4- A free Task Manager on steroids!
 UPDATED 12/11   MultiPack Visual C++ Installer v2.8- Reinstaller for all VC++ redists on Windows.
 NEW 12/11   DomiSol (Domino Solitaire) v1.5- Free puzzle game requiring logic & patience.
 NEW 12/11   JPEG Lossless Rotator v10.0-  Free tool to rotate pictures with no quality lost.
 NEW 12/10   Souptoys v1.6.0.8-  Play with 100 toys from your desktop toybox.
 NEW 12/09   Baby Computer Fun v1.1- Let babies & toddlers safely play with your computer.
 UPDATED 12/09   Webcam Capture v2.6- Free app to easily monitor one or more webcam feeds.
 UPDATED 12/09   PreventTurnOff v1.41- Time-controlled sleeping/shutting down of Windows.
 UPDATED 12/09   SpywareBlaster v6.0- Protects against spyware, adware, hijackers & more.
 UPDATED 12/09   Cherrytree v0.99.25- A free, hierarchical note taking app and todo list.
 UPDATED 12/09   jaBuT v2020.12.31547- A powerful & free backup solution for Windows.
 NEW 12/08   Copy Handler v1.45- Tool to copy/move files/folders between storage medias.
 UPDATED 12/08   Youtube Downloader HD v3.3- Download & convert YouTube videos.
 NEW 12/08   BibDesk v1.7.9- A free graphical bibTeX bibliography manager for Mac OS X.
 NEW 12/08   Auto Screen Capture v2.3.3.5- Auto takes/saves screenshots at intervals.
 NEW 12/08   Vexed for Windows v0.7.5.2- A remake of the popular Palm Pilot game.
 UPDATED 12/07   UltraVNC v1.3.2- Powerful, easy to use and free remote pc access software.
 UPDATED 12/07   WebCam On-Off v1.4- Disable your webcan for privacy and security.
 UPDATED 12/04   Google Chrome Standalone Installer v87.0.4280.88- Hard to find full installer. 
 UPDATED 12/04   Google Chrome Portable v87.0.4280.88- Run Chrome from your flash drive.
 NEW 12/04   Rosegarden v20.06- An open source MIDI sequencer for Linux.
 NEW 12/04   Desktop Listview v05a- A Windows 10 Desktop replacement with lists.
 NEW 12/03   Stranded II v1.0.0.1- A free 3D survival game set on islands.
 NEW 12/03   Commander4j v8.09- Production recording/barcoding using EAN128 barcodes.
 NEW 12/03   Zed Online v0.3.1- Free remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod.
 UPDATED 12/02   Beeftext v7.2- Free text snippet management tool for Windows.
 NEW 12/02   PHD2 v2.6.9- Open source telescope guiding software for tracking a guide star.
 NEW 12/02   Bochs x86 PC emulator v2.6.11- Emulates AT hardware to virtualize old OSes.
 UPDATED 12/01   Warzone 2100 v3.4.1- Free real-time strategy game with over 400 technologies.
 UPDATED 12/01   Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool v4.5.0.148- Remove/reinstall Norton products.
 NEW 12/01   Fontster v1.05- The easiest tool to browse and preview installed fonts
 UPDATED 11/30   Short Door Note v2.33- Easily make signs to plaster all over your walls & online.
 UPDATED 11/30   WinBin2Iso v4.33- Converts BIN CD images to ISO images.
 UPDATED 11/25   Multi Commander v10.0.0- A free, multi-tabbed file manager.
 NEW 11/25   NetHack v3.6.6- A free, single player dungeon exploration game.
 NEW 11/25   FMSLogo v7.7.0- Free programming environment for kids 6 years of age and up.
 UPDATED 11/24   TheAeroClock v6.11- Beautiful desktop clock with alpha transparency.
 UPDATED 11/24   TAGAP 3 v2.6 (The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins)- Pluto is PISSED!
 NEW 11/24   Anki v2.1.35- An open source flash card app to remember anything.
 NEW 11/24   CDE - The Common Desktop Environment v2.3.2- 1990's X Windows for Linux.
 UPDATED 11/23   Instant Eyedropper v2.0.0- A free, insanely easy color picker for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/23   Balabolka v2.15.0.759- A free, full-featured text-to-speech program.
 NEW 11/22   Lucas Chess v11.17- Learn or practice chess with this incredible chess game.
 NEW 11/22   ScanDir v1.3.4- Create a list of files & folders based on certain search criteria.
 UPDATED 11/20   LockHunter v3.3.4- Free tool to delete files blocked by unknown processes.
 UPDATED 11/20   HxD v2.4.0.0- Freeware hex editor and disk/RAM editor.
