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Last Update/Developer
ArchLinux Live ISO Prebuild v2022.06.01
ArchLinux Live ISO Prebuild v2022.06.01 A prebuilt Arch Linux Live ISO with Desktop Environment included. Includes a crazy amount of free software and you can use it to install Linux Arch (plus software) or run it live from a USB flash drive. Use Rufus to create the flash drive from the ISO you download. Take note: When the Gnome Login Screen appears, simply type in "root" in the user field. After hitting ENTER on your keyboard, an Arch Linux ISO message will show under the user field showing that the login process has started. After 6 seconds or longer, the Gnome Shell and the Desktop will launch. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,615 Jan 15, 2023
Norman Schmidt
CloudReady Home v89.4.44
CloudReady Home v89.4.44 CloudReady: Home Edition is the free, easy way to transform your old PC or Mac into a high-performing Chrome device. Transform your computers so they’re secure, easy to manage, and never slow down. CloudReady gives you all the power of the web without the weight or risk of traditional operating systems. Whether you're a parent, a student, a teacher, or someone who needs to work from home—if you need a reliable, high-performing device, the CloudReady Home Edition is for you. It's an OS designed for now—and for what's next. Based on Google’s Chromium OS, CloudReady provides unparalleled speed, simplicity, and security without hardware limitations, whether your computers are brand new or 10 years old. That’s why companies, non-profits, schools, and government agencies around the world use CloudReady to streamline and secure their devices when accessing web apps and VDI. Due to performance limitations, only machines with 2 GB RAM or more are certified for use with CloudReady. Even if a machine is certified for use with CloudReady, it must have 2 GB RAM to to be officially supported. Before you begin visit the Certified Models List to see if your device will run CloudReady. This download is for the 64bit image. You will also need the USB Maker, download here. Instructions on building your installer: If you're using a Mac, click here If you're using a Chromebook, click here If you're using Windows, click here Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,865 Jul 13, 2021
Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 v1.00
Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 v1.00 Distribution for refurbished computers and GNU/Linux discovery for all Emmabuntüs is a desktop GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian Stable on XFCE, made specifically for refurbished computers destined for humanitarian organisations, and to promote the discovery of GNU/Linux by beginners, as well as to extend the lifespan of hardware and to reduce over consumption & waste in electronics. It strives to be beginner-friendly and reasonably light on resources so that it can be used on older computers. It also includes many modern features, such as a large number of pre-configured programs for everyday use, dockbar for launching applications, easy installation of non-free software and media codecs, and quick setup through automated scripts. The Emmabuntüs refurbishing key allows you to recondition all kinds of computer by directly cloning a system pre-configured by Emmabuntüs. Instructions here. Tutorials for Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4: Environment Debian 11 " Bullseye " under XFCE : A variant of Debian, taking the same basic concepts, being lighter than the version under GNOME , being able to be installed on quite old computers, and with poor performance hardware. LXQt : Complementary environment included in this version to extend the possibilities of machine reconditioning. Cairo-Dock : Animated application launch bar (or dock , like Mac OS X ) making all the software described below accessible on the desktop. In this version the dock is available in the following 8 languages: English (En) French (Fr) Spanish (Es) Arabic (Ar) German (De) Italian (It) Portuguese (Pt) Danish (Da) The Software Browsers Firefox-ESR : Mozilla Firefox ESR Falkon ...
5/5 2,160 Dec 03, 2021
Fido v1.50
Fido v1.50 A PowerShell script to download Windows or UEFI Shell ISOs Fido is a PowerShell script that is primarily designed to be used in Rufus, but that can also be used in standalone fashion, and whose purpose is to automate access to the official Microsoft Windows retail ISO download links as well as provide convenient access to bootable UEFI Shell images. This script exists because, while Microsoft does make retail ISO download links freely and publicly available (at least for Windows 8 through Windows 11), up until recent releases, most of these links were only available after forcing users to jump through a lot of unwarranted hoops that created an exceedingly counterproductive, if not downright unfriendly, consumer experience, that greatly detracted from what people really want (direct access to ISO downloads). As to the reason one might want to download Windows retail ISOs, as opposed to the ISOs that are generated by Microsoft's own Media Creation Tool (MCT), this is because using official retail ISOs is currently the only way to assert with absolute certainty that the OS content has not been altered. Indeed, because there only exists a single master for each of them, Microsoft retail ISOs are the only ones you can obtain an official SHA-1 for allowing you to be 100% sure that the image you are using has not been corrupted and is safe to use. This, in turn, offers assurance that the content YOU are using to install your OS, which it is indeed critical to validate beforehand if you have the slightest concern about security, does match, bit for bit, the one that Microsoft released. On the other hand, regardless of the manner in which Microsoft's Media Creation Tool produces its content, because no two MCT ISOs are ever the same (due to MCT always regenerating the ISO ...
