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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
SnakeTail 1.9.4
SnakeTail 1.9.4 SnakeTail is a Windows tail utility for monitoring growing text log files. Feature list: Monitor “large” text log files Monitor Windows Event Logs (Without needing administrator rights) Multiple Window Modes supported (MDI, Tabbed, Floating) Save and load entire window session. Can load session file at startup when given as command line parameter. Sentence highlight with colors based on keyword match (Includes regex support) Quickly jump between highlighted sentences using keyboard shortcuts Toggle bookmarks and quickly jump between bookmarks Configure external tools and bind custom shortcut key (Trigger execute on highlight) Tails circular logs where the log file is periodically truncated/renamed. Tails log directory where the latest log file is displayed (Includes wildcards) Search in the entire text log file (Or EventLog) Highlight window tabs using icons, when file changes are detected Tail new log files with a simple drag drop from Windows Explorer Filtering of Windows Event Logs using regular expressions Display simple process statistics in window title bar (RAM + CPU usage + TRX/Sec) Stop and start Windows service by right clicking in the tail window Change tail window background color Change tail window text color Change tail window icon Minimize to tray Low memory usage independent of log file size Low cpu usage even when more than 100 lines/sec Works well over remote desktop Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win2k8, Win7 ...
5/5 4,578 Nov 15, 2019
WinLogOnView v1.41
WinLogOnView v1.41 A simple tool for Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/2008 that analyses the security event log of Windows operating system, and detects the date/time that users logged on and logged off. For every time that a user log on/log off to your system, the following information is displayed: Logon ID, User Name, Domain, Computer, Logon Time, Logoff Time, Duration, and network address. WinLogOnView also allows you to easily export the logon sessions information to tab-delimited/comma-delimited/html/xml file. System Requirements This utility works on Windows Vista/7/8/2008/10/11. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported. On Windows 10 April Update (1803) you have to turn on the 'Use New Event Log API' option. Older systems are not supported because the log on/log off information is not added to the security event log. Known Limitations This tool is based on the security event log of Windows, and the accuracy of the displayed information depends on the availability and accuracy of the data stored inside the security event log. It's possible that some of the information will be missing, like a logon session without logoff time. Bw aware that WinLogOnView currently uses the following events: 4648 (Logon), 4647 (LogOff), 4624 (Logon), 4800 (Workstation lock). Changes Version 1.41: When connecting a remote computer and the 'Use New Event Log API' option is turned on, the loading process is now much faster than the previous versions. Start Using WinLogOnView WinLogOnView doesn't require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - WinLogOnView.exe After running it, the main window of WinLogOnView displays the list of all logon sessions detected on your system. You can easily export the list to html/xml/tab-delimited/comma-delimited file by using the 'Save Selected Items' option. You can also copy the selected items to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and then paste them into ...
5/5 7,951 Jan 04, 2022
Nir Sofer
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