 UPDATED 11/19   DumpItBlue v7.0.2- A free Facebook forensics tool for investigators.
 UPDATED 11/19   Wave Editor v4.1.0.0- Fast and easy digital audio editing software for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/19   dnGrep v2.9.282.0- Search text files, Word documents, PDFs & archives.
 UPDATED 11/19   YDL-UI v2.6.12- Download videos from YouTube to your PC.
 UPDATED 11/18   TreeLine v3.1.3- Store almost any kind of info in an organized tree structure.
 UPDATED 11/18   FileActivityWatch v1.61- Shows info of read/write/delete operation of files.
 UPDATED 11/18   eToolz v4.5.2- Run DNS Lookup, Ping, TraceRoute, Whois, etc. from USB drive.
 UPDATED 11/17   Resource Hacker v5.1.8- Complete resource editing tool for executables.
 NEW 11/16   All Dlls Dependencies v1.1.0- A free, static analyzer for Dlls dependencies.
 UPDATED 11/16   Shortcuts Search And Replace v1.8.0- Mass repair invalid shortcuts.
 UPDATED 11/16   QuickWayToFolders v1.3.8- Free, portable app for quick folder content access.
 NEW 11/15   Sarch v1.04- Script anything according to a determined time/date.
 UPDATED 11/15   MACAddressView v1.43- Finds details of the MAC address of a product.
 UPDATED 11/15   Print.Test.Page.OK v1.77- An alternative test page printout for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/15   BATExpert v1.14.2.24- A great, free battery info app for laptops.
 UPDATED 11/13   Find.Same.Images.OK v3.77- Find similar rotated, mirrored, zoomed pics.
 NEW 11/13   Zer0 v0.22.0.25- A user friendly file deletion tool with a high level of security.
 UPDATED 11/13   McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool v10.2.324.0- Force removes McAfee.
 NEW 11/12   DRL v0.9.9.7- A roguelike game heavily inspired by Doom by ID Software.
 UPDATED 11/12   Rick Dangerous 32bit- A platformer based on Raiders of the Lost Ark.
 NEW 11/12   ART v5.0- An open source reporting and business intelligence solution.
 NEW 11/12   Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware v22.0- Open source all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware.
 UPDATED 11/10   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.1- Emergency boot disk based on Win 10 PE x64.
 UPDATED 11/10   Hiren’s BootCD 15.1 (Classic)- All-in-One bootable CD with dozens of utilities.
 UPDATED 11/09   Keypirinha v2.26- A fast, free launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows.
 UPDATED 11/08   Jailer v10.2.2- A free tool for database subsetting and browsing.
 REMOVED   StockDiv- REMOVED. No longer free.
 UPDATED 11/08   Greenfoot v3.6.1- Free program to teach & learn Java programming.
 UPDATED 11/08   MiTeC Icon Explorer v5.2.0- Find, extract icons from files and libraries.
 UPDATED 11/08   HomeBank v5.4.3-  Totally free personal accounting software.
 UPDATED 11/08   Free Mars v0.8.7.5- Turn based strategy game about colonizing Mars.
 UPDATED 11/08   ScanTransfer v1.4.2- Transfer pics from phone to PC by scanning a QR code.
 UPDATED 11/08   Simutrans v122.0- An open source transportation simulation game.
 UPDATED 11/08   DriveCleanup v1.6.1- Removes all non-present drives from Device Manager.
 UPDATED 11/08   Taisei v1.3.1- Free and open-source fangame of the Tōhō series.
 UPDATED 11/05   Microsoft RAMMap v1.60- An advanced physical memory usage analysis utility.
 UPDATED 11/05   Microsoft VMMap v3.31- A process virtual and physical memory analysis utility.
 NEW 11/05   AwesomeWallpaper v1.3.1- Show videos, images & system info on desktop.
 UPDATED 11/05   IP Changer (IPC) v1.3.2.0- Free, portable tool to quickly switch network settings.
 NEW 11/04   Core Temp v1.16- Powerful program to monitor cpu temps & other vital info.
 NEW 11/04   CDmage v1.02.1- Extract/convert files/tracks, repair corrupted sectors & more.
 UPDATED 11/04   PropertySystemView v1.15- Allows you view/modify the properties of a file.
 UPDATED 11/03   Shotcut v20.10.31- A free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
 NEW 11/03   ExifDataView v1.11- Displays exif data of .jpg files generated by digital cameras.
 NEW 11/02   Old Layout for Facebook v6.6- Forces browser to show old Facebook layout.
 NEW 11/01   MP3 Quality Modifier v2.53- Free, portable tool to change the quality of MP3s.
