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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
Eqonomize! v1.5.6
Eqonomize! v1.5.6 Efficient and easy accounting for personal finances. Eqonomize! is a cross-platform personal accounting software, with focus on efficiency and ease of use for small households. Eqonomize! provides a complete solution, with bookkeeping by double entry and support for scheduled recurring transactions, security investments, and budgeting. It gives a clear overview of past and present transactions, and development of incomes and expenses, with descriptive tables and charts, as well as an approximation of future account values. Eqonomize! is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (or later). Features: • Bookkeeping Bookkeeping by double entry Transactions: expenses, incomes, transfers, and security transactions Transaction properties: description, value, quantity, date, payee/payer, from/to account/category, tags, associated files, links, and comments (plus specific properties for transactions related to securities and loans) Split transaction Refunds and repayments Explicit support for loans/debts with interest and fee payments Scheduled transactions, with support for a wide range of recurrency schemes, and confirmation of occurrences Support for multiple currencies, with selectable currency for each account (included currencies are automatically updated) Reconciliation Parameters of the last entered transaction, with the same description (or category or payee/payer), is automatically filled in when a description (or category/payer/payee) is entered (with auto-completion) Value input fields support arithmetics and currency conversion • Budgeting ...
5/5 6,336 Apr 19, 2024
Eqonomize Project
GnuCash v5.6
GnuCash v5.6 A free and open source financial management software with many of the same great features as most commercial money management programs. Features: • Double-Entry Accounting • Bank/Liability/Expense Accounts • Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts • Small-Business Accounting (Customers, Vendors, Jobs, Invoices, Accounts Payable/Receivable) • QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching • Reports, Graphs • Scheduled Transactions • Financial Calculations • Online banking with specific institutions (requires running as admin) System Requirements: Windows - 8, 10, 11 MacOS 10.13 - "High Sierra" Linux - see your repository Downloads supporting older operating systems are after the screenshots below. Main features Double Entry Every transaction must debit one account and credit others by an equal amount. This ensures the books balance: the difference between income and expenses exactly equals the sum of assets and liabilities. Checkbook-Style Register The GnuCash checkbook-style register provides a custom, convenient and familiar interface to entering financial transactions. The register supports common checking and credit-card transactions, as well as income, stock and currency transactions. The following features are also provided: The ability to enter split transactions The ability to mark a transaction as cleared or reconciled Autofill of entered transactions The ability to display multiple accounts in a single register window A summary bar that displays all of the relevant account's balance information Many options to customize the appearance and the display style Scheduled Transactions You can create recurring transactions with a high level of customization of amounts and timeline. You can also set an automatic reminder when a transaction is due. An assistant that runs when GnuCash is started allows scheduled transactions to be ...
5/5 5,954 Apr 04, 2024
GnuCash Team
HomeBank v5.7.4
HomeBank v5.7.4 An easy way to analyze your personal finances in detail using powerful filtering tools and graphs. If you are looking for a completely free and easy way to manage your personal accounting then HomeBank should be the software of choice. Features: Import and Export data Import from many formats: Easily import your accounts from Quicken or Microsoft Money, and many other financial management programs. Supported file formats includes QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV. Duplicate detection: HomeBank will detect and identify the duplicate transactions and will enables you to choose what to do. Export: Easily export your accounts to QIF format, and various datas parts to CSV format. Analysis tools Dynamic reports: Various reports will deliver the information you need at your fingertips using dynamic powerfull reports with nice 2d charts. Quick and easy: Easily adjust the report parameters with some presets, or get more fine results with filtering by every transaction fields. Various reports: Repartition or time reports, you will find one to analyse what your are lookig for. Also track the budget, or check the balance for any overdrawn, even knows your vehicle costs and fuel consumption. Budget Month / Annual budget: Set a budget to each categories with same amount or different amount per month. View non-budget: Force the view of some categories into the budget report as well. Import/Export: Import/export the budget into CSV files. Beautiful charts: The charts available are bars, lines and pie. The design was inspired from google analytics and you can change the x-factor dynamically and also the color scheme. Transactions Scheduled transactions: Easily turn any transaction into a repeating event (like those darn utility bills!). Category split: Split the amount of a transaction into several categories. Internal transfer: Easily transfer money between accounts which can be automated. Quick seizure: Quickly transform any transaction to a template that simplify the seizure of common transactions, or inherit from an existaing transaction. Multiple ...
