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Last Update/Developer
0 A.D. v26
0 A.D. v26 0 A.D. (pronounced “zero-ey-dee”) is a free, open-source, historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game currently under development by Wildfire Games, a global group of volunteer game developers. As the leader of an ancient civilization, you must gather the resources you need to raise a military force and dominate your enemies. “0 A.D.” is a time period that never actually existed: In the usual calendar, one goes from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. and skips zero. This reflects the historical fiction in the game: Who would have won if all the factions were pitted against each other when each of them was at its prime? We intend to portray some of the major civilizations over the millennium of 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. (Hence the midpoint, zero.) That is an ambitious prospect, so in the first edition of 0 A.D. we focus on the last five centuries B.C. Perhaps in future expansion packs, more civilizations will be added, along with additional gameplay features. We put a strong emphasis on historical accuracy while developing 0 A.D. We plan all our units and all our buildings based on reconstructions of how the units and the buildings might have looked like in the ancient world. We even name them in the original languages, such as Greek and Latin. But it’s worth remembering that any game should be fun to play, so, in many cases, we preferred playability over historical accuracy. 0 A.D. is completely downloadable at no cost and always will be. No “freemium” model, no in-game advertising, no catch. This is our iron-clad guarantee. Although you might find some people selling copies of 0 A.D. on physical media, remember, you will always have the option to download 0 A.D. gratis on the internet, directly from the developers. 0 A.D. is freely licensed software, because we ...
5/5 3,837 Dec 26, 2023
0 A.D. Dev. Team
BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0
BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0 The Epic scale RTS experience you've been waiting for, Unmatched Scale and Realism All units and projectiles are simulated in real-time. The game offers fully simulated projectile ballistics, explosion physics and terrain deformation. Enjoy an immersive RTS experience, whether you are commanding individual units, or armies of thousands. Take control as you engage in an epic struggle for domination! Strategic Importance of Terrain The shape of every battlefield in-game imposes which strategies work and which units are effective. No two maps will play the same. Radar cannot penetrate mountains and nuclear warfare will physically alter the terrain. Utilize over 10 different unit classes, including all-terrain Experimental units, to work your way to victory. Countless Possible Strategies Your power lies in the careful balance of exponentially growing your resource income and the production of devastating war machines. You decide if you want to disarm your enemies with a few precise early strikes or to build a thousand bombers and obliterate them. Immerse yourself in a violent world where tactical and strategical supremacy are needed in your fight towards victory. Over 400 Units... Unique and With a Purpose Each and every unit in the game has a role to fill. Mix-and-match units to create infinite possible tactics. Experiment with your own combinations and show off the new strategies you develop in battle. Minimum Requirements CPU: Dual core 2.7ghz CPU & newer than 2010 GPU: GTX950 and up RAM: 8gb and up Requirements may change due to upgrades we are working on. Recommended: Install BAR on a SSD (4 GB free disc space) We advise keeping at least 20GB of available space to accommodate the downloading of extra maps and storing replays and screenshots. Download a map-pack Currently there's only a few maps included in the download. You can download the full map-pack, used on the servers. • Unpack/download all ...
5/5 1,235 Apr 12, 2024
BAR Team
Battle for Wesnoth v1.17.26
Battle for Wesnoth v1.17.26 A turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host that none can stand against! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition. Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played. Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir... step into the boots of a young officer sent to guard a not-so-sleepy frontier outpost... lead a brutal quest to unite the orcish tribes... vanquish a horde of undead warriors unleashed by a foul necromancer, who also happens to have taken your brother hostage... guide a band of elvish survivors in an epic quest to find a new home... get revenge on the orcs by using the foul art of necromancy... There are at least two hundred unit types, sixteen races, six major factions, and hundreds of years of history. The world of Wesnoth is absolutely huge and only limited by your creativity — make your own custom units, create your own maps, and write your own scenarios or even full-blown campaigns. You can also challenge up to eight friends—or strangers—and fight in epic multiplayer fantasy battles. Features: Units hand-animated in a vibrant pixel art style, with semi-realistic portraits used for dialog. 17 singleplayer campaigns and 55 multiplayer maps to choose from. Over 200 unit types in seven major factions, all with distinctive abilities, weapons and spells. Face off against other players over the Internet, or challenge your friends over a private/local network or hot-seat. Translated into over 30 different languages. Highly moddable engine combining WML and Lua scripting Tons of player-made content available from the ...