 UPDATED 10/30   ShareX v13.3.0- Capture/Record any area of screen & upload to online services.
 UPDATED 10/30   AnyBurn (PORTABLE) v5.1- Great, free CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software.
 UPDATED 10/29   Database .NET v31.2.7607- Powerful/intuitive multi database management tool.
 UPDATED 10/29   JSONedit v0.9.35- A free, simple JSON editor with text, tree and list view.
 NEW 10/29   Great Cow BASIC v0.98.06- BASIC compiler for 8 bit Microchip PIC/Atmel AVR.
 NEW 10/29   Booville v1.0- A free car racing game for casual gamers, based on TORCS.
 NEW 10/28   GnuCOBOL v3.1- A free, modern COBOL compiler that translates into C.
 NEW 10/28   EmuTOS v1.0- Free operating system for Atari computers, and more.
 NEW 10/27   Jaangle v0.98i- A free, portable music player that also organizes your music.
 UPDATED 10/27   Ditto v3.23.124.0- Free add-on to the Windows Clipboard to save multiple items.
 NEW 10/25   Origami Editor 3D v1.3.5- A free, advanced paper folding simulator.
 NEW 10/23   Desktop Ticker v1.13.0.569- Scrolls RSS & Atom feeds on your desktop.
 UPDATED 10/23   Vivaldi v3.4.2066- A web browser from original developers of Opera.
 UPDATED 10/23   SepPDF v3.36- Free program to spit multi-page PDF files into individual pages.
 UPDATED 10/23   WinContig v3.0.0.1- Free tool to defrag designated parts of a hard drive.
 NEW 10/22   Sardi v20.10-1- Completely restyle your Linux distro with icons and more.
 NEW 10/21   KIT Scenarist v0.7.2- A free, simple & powerful program for writing screenplays.
 NEW 10/21   ksnip v1.7.3- Qt based, cross-platform screenshot tool with annotation features.
 NEW 10/20   TeemIp v2.6.1- Open source, web based, IP Address Management (IPAM) tool.
 NEW 10/20   NetRouteView v1.35- A GUI alternative to the standard route utility of Windows.
 NEW 10/20   Fotowall v1.0- Make arrangements of your photos, text and video from webcam.
 NEW 10/19   SanDisk SecureAccess v3.02- Protect sensitive files on SanDisk flash drives.
 NEW 10/19   Extended GodMode v1.0.2.7- Utility for easy & quick access to system settings.
 UPDATED 10/18   Creepy Cobwebs Desktop Theme- Spider/web desktop theme for #Halloween.
 UPDATED 10/18   Eerie Autumn Desktop Theme- A creepy, dark desktop theme for #Halloween.
 UPDATED 10/18   Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion v3.0.2- A fun, scary game for #Halloween!
 UPDATED 10/18   Ticket to Fear Halloween Desktop Theme- Creepy desktop theme for Halloween.
 UPDATED 10/18   Halloween Knight 2 v0.1.0- A free platformer for your #Halloween enjoyment!
 UPDATED 10/17   Terasology v4.0.0- Open-source survival and discovery game.
 UPDATED 10/17   Crystal Security v3.7.0.40- Free, cloud-based anti-malware for Windows.
 UPDATED 10/17   QuickPlay v4.7.5- A powerful, universal video game emulator frontend.
 UPDATED 10/17   NetGraph v1.8.0.69- Network traffic monitor for your system tray & desktop.
 NEW 10/16   MRBS v1.9.2- Free meeting room booking web app using PHP/MySQL/pgsql.
 NEW 10/15   Simple Firewall v4.0.0.0- Free, firewall utility to manage internet access for apps.
 UPDATED 10/15   SoundVolumeView v2.21- Info for all active sound components on system.
 UPDATED 10/15   BRL-CAD v7.32.0- An open source, cross-platform solid modeling CAD.
 UPDATED 10/15   Domination (Risk Board Game) v1.2.2- A free Risk clone with hundreds of maps.
 UPDATED 10/14   Emsisoft Emergency Kit v2020.5.0.10152- Free, portable tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 10/14   RegRun Reanimator v11.99.0.999- Removes trojans/adware/spyware/malware.
 UPDATED 10/14   Panda Cloud Cleaner v1.1.10 (updated)- Free tool to remove viruses & malware.
 UPDATED 10/14   Norton Power Eraser v5.3.0.115- Removes hijackers, malware and crimeware.
 UPDATED 10/14   Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.83- Free tool to remove viruses.
 NEW 10/13   JSignPdf v1.6.4- Open source Java app to add digital signatures to PDF docs.
