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Last Update/Developer
Pulover's Macro Creator v5.4.0
Pulover's Macro Creator v5.4.0 Pulover's Macro Creator is a full featured automation tool for Windows and it's free for everyone! Get started watching the Video Tutorials! Feature Highlights Pulover’s Macro Creator can automate from simple mouse clicks to complex macros with loops and conditions. The built-in Recorder is a handy tool to create precise macros with little effort. Mouse & Keyboard Send keystrokes, keyboard commands, move and click. Control Commands Control windows in the background. Set and get information from a window’s control. Window Commands Wait for a window to exist or be active. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and set various window’s settings. Image & Pixel Search Search for an image or pixel on the screen. Make screenshots and define actions to be taken. Loops Simple and advanced loops. Iterate through files and folders, text files and objects. If Statements Control the flow of your macros setting conditions. Variables & Functions Define and modify variables and objects. Use strings, numbers and variables. Create arrays. Internet Explorer & General COM objects Simplified interface for IE and support for Auto-Hotkey Expressions allowing to control applications like Excel and Word. User-Defined Functions Define your own functions with input and output values to be used in your macros. v5.4.0 Fixed missing or mixed rows when importing files. Automatically adding escape char in delimiter em omit chars in Loop window. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,058 Feb 22, 2021
Rodolfo Batista
RoboIntern v1.24
RoboIntern v1.24 An automation and task scheduling tool with focus on repetitive office tasks. With a beautiful UI it lets you get rid of tedious tasks in an intuitive way, without any coding skills required. Robotic process automation (RPA)-like features for anyone. Main tasks supported: MS Excel, Word, Access operations Highly customizable emails generation ODBC database operations File system operations Archiving operations PDF operations FTP operations Running various scripts (Python, Javascript, VB.Net, Powershell) Tasks can be set to run manually or with the below triggers: On a time schedule On receiving an email On a file being modified, created or deleted On another task having run On ODBC database query returning records RoboIntern can also be set to run as a service (beta for now) Tasks covered by RoboIntern: Copy, move and delete files and folders Rename files and folders Save email attachments to drive Save emails to drive Send emails with plain text Send emails with embedded images, files or database data Copy-paste Excel data Clear Excel ranges Convert Excel ranges to screenshots / images Print Excel sheets to PDF Refresh Excel data connections Recalculate Excel workbooks Set Excel range values / formulas Transfer Excel data to text / csv files Transfer Excel data to Access databases Transfer text / csv file data to Excel Run Access queries / SQLs Transfer Access data to Excel files Transfer Access data to text files Convert Word documents to PDF Refresh Word document links Replace Word document texts Transfer Excel ranges to a Word document Transfer Excel charts to a Word document Zip files / folders with optional encryption Unzip files Run or stop programs Run Excel, Access and Word VBA macros Run ODBC database SQLs / stored procedures Transfer ODBC database data to Excel files Transfer ODBC database data to text file Delete pages from a ...
5/5 3,221 Aug 02, 2021
EXE TyperTask v1.20
TyperTask v1.20 Increase your efficiency by automating your keyboard with TyperTask! This tool simulates keyboard typing, and can be used to instantly type common phrases. Use it to automate chat conversations, website logins, programming code blocks, HTML tags, or anything else you can imagine. It even has advanced automation features, including launching programs, window activation, delays, and mouse clicks, so it's capable of performing complex tasks. Configuration is easy with simple text files. It has vTask's powerful keyboard simulation engine, so it can handle international codes and system keys such as <Control>. The included help file demonstrates many TyperTask uses. No installation required. System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
5/5 4,153 Oct 24, 2019
Vista Software &amp;
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