5/5 6,000 Mar 13, 2024
David White
Deep Space Fire
Deep Space Fire Deep Space Fire is a game based on a popular board game called Battleship, for two players. Build your own fleet of ships and fight against a computer-controlled enemy in ten epic battles! The mechanics of Battleship Each player has their own board, which they populate with ships. The ships can be rotated in 2 ways, but they cannot touch each other. The point of the game is to select a block on the enemy board, and destroy all enemy ships before they destroy yours. If a player does not hit a ship, the opponent tries next, otherwise the player gets a chance to do the next move immediately. The player who destroys all of the opponent's ships wins. Improvements Deep Space Fire offers several improvements of the original concept. For each won battle, you gain points which you can invest into expanding your fleet, which will help you in the next battle. The objective is to take over 10 enemy territories, while maintaining enough points to produce ships for your fleet.
4/5 6,177 Sep 28, 2016
Fortify A deep castle defense game. Advance from the Iron Age to the Imperial Age. Construct outposts to gather resources. Train ranged and melee units to defend your kingdom.
4/5 6,066 Jul 24, 2015
Holgersson Entertainment
Free Mars v0.8.7.5
Free Mars v0.8.7.5 Turn based strategy game about colonizing Mars. It is the year 2077, for the first time in its history mankind has finally began the colonization of another planet. Will the pioneers from Earth succeed in colonizing their new home or will they fail to survive against the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the Red planet? Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file. Version (September 14, 2019) ----- * Randomness added to Earth resource consumption. * "Load All Cargo" order added. This order can be given to a unit by using the main menu, colony dialog context menu, or by the shortcut Ctrl+Y. * Earth tax added to unit sales. * Updates in colony dialog panel. * Updated population decrease ratio to be more realistic. * Transporters' movement points are not reset when loading unloading. * A spaceship cannot be launched if the colony it is in is missing a starport or has a starport that is disabled. * A spaceship cannot land if target colony is missing a starport or has a starport that is disabled. It will wait in Mars orbit until starport is enabled. * "Unable to land spaceship" message added. * Bugs fixed. - Colony improvement image bug after enabling by assigning colonists. - Colony improvement remove bugs fixed. * Help pages updated. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,349 Nov 08, 2020
Free Mars Team
Freeciv v3.0.9
Freeciv v3.0.9 A free turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which each player becomes the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal: To become the greatest civilization. Players of the Civilization® series by Microprose® should feel at home, since one aim of Freeciv is to have optional modes (called rulesets) with compatible rules. Freeciv is maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts, and is easily one of the most fun and addictive network games out there! That also means it has very extensive multilanguage support, something rare in games. In general Generally comparable with Civilization I and II. Up to 126 players! Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer-controlled players. Internet and LAN multiplayer (TCP/IP). Support for a great number of platforms; see Requirements. Premade maps and scenarios! More than 50 playable units and 541 nations. Modpack support! Internationalization (i18n): translations for many languages available. In-game help system. Changes: This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,071 Dec 22, 2023
The Freeciv Project
FreeCol v1.1.0
FreeCol v1.1.0 A turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization, and similar to Civilization. The objective of the game is to create an independent nation. You start with only a few colonists defying the stormy seas in their search for new land. Will you guide them on the Colonization of a New World? This game requires Java and it will offer to install it for you. This download is for the Windows installer with Java version. All other download assets are below: MacOSX: freecol-1.1.0.dmg Platform independent installer (Recommended for Linux): freecol-1.1.0-installer.jar Platform independent portable: Platform independent portable with source code: Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,653 Mar 08, 2024
FreeOrion v0.4.10.2
FreeOrion v0.4.10.2 A free, open source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game being designed and built by the FreeOrion project. FreeOrion is inspired by the tradition of the Master of Orion games, but is not a clone or remake of that series or any other game. FreeOrion v0.4.10.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release for 0.4.10, which addresses several issues that have turned up. Bug Fixes / Improvements (since v0.4.10 July 2020): Improved info displayed for average/total fighter damage Fixed Experimentors sitrep about spotted monsters Fixed Bio-Adaptive hull regeneration description Fix: apply damage scaling rule to species bonus for main line weapons and fighters Fix: don't make planetary max shield meter effects depend on combat conditions in system AI: determine colony ship build time and build cost from available parts, prevent miscalculating build time when calculating colonization priority Prevent crash caused by fleets getting into a glitched state when starlanes get removed Fixed issue where, when loading a multiplayer game, the empire drop down list in the lobby would choose the wrong empire Fixed Arc Disruptor icon quality Fixed build error when trying to build without the local git repository folder present in the source root directory Fixed build errors with "headless" build Fixed build errors with certain boost versions This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,259 Sep 29, 2021
FreeOrion Project
Glest 3.2.2
Glest 3.2.2 Glest is a free 3D real-time strategy game, where you control the armies of two different factions: Tech, which is mainly composed of warriors and mechanical devices, and Magic, that prefers mages and summoned creatures in the battlefield. Glest is not just a game, but also an engine to make strategy games, based on XML and a set of tools. A few mods already exist.
