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Last Update/Developer
File Splitter and Joiner
File Splitter and Joiner DESCRIPTION File Splitter and Joiner is a freeware program to split and recombines files.The program is actually available on Windows platforms. This free software enables you to split a file into several chunks, and then join them together to recreate the original file.It somewhat resembles the principle of a compression tool - you split a file into smaller chunks,copy or move them into the desired source, then put them back together into the original piece. Installing the tool is a straighforward process, and it enables you to integrate the software within the context menu of windows Explorer, thus getting access to its features with very little effort. FEATURES Supports drag and drop Split very large files integrate into Windows Explorer to let you split your files directly from the context menu. Easy to use SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Operating Systems Microsoft Windows® XP Home, Professional with Service Pack 2 or 3 (32-bit & 64-bit). Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with or without Service Pack 1 (32-bit & 64-bit). Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit). Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit).
0/5 5,761 Dec 21, 2021
3nity Softwares
FileFriend v1.9.1
FileFriend v1.9.1 A free file manipulation and encryption utility for Windows. Features • Split a large file into smaller subfiles, or join subfiles to reconstruct the original file. • Concatenate files. • Extract part of a file. • Trim files. • Encrypt or decrypt files and directories. • Hide files in a JPEG file, or extract files hidden in a JPEG file. • Hide text in a JPEG file, or extract text hidden in a JPEG file. • Compare two files to see whether their file content are identical or different. Author's website:
5/5 303 Feb 09, 2024
GSplit v3.0.1
GSplit v3.0.1 Powerful and free file splitter that lets you split your large files into a set of smaller files called chunks or pieces. It also creates a Self-Uniting program that automatically restores the original file with no requirement. Finally, it includes a lot of customization features for easily and safely splitting your files. Files split in pieces with GSplit are easier to upload and distribute over the Internet or networks. send by email (forget attached file size restrictions imposed by some ISP, SMTP and other e-mail servers). archive to CD, DVD, USB Flash drives and sticks, Zip disk, and any other storage device. copy to DVD, removable disks and even floppy disks. upload to file delivery services, online file hosting sites... that have restrictions on file sizes. share with friends, colleagues or other users through networks and the Internet. exchange using Instant Messaging clients or Instant Messenger programs... All Features in GSplit Fast to split any file from any size (according to your computer configuration) including very large files (larger than 4 GB) or small files (< 100 kb). Possibility to write pieces directly to floppy disks (disk-spanned pieces) or in specified folders with specific size (blocked pieces). You can define a specific size for your pieces in bytes, KB, MB or GB; or choose one of the predefined values (1, 44 Mb – 2,88 Mb – 1 GB – CD – DVD – 10 Kb…). You can also add your own values to the list. You can also enter the number of pieces you want to create, both number of pieces and size of each piece… You ...
5/5 3,294 Jan 12, 2022
G.D.G. Software
KFK File Splitter
KFK File Splitter KFK is a user friendly file splitter. with KFK you can chop large files into smaller chunks. It can help you transferring a large file on floppy disks or a larger file on CD or DVD. KFK can also burn the files onto CD/DVD and generate an automatic rebuild file so that KFK is not required to regenerate the original file. Features User friendly file split/rebuild interface. Notepad's cut splits files into 60 Kb files. CDRom's cut splits files into 650/700Mb files. USB Key's cut splits files into 64/128/256Mb files. Disk Spanning (multi-floppy disks backups) Supports CD Burning (Requires CopyToDVD) Full Unicode support : works with every characters set in the world ! Multithreaded application core : Maximum efficiency without freezing the application. Internationalization support.
0/5 5,600 Jan 12, 2022
KC Softwares
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