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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
8bit killer 8.0.0
8bit killer 8.0.0 8bit killer is a first person shooter styled to resemble a NES game in look and feel AD 2488. A long war has put human race on the edge of self-extinction. Four years ago, a space creature known as Master Brain arrived with the promise of a new dawn. Now, a huge army launched an attack to the few cities that are still on, following the plan of the creature. A small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to defend those cities and kill the master brain. This games tells the story of their final mission. 32x32 pixel textures, 64 color nes palette and 1bit sounds make this game look like an early 90s game. The soundtrack has been created by the genius RushJet1. The story, characters and scenes are inspired by films like Mad Max or 2013: Rescue in LA and by games like Contra, Megaman, Bionic Commando, Metroid, Catacomb 3D or the sequel Wolfenstein 3D, and many others...
5/5 2,958 Feb 28, 2017
AssaultCube v1.2.0.2
AssaultCube v1.2.0.2 AssaultCube is a FREE, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. Taking place in realistic environments, with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun! With efficient bandwidth usage, it's low-latency and can even run over a 56 Kbps connection. It's tiny too, weighing in at a lightweight about 50 MB package. Features in a nutshell: It's FREE. Source code is available under a zlib-like open source license. Low latency, it can even run across a 56 Kbps connection! Lightweight size, only about 50 MB to download, plus additional maps average 20 KB each! With the correct settings, it can run on old hardware (Pentium III and above). Officially runs on most major systems, and maybe even some non-major ones? Has a built in, in-game map editor to help players create their own maps and allows for co-operative editmode in realtime with others! Features a single-player bot system. Supports recording of your game by the "demo" system. Contains many multiplayer game modes, including: Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture the Flag, Hunt the Flag, Keep the Flag, Pistol Frenzy, Last Swiss Standing & One-Shot One-Kill (plus team versions of these modes). Comes pre-packaged with several dozen different maps! Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,415 Dec 20, 2019
AssaultCube Team
Bitsturbed v1.0.1
Bitsturbed v1.0.1 Bitsturbed is an old-school, action-driven, sci-fi, single-player first person shooter. Think health bar with health pickups, fast paced combat, shotguns, rocket launchers, exploding barrels and a mass of other retro mechanics in a mix of 2D and 3D FPS action! Controls: Your standard FPS. WASD to move. Space to jump. Mouse to look around and left click to fire. ESC for menu. 1,2,3, etc to switch weapons (after you find them). Mouse wheel also works for weapon switch. Windows 8 and 10 users can also use an Xbox one/360 controller!
5/5 2,974 May 05, 2019
Tristan Dean Games
Blizzard This is a 1 level FPS set in a snowy environment. You get to use 3 weapons wich are the 1911 pistol, a shotgun, and an m700 sniper rifle.
4/5 4,348 Aug 02, 2016
Cube 2: Sauerbraten v2020_12_21
Cube 2: Sauerbraten v2020_12_21 Free single and multi player 1st person shooter game with some satisfying fast oldskool gameplay. A large variety of gameplay modes from classic SP to fast 1 on 1 MP and objective based teamplay, with a great variety of original maps to play on. Level editing has never been so much fun: a press of a key allows you to modify the geometry / textures / entities in-game, on the fly. Even more novel, you can make maps together with others online, in the unique "coop edit" mode (!) The engine, though designed for simplicity and elegance as opposed to feature & eyecandy checklists, still competes nicely thanks to its novel "6-directional heighfield deformable cube octree" world structure that is the basis for its in-game editing. Occlusion culling, pixel & vertex shaders, very accurate lightmapping, robust custom physics system, network system, models, sound, scripting... This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,133 Apr 23, 2021
Cube 2: Sauerbraten Team
Dead Containment v0.9.0
Dead Containment v0.9.0 Dead Containment is an on-rails shooter in the style of classic arcade game, made as a piece for my university portfolio. Players fend off the undead as they race through a city under siege using a variety of weapons and unlocking hidden secrets on the way. The game includes a Director AI system with a mind of it own. Lost a few lives? The director may spawn a health kit for you or give you a bigger gun. Doing too good? The Director will change that. Dead Containment is made to work with mouse & keyboard with VR support built in for a true zombie shooting experience. The game is made as an educational piece only and not for commercial use. Music and sound effects are from the House the Dead™ series by SEGA™. Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,363 Feb 09, 2020
Beanz Studios
Diabolical Nightmare
Diabolical Nightmare Dark, eerie, and full of action. Travel through 9 levels of eerie ambience, You need to kill all monsters in the level to advance to the next level.