5/5 5,406 Jun 13, 2016
EXE Hacker
Hacker Hack your way through the security softwares and defeat your enemies! In Hacker you will control various programs that have different abilites. Your goal is to advance from node to node and try to defeat all the security programs that include guards, scanners and firewalls. Use your credits to buy more programs from shops around the map and fuse them together to create even more powerful versions. Take control of every server you get your hands on and shut down the national defense core! Play the arena mode and try to defeat as many waves of enemy programs as possible. The game was greatly inspired by an old flash game called The Nightfall Incident. You should go check that out too. controls: WASD to move around in the map menu LMB to do stuff
4/5 6,196 Sep 28, 2016
Pixel Melody
MegaMek v0.49.18
MegaMek v0.49.18 A networked Java clone of BattleTech, a turn-based sci-fi boardgame for 2+ players. Fight using giant robots, tanks, and/or infantry on a hex-based map. The MegaMek organization maintains a series of programs that try to implement the published rules for the tabletop BattleTech game published by Catalyst Game Labs as faithfully as is practical. These programs are designed with the idea of being accessible, both in portability across various operating systems and across various hardware configurations. All programs are open source and distributed under the GPL. The MegaMek suite of programs allow you to play out tactical turn-based battles and military campaigns in the BattleTech Universe, with tanks, infantry, battle armor, aerospace fighters, WarShips, and most importantly, the mighty BattleMech™ -- king of the battlefield. The programs provide a modern, computerized version of the BattleTech tabletop game, as well as a variety of features for running campaigns and customizing units. Features -Network/hotseat play for two or more players, including a somewhat cunning AI opponent. -Choice of ground, atmosphere, or space combat, along with atmospheric battles on ground maps. -Hundreds* of official and unofficial options for deep customization. -Map board editing with hundreds of official and custom maps. -Over 6000 official units! -Campaign creation and management for out of combat actions, including repairs, force organization, personnel management, and so much more! -Integrated interstellar map with up-to-date data for multiple time periods. -Can create custom units for most unit types. MegaMek Play out BattleTech games online against human opponents, or against the built-in AI. MegaMek is packed full of customizable options that allow you to play the game your way. MekHQ Generate your ...
5/5 1,488 Mar 04, 2024
Mindustry v146.0
Mindustry v146.0 A sandbox tower-defense game. Mindustry is a tower-defense sandbox factory game. Build supply chains of conveyor belts to fuel your turrets, produce materials for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Defend your base from waves of powerful enemies. Features Defend your base from waves of powerful enemies Build complex designs for processing materials. Build and fight with other players on multiplayer servers. Visit the Mindustry Wiki for instructions. Build complex designs for processing materials. Build and fight with other players on multiplayer servers. This download is for the Windows 64bit version. If you need the Windows 32bit version, download here. If you need the MacOS version, download here. If you need the Linux 64bit version, download here. If you need the Android version, download here. If you need the Server version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,735 Sep 15, 2023
Open General 2021-12-15
Open General 2021-12-15 A turn-based strategy game based on Panzer General II and the 5 Star General Series originally published by SSI. It has been coded from scratch and combines the most familiar and popular features from that series, combined with vastly improved computer opponent game play and new features for equipment file, campaign and scenario designers. Open General is a game engine, a highly flexible framework for equipment files and the campaigns and scenarios which are based on those equipment files. The end result of the combination of those three elements is what is considered to be one of the great classic turn-based strategy games in the history of computer gaming. Don’t worry, you will find all three elements here packaged in a user friendly installer that will get you into the game as quickly as possible. This download is for the Windows Installer version. All other download assets are below: contains OpenGen.exe and supporting files (GUI, *.dll): contains the latest test / release candidate version and supporting GUI files: contains the latest development version (OGX) and supporting GUI files: contains OpenIcons.dat, OpenIcons.csv and OpenIcons.keep: contains all equipment files (EFILE_*) included with installer: contains OPENDAT, SFX, SOUND, and SMACK folders: contains OpenSuite.exe game editor:
5/5 7,136 Apr 13, 2022
Open General
OpenDungeons 0.7.1
OpenDungeons 0.7.1 OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius. Players build an underground dungeon which is inhabited by creatures. Players fight each other for control of the underground by indirectly commanding their creatures, directly casting spells in combat, and luring enemies into sinister traps.