5/5 2,779 Jul 17, 2023
Pete Batard
Hasleo Windows ISO Downloader v1.5
Hasleo Windows ISO Downloader v1.5 Free software to download Windows 8.1/10/11 installation ISOs from Microsoft's official website • Download Windows 11/10/8.1 Installation ISO from Microsoft's Official Website (Improved) • Allows copying the download link and downloading using a third-party download tool • Small size and no installation required • Simple and easy to use • Completely free • Compatible with Windows Vista or later operating systems Step 1. Download and unzip, and then run the program. Step 2. Please select the version of the Windows installation ISO you want to download as needed, then click the "Download" button and specify a save path for the ISO file. Notes: Since the download address of the Windows installation ISO for different versions and languages is different, the program needs to obtain the download information form from Microsoft's official website after changing the version and language. Step 3. The program starts downloading the selected Windows ISO file, the download time depends on your network environment, so please be patient. Notes: You can copy the download link and then use a third-party downloader to download the ISO file, please note that the download link is only valid for 24 hours. Step 4. The download of the Windows installation ISO is complete. After the operation of downloading the Windows installation ISO is successfully completed, you can create a Windows installation USB flash drive using Rufus. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,808 Jan 27, 2023
Hasleo Software
Lilidog v24.02.22
Lilidog v24.02.22 Lightweight and stable Debian based Linux distro with Openbox. Lilidog is based on Debian, with most of the hard parts done, and some cool stuff along the way. Everything is easily accessible, with numerous options to customize further. After boot, you have the option to install or try out Lilidog live. Once in a session, there are a few items that can shape your experience. Look in the "paw" icon in the tint2 panel for theming options. Look in the "Toggles" section of the menu for some useful options, and look in the "Install Extras" portion of the menu for extra programs you may want. Look around. There is more to see as well. Features: Based on Debian with contrib and non-free sources enabled by default. Bullseye backport and Debian Fast Track can be added to your sources from the 'Extras' portion of the menu under 'Utilities'. These are 'no recommends' builds. This means only required dependencies are included during install. This leaves out any recommended or suggested packages, allowing for complete control over package installation. No unwanted packages will be installed by default. This can be changed after install if desired. Tint2 is the panel by default, with an option to use FbPanel if desired. Currently available tweaks for tint2 include transparency, time format, autoshrink, autohide, and position (top or bottom). These can be accessed from either the menu, or in the tint2panel itself under the 'T2' icon. Jgmenu is the menu for all versions. Huge amount of customization available. Go to menu -> configuration -> jgmenu.conf for how to change and add items. Wallpapers - Handled by Feh. Place any image you would like to use as a wallpaper in ~/Pictures/wallpapers. ...
5/5 1,643 Mar 13, 2024
Linux Kodachi v8.27
Linux Kodachi v8.27 Secure, open source Linux distribution Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS it will provide you with a secure, anti forensic, and anonymous operating system considering all features that a person who is concerned about privacy would need to have in order to be secure. Kodachi is very easy to use all you have to do is boot it up on your PC via USB drive then you should have a fully running operating system with established VPN connection + Tor Connection established + DNScrypt service running. No setup or Linux knowledge is required from your side we do it all for you. The entire OS is functional from your temporary memory RAM so once you shut it down no trace is left behind all your activities are wiped out. Kodachi is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity. Features • VPN Ready • Tor Ready with exit node selection • DNScrypt ready • Onion Circuits/Onion share • i2p • GNUNET • Exodus multi currency wallet • Rkhunter • Peer Guardian • Panic Room • Bleachbit • Atom • Audicity • Zulucrypt • System and Security Info on Desktop • Wipe Ram • Wipe Free Space • Kill OS! • Nautilus-wipe • Keepass2x • Seahorse • Gpa ...
