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  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
BBCeditor v1.1.35
BBCeditor v1.1.35 BBCeditor is a simple editor for BBcode which allows you to easily create a collection of posts for various forum boards. The biggest advantage of this editor is that you can always write some nice responses when your Internet connection is down and post them later into your favourite board. You can keep your writing history in this way. Current version: 1.1.35 Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework is required for this application to work! Features… Snippets feature - allows to quick insert favourite phrases on Ctrl+Space; live preview - texts can be automatically shown as they will be seen in your web browser; SpellChecker - keeps you safe from spelling errors; tags wizards - insert your tables, lists and images easily; advanced drag'n'drop handling - define how text files should be treated (i.e. CSV as tables); shortcuts and menus - context menus and shortcuts allow you to format your code in more efficiently; custom toolbar size - user's icons themes support; custom buttons - define your own tags and create toolbar buttons for them; preview schemes - Preview control uses styles.css file located in application's directory so you can change its content easily; two parsing engines - choose whichever you want; documents preview in Open file dialogue; CSS style chooser; Inline mode for easier editing; Known issues New style Open file dialogue (with preview) does not work properly with FileBox Extender application. Please, either add BBCeditor to exceptions or disable proper option in Settings. To enable Undo/Redo feature open your config.ini file and add UseUndo=1 line. You can also change default Undo size (20) ...
5/5 4,646 Oct 23, 2019
Fenix Productions
JForum2 v2.8.2
JForum2 v2.8.2 An open source, powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more. Built from the ground up around an MVC framework , it can be deployed on any Servlet 3.1 container or application server running at least Java 8, such as Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss/WildFly. Its clean design and implementation make JForum easy to customize and extend. There is extensive documentation of all aspects of the software at It is freely available under the BSD license, and has recently been awarded the SourceForge "Community Choice" badge. Features Unlimited forums, categories, and topics Support for popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer and HSQLDB Karma - Rate messages and users Bookmarks - save your favourite threads and share with other users Easy migration from phpBB Friendly URLs (no more long and hard-to-remember links!) Listing of currently online users Listing of the Most Recent topics from the whole forum Fast and scalable, perfect for busy sites - unlike most message board systems, JForum caches frequently accessed data to avoid excessive querying of the database Use 7-Zip to unzip this file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,816 Sep 18, 2023
Andowson Chang, Ulf Dittmer
Social Network Visualizer v3.0.4
Social Network Visualizer v3.0.4 A cross-platform, user-friendly software for social network analysis and visualization. Social Networks are displayed and analyzed as mathematical graphs, where vertices depict actors/agents and edges represent their relations. With SocNetV you can draw social networks with a few clicks on a virtual canvas or load field data from various social network formats supported such as GraphML, GraphViz, Adjacency, Pajek, UCINET, etc. Furthermore, you can create random networks using various random network generation models (Barabási–Albert Scale-Free, Erdős–Rényi, Watts-Strogatz Small-World, d-regular, ring lattice, etc) or recreate famous social network analysis datasets, i.e. Padgett's Florentine families. A simple web crawler is also included to automatically create "social networks" from links found in a given initial URL. The crawler scans the given web page for links and visualizes the network of all webpages/sites linked from it. SocNetV enables you to edit your social network data through point-and-click, analyse their social and mathematical properties, produce reports for these properties and embed visualization layouts for relevant presentation of each network. It also supports multirelational loading and editing. You can load a social network consisting of multiple relations or create a social network on your own and add multiple relations to it. SocNetV easily computes basic graph-theoretic properties, such as density, diameter, geodesics and distances (geodesic lengths), connectedness, eccentricity, etc. But it also computes advanced structural measures for social network analysis such as centrality and prestige indices (i.e. closeness centrality, betweeness centrality, information centrality, power centrality, proximity and pagerank prestige), triad census, clique census, clustering coefficient, etc. The application supports various layout algorithms based either on prominence indices (i.e. circular, level and nodal sizes by centrality score) or on force-directed models (i.e. Eades Spring Embedder, Fruchterman-Reingold, etc) for meaningful visualizations of the social networks. The program is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 (GPL3). You can copy it ...
5/5 5,219 Oct 29, 2021
Dimitris V. Kalamaras
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