5/5 4,147 Aug 02, 2016
Digital Paintball 3
Digital Paintball 3 Digital Paintball 3 is a first person shooter (FPS) game available on Web, PC, Mac and Linux. Conflate your love for simulated sport with adventure, and what you will get is the best 3D, digital paintball 3 video game of all times! You can enjoy endless hours of pure joy and an assured excitement that gradually mounts without leaving the sanctity of your home or braving the detestation of getting wet or dirty. The new online game that we have developed so punctiliously is sure to leave you regaling to the extent that you will soon be hooked to it. One of the fastest paced multiplayer digital paintball, Paint-ball Online is a super way to exercise your mental prowess, hand-eye coordination, concentration, Digital Paintball 3 Online analytical knack, quick decision-making capabilities, and of course, your love digital paintball 3 for the actual sport. Carry the power in your hand, register at our site and feel the blues blow away.
5/5 5,248 Aug 02, 2016
Digital Paintball
Elite Force for Mac
Elite Force for Mac The human race is on the verge of extinction! The new military launched a new special forces program to fight the new threat in the latest Survival First Person Shooter from the developer Fractured Games. After a devastating attack from an unknown alien race in 2034, the humans had no choice but to travel out into the galaxy. After a few decades, the humans re-colonized, but after a decade of peace, the alien race returned and with similar motives. They won’t stop until the humans are destroyed. Elite Force delivers a unique and exciting experience with action and thrills; packed with hours of replay value. It is the most critically acclaimed title from Fractured Games; being nominated for Best Local Indie Game of the Year at the Baltimore Innovation Awards! Donate to the developer to support this game.
5/5 3,898 Jul 23, 2015
Fractured Games
Elite Force for Windows
Elite Force for Windows The human race is on the verge of extinction! The new military launched a new special forces program to fight the new threat in the latest Survival First Person Shooter from the developer Fractured Games. After a devastating attack from an unknown alien race in 2034, the humans had no choice but to travel out into the galaxy. After a few decades, the humans re-colonized, but after a decade of peace, the alien race returned and with similar motives. They won’t stop until the humans are destroyed. Elite Force delivers a unique and exciting experience with action and thrills; packed with hours of replay value. It is the most critically acclaimed title from Fractured Games; being nominated for Best Local Indie Game of the Year at the Baltimore Innovation Awards! Donate to the developer to support this game.
5/5 4,079 Aug 02, 2016
Fractured Games
Freedoom v0.12.1
Freedoom v0.12.1 A free FPS action game Freedoom Screenshot The Freedoom project aims to create a complete free content first person shooter game. But Freedoom by itself is just the raw material for a game: it must be paired with a compatible game engine to be played. The following engines are highly recommended by the Freedoom project: GZDoom GZDoom is an advanced engine, with many features and extremely high compatibility with the majority of mods released for Doom and Freedoom. Crispy Doom Crispy Doom is a minimalist engine, adding few extra features to the engine while maintaining an old school feel. id Software released the source code to their classic game, Doom, under the GNU General Public License. This means that the program code that powers Doom is free; Freedoom complements this with free levels, artwork, sound effects and music to make a completely free game. Freedoom is actually three games in one, consisting of two single player campaigns and one set of levels intended for multiplayer deathmatch (FreeDM). This download is for the Freedoom: Phase 1+2. Phase 1 is the first part of the single-player game, containing four chapters which are nine levels each, smoothly paced for beginner players. It is compatible with mods for the original Doom and The Ultimate Doom. Phase 2 is the second major part of the single-player game, a massive 32-level chapter expanding upon the same concepts present in Phase 1, as well as containing additional monsters and the double-barreled shotgun! The levels in this game tend to demand more skillful play than the previous chapters. It is compatible with mods for Doom II. If you need the FreeDM (deathmatch) version, download here. FreeDM is a fast-paced competitive deathmatch game, part of the Freedoom project. Rather than the usual single-player focused levels, these contain no monsters and are intended for deathmatch only. It is compatible ...
5/5 929 Aug 21, 2020
Lost In The Deep Space 1.1.0
Lost In The Deep Space 1.1.0 A nervous fps-platformer with minimal design ! In the skin of an astronaut, lost on a small planet, you will be challenged to harvest as many crystals in record time. In this game, you will be brought to move from platform to platform using your weapon to activate passage. The objective is to collect a maximum of points before the end of the stopwatch. This game which mixes address and reflex is particularly ideal for fans of speed run.