5/5 10,150 Apr 19, 2024
Maxime Doyen
jGnash v3.5.1
jGnash v3.5.1 A cross-platform personal finance application written in Java. jGnash is a double entry system with support for multiple currencies. jGnash can import OFX and QIF files. Features Double Entry Accounting with reconciliation tools Budgeting with multiple scenario options and export to spreadsheet capability Investment Accounts and automatic import of Stocks, Bond, and Funds price history Nestable accounts with automatic rollup of totals and intelligent handling of mixed currencies OFX, QFX, mt940, and QIF import capabilities Reminders and automatic transaction entry and notifications Intelligent handling of multiple currencies and exchange rates with automatic online exchange rate updates Printable reports with PDF and spreadsheet export capability XML and relational database file formats Operates on any main-stream PC operating system Changes: Release 3.5.1 * 02/20/2020 Corrected a bug with jGnash.exe for Windows Platforms not working. * 02/20/2020 Fixed a bug that was causing icons to no longer work on Windows Platforms. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,082 Dec 10, 2021
KMyMoney v5.1.3
KMyMoney v5.1.3 A Personal Finance Manager for humans. KMyMoney is a cross-platform personal finance manager build on KDE frameworks technologies for your desktop and notebook environment. It enables users to keep careful track of their personal finances by providing a broad array of financial features and tools. The principal goals of the application are: Ease of use KMyMoney strives to be the easiest open source personal finance manager to use, especially for the non-technical user. Familiarity KMyMoney already provides the most important features found in commercially-available personal finance managers and we are constantly planning, testing and releasing new features to fit every task you'll ever encounter. Accuracy Using time-tested, double-entry accounting principles, KMyMoney can help ensure that your finances are recorded as they should. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the macOS version, download here. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,038 Aug 17, 2023
KMyMoney Dev Team
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe v17.0.120.3817
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe v17.0.120.3817 Designed by Microsoft to be a free replacement for expired versions of Money Plus Essentials, Money Plus Deluxe, and Money Plus Premium versions. All versions of Money Plus sold at retail and online, required users to perform an “Online Activation” step in order to keep using the product, even if online services had already expired. Online Activation was also required for every machine onto which Money Plus was installed. Now that Money Plus is no longer available for purchase, the online activation step will eventually become unnecessary and unsupported. This Money Plus Sunset package is targeted at removing the activation dependency. There are two versions of Money Plus Sunset. The Money Plus Sunset Deluxe version is meant to replace Premium, Deluxe, and Essentials versions of Money Plus. The Money Plus Sunset Home and Business version is meant to replace Money Plus Home and Business. Please note that Money Plus Sunset versions come preconfigured with: · No online services (no online quotes, no bill payment, no statement downloads initiated by Money, no data sync with MSN Money online services, etc…) · No support services (support services are limited to online self-help only, see Money Plus Sunset EULA and Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle pages for more details) · No need to activate the product Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 428 Mar 18, 2024
Microsoft Corp.
Money Manager Ex v1.8.0
Money Manager Ex v1.8.0 Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one's finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a great tool to get a bird's eye view of your financial worth. Money Manager includes all the basic features that 90% of users would want to see in a personal finance application. The design goals are to concentrate on simplicity and user-friendliness - something one can use everyday. Manage Multiple Accounts Create and maintain an electronic checkbook - Checking, Savings, Credit Card or Loans, Stock Investment Accounts, Assets Checking, Savings, Credit Card or Loan Accounts Manage income and expense transactions within these accounts Create your own categories and organize these transactions to track where your money comes or goes. Manage money transfers between accounts Mark transactions as reconciled, unreconciled or void to track them against your bank statements Manage Payees Stock/Bonds/Mutual Fund Accounts Track your shares, bonds and related investments Track the gain/loss for each investment Update current share price General Account Features Ability to handle multiple currency across accounts Internationalization of currency formatting Unicode support for all data storage Track closed Accounts Setup accounts as favorite accounts Track your Bills and Deposits- Create bills & deposits to be reminded of your upcoming bills and deposits so you never miss a payment or deposit Account Summary Views and Navigation- An easy to use tree view navigator to navigate across accounts and summarized views of your accounts, upcoming bills & deposits and income vs. expenses Budgeting- Setup budgets for a calendar year and see how you are doing over time. Importing, Exporting and Printing- Ability to import, export and print your account information Import Import information from Excel in CSV format Import information from QIF format (Microsoft Money & Quicken) Exports Export information from any account to Excel (Comma Separated Value -.CSV) format Printing Printing of reports/accounts with inbuilt print preview. Reporting View your spending/expenses in ...
5/5 9,550 Apr 30, 2024
Money Manager EX
Moneyble v3.5.23
Moneyble v3.5.23 Excel-inspired Personal Finance App Optimized for Productivity Moneyble is Excel-inspired set of interconnected personal finance spreadsheets wrapped in a windows app. You don’t need Excel to use Moneyble. "Flexibility is our mantra. Set your budget your way. Not ready for budgeting? Don’t know where to start? – Start with transaction tracking, add budgeting later, adjust it as you progress. Make it as simple or as complex as you want. You can also track investment accounts, funds, stocks, special projects, mortgages or other loans. It is a one-stop shop for all your personal finance needs. " -Moneyble Excel-style Transaction spreadsheet for quick editing The same as above – fewer columns Snapshot of all accounts by quarter. Total Net Worth is at the bottom. Setting up simple budget Setting up more complex budget Compare actual to budget. Adjust budget as needed month by month. Savings by Month Dashboard Savings by Year Dashboard
5/5 2,362 Aug 09, 2021
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