 NEW 10/12   Open with++ v3.8.0.0- Shell extension to add command line custom menu items.
 NEW 10/11   MeshLab v2020.07- Open source system for processing/editing 3D meshes.
 UPDATED 10/11   Krita Desktop v4.3.0- The popular, free sketching and painting program.
 UPDATED 10/11   FotoSketcher v3.70- Free program to convert your digital photos into art.
 UPDATED 10/11   FastStone Image Viewer v7.5- Free image browser, converter and editor.
 UPDATED 10/11   EMDB (Eric's Movie DataBase) v3.68- Keep track of your movie/TV collection.
 UPDATED 10/09   FileAccessErrorView v1.23- Displays errors of programs accessing files.
 UPDATED 10/08   AllDup v4.4.38- A freeware tool to find & remove duplicate files in Windows.
 NEW 10/08   URL Disabler v1.0- Blocks websites for for Chrome, Firefox and EDGE users.
 UPDATED 10/07   MailStore Home v13.0- Archive/backup private email from any source.
 UPDATED 10/07   Gimp v2.10.20- Free, open source alternative to Photoshop.
 NEW 10/07   HastyScribe v1.12.1- Command-line program to convert markdown to HTML.
 NEW 10/06   Mindustry v104.10- A tower-defense sandbox factory game.
 NEW 10/05   Arduino Simulator v1.5.1- Designed to simulate your Arduino (IO) projects.
 NEW 10/05   Crosti v1.14.0- Make your own unique cross stitch designs from your images.
 NEW 10/03   Logisim v2.7.1- Educational tool for designing & simulating digital logic circuits.
 UPDATED 10/03   Moonlight v2.2.0- Stream your games from computer to any mobile device.
 UPDATED 10/03   PortExpert v1.8.1.20- Monitors your internet connected apps and provides info.
 NEW 10/02   QuteMol v0.4.1- Open-source, interactive, molecular visualization system.
 NEW 10/02   Gpredict v2.3.37- A real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application.
 NEW 10/02   GMAT vR2020a- Open-source tool for space mission design and navigation.
 NEW 10/02   Open Babel v2.4.1- Chemical toolbox that speaks the languages of chem data.
 NEW 10/01   CyberChef v9.21.0- Cyber tools from UK Government Code & Cypher School.
 UPDATED 10/01   Manager Desktop Edition v20.9.84- Free accounting software for small business.
 UPDATED 09/30   MuseScore v3.5.0- Create, play and print beautiful sheet music for free.
 NEW 09/30   Mental Calculation Training Software v1.0- A fun way to practice math skills.
 UPDATED 09/30   MAMEUI v0.225- x64 GUI version of MAME for Windows.
 UPDATED 09/30   MAME v0.225- Emulates classic arcade video games on the PC.
 NEW 09/29   Light Switch v2.1- Easily switch between light and dark theme in Windows 10.
 NEW 09/29   Kalkules Matrix Calculator v0.2.1- Free matrix calculator with variety of features.
 UPDATED 09/29   Patch My PC Home Updater v4.2.0.0- Scans and patches outdated programs.
 UPDATED 09/28   WifiChannelMonitor v1.65- Displays info about access points/wifi clients.
 UPDATED 09/24   ShadowCopyView v1.15- Easily browse & recover previous versions of files.
 NEW 09/22   Wallpapers from Microsoft Design- A collection of wallpapers for PC and Mac.
 NEW 09/19   FreeCAD v0.18.4- An open-source parametric 3D modeler.
 NEW 09/19   NotAway v0.8- Prevent "Away" status in messaging apps like MS Teams.
 UPDATED 09/17   Gramps v5.1.3-2- Free genealogy program that supports GEDCOM.
 UPDATED 09/17   PreviousFilesRecovery v1.10- Scans shadow copies of files for recovery.
 UPDATED 09/16   Amidst v4.6- Free tool to display an overview of a Minecraft world.
 UPDATED 09/16   Notepad3 v5.20.915.1- Windows Notepad replacement with incredible features.
 UPDATED 09/10   TraceRouteOK v2.22- Track path data travels over Internet, or network.
 UPDATED 09/10   GetWindowText v3.81- Copy text from system messages with drag & drop.
 UPDATED 09/10   Mail PassView v1.91- Reveals passwords & account details for email clients.
 NEW 09/08   NotesMan v1.2.8- Portable note taking program with just the features you want.
 UPDATED 09/07   WinPing v1.33- Measure connections in local networks and on the Internet.
 NEW 09/04   WinCustom v2.0.0.0- Hide and customize a ton of Windows features/settings.
 UPDATED 09/03   Sweet Home 3D v6.4.2- Free 3D interior design application.