5/5 2,930 Feb 28, 2017
Nyctophobia You are Justin Palmer, an amatuer, but daring reporter. You break into the Black Rose Asylum, hoping to get a few shots of the asylum. However, you're trapped inside and must find a way out! A variety of both melee weapons and guns are available, which will help you fight off any unwanted visitors. There are also a number of unique places in the asylum, including cell rooms, testing rooms, and even an old school.
5/5 4,150 Aug 02, 2016
Black Rose Games
PrBoom 2.5.0
PrBoom 2.5.0 PrBoom, the purest Doom-Port? Aims to be the most stable Doom port with the highest compatibility to the major Doom versions. Highres software and nice OpenGL rendering. Full Boom and most if not all MBF features. Version 2.5.0 released. After almost two years since the last release, the PrBoom Team is proud to announce PrBoom 2.5.0. Limit the game to one CPU core on a multicore machine [prb+] Fix crash when out-of-range values are used in fixed point arithmetic [prb+] Allow the game to build without SDL_mixer, add --without-mixer option to ./configure to force this. Music support will be disabled in this case Don't set the default game skill from the new game menu. Instead there is an option to set it explicitly in the General menu Fix the brightness of the player's weapon Fix linear filtering on flats in software mode Fix crash when an unknown sprite is used with a non-zero frame number Restore special case for trivial maps (bug #1837422) Fix screenshots in high colour screen modes - if libpng is available at build time it will be used, otherwise a BMP will be saved Don't process mouse input in the menus [prb+] Always use Doom's main menu order to avoid bugs with Alien Vendetta [prb+] Remove line of junk graphics below status bar [prb+] Restore Boom friction and bobbing code [prb+] Fix crash by testing for null targets in mancubus fire code pointers Restore last known enemy check in Boom compatibility [prb+] Animated middle textures with zero index ...
5/5 3,370 Jun 15, 2016
PrBoom Project
Ravenfield 0.5.1
Ravenfield 0.5.1 Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! Take down those pesky REDs using helicopters, cars, guns, and active ragdoll physics. Ravenfield on Discord! Ravenfield now has an official discord server, if you want to chat with the developer or other community people, join the server via BETA 5 RELEASED! Changelog: New Vehicle: Quadbikes! New Weapon: Recon LRR: A semi automatic long range rifle New Tool: Wrench, can be used to repair vehicles, or simply whack people on their heads Optimizations! Tank and Helicopter handling improved Helicopter has a new default control scheme Weapon rebalancing with damage falloff over distance Tons of AI Tweaks Tons of bug fixes About Ravenfield is a singleplayer battlefield style game. It started out as an experiment with ragdolls and AI, and will remain a slightly experimental, for-fun game project. (This game is in beta, so expect a few bugs here and there) Controls WASD+mouse QE - lean Enter - bring up loadout menu ingame C - crouch Shift - sprint Aim at seat + F - enter/exit vehicles Caps lock - super slowmotion! (shift+capslock for regular slowmotion) Helicopter (Battlefield style): WS - Throttle AD - Rudder (Yaw) Mouse vertical - Pitch Mouse horizontal - Roll How to play The objective of the game is to beat your enemy team's score by 200 points. Do this by capturing flags and murderizing enemies. Besides providing additional spawn points, each flag your team holds increases your Flag Multiplier. This multiplier increases the ...
5/5 3,117 Dec 11, 2016
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a standalone multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. In Enemy Territory Axis and Allied teams do battle in traditional single scenarios, or wage war through a series of linked scenarios in a totally new campaign mode. During combat players gain experience and skill, and through battlefield promotions are awarded additional abilities that remain persistent across an entire campaign. Additionally, new character classes like the Covert OpS as well as an enhanced Engineer allow teams to perform reconnaissance, steal enemy uniforms, and construct battlefield structures and military installations in the midst of combat to gain tactical advantages for their team. All new game modes, maps and communication abilities require players and teams to develop advanced strategies and tactics in the struggle for front line domination.
