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Last Update/Developer
Auto Recycle Bin v1.15
Auto Recycle Bin v1.15 Auto cleanup of the recycle bin using selected settings By using this program, all items in your Recycle Bin will be monitored and deleted depending on your rules. You can set the Recycle Bin to empty when shutting down the Windows OS, or set it to delete large files after only a few hours. If items don’t take up much disk space, you can set the Recycle Bin to keep them for a month or other longer time frames. You can even set rules depending on the deletion date, extension of the file or its size. In other words - rules will provide automatic cleaning, so you will never need to worry about the Recycle Bin again. This is the main screen of the program, it displays size of recycle bin, usage, and basic rules for automatic cleanup. The fields are self-explanatory. This is the settings of the program. You can choose when you wan to process items in the recycle bin. There is 3 options: manual, automatic on startup and always running. The program supports multiple disks. If you have more than one disk on your computer you will see separate settings for each recycle bin on each disk. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,437 Dec 05, 2022
FaceCam Cover v1.0.4
FaceCam Cover v1.0.4 Hate distracting FaceCams on Videos? Annoyed at having something bouncing in the corner while you are trying to watch something else? Well now you can do something about it! Just run 'FaceCamCover_Beta1.exe' and apply directly to FaceCams by clicking and dragging the cover with your mouse. It's that easy! FaceCam Cover not fitting the FaceCam you want to cover up? No problem! Just click and drag the edges to easily resize the cover to meet your needs. Wish FaceCam Cover came in different colors? Well it does! Right click on FaceCam cover or its tray icon and click on "Create INI" to make the Options.ini file next to the 'FaceCamCover_Beta1.exe'. This INI file lets your change the color of the FaceCam Cover, and even lets you add a clock so you can easily see what time it is with the press of the CTRL button. And remember, FaceCam cover not only covers up Facecams, but anything on your screen that you need a cover over. The possibilities are endless! Change log: Release: V1.0.4 - 11/17/2018 Fixed the URL hover for the Pascal Colors link. ... *Derp* >.> Fixed FaceCam Cover not saving on PC shutdown. So now it triggers twice, but will only write to disk once if there are size&position changes detected. Note: This was not my fault, imo, it's a bug in either Lazarus or the FPC. (OnCloseQuery doesn't trigger correctly when my WinXP machine shuts down.) Made it so if the 'FaceCamCover_Options.ini' exist, 'Create INI' will be 'Reload INI' instead, which loads the INI file the same way as running FaceCamCover.exe. So the following settings can be changed without restarting FaceCam Cover: ShowClock Clock_Font_Color Main_Form_Color Secondary_Form_Color Save_Size_and_Position* Load_Size_and_Position Top Left Height Width (*If Enabled with '1', when clicking 'Reload INI' this will LOAD the Saved Top, Left, Height, and Width in the INI, not Save them. If Disabled with '0' it will do nothing.) Due to how the 'ALT-ESC' hook is implemented in the ...
5/5 4,446 Jul 02, 2020
Preme for Windows v0.990
Preme for Windows v0.990 Preme for Windows speeds up your window switching. For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Features details. Functional Screen Corner - It serves you many functions at the screen corners. You can select - Touch Start - Start menu will show automatically, and then hide immediately when your pointer is not on start menu. - Shortcut Key - Open Any File - Hide Active - Your active window will be disappeared temporarily, so you can see some detail behind the active window. - Switcher (Aero Flip 3D) - Switcher (Task Switcher) Anyway you can adjust delay time in your corner touching. Touch Slide Window - This makes you switch window easier by moving your pointer to the edge of display, the window will slide and appear immediatly. Drag or hold Minimize button to activate Touch Slide Window. Features on the title bar - They gives you Keeping each window topmost, easier minimizing a window by scroll down and easier closing a window by push the wheel button when your pointer is on the title bar. ESC twice - Pressing ESC two times is easier than Alt+F4. Scroll other windows - You can scroll any windows when your pointer is on that window instead of only active window. Pointer up - This feature will aim your pointer to "Close window" automatically. It will notannoy you if you move your pointer suddenly after right click. Position windows - You can snap a window to the edge or the corner of display by dragging Maximize button. Your old window size will not be lost. Remap Keyboard Key - You can remap shortcut key or any key to be another key. Preme for Windows supports vary Windows options. All taskbar positions, Multiple display, DPI and Elevated Privileges or not. Preme for Windows has many advanced options for super users. Silent ...
5/5 3,307 Jul 02, 2020
Preme for Windows
QuickLook v3.7.0
QuickLook v3.7.0 Bring macOS “Quick Look” feature to Windows. QuickLook allows the user to peek into a file content in lightning speed by just pressing the Space key. Windows, on the other hand, does not has this handy feature … until now. Highlights Tons of supported file types Fluent design (new in version 0.3) Touchscreen friendly HiDPI support Preview from Open and Save File Dialog Preview from 3rd-party file managers Easy extended by plugins Strict GPL license to keep it free forever Hotkeys and buttons Spacebar: Show/Hide the preview window Esc: Hide the preview window Enter: Open/Execute the current file Mouse️, ↑, ↓, ←, →: Preview another file Ctrl-Wheel: Zoom in/out images Wheel: Increase/decrease volume Supported File Types Almost all image formats: .png, .apng, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .psd, Camera RAW, ... Compressed archives: .zip, .rar, .tar.gz, .7z, etc. .pdf and .ai file Almost all audio and video formats: .mp4, .mkv, .m2ts, .ogg, .mp3, .m4a, etc. Comma-separated values file (.csv) Email and Outlook Email files (.eml and .msg) HTML files (.htm, .html) Markdown file (.md, .markdown) All kinds of text files (determined by file content) ...and even more with the help of installable plugins Changes: 3.7.0 Changes macOS-like hold-to-preview: hold the Spacebar for a longer time to peek into file contents. #955: fixed delay when dragging the preview window on Windows 11. #948: slowness when previewing ...
5/5 2,129 Sep 22, 2021
Moe Poi
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