 UPDATED 08/31   EASEUS Todo Backup Free Edition v12.5- Free backup/recovery program.
 UPDATED 08/31   NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) v6.1.2- Easily scans docs to PDF.
 NEW 08/28   Easy RoboCopy v1.0.15- A graphical user interface for Microsoft's RoboCopy.
 UPDATED 08/28   Password Tech v3.2.0- Generate large amounts of secure passwords and more.
 NEW 08/27   BrokenURL v1.2.2- Choose what browser to use when opening a URL.
 NEW 08/27   Simple Local Http Web Server v20.08.14- Setup a static html files web server.
 NEW 08/26   PingoMeter v0.9.4- Small program that shows your ping in the System Tray.
 UPDATED 08/26   gPodder v3.10.16- Simple, open source podcast client.
 NEW 08/26   Atomic Tanks Portable v6.5- Annihilate other tanks to earn money for weapons.
 UPDATED 08/25   Avidemux v2.7.6- Free video editor for cutting, filtering & encoding.
 NEW 08/25   Rubix v3.2- 3D Rubik's cube simulator with cube sizes from 2x2x2 to 50x50x50.
 UPDATED 08/25   7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.9.1- Configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 08/25   Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 RC3- Extracts files from archives & installers.
 NEW 08/24   Eagle Mode v0.95.0- Zoomable user interface (ZUI) with file manager & more.
 NEW 08/24   TaskbarX v1.5.8.0- Free utility to give Windows a dock like feel.
 UPDATED 08/24   Farbar Recovery Scan Tool v24.08.2020- Diagnoses malware issues.
 NEW 08/24   MyMonic v1.3- Adjust settings of your monitor without using it's OSD menus.
 NEW 08/22   Sicyon calculator v5.8- A full-featured, freeware scientific calculator.
 NEW 08/21   Freedoom v0.12.1- A free FPS action game based on the original Doom game.
 NEW 08/20   Fawkes v0.3- Image "Cloaking" for privacy & facial recognition prevention.
 NEW 08/20   Zeal v0.6.1- A free, offline documentation browser for software developers.
 NEW 08/19   TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker v1.14.2- Nvidia updates without GeForce Experience.
 UPDATED 08/18   Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.
 UPDATED 08/17   Network Password Recovery v1.55- Recover passwords from stored creds.
 UPDATED 08/17   Windows Firewall Control v6.4.0.0- Extends functionality of Windows Firewall.
 UPDATED 08/17   OpenTTD v1.10.3- Open source recreation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
 UPDATED 08/13   TaskSchedulerView v1.56-  Easily work with WindowsTask Scheduler.
 NEW 08/13   StereoPhoto Maker Pro v6.04- A free, versatile stereo image editor\viewer.
 NEW 08/13   Bino v1.6.7- A free 3D video (stereoscopic) player with multi-display support.
 NEW 08/11   DeepSkyStacker v4.2.4-  Simplifies pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures.
 UPDATED 08/11   Euler Math Toolbox- Powerful math program with numerical & symbolic tools.
 UPDATED 08/10   Path Length Checker v1.3.30- Shows path lengths of files/folders in a directory.
 UPDATED 08/10   Wipe v2020.15- Securely delete HD space and computer usage info.
 NEW 08/10   ScreenGridy v2.0- A freeware, grid-style, desktop organization tool.
 UPDATED 08/07   VaultPasswordView v1.10- Decrypts/displays 'Windows Vault' passwords.
 NEW 08/07   Flowblade v2.6- Free, multitrack, non-linear video editor with incredible features.
 NEW 08/07   PhotoFilmStrip v3.7.0- Create movies out of your pictures in just 3 steps.
 UPDATED 08/06   Password Generator v3.8- Generates secure/easy-to-remember passwords.
 NEW 08/05   FileList v4.11- Command line utility to create a list of files in the CSV format.
 NEW 08/05   HeavyLoad v3.6- Freeware stress test tool to bring your PC to its limits.
 NEW 08/05   Permanent Eraser v2.9.1- Securely delete files from anywhere on your Mac.
 NEW 08/04   GeekTyper v1.0- Make your friends think you're a hacker by just mashing keys.
 UPDATED 08/03   WindowsSpyBlocker v4.31.1- Blocks spying & tracking on Windows systems.
 UPDATED 08/03   LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.31- Displays live info about all TCP & UDP activity.
 UPDATED 08/03   FastCopy v3.92- Free program to copy large amounts of data at high speed.
 NEW 08/01   WireGuard v0.1.1- Fast, modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.
 NEW 08/01   digiKam v7.0.0- Pro photo management with the power of open source.