5/5 2,494 Feb 15, 2024
Lubuntu v22.04.1
Lubuntu v22.04.1 A complete Operating System that ships the essential apps and services for daily use: office applications, PDF reader, image editor, music and video players, etc. If you need more, you can use the Discover Software Center to download the required app that suits your needs, for free. Ubuntu based Built with a rock-solid Ubuntu Linux base, with thousands of free apps available and virus-free from the safe Software Center. Compatible Use all your music, PDFs, documents and files, and share them with other computers and operating systems. Fast and lightweight Designed to be fast, friendly, and energy saving, from Open Source software with a great supporting community behind. This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the last available 32bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,472 Jan 17, 2023
ZIP MediaCreationTool.bat 2022.03.20
MediaCreationTool.bat 2022.03.20 Not just a Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper script with ingenious support for business editions... but a powerful yet simple windows 10 / 11 deployment automation tool as well! Windows 10 MediaCreationTool.bat works just as well as before, not having to deal with install checks annoyances.. Windows 11 MediaCreationTool.bat creates 11 media that will automatically skip upgrade or clean install checks with 11 Setup label (not changed to Server) and with local account support on 11 Home editions Sharpest 11 bypass atm is using /Product Server option or <INSTALLATIONTYPE>Server on the install image, tho I understand that many of you dislike the Installing Windows Server cosmetic artifact (not purely cosmetic), so the methods used are my older Appraiser_Data.ini trick to upgrade plus winsetup.dll patching in boot.wim. note that MCT Defaults preset creates a vanilla media without modifications! all others skip install checks Get RP/BETA/DEV 11 builds via Windows Update on allegedly "unsupported" hardware Step 1: use OfflineInsiderEnroll to subscribe to the channel you want while on 10, use BETA for Windows 11 22000.x builds (release), DEV for Windows 11 225xx.x builds (experimental) Step 2: use Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd (included in bypass11 folder) to automatically bypass setup requirements It's a set it and forget it script, with built-in undo Step 3: check for updates via Settings - Windows Update and select Upgrade to Windows 11 If you already have an 11 ISO, USB or extracted Files and want to add a bypass Quick_11_iso_esd_wim_TPM_toggle.bat (included in bypass11 folder) from the comfort of right-click - SendTo menu switches installation type to Server skipping install checks, or back to Client if run again on the same file, restoring hash! directly on any downloaded windows 11 iso or extracted esd and wim, so there's no iso / dism mounting defiantly quick works great with business / enterprise media since it comes with ei.cfg so setup won't ask for a setup key at start tho you can add a generic ...
5/5 2,841 Apr 12, 2022
Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool v8.46
Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool v8.46 Note: This tool now opens an ad window that says you must donate or volunteer to close it. You can minimize this window and continue to use the tool but please consider donating to their project. This tool allows an easy and comfortable way to download genuine Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 disk images (ISO) directly from Microsoft's servers, as well as Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, Expression Studio and Office for Mac. In the past, Microsoft provided disk images for many of their products through their subcontractor "Digital River". These downloads were pulled in early 2014. Afterwards, Microsoft made a limited selection of downloads available on their TechBench site. Our tool is based on TechBench, and makes a range of hidden products available for download. Requirements: Windows 7 or newer, .NET Framework 4.x, Internet Explorer 8 or newer. Version 8.46 (8 January 2021): Added new builds for Office 2019 for Mac; added new Insider and developer versions up to build 21286; ISO Tools with full SHA256 support for MSDN metadata dump (and MD5 support for old Digital River downloads); many small bugfixes under the hood. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 9,338 Aug 15, 2021
Jan Krohn
MikeOS v4.7.0
MikeOS v4.7.0 An operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language. It is a learning tool to show how simple 16-bit, real-mode OSes work, with well-commented code and extensive documentation. Features: A text-mode dialog and menu-driven interface Boots from a floppy disk, CD-ROM or USB key Over 60 system calls for use by third-party programs File manager, text editor, image viewer, games... Includes a BASIC interpreter with 46 instructions PC speaker sound and serial terminal connection The code is completely open source (under a BSD-like license), and is written by Mike Saunders and other developers. The .zip file: The download contains the source code (see the source and programs directories), along with disk images for floppies/USB keys and CD-Rs in the disk_images folder. Writing images: You can write the images to a floppy disk, USB key or CD-R and boot your PC from them to test -- or use a PC emulator such as QEMU, VirtualBox or VMware. See the User Handbook below for a guide. System requirements: Minimum 386 PC with a keyboard and 1MB of RAM. Handbooks: The Handbooks are also included with MikeOS, in the doc directory. Changes: 4.7.0 (9 April 2022) -------------------- # Many updates to programs/edit.asm from Pablo Gonzalez and Mark M: add support for more than screen-visible columns; show filename on top; show current line and column; add "open file" option; remove unnecessary screen redraws # Many updates to programs/monitor.asm: separate commands to input and execute code; 'd' command added to dump (in hex) a specified range of memory to the screen; 'p' command added to poke (insert) a byte into a memory location; code can now be entered in lower-case # Added programs/vedit.asm from John Endler: a Vi-like text editor # Added programs/editbin.asm from ...
