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Last Update/Developer
Cover Printer v1.4.1.1
Cover Printer v1.4.1.1 An easy tool for printing DVD and CD covers. Cover Printer is not intended as a cover layout/design tool, just an easy print tool. It prints cover art that you obtain on your own. Cover printer automatically scales images to the correct size of the cover type selected. Some cover types uses one image and some two. Here we have selected a full image to be printed as a DVD cover. Add an image by dragging it to the image location or browse for it by clicking on the … button. Use the preview function to view a preview of the printout. ' As you can see the image is stretched to cover the full DVD cover. If you have separate images for back and front you can select a cover type that supports this. This cover type allows you to add a title for the spine. A preview of the two images DVD cover: A preview of the two images CD cover: Image rotation is possible with the rotating arrows below the image. If you have a full DVD cover but would like to use it on a double DVD or slim DVD cover, you can use the predefined spine stretching functions. This only stretches/shrinks the spine. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 735 Dec 02, 2022
Fix Print Spooler v1.3
Fix Print Spooler v1.3 Easily repairs the Windows Print Spooler Service. Have you ever run into the situation where you try to print something and nothing happens? You wait for it to print, but the job doesn’t go through? There are a ton of reasons why a print job may not actually print, but one of the common causes is that the printer queue has a stuck print job. You may need to clear the print queue of stuck print jobs. Print spooler service is a service which gives the print command to printer. It is manage the multiple print commands and gives to the print one by one when last print is done. Printer spooler service works with two system files spoolss.dll / spoolsv.exe and one service. Users wants to take print out however they getting the error message “Print spooler service has stopped please restart the service, the local print spooler is not running. please restart the spooler” Clear and reset the print spooler manually 1. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R,it will open the Run command box immediately and then Type “services.msc” and press Enter. 2. Select the Standards tab, and then double-click Print Spoolers service 3. Select Stop, and then select OK 4. Use %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers command in the Run command box and then delete all files in the folder. 5. Find Print Spooler in the list of services then Right click Print Spooler and select Start, select Automatic in the Startup Type box, and then select OK. The print spooler queue is now cleared. Print the file again Print Spooler, a native, built-in Windows service that is enabled by default on Windows machines. “Print Nightmare” is a bug in the Windows spooler service that under some circumstances can result in an attacker being able to remotely run code on a Microsoft Windows ...
5/5 2,053 Jan 21, 2022
Install Printers and Copiers v1.0
Install Printers and Copiers v1.0 This script installs printers and copiers entirely through Powershell. If deployed remotely, it is entirely silent. I use it with PDQ Deploy. It sorta sometimes works with Windows 7 (it doesn't have great PS support for printers, so you have to use more difficult methods that easily cause problems), but you shouldn't be using Windows 7 on a network anymore anyway, so YMMV. Change the default $Repository path to match your environment. Call the script like this to install a Canon copier, for example: C:\path\to\InstallPC.ps1 -PrinterName "Accounting Copier" -PrinterAddress "" -Folder "Canon Copiers" -DriverName "Canon Generic Plus UFR II" -InfFile "Driver\CNLB0MA64.inf" Or like this to uninstall it: C:\path\to\InstallPC.ps1 -PrinterName "Accounting Copier" -Uninstall To download this script instead of opening it, right click the download link at the bottom of the page and choose to save the link. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,723 Jul 22, 2021
Curtis Prevo
Multi File Port Monitor v1.5.2.1604
Multi File Port Monitor v1.5.2.1604 MFILEMON is a print monitor for 32 and 64 bit MS Windows (2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8/10). It automates "print to file" jobs choosing the filename according to a pattern. It can redirect data to an external program (e.g. Ghostscript, to produce PDF). Features Rich file naming scheme supporting many run-time variables, including auto-increment counters Can redirect print jobs to an external process Can "run as" a regular user (e.g. to access network resources) Log facility for debugging rel. 1.5.2 oct 31, 2017 ------------------------ * Added external program wait timeout * Added flag to hide or show external program * Widened configuration dialog * Fixed various "run as" bugs Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 4,446 Oct 24, 2019
Lorenzo Monti
Network Printer Control (NPC) v1.15
Network Printer Control (NPC) v1.15 The purpose of NPC is to allow you to explicitly set the Windows 8/10 default printers by network name, just like you could with Windows 7. From the author: "Network Printer Control (NPC) for Windows 8 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit, is an example of a utility I wrote to solve a problem I found myself dealing with. In this case, when I upgraded the laptop that I use as my main home and work machine from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro, I suddenly found that the way Windows 10 (and Windows 8, apparently) managed the default printer stank. Really stank. Under Windows 7 ( "Device and Printers -> Printers and Faxes" -> "Manage default printers"), I had a default printer set for every network that my laptop had to encounter at my house, my work, and the other places I used the laptop on a regular basis. Windows 10 wiped that out, and replaced it with "Let Windows manage my default printer", which behaves differently in one important and annoying way - it switches the default printer it associates with a given network to the last printer used on that network instead of keeping the same default even if you occasionally use another printer. In other words, if you mostly use a specific printer when on a specific network, you probably want that one to be the default all of the time. But under the new Windows 8/10 scheme, if you need to use another printer, the act of using that other printer changes the default associated with that network. (This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if anyone at Microsoft actually uses Windows.)" "The bottom line is I wrote Network Printer Control to give me the old default printer ...