 UPDATED 07/31   WhoIsConnectedSniffer v1.25- Lists of devices connected to network.
 NEW 07/31   Voicemeeter v1.0.7.3- Mix audio sources coming from audio devices & apps.
 NEW 07/31   The Unarchiver v121- The world’s favorite, free RAR opener for Mac.
 NEW 07/29   TileIconifier v2.2.6776- Customize Tiles for the Windows 10 Start Menu.
 NEW 07/29   pinga v0.99- Free web image optimizer with extreme lossless compression.
 NEW 07/29   Image Eye v9.2- Free image viewer with no unnecessary menus or toolbars.
 NEW 07/29   ImageGlass v7.6.4.30- A free, lightweight image viewer supporting 70+ formats.
 NEW 07/29   SharpKeys v3.9.2- Free tool to remap one key to other key.
 NEW 07/28   Tyler’s Frame Machine v1.0- Portable, cross-platform benchmark tool.
 NEW 07/28   StatusPilatus v0.5.0- Monitor your PC with this free, unique monitor.
 UPDATED 07/28   FullEventLogView v1.53- Displays the details of the Event Log in a table.
 NEW 07/28   Sozi v20.05- A free, unique zooming presentation editor and player.
 REMOVED   RogueKiller AntiMalware- Removed. Free version completely crippled.
 SUSPENDED   Any Video Converter Free- Suspended for adding bundleware in latest version.
 NEW 07/21   dupeGuru v4.0.4- A cross-platform (Linux, OSX, Win.) tool to find duplicate files.
 UPDATED 07/20   KStars v3.4.3- Free, open source astronomy software.
 UPDATED 07/20   DNSQuerySniffer v1.81- Shows the DNS queries sent on your system.
 UPDATED 07/20   BrowsingHistoryView v2.41- View browsing history of all browsers.
 NEW 07/19   Listary v5.00.2843- A revolutionary, fast search & app launcher for Windows.
 NEW 07/19   Jami v3- A free, secure, private, open source alternative to Zoom.
 NEW 07/19   Dissenter Browser v1.5.114- Blocks ads, trackers & allows comments on sites.
 NEW 07/19   Privacy Badger v2020.6.29- Stops advertisers & other third-party web trackers.
 NEW 07/19   SpeedCrunch v0.12- Precision scientific calculator with fast keyboard interface.
 NEW 07/17   Mark Text v0.16.2- A simple and elegant open-source markdown editor.
 NEW 07/17   Photoflare v1.6.5- A free, quick, simple but powerful image editing program.
 NEW 07/16   Terms of Service; Didn’t Read v2.0.0- A browser extension that rates TOSes.
 UPDATED 07/16   TCP Over HTTP Tunnel v14.0.0- Bypass CONNECT being blocked on network.
 UPDATED 07/16   streamWriter v5.5.0.0- Free app to record Internet radio stations.
 UPDATED 07/15   RegScanner v2.55- A free program to search the Registry more easily.
 UPDATED 07/15   Angband v4.2.1- Free, ASCII, rogue-like dungeon crawler game.
 NEW 07/14   NameDate v7.11- Changes the name of a given file to include the date/time.
 UPDATED 07/13   Free Firewall v2.5.6- A free, full-featured professional firewall.
 UPDATED 07/13   Eqonomize! v1.4.3- Efficient, easy and free accounting for the household.
 UPDATED 07/13   OpenRA v20200503- Free remake of Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn & Dune 2000. 
 UPDATED 07/13   Open DHCP Server v1.75- Free DHCP server for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 07/13   Alternate FTP v2.760- A simple and free FTP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/13   Delete.On.Reboot v1.41- Deletes stubborn files/folders on restart.
 NEW 07/10   Customizable Remote Administration Panel v2.0.6- Create remote launchers.
 NEW 07/10   Minecraft Places v1.0.0- Stores coordinates of places you find in Minecraft.
 UPDATED 07/09   Password Security Scanner v1.61- Scans apps for password info & strength.
 UPDATED 07/08   MusicBee v3.3.7491- Free program to organize, find and play music files.
 NEW 07/07   Brackets v1.14.2- An Open source text editor that understands web design.
 UPDATED 07/06   Desktop Info v2.7- Displays system information on your desktop.
 NEW 07/06   Dotgrid v12- Grid-based vector drawing software to create logos, icons & type.
 NEW 07/06   Treesheets vOct 23 2019- Open source, free-form data organizer.
 NEW 07/05   SketchBook v8.7.1- AutoDesk's Sketchbook goes free for everyone!!
 NEW 07/05   AltDrag v1.1- Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key.