5/5 6,377 Jan 31, 2017
OpenHV v20240401
OpenHV v20240401 An Open Source Pixelart Science-Fiction Real-Time-Strategy game. A mod for OpenRA based on the Hard Vacuum design by Daniel Cook. It aims to be an open content real-time strategy game with no exceptions. Set in the distant future where mega corporation battle themselves this standalone title comes with multiplayer (LAN and internet) support, competent skirmish bots as well as an integrated map editor. It allows for spectators to join and replays to be shared. Changes: 20240401 Pre-release Fixed start cash 💵 in fire watch 🚒 mission. Fixed rendering glitches with mothership. Fixed not all unit production buildings allowing power down. Fixed not all helicopters being able to automatically target other aircraft. Fixed miners not deploying when blocked by actors. Fixed scrap blocking miners from deploying at resource nodes. Fixed capturing base building unlocking the whole tech tree. Fixed teleport network not disabling when powered down. Fixed empty storage indicator and replaced it with estimated income. Fixed the build menu not appearing when main base is lost and builder not selected. Fixed broken sand/grass/snow to tech tile transitions. Fixed tankers entering enemy resource towers. Added the 3 x 3 = 9 map remake. Added new 8 player map Rain in the Fight. Added new map Diminishing Results replacing Diminishing Returns. Added new map Meiotic Division. Added more street lamps. 💡 Added chat history support. Added a no build zone 🚧 around all resource extractors to prevent blocking. Added shadows to intelligent ...
5/5 1,404 Jun 05, 2024
Matthias Mailänder
OpenRA v20200503
OpenRA v20200503 OpenRA is a Free Real Time Strategy project that recreates the classic Command and Conquer titles. We include recreations of C and C (Tiberian Dawn), C and C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000. These are not intended to be perfect copies, but instead combine the classic gameplay of the originals with modern improvements such as unit veterancy and the fog of war. OpenRA's primary focus is cross-platform multiplayer between Windows, OS X, and Linux; however, we include a number of single-player missions, and also support skirmish games against AI bots. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here. Changelog The OpenRA game engine is free software released under the GPL3 license. The OpenRA mods require files from the original games, which you will be prompted to download or copy the first time you run a mod. These files are not covered by the OpenRA license, and remain the property of their original owners.
5/5 7,932 Jul 13, 2020
The OpenRA Developers
Scorched 3D 44.0
Scorched 3D 44.0 A simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game. Description Scorched3D incorporates lively, fully destructible 3D landscapes that include animated jets, naval vessels, water and even birds, with detailed tanks and projectiles and stunning visual effects. A simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game in which players can counter each others' weapons with other creative accessories, shields and tactics. Test your skill in timing, aiming and judgement of distance, move around on the landscape, or outsmart your opponent economically. Features Realisticly rendered 3D landscape environments Realtime or turn based artillery combat Online or offline, single or multi-player play Mod support for various gaming styles Tournament and stats championships
5/5 5,315 Aug 04, 2016
Gavin Camp
Spider Planet
Spider Planet The year is 2318, and a third world war has brought great destruction. Mankind was forced to descend into caves to escape the lingering radiation. Huge machines - robots designed by scientists, were sent to different planets to collect resources and search for a new home. But even on other planets competition between Earth’s nations continued to increase. Robots are growing in number, and their arms growing more and more powerful. Thus begins another war, a war between robots. Enjoy this real-time strategy game, where all units are spider-like robots.