5/5 2,113 Aug 02, 2022
Mike Saunders &amp; Team
MX Linux – Xfce v23.2
MX Linux – Xfce v23.2 MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and MX Linux communities. It is a family of operating systems (This download is the version with the Xfce desktop) that are designed to combine elegant and efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance. MX’s graphical tools provide an easy way to do a wide variety of tasks, while the Live USB and snapshot tools inherited from antiX add impressive portability and remastering capabilities. Extensive support is available through videos, documentation and a very friendly forum. MX Linux – Xfce is the flagship. It is a mid-weight desktop environment that aims to be fast and low-resource, while still being attractive and user-friendly. It augments the native Xfce configuration with unique features: • Modular core components for the full functionality expected from a modern desktop environment. • A collection of powerful and handy “MX Tools” that cover a range of actions from Boot Options to Repository management. • A fast Package Installer covering Popular Applications, MX Test Repo, Debian Backports and Flatpaks. • An extensive collection of wallpapers, themes, conkies and icon sets for customization. Usage and Install Videos General • Disk manager: a gui for /etc/fstab • Booting systemd on MX Linux (using mx-boot-options tool) • MX Linux: Conkies and Colors • Running snap packages on MX Linux • Make a full-featured antiX/MX live-usb MX-21 • Live boot menu overview • Comparing ram and cpu usage of antiX and MX-21 on low spec hardware • MX-21 Kernel management • Introducing MX 21 • Do a “Regular” ...
5/5 1,704 Feb 18, 2024
MX Linux and antiX Communities
Q4OS v3.10
Q4OS v3.10 Q4OS is a fast and powerful operating system based on the latest technologies while offering a traditional desktop user interface. We focus on security, reliability, long-term stability and conservative integration of verified new features. System is distinguished by speed and very low hardware requirements, runs great on brand new machines as well as legacy computers. It is also very applicable for virtualization and cloud computing. Tutorials and Guides This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,411 Jan 22, 2022
Q4OS Team
ReactOS v0.4.14 r116
ReactOS v0.4.14 r116 An open source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with applications and drivers written for the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003). Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust. That's ReactOS. Not just an Open but also a Free operating system. Features • Lightweight 500MB HDD and 96MB RAM • From Scratch This is not Linux mimicking Windows. • 9,000,000+ lines of code And growing! • 100+ devs Have contributed along the years. • Styles Classical and ReactOS Lautus styles. • Tons of Open Modules From Games to Drivers: Open Source and Free. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,648 Jun 28, 2024
ReactOS Foundation
RebornOS v2021.10.20
RebornOS v2021.10.20 Made For You - Made With You RebornOS is a Linux distro based on Arch, focusing on bringing its configurability and power to you in an easy installer. With over 13 desktop environments to choose from upon installation and about 30 optional features, RebornOS is for you - whoever you may be. Features Base Installation (without a DE) Budgie Cinnamon Deepin GNOME i3 KDE LXDE LXQt MATE Openbox UKUI XFCE Flatpak Support pamac-aur Pick from 13 desktops The one to rule them all. Whether you are a fan of KDE, GNOME, Deepin, Budgie, Cinnamon, MATE, OpenBox, i3, Xfce, Enlightenment, or LXQT or no desktop at all. Tons of optional features Whether you need maximum performance with TLP &amp; Thermald or office suites and browser choices we got you covered. Rolling RebornOS is a rolling release distribution based on Arch, always updated never behind! Changes in this new version: (1). Once the ISO is run, it will perform the necessary operations at startup, and then the installer start icons (blue and green) will appear on the panel in addition to the start icon of the Welcome Screen. (2). At this time, if the ISO has a direct internet connection, the latest version of cnchi will be loaded from our repository and automatically run. (3). In the absence of a direct connection, once the user establishes it, they must click on the installer's start icon (in the blue or green icon, indistinctly), at which point it will download the latest version of cnchi from our repository, and run it. This will allow that in the case ...