 UPDATED 07/02   Labrys v1.0.12- An awesome, free replacement for the Windows Start menu.
 UPDATED 07/01   DVDStyler Portable v3.1- An adware-free version of the popular DVD maker.
 UPDATED 07/01   SyncBackFree V9.3.40.0- Backup/synchronization program with many features.
 UPDATED 07/01   Wavosaur v1.6.0.0- A cool, free sound editor, audio editor, wav editor program.
 NEW 07/01   MassCert v2.0.2.16- A free, user-friendly batch digital signature utility.
 NEW 07/01   VVV v1.4.0- Catalog/search your collection of removable drives/CDs/DVDs.
 UPDATED 07/01   Mp3tag v3.01- A free, powerful, easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files.
 UPDATED 07/01   Kid3 - Audio Tagger v3.8.3- Easily mass-tag audio files of all types.
 UPDATED 06/30   mp3DirectCut v2.30- Extensive audio editor and recorder for encoded MP3.
 UPDATED 06/30   MFCMAPI v20.0.20110.01- A sysadmin's magic wand for Outlook.
 NEW 06/29   Lively v0.9.6.0- Videos, GIFs, webpages, games, etc. into animated wallpaper.
 NEW 06/28   ZoomIt v4.52- A screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations.
 NEW 06/28   TABS2spaces v1.0.5- Converts tab characters to space characters in text files.
 NEW 06/28   PCLoupe v1.0.5- Shows a magnified image of the area around your cursor.
 NEW 06/28   TXTcollector v2.0.2- Grab all .txt files from a folder & combine into a single file.
 NEW 06/28   PIXresizer v2.0.8- Photo resizing tool to create images with reduced file sizes.
 NEW 06/28   IPaddress v3.0.1- A tiny utility to find your IP address and copy it.
 NEW 06/28   FontPage v3.0.2- Examine and compare all of the fonts on your system.
 NEW 06/28   MediaConch v18.03.2- Free checker, reporter & fixer of pro audiovisual files.
 NEW 06/28   HotkeyP v4.9- Make keyboard/mouse/WinLIRC/joystick shortcuts to anything.
 NEW 06/26   EasyShutdown v2.0.0- Delayed restarting, powering down & suspension of pc.
 UPDATED 06/26   nanDECK v1.25.2- Free tool to design cards for board and card games.
 NEW 06/25   Media_Repair v1.0.0.122- Repair media encrypted by STOP/DJVU ransomware.
 UPDATED 06/24   Bluelife Hosts Editor v1.3- Easily add/delete, block, update domain names.
 NEW 06/23   ShellBagsView v1.30- Gives full details that Windows saves about folders.
 NEW 06/22   XCopy-GUI v1.0- To ease copying files & folders in windows, based on xcopy.
 NEW 06/22   LASTAR v1.9.1- Batch audio processor for auto loudness & audio file splitting.
 NEW 06/21   FinalCrypt v6.3.8- World's strongest encryption &  #1 one-time pad encryption.
 NEW 06/21   Olive v0.1.0 Alpha- A free alternative to high-end, pro video editing software.
 NEW 06/19   CPod v1.27.1- A simple, beautiful podcast app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
 UPDATED 06/19   Desktop Calendar v2.3.74.4898- Free desktop calendar to sync with Android.
 UPDATED 06/18   StopUpdates10 v3.5.0.115- Completely stops Windows 10 updates/upgrades.
 UPDATED 06/18   Desktop Restore v1.7.2- Shell extension to backup/restore your desktop layout.
 UPDATED 06/18   Policy Plus vMay 2020- Local Group Policy editor for all Windows editions.
 UPDATED 06/18   Rons WebLynx v2020.06.18.1600- Free organizer to manage 1000's of web links.
 NEW 06/18   Pinta v1.6- A free, open source program for drawing and image editing.
 UPDATED 06/17   Cyberduck v7.4.1.33065- Free browser for all your cloud accounts.
 NEW 06/16   Background Generator v1.0- Desktop version of the online background creator.
 NEW 06/16   Zettlr v1.6.0- A totally new way of writing using markdown language.
 NEW 06/15   Beaker Browser v1.0.0- A peer-to-peer browser for Web hackers.
 NEW 06/13   TCP Monitor Plus v2.92- A free TCP/IP network monitor for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/13   Dism++ v10.1.1001.10- Your job as a computer tech just got waaaay easier.
 NEW 06/12   VeroRoute v1.96- Free app for producing veroboard, perfboard, PCB layouts.
 NEW 06/12   XTrkCAD v5.2.0- Free CAD program for designing model railroad layouts.
