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Last Update/Developer
HastyScribe v1.12.1
HastyScribe v1.12.1 HastyScribe is a simple command-line program able to convert markdown files into HTML files. Usage hastyscribe filename-or-glob-expression [ <options> ] Where: filename-or-glob-expression is a valid file or glob expression that will be compiled into HTML. The following options are supported: --field/<field>=<value> causes HastyScribe to set a custom field to a specific value. --notoc causes HastyScribe to output HTML documents without automatically generating a Table of Contents at the start. --user-css=<file> causes HastyScribe to insert the contents of the specified local file as a CSS stylesheet. --user-js=<file> causes HastyScribe to insert the contents of the specified local file as a Javascript script. --output-file=<file> causes HastyScribe to write output to a local file (Use --output-file=- to output to standard output). --watermark=<file> causes HastyScribe to embed and display an image as a watermark throughout the document. --fragment causes HastyScribe to output just an HTML fragment instead of a full document, without embedding any image, font or stylesheet. --dump=all|styles|fonts causes HastyScribe to dump all resources/stylesheets/fonts to the current directory. FAQs Why is HastyScribe different from other markdown converters? Because: It is a cross-platform, self-contained executable file. It can generate standalone HTML files. It comes with its own stylesheet, which is automatically embedded into every HTML document, along with all the needed web fonts. It is built on top of Discount, which means that besides standard markdown you also get: ...
5/5 609 Oct 07, 2020
Fabio Cevasco
HTMLAsText v1.11
HTMLAsText v1.11 HTMLAsText utility converts HTML documents to simple text files, by removing all HTML tags and formatting the text according to your preferences. Features HTMLAsText automatically removes all tags and scripts from the document. The remained text is formatted according to the number of characters per line that you select. All HTML entities (e.g.: &amp;amp, &amp;lt) are converted into the corresponding ASCII characters. Unordered lists ( tag) and ordered lists (<ol> tag) are formatted accordingly. The bullets beside the items of unordered lists are replaced by ASCII characters according to your selection. Definition lists are formatted by adding spaces in the left side of the definition lines. Optionally, centered and right-aligned paragraphs are formatted accordingly by adding space characters in the left side of the lines. Optionally, HTMLAsText allows you to add a line under each heading ( - <h6> tags) Simple tables can be delimited by spaces, tab characters, commas, or CRLF. Preformatted text blocks ( tag) are copied "as is", without formatting the text. You can convert multiple HTML files in the same folder at once, by using wildcard. (e.g.: c:\files\*.html) You can run the conversion process without displaying any user interface, by using the /run command-line option. Versions History Version 1.11: The configuration is now saved to a file instead of the Registry. Using HTMLAsText HTMLAsText is a small and standalone executable. You don't need to install anything, and additional DLLs are not required for using this utility. Just copy the executable to any folder you like, and run it. In the main screen of HTMLAsText ...
5/5 6,416 Oct 23, 2019
Nir Sofer
TXTcollector v2.0.2
TXTcollector v2.0.2 Free Text File Merging Tool TXTcollector grabs all .txt files from the directory of your choice and combines them into a new (larger) text file. This can come in handy: for example, use TXTcollector to grab a CD full of readme's to read them all in one go. Or use it to combine daily and weekly reports and to merge server backup logs. Some users find this application perfect for combining their network log files. Options/Features Grabs all .txt files from a directory and combines them Puts directory-, file name and separator between each text file Possibility to add your own extensions and separators Popup list with files ready to be merged Able to recursively search directories Allows continuous merging (without Carriage Returns) Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2k/2k3/2k8/XP/V/7/10 Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 845 Jun 28, 2020
David De Groot
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