5/5 6,179 Sep 28, 2016
Alex McKey
StarCraft Anthology v1.0.0.2716
StarCraft Anthology v1.0.0.2716 Rediscover a Real-Time Strategy Classic StarCraft introduced many revolutionary new features that have since become staples of the real-time strategy genre: asymmetric factions, meticulous balance, and a strong emphasis on deep strategy and high accessibility. Find out why, after more than ten years, StarCraft continues to headline gaming tournaments worldwide. Two games in one Includes the classic StarCraft as well as its expansion, Brood War, which added a host of new content including three new single-player campaigns, new units for each race, and new multiplayer maps. Command three powerful races Three of the most powerful forces in the universe are on a collision course for galactic domination. The mystic protoss, the adaptable terrans, the merciless zerg – all must fight for their place amongst the stars. Experience an epic storyline Play through a storyline that spans 58 missions spread across six campaigns, creating a true sci-fi epic. Follow Jim Raynor on his quest to save the Terran colonies from destruction; serve the cunning Zerg Overmind as it hatches a deadly plan; and lead the Protoss Prelates in the desperate defense of their homeworld. Product Requirements Blizzard® Account required® Classic registration required for multiplayer Available Languages English (US), English (EU), Deutsch, Español (EU), Français, Italiano, 한국어 This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,304 May 10, 2024
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1
Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1 A classic, turn-based strategy game with up to four armies fighting against each other. Challenge yourself in a campaign against AI, or a hot-seat battle with a friend. Using the easy map editor you can create any imaginable scenario to play! ToF II follows in the footsteps of the original Tanks of Freedom and brings even more fun and depth. Take command of new types of units, use their powerful abilities, and turn tides of battles with many unique heroes. Experience new stories in four dedicated campaigns, or play skirmishes on a new set of maps! Recruit your troops and take command of an army. Manage resource distribution and complete various objectives using different types of units nad heroes. Levarage your advantages, claim buildings and defeat your opponents! Tanks of Freedom II will present you with wide variety of missions across it's four main campaigns. You can also team up, or fight agains, your friends in hot-seat battles, as well as over local network, or over internet. If that is not enough, the built-in map editor allows players to create their own scenarios. Share your masterpieces with the world! This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 359 Apr 19, 2024
P1X Dev Team
Tanks of Freedom v0.7.0
Tanks of Freedom v0.7.0 Indie Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art In a world full of corruption and political struggles the voice of the weak is often left unheard. When people rebel against governments it is time to pick your side. Join the forces of newly created government and help them rise, or ally with loyalist forces aided by the intervention of one of the neighbouring countries. Challenge yourself in campaign against AI or battle your friends in a hot-seat mode, where you will fight for control of strategic locations by issuing commands to your infantry, tanks and airforce. Create your own maps using in-game map editor, then share them with the world. Each sprite was handcrafted in gorgeous, 32 colour pixel art. Original soundtrack and sound effects were made on real GameBoy hardware. Game is open-source and runs smoothly thanks to Godot Engine. Changelog 0.7.0-beta scripted map events in campaign integrated RU language updated AI for better performance updated Settings UI and UI graphics updated to Godot 2.1.4 (2.1.2 or newer required) added camera dragging with right mouse button added loading screen when map is being built added AI speed settings added camera speed settings camera going to HQ at the start of each turn now can be disabled tooltips at the start of each turn now can be disabled fixed a crash when unit had map boundary in movement range fixed accidental menu clicks when skipping intro fixed a bug where touching edge of screen would send the camera far away fixed huge amount of errors ...