 NEW 06/12   orDrumbox v0.9.40- Free drum machine designed to be as creative as possible.
 NEW 06/11   KeepMouseSpeedOK v1.71- Stop Windows from changing mouse speed.
 NEW 06/10   Art of Illusion v2020-03-25- Free, open source 3D modelling & rendering studio.
 NEW 06/10   Alchemy v008- Drawing project aimed at exploring how we sketch & create.
 NEW 06/10   Florence v0.6.3- An extensible, scalable on-screen virtual keyboard for GNOME.
 NEW 06/09   Gmsh v4.5.6- 3D finite element mesh generator w/ built-in pre/post-processing.
 UPDATED 06/08   Firewall App Blocker v1.7- Drag & drop apps to block them in Windows Firewall.
 UPDATED 06/08   Firewall Tool (AIO) v1.1-  A free, portable tool to work with the Windows Firewall.
 NEW 06/06   Keka v1.1.29- A free MacOS file archiver that supports drag & drop to the Dock.
 NEW 06/06   Kabuu InstSaver v1.0.21- A free batch Instagram photo and video downloader.
 UPDATED 06/06   Kabuu Video Downloader v1.0.2- A bundleware-free YouTube downloader.
 NEW 06/06   Kabuu Audio Converter v1.1.0- A free multi-threaded audio converter/extractor.
 NEW 06/06   QGIS v3.12.3- User friendly, Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS).
 NEW 06/06   Mp3splt-gtk v0.9.2- Free utility to split mp3, ogg vorbis and native FLAC files.
 NEW 06/05   Wox v1.4.1196- A free launcher, access programs & web contents as you type.
 NEW 06/04   Secret v1.0- A command line encryption tool for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 NEW 06/02   MonitorInfoView v1.22- Displays essential information about your monitor.
 UPDATED 06/02   GlassWire v2.2.201- A free network monitor and firewall for Windows. 
 NEW 06/01   Windows10Debloater v1.0- Free script to remove bloatware from Windows 10.
 UPDATED 06/01   KillProcess v4.3- Free utility to kill any process, including services in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/30   GetPixelColor v1.03- Free tool to determine & grab the color value of a pixel.
 UPDATED 05/29   Rclone v1.52.0- A free command line program to sync files/directories to cloud.
 NEW 05/29   Jarte Plus v6.2- Totally free, tiny, portable word processor.
 NEW 05/27   Monitor File Events v1.03- Activity sniffer that detects changes in files/folders.
 UPDATED 05/27   The Powder Toy v95.0- A free physics sandbox game for true nerds.
 UPDATED 05/27   DSynchronize v2.46.42- Synchronize 2 or more folders on different devices.
 UPDATED 05/22   The Battle for Wesnoth v1.14.12- Popular, free, turn-based strategy game.
 UPDATED 05/22   BowPad v2.5.2- Text editor with a ribbon interface & syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 05/22   Paint.NET v4.2.11- Free image and photo editing software.
 UPDATED 05/22   QOwnNotes v20.5.12- Free, plain-text notepad with ownCloud integration.
 UPDATED 05/22   SlickRun v4.4.9.1- Free floating command line utility to launch apps, etc.
 NEW 05/21   PureRef v1.10.4- Manage your images & keep reference images in one place.
 UPDATED 05/21   TeamViewer v15.5.6- Control a computer remotely from anywhere.
 NEW 05/20   BES – Battle Encoder Shirasé v1.7.7- Controls per-process CPU usage.
 UPDATED 05/20   Attack Surface Analyzer v2.2.39 (Windows)- Detects system changes of installs.
 UPDATED 05/20   Attack Surface Analyzer v2.2.39 (MacOS)- Detects system changes of installs.
 NEW 05/19   ServicesSuite v1.0.1.0- Portable app for management of Windows services.
 NEW 05/18   MultiWall v1.0.37- Free program for better multi-screen wallpaper control.
 UPDATED 05/16   MagicMouseTrails v1.88 32bit- Mouse tracks with beautiful effects.
 UPDATED 05/16   MagicMouseTrails v1.88 64bit- Mouse tracks with beautiful effects.
 UPDATED 05/16   OpenCloseDriveEject v1.41 32bit- Free app to give control over optical drives.
 UPDATED 05/16   OpenCloseDriveEject v1.41 64bit- Free app to give control over optical drives.
 UPDATED 05/16   QuickMemoryTestOK v1.41 32bit- Small, free program to check RAM for errors.
 UPDATED 05/16   QuickMemoryTestOK v1.41 64bit- Small, free program to check RAM for errors.
 NEW 05/15   PortableApps AppCompactor v3.5- Compress applications to decrease size.