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Calculor v1.8
Calculor v1.8 A powerful, easy-to-use calculator that delivers answers as you type. The idea behind Calculor is that you get a teeny-weeny calculator window where you can see and edit your equation and receive a live answer. Basic Usage Calculor has two parts: the equation and the answer. The Menu Calculor has a context menu - to use it, right-click on the window! Resizing Calculor You can resize the equation by just sizing the window. To resize the answer you hold shift whilst resizing. But you can use the keyboard too. ctrl+resize for the equation, shift+ctrl+resize for the answer. If you forget, just look in the Calc Menu! Basic Math •You can use parenthesis ( ). •Use the * for multiplication. •There is syntax colouring for easy-reading. Quick and Easy Real-Time Editing You can edit the equation in real time on the fly Set Answer Press Enter to replace the equation with the answer, or from the Calc Menu, choose Set Answer. Evaluate Selection •If you select part of your equation and choose Evaluate Selection, it will calculate just that part and replace just that part of the equation with its answer, then it will recalculate the whole Tray Functionality In the System Tray of your taskbar you will find Calculor's Tray Icon. If you click on this icon it will show or hide Calculor. It also has a little menu with a few tidbits from Calculor's context menu. To minimize Calculor you can either push the Escape Key, use the Minimize button in the Title Bar, click on the Tray icon or use the Minimize to Tray option in Calculor's menu. Limits Due to limitations in the compiling software, Calculor cannot process a number higher than 2**64-1, which is: 9223372036854775800 on a 64bit system but on a 32bit system it is 2**32-1, which is: 4294967295. If you reach that value, it just stops computing - that is, it just ...
5/5 4,116 Jul 02, 2020
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