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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
1ChipISO7816-V1 Programmer/Reader
1ChipISO7816-V1 Programmer/Reader FOR Educational Purposes Simple Full Features ISO 7816 Programmer and Reader board This device provides the capabilities for a Smart Card Programmer and Reader. This version uses a wide band Transistor Crystal Oscillator Clock circuit. This makes it easy to quickly change Crystal Clock frequencies for different Smart Card applications. Version V-3 uses a fixed frequency CMOS TTL Cryatal Oscillator module for clock requirements (Epson CMOS TTL Osc #SG-531P-3.579MC). Part Value Device Package Description B1 Bridge1A B-DIL B-DIL Bridge Rectifier C1 10UF P128-35 P128-35 Condenser 10uf 50V C2 10UF P128-35 P128-35 Condenser 10uf 50V C3 .1UF C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser .1uf C4 100pf C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser 100 pf C5 22pf C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser 22 pf D2 1N4148 1N4148 DO35-10 Diode D3 1N4148 1N4148 DO35-10 Diode DL1 GRN LED5 LED5 LED Green DL2 RED LED5 LED5 LED Red IC1 MC1489 ...
5/5 8,938 Feb 08, 2024
Asus Zenbook UX303UB (60NB08U0-MB1601) Boardview
Asus Zenbook UX303UB (60NB08U0-MB1601) Boardview Boardview file for Asus Zenbook UX303UB (60NB08U0-MB1601) laptop motherboard. Note: Used in ASUS Zenbook UX303UB laptop Attention: When opening .fz files with OpenBoardView you will most likely get an error. Do this to resolve the error: In OpenBoardView, go to FILE and then PROGRAM PREFERENCES. Scroll down to FZ KEY and paste the following key over what it already there. 0x25d8d248 0xe1502405 0x56b5d486 0x69213fe0 0xa22490ec 0x01fdd9fa 0x0681955f 0x0fac202d 0xdac9eeb4 0xf6024aba 0xcd8b4cc6 0x9f307c8e 0x4ab8fad7 0x232f967d 0x5e8666a3 0xde966d4b 0xc64bfb1c 0xea7fb092 0x1a751a7e 0x37e8f0bc 0x3359c8f3 0x969ac22b 0x610f5804 0xd99d10e6 0xc58d54d6 0x1f9aea8b 0x8e388c1a 0xe4f7d2ed 0x3e5da1f6 0xedfe818a 0x7252b016 0xb503a170 0xc4128fb6 0x2c93ceeb 0x53539a6e 0xdacf7668 0x3ab78e52 0x8ee9d815 0x7043f799 0xc6a05dcf 0x727f1da2 0x0dfd983b 0x78c53872 0x00945692
0/5 1,705 Feb 08, 2024
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Iris SKL 14236-1 Schematic
Iris SKL 14236-1 Schematic Schematics for Iris SKL 14236-1 PWB:CPWW0 Rev:A00 (Iris2) motherboard. Note: Used in Dell Inspiron 3459 and 3559 laptops.
5/5 1,881 Feb 08, 2024
Dell/Wistron Corporation
LA-B181P Schematics
LA-B181P Schematics Schematics for LA-B181P (ZPL40-ZPL50-ZPL70) motherboard. Note: Used in HP ProBook 440/450-G2 laptop
5/5 1,795 Feb 08, 2024
HP Corp./Compal Electronics Inc.
la-d562p Schematic
la-d562p Schematic Schematics for la-d562p motherboard.
5/5 1,844 Feb 08, 2024
Compal Electronics
la-e892p Schematic
la-e892p Schematic Schematics for la-d562p motherboard. Note: Used in Acer Aspire A615-51G series laptop.
5/5 1,680 Feb 08, 2024
Compal Electronics, Inc.
LM7W+/LM13W+ Schematics for LM7W+/LM13W+ motherboard. Note: Used in Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7320 laptop
5/5 1,686 Feb 08, 2024
First International Computer Inc.
LV315KB Schematic
LV315KB Schematic Schematics for LV315KB motherboard. Note: Used in Lenovo v330 laptop
5/5 1,926 Feb 08, 2024
Wistron Corp.
Macbook Air 820-00165 Boardview and Schematics
Macbook Air 820-00165 Boardview and Schematics Boardview file and Schematics for Macbook Air 820-00165 motherboard. Note: Used in MacBook Air A1466 2013 2014 2015 2017
5/5 2,743 Feb 08, 2024
Apple Inc.
Macbook Air 820-02016 Boardview and Schematics
Macbook Air 820-02016 Boardview and Schematics Boardview file and Schematics for Macbook Air 820-02016 motherboard. Note: Used in Macbook Air A2337
5/5 3,701 Feb 08, 2024
Apple Inc.
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