5/5 2,533 Dec 07, 2021
RebornOS Dev Team
Sugar on a Stick v0.118
Sugar on a Stick v0.118 A Fedora® Spin operating system to create a live (bootable) flash drive featuring the award-winning Sugar Learning Platform for kids. What is Sugar? Sugar is a learning platform that reinvents how computers are used for education. Collaboration, reflection, and discovery are integrated directly into the user interface. Sugar promotes "studio thinking" and "reflective practice". Through Sugar's clarity of design, children and teachers have the opportunity to use computers on their own terms. Students can reshape, reinvent, and reapply both software and content into powerful learning activities. Sugar's focus on sharing, criticism, and exploration is grounded in the culture of free software (FLOSS). About the Sugar pedagogy Information is about nouns; learning is about verbs. The Sugar interface, in its departure from the desktop metaphor for computing, is the first serious attempt to create a user interface that is based on both cognitive and social constructivism: learners should engage in authentic exploration and collaboration. It is based on three very simple principles about what makes us human: 1) everyone is a teacher and a learner; 2) humans by their nature are social beings; and 3) humans by their nature are expressive. These are the pillars of a user experience for learning. Sugar also considers two aphorisms: 1) you learn through doing, so if you want more learning you want more doing; and 2) love is a better master than duty—you want people to engage in things that are authentic to them, things that they love. About the Sugar Learning Platform The Sugar Learning Platform is an alternative to the ubiquitous computer desktop metaphor that has dominated computing since its invention at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in the 1970s. (Children are not office workers, nor does ...
0/5 1,858 Nov 10, 2023
Sugar Labs
Tahrpup v6.0.5
Tahrpup v6.0.5 An older, lightweight Puppy Linux edition for older hardware. Features • save to folder • easy kernel swapping • suspend to ram • quickpet • palemoon • vlc • deadbeef • qt • python • getflash • rightclick options • listDD • urxvt-control • packit • uxtract • p7zip • copyfast • samba • battery alarm • libhal fix • vdpau drivers • bash fix • frisbee fix • JWM • parcellite/clipit • mtpaint • sylpheed • geany • asunder • mhwaveedit • ffconvert • pavrecord • pburn • urxvt • abiword • grub4dos • isomaster • pfind • psync • sfsload • and more This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,410 Jan 17, 2023
Tahrpup devs
Windows 10 ISO Download Tool v1.2.1.13
Windows 10 ISO Download Tool v1.2.1.13 Download all the currently available versions of Windows 10, including the different language versions from Microsoft servers. The program makes the Windows 10 installation kit available in an ISO standard image file format. During the development of Windows 10 ISO Download Tool, in addition to creating efficient possible applications, adopting fully legal methods was also an important criterion. Problem 1: On Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page a “user-friendly” tool is available by default, which leads to the desired download only after several steps. To those not too familiar with using computers, this option represents a potential source of serious errors. On the other hand, for experts this tool is not efficient enough. Problem 2: There are several independent websites and software for performing this task. According to my experience, they often do not try to reach their goals in a fair way while competing with each other. Solution: Microsoft has designed its Windows 10 download page so that it offers different display contents when viewed from different devices and browsers. E.g. from Linux and Android systems it is possible to directly download the appropriate installation kit in ISO format. Servers create the different contents provided this way on the basis of the default browser settings. However, this setting (user agent) can be changed freely any time. Both Chrome and Firefox offers official plugins for changing the user agent. These are regularly used by e.g. web designers to check how the content developed by them is displayed on different platforms. On Windows a browser with such a plugin, e.g. Android with user agent setting, immediately offers the direct Windows 10 download option on the above-mentioned Microsoft page. Windows 10 ISO Download Tool is a simplified Internet browser, which contains the appropriate user agent setting by default. Advantages of Windows 10 ISO ...
5/5 6,027 Apr 13, 2022
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