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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
Body Mass Index (BMI) - Calculator v1.0
Body Mass Index (BMI) - Calculator v1.0 The BMI is calculated from your height and weight to give a value as to your body fat. OS: Windows License: Free Portable; does not require an install.
5/5 5,086 Jan 01, 2023
Alex Nolan
Free Calorie Calculator v1.0.0
Free Calorie Calculator v1.0.0 Free program to calculate your daily calorie or kilojoule needs. Results are calculated from the following user supplied information: • Age • Gender • Height • Weight • Exercise level Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,308 Jan 01, 2023
Free Meditation Timer v1.0
Free Meditation Timer v1.0 A free meditation program for Windows. Supports multiple user profiles and includes a collection of chimes and background sounds to control your meditation. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,720 Jan 01, 2023
JudoShiai v3.1
JudoShiai v3.1 A set of programs that help to organize a judo tournament. JudoShiai Create a competition, add competitors and categories, draw, run competition, print results. Judotimer Scoreboard and clocks. Connects to JudoShiai to get a match. Sends result to JudoShiai that sends back an another match. JudoInfo Show next matches. JudoWeight Type in competitors’ weights in weigh-in. JudoJudogi Mark competitors judogi valid. Sends information to JudoTimer to enable match start. JudoLive for Raspberry Pi Send live video stream to YouTube or other server. JudoLive connects to JudoTimer to receive scoreboard information. Optionally saves video on memory card and splits it to individual matches. JudoWeight for Android Save weights in weigh-in and send them later to JudoShiai. JudoLive for Android Send live video stream to YouTube or other server. JudoLive connects to JudoTimer to receive scoreboard information. This download is for the Windows 64bit version. If you need the Windows 32bit version, download here. Other downloads: Android Android applications are in Google Play Store. They are in Open testing. You can download them using the following links in your Android device browser: JudoWeight: JudoLive: Download is now restricted to a bunch of countries because there are no “select all” button on Googles page. If your country is missing please send mail to JudoLive for Raspberry Pi Documentation is available here Download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,239 Jan 01, 2023
Hannu Jokinen
MyTourbook v21.6.0
MyTourbook v21.6.0 Free software to visualize and analyze tours which are recorded by a GPS device, bike- or exercise computer and ergometer. This application can ... Import, receive, export, edit and visualize tours. Show photos. Analyse heart rate. Compare tours automatically. Segment a tour automatically. Statistical analysis. Manage tours for different people. 21.6.0 20. June 2021 New === * Dark Theme - The UI theme can be selected in the preference - Hint: Dark theme + 2D map - Lots and lots of color and symbol adjustments to make the dark theme look really good now - Example for W10 theme limits * Tour Book View (Frederic) - Added the ability to delete values, for any given tour, such as elevation, time, gear, cadence...etc * Tour values deletion/re-import (Frederic) - Added a confirmation dialog that will always be displayed to the user when re-importing or deleting tour values for the whole database - Locking by default the UI controls to modify tour values on more than 1 tour at a time - Separated calories in its own category Improvements ============ * Tour Chart - Displaying the night sections with a grey/blue color for a more intuitive chart and better readability ...
5/5 4,960 Jan 01, 2023
Wolfgang Schramm
Sports Tactics Board v0.2.1008
Sports Tactics Board v0.2.1008 A free utility that allows coaches, trainers and officials to describe sports tactics, strategies and positioning using a magnetic or chalk-board style approach. Supports soccer, hockey, volleyball and floorball. Features Supports more than one sport (currently Soccer/Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Floorball, Futsal and American Football). Records sequences of positions for documenting tactical strategies or plays. Save and loads tactical sequences - allows building a library of plays or drills. Supports pre-defined layouts that position players, ball/puck and officials. Supports exporting images and image sequences to files or clipboard. English and German translations of the UI. Changes 0.2.1008 - Added new playing surfaces (Futsal and American football) FEAT - Added FIFA Futsal pitch FEAT - Added American football (NFL) field (players are a bit random and possibly labelled wrong -- need someone with expertise) CHG - Relabelled sports to be more specific and add governing body designation related to field markings and layout Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,778 Jan 01, 2023
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