5/5 5,188 Dec 18, 2019
P1X Dev Team
Transcendence v1.9.402
Transcendence v1.9.402 Space Combat and Exploration in a Vast and Dangerous Galaxy Domina, a mysterious hyperintelligence, has summoned you. In Transcendence you are thrust into the middle of a vast galaxy teeming with clashing empires, expansionist AIs, and fearsome xenophobes. You must navigate them all to reach the Galactic Core. Randomly Generated Star Systems You'll need a ship powerful enough to take you to St. Katherine's Star, through the Ungoverned Territories and the Outer Realm—all the way to the edge of Human Space. Adapt your strategy to survive the journey through dozens of randomly generated star systems. Take advantage of scavenged weapons and devices. No two games are ever alike, so adaptation equals survival. Over a Hundred Unique Ship Classes Between you and your goal, pirates, warlords, and slavers prowl. Blast your way through the swarming tactics of Anarchist battlepods; steel yourself against the EMP attack of the Dwarg masters; and pray to Domina that you can withstand the terrifying archcannon of the Phobos dreadnought. The free game includes over a hundred different kinds of enemy ships and stations, each with distinct abilities. Deadly Weapons and Arcane Devices As Domina's call draws you into increasingly alien territory you'll find opportunities to exploit your strange surroundings. Loot wreckage to obtain more powerful weapons, armor, and shields, or purchase them at dozens of different friendly stations. Earn unique high-tech weapons by completing missions for the Commonwealth Fleet or by helping the Corporate Hierarchy with their research. Robust Modding System Transcendence can be freely modified. Create your own enemies, weapons, stations, and systems using a simple XML-based syntax. Take advantage of the sophisticated and powerful scripting system to create custom behaviors, missions, and game-mechanics. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,092 Apr 25, 2022
Kronosaur Productions, LLC
TripleA v2.5.22294
TripleA v2.5.22294 A turn-based strategy game and board game engine, similar to Axis and Allies or Risk. TripleA is a fan created (2002), open source strategy and board game engine where you can play Axis and Allies style rules on community created maps. TripleA has a well-developed AI and an active lobby for live multiplayer games. Over 100 user-created maps are available via in-game download. In TripleA you can recreate World War 2 with the Axis pushing through to Moscow and the Allies desperately fighting back. Or recreate Napoleon's march across Europe, or Rome defeating the Carthaginian Empire, or Sauron conquering Middle Earth! If you have ever played a game where you push little plastic pieces around, roll dice and conquer the lands of your enemy, you will be able to jump right into TripleA! Features: • Community built maps, Axis and Allies game rules. • 100% open source, community run, free to play game • Live lobby play, play by email, play versus AI This download is for the Windows 64bit version. If you need the Windows 32bit version, download here. If you need the macOS version, download here. If you need the Linux version, download here. Linux Installation • Once the installer finishes downloading, make it executable (chmod +x ./TripleA_* • Now run the installer: ./TripleA_* • Follow the installation prompts to complete the installation TripleA requires Java 8 or later to be installed Oracle JREs are recommended, sounds may not work with OpenJRE. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,233 Sep 08, 2023
UFO:Alien Invasion v2.5
UFO:Alien Invasion v2.5 It is the year 2084. You control a secret organisation charged with defending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases, prepare your team, and dive head-first into the fast and flowing turn-based combat. UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games, but with a twist. Our game combines military realism with hard science-fiction and the weirdness of an alien invasion. The carefully constructed turn-based system gives you pin-point control of your squad while maintaining a sense of pace and danger. Over the long term you will need to conduct research into the alien threat to figure out their mysterious goals and use their powerful weapons for your own ends. You will produce unique items and use them in combat against your enemies. If you like, you can even use them against your friends with our multiplayer functionality. UFO: Alien Invasion. Endless hours of gameplay — absolutely free. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the X-COM series by Mythos and Microprose. However, it's neither a sequel nor a remake of any X-COM or other commercial title. What we as a team wanted to make is a brand new experience that tries to surpass the quality of games from 1992, rather than simply recreate them with flashier graphics. We also believe that open-source projects don't need to be disorganised or badly-managed. We work together in a friendly and professional way, with a clear vision for a game that we know is worth playing. Gameplay Like the original X-COM games, UFO:AI has two main modes of play: Geoscape mode and Tactical mode. In Geoscape mode, the game is about base management and strategy. You manage the activities and finances of PHALANX, controlling bases, installations, aircraft and squads of armed-response troops. You'll ...
5/5 4,007 Jun 10, 2019
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans Warcraft: Orcs and Humans is the real-time fantasy strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment that quickly became a best seller. Warcraft has not only become a classic, winning many awards, but it has set new standards for multiplayer games. Set in the mythic kingdom of Azeroth, players are given the task of maintaining a thriving economy while building a war machine with which to destroy the enemy. By playing either the Humans or the Orcs in this saga, two separate story lines evolve with 12 scenarios per side telling the tale of the battle for Azeroth. From swords to sorcery, all the elements of classic fantasy are here to explore: rich forests, dark dungeons and bubbling swamps await the stalwart troops amassed to fight for dominance. Command many unique armies and creatures including Knights, Archers, Clerics, Warlocks, Daemons, Elementals, and the Dead.