5/5 6,847 Aug 02, 2016
Risen3D v2.2.34
Risen3D v2.2.34 Risen3D is an advanced Doom port video game by Graham Jackson based on Jaakko Keranen's Doomsday port. Runs on Windows XP,Vista,7,8 and 10. Risen3D should be used as a stand alone port as it does not require any of the Doomsday binaries. Features: Advanced algorithms provide more accurate rendering in OpenGL. Full Boom and MBF compatibility. Super fast rendering of OpenGL graphics. Slopes and 3D floors. Md2 models, particle effects and high resolution texture options. Skybox support. Translucent water and underwater effects. Outside fog support for maps that require it. Model activation capability using the R3D scripting method. Mobj spawning using the R3D scripting method Detailed texture support. Dedicated smart Launcher for easy launching and pwad management. Uncapped frame rate for smoother game play. Definition and dehacked editing capabilities. Basic Doom mode option Water splashes, ambient sounds, scrolling skies and stealth monsters. In game texture alignment using the R3D Edit mode. CURRENT RELEASE v2.2.34 - update November 2018 This is just v33 with a couple of changes to satisfy the requirements of the game map Last Warrior. Changes over v220-33 ... Added; Scripted map lines type 8113 when crossed by the player wake monsters up but previously firing at them would do the same. This has now been suppressed. No infighting has been extended with scripted maps to stop any infighting between enemy types defined in a list.
5/5 6,147 Jan 10, 2019
Smokin' Guns 1.1
Smokin' Guns 1.1 Smokin' Guns is a GPLv2 licensed first person Western style shooter based on the Quake 3 engine (Id Tech 3) developed by a loosely knit team of developers and artists. This project represents the game engine. Features voip rotoscope/bloom effects
5/5 3,336 Jun 16, 2016
Smokin' Guns Team
The Chaos Theory v1.0.0
The Chaos Theory v1.0.0 Are you a good time traveler? In this first person shooter puzzle game, we can check if you have enough skill to travel back in time and not cause a chaos theory The rules are simple. You must reach the end of each level in the minimum possible time, but avoiding changing the environment However, to reach the end you must change the environment, breaking through or facing the life of that historical period. Therefore, you have in your power a device that you can go back a few seconds to the past. Although it has several seconds of cooldown, so use it carefully Good luck and remember, even a small mistake in the past can become a disaster in the future. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,372 Feb 09, 2020
Unvanquished 0.50.0
Unvanquished 0.50.0 Unvanquished is a fork of Tremulous, powered by the Daemon engine. It is a free, open-source first-person strategy shooter, pitting technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens. Players can choose from either team, providing for an entirely different experience on both sides, as humans focus on long-range firepower while aliens rely instead on quick movement and stealth. The goal of each match is to destroy the enemy base, preventing members of the opposing team from spawning. Upgrades for both teams are earned by a combination of individual performance and team map control, unlocking access to more powerful weapons and equipment for the humans, and larger, more ferocious forms for the aliens.
5/5 4,253 Jan 02, 2017
Wolfenstein 3d - Rearmed
Wolfenstein 3d - Rearmed Its late 1945, the Second World War rages on, the Nazis are being pushed back. Out of desperation, Hitler and his forces have stolen the Spear of Destiny. their planning to harness its power to create super soldiers. Your mission is to retrieve the Relic at all cost.
5/5 4,433 Aug 02, 2016
Jazz Software
Xonotic v0.8.2 for Win/Linux/Mac
Xonotic v0.8.2 for Win/Linux/Mac The Free and Fast Arena Shooter No installation needed! Xonotic is an addictive, arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons. It combines intuitive mechanics with in-your-face action to elevate your heart rate. Xonotic is and will always be free-to-play. It is available under the copyleft-style GPLv2 license. Distinctive Weapons Xonotic has 9 core weapons and 16 full weapons in its armory. Each has a primary fire and a UT-like secondary fire. They are each useful in particular situations, so weapon choice is critical. Frag away! Game Modes Galore! Through the support of our diverse community Xonotic has a huge variety of game modes for you to play. There's the normal game modes you'd expect from an arena shooter like Deathmatch (FFA), Capture The Flag, and Clan Arena, plus more whacky modes like Nexball and Freeze Tag. Multiplayer Race is also supported! New and Classic Maps Xonotic ships ready to play with 25 official maps, with dozens of community-made ones just a click away. Classic Nexuiz maps are also supported, including those converted from Quake 3! Those interested in making maps of their own can use our map editor, which also ships with the game. Integrated Player Statistics Track your progress with XonStat, the integrated player statistics application. See vital stats like your kill:death ratio, weapon damage and accuracy, and recent games. Tracking is completely opt-in, and no login is required! Customizable Heads-Up Display Tailor the information on your screen to what you’re used to with our easy to use HUD editor. Stick with the defaults, add all the whiz-bang widgets, or go minimalist – it is completely up to you! Casual and Competitive Xonotic is easy to learn but hard to master! We strive to provide thrilling action for the casual player but also e-sport opportunities for those interested in friendly competition. Features such ...
5/5 3,002 Apr 12, 2019
Team Xonotic
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