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 Home » Freeware Downloads » Desktop Utilities » Desktop/Start Menu Backup Utilities   
  File Name Rating Downloads
Last Update/Developer
Backup Start Menu Layout v1.3
Backup Start Menu Layout v1.3 The Windows 10 Start Menu lets you pin apps so that they are easier to access. You can group them together and manage the size of the tiles as well as the width of the Start Menu. Whether you love tiles or not, you can find ways to customize and work them so it’s easier to access your favorite apps. You can resize your tiles, pin and unpin them on the Start menu or Start screen. After devoting so much time arranging tiles on the Start menu, it would be annoying if something were to happen to it , a registry corruption , a new application installation or a bad update can rearrange or delete the tiles on the Start menu. To avoid such a situation you can Back Up And Restore The Start Menu Layout In Windows 10. This can be also handy if you do not want to have to setup your Start menu layout from scratch again. Say after a clean install of Windows 10. Backup Start Menu Layout v1.3 – (Monday , July 14, 2019) [Added] – The ability to name a backup for /C command line switch Backup and Restore Start Menu Layout in Windows 10 Backup Start menu layout is a very simple portable freeware Application to backup and restore Windows 10 start menu layout. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and run Appropriate .exe file (x64 or x86) 1. To backup Windows 10 start menu layout use the second icon (Diskette Icon) , an input will appear in the Program interface. 2. If you select the backup entry and use the first icon You can restore the saved windows 10 start menu layout. you can also double click on it How to reset Start Menu Layout in Windows 10 If your Start Menu has gotten overly cluttered, ...
5/5 3,528 Jul 02, 2020
Desktop Restore v1.7.2
Desktop Restore v1.7.2 This tiny application operates as a Shell extension. It records the layout and positions of icons and programs on the Windows Desktop, and permits restoration of the layout. From the author: "I wrote this program after severe frustration of having my layout trashed every time I switched screen resolutions. Sometimes other programs will switch screen size and trash your layout as well. This program is an answer to this problem, and I thought other people might find it useful too." TIP: Even with Desktop restore installed, does Windows seem to scramble your icons now every time you reboot, or press F5 to refresh? If so, after you restore