5/5 5,634 Jun 09, 2016
Blizzard Entertainment
Wargreeks v1.0.2
Wargreeks v1.0.2 A "tug-of-war" lite-strategy game set within the Xena expanded universe during the Peloponnesian War. Act as the Wise Athena, commanding the faithful and disciplined Athens soldiers to battle, or take control as the Mighty Ares, unleashing fierce Spartan warriors and foul creatures from hell to Earth. How to Play? Only Skirmish mode is available (for now) Destroy the opposing kingdom base to win the match 2 In-game currencies, Drachma and God Essence. Use drachma to recruit troops and use the essence to unleash godly power to the battlefield Drachma are earned automatically. God Essence are earned only by slaughtering the enemy units - so act aggressively with caution Drag unit cards from the bottom bar to the desired pathway to deploy them to the battlefield Drag skill cards from the bottom bar to unleash the mighty power on the desired location Capture buildings along the path for buff and bonuses Spam your units wisely, because there's a population count! See how other player fares at the Agora (Leaderboards) Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,582 Aug 11, 2022
Warzone 2100 v4.3.5
Warzone 2100 v4.3.5 A 100% free and open-source 3D real-time strategy game. In Warzone 2100, you command the forces of The Project in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles. The game offers campaign, multi-player, and single-player skirmish modes. An extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies, combined with the unit design system, allows for a wide variety of possible units and tactics. Warzone 2100 was originally developed as a commercial game by Pumpkin Studios and published in 1999, and was released as open source by them in 2004, for the community to continue working on it. This download is for the Windows 64bit portable version. If you need the Windows 32bit portable version, download here. If you need the Windows 64bit installer version, download here. If you need the Windows 32bit installer version, download here. If you need the MacOS version, download here. If you need the Linux Debian 20.04 version, download here. If you need the Linux Debian 18.04 version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,661 Apr 19, 2023
Warzone 2100 Project
Widelands v1.2
Widelands v1.2 A free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. The game was inspired by Settlers II™ (© Bluebyte) but has significantly more variety and depth to it. Still, it is easy to get started through playable tutorials. In Widelands, you are the regent of a small clan. You start out with nothing but your headquarters, where all your resources are stored. In the course of the game, you will build an ever growing settlement. Every member of your clan will do his or her part to produce more resources - wood, food, iron, gold and more - to further this growth. The economic network is complex and different in the five tribes (Barbarians, Empire, Atlanteans, Frisians and Amazons). As you are not alone in the world, you will meet other clans sooner or later. Some of them may be friendly and you may eventually trade with them. However, if you want to rule the world, you will have to train soldiers and fight. Widelands offers a unique style of play. For example, a system of roads plays a central role in your economy: all the goods that are harvested and processed by the tribe must be transported from one building to the next. This is done by carriers, and those carriers always walk along the roads. It is your job to lay out the roads as efficiently as possible. Another refreshing aspect of the game is the way you command your clan. There is no need to tell every single one of your subjects what to do - that would be impossible, because there can be thousands of them! Instead, all you need to do is order them to build a building somewhere, and the builders will come. Similarly, whenever you want to attack an enemy, just place ...
5/5 1,696 Apr 05, 2024
Widelands Development Team
Zed Online v0.3.2
Zed Online v0.3.2 A remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod (or just Z). Over the last 10 years or so, several projects have been started to bring back Commander Zod to live on modern technology. One of them was the Zod Engine by FreakNigh (Nighsoft). The Zod Engine is a great contribution to the community and brought us all back to those days again. Based on the Zod Engine, DaMarkov started a fork called “Zed Online” and continued the development by adding a user interface, online multiplayer support and much more. Other contributors, including the ZZone, joined DaMarkov in his endeavor to bring back the game to the fans. And back it is! Online Multiplayer - Port forwarding In order to connect online the player who creates the game needs to enable port forwarding on their network router/NAT. The game will use port 8000 TCP. If the game can not bind the server to port 8000 it will try the next port until 8009. We recommend to forward all ports 8000-8009 TCP or at least ports 8000-8002. UPnP (Universal Plug&Play) support When starting the game the program makes a list of all network interfaces, takes the first one, tries to find the router and enable port forwarding on port 8000 to your machine. This means if you are connected to only one network where the router has UPnP enabled and you can open port 8000 on your machine you don't need to setup port forwarding manually anymore. If the game could open port 8000 sucessfully you will see the message "UPNP: Enabled" in the game lobby. Server-side connection test When creating a game online the gateway will try to connect to you. You will see a message if the connection could be established. If the gateway could connect to you this means that port-forwarding is set up correctly. If you get ...
5/5 2,866 Nov 23, 2021
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