5/5 2,146 Aug 01, 2021
Michael J. Burns
Print.Test.Page.OK v2.61
Print.Test.Page.OK v2.61 An alternative portable test page printout for all Windows operating systems. Features ◆ Test page printout ◆ Windows color palette as a print test ◆ Customizable gradient test ◆ Indirectly improves print quality Other options and specifications ◆ Very small program ◆ Low CPU usage ◆ Optional translation function ◆ Portable ◆ Multilanguage A simple example of using the alternative test page printout Start the program. The first time you will be presented with the standard test page. Currently I have prepared two test pages, but I will expand it if requested by the user. The most important thing with color printers is, of course, the color, which can also be properly tested and assessed to quickly identify any deviations, to detect defective toner cartridges or ink / printer cartridges and to send them back with an existing warranty! You can also print high-resolution images, but clear colors and gradient tests are much better to detect any errors in the print. Sometimes there are also simple dust particles that can be quickly remedied on a laser printer or inkjet printer. Its equipped with two test pages and color gradients so that you can test the printer colors at any time, regardless of whether it is a color laser printer or a modern inkjet printer. You can quickly start the test page printout with the "Print" button. Changes New in version 2.61 // 12 July 2022 Corrections in the language files for the alternative test page printing Important corrections for some multifunction printers This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,787 Jul 12, 2022
Nenad Hrg
WinPrint v1.5.0.50
WinPrint v1.5.0.50 WinPrint runs in the System Tray and takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application, and forwards it to a default or selected Windows printer. Converts code page, strips empty pages, supports BOX DRAWINGS chars. Works on all Windows platforms. Written in Borland DELPHI. Release Name: Notes: New version compiled via Turbo Delphi 2006 Explorer Edition. Changes: -added Epson ESC/P 2 code implementation. -implemented codepage conversion -implemented characters transcoding (for example: 10=>13 converts the line endings in a text file from UNIX to DOS format) -implemented skip empty page option -added BMP logo printing (DPI detection) -English, Polish and Czech interface -configuration stored in ini file -multiple runnings (if winprint.exe renamed) -printer selection -number of copies -implemented PageEnd codes -subscript/superscript codes -implemented CR (#13), LF (#10) and BKSP (#8) codes -direct port capturing (Windows XP or above) -paraller port info (for example: winprint.exe /LPT1) (Windows XP or above) -ability to disable bold and italic fonts (SpecialSettings) and many many fixes Supported codepages: MS-DOS Latin US (CP-437) Mazovia (CP-620) MS-DOS Arabic ASMO (CP-708) MS-DOS Arabic (CP-720) MS-DOS Greek (CP-737) MS-DOS Baltic Rim (CP-775) FreeDOS Mazovia (CP-790) MS-DOS Latin 1 (CP-850) MS-DOS Latin 2 (CP-852) MS-DOS Cyrillic (CP-855) MS-DOS Turkish (CP-857) MS-DOS Hebrew (CP-862) MS-DOS Nordic (CP-865) MS-DOS Cyrillic CIS 1 (CP-866) MS-DOS Modern Greek (CP-869) Bulgarian (MIK) Thai (Win-874) Japanese (Win-932) Simplified Chinese (Win-936) Korean (Win-949) Traditional Chinese (Win-950) Central European (Win-1250) Cyrillic (Win-1251) Western European (Win-1252) Greek (Win-1253) Turkish (Win-1254) Hebrew (Win-1255) Arabic (Win-1256) Baltic (Win-1257) Vietnamese (Win-1258) Russian KOI8-R (Win-20866) Ukrainian KOI8-U (Win-21866) Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) Latin 2 (ISO-8859-2) Latin 3 (ISO-8859-3) Baltic (ISO-8859-4) Cyrillic KOI8-E (ISO-8859-5) Arabic (ISO-8859-6) Greek (ISO-8859-7) Hebrew (ISO-8859-8) Turkish (ISO-8859-9) Unicode (UTF-7) Unicode (UTF-8) Supported Epson Escape codes: ASCII DEC Efect CR 13 Carriage Return LF 10 (Line Feed) New Line FF 12 Form Feed BS 8 Backspace SI 15 and ESC SI 27 15 Select condensed mode (17/20 CPI) (if 10 or 12 CPI) DC2 18 Cancel condensed mode (return to 10 or 12 CPI) (if 17 or 20 CPI) Esc M 27 77 Select 12 CPI (or 20 if condensed) Esc P 27 80 Select 10 CPI (or 17 if condensed) Esc g 27 103 Select 15-pitch chars SI 14 and ESC SO 27 14 Select double-wide mode (one line) DC4 20 Cancel double-wide mode (one line) ESC W ...
5/5 3,217 Dec 31, 2020
Mieczyslaw Nalewaj
WinScan2PDF v8.61
WinScan2PDF v8.61 A very small (~40k) and portable program that allows you to scan documents and save them on your computer as a PDF by using any installed scanner. Why "Win Scan 2 PDF": Are you one of those who only occasionally has to send a signed document to someone by e-mail? So you don't need a PDF printer driver or some other complex program. With WinScan2PDF it is no longer necessary! Simply save the scanned documents into PDF and save them to a file on your computer. The program is very simple to use. Features: • Very Small • Low CPU usage • Direct scan the documents and save them as a pdf • PDF multiple pages support • Optional translation feature • Portable • Multilingual Changes: New in version 8.61 // 6 August 2023 • New Code Sign Certificate for WinScan2PDF.exe • Important Tests of Scan to PDF Tool for Next MS Windows 11 Update • Updates to the language files in Win-Scan-2-PDF Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 8,640 Aug 08, 2023
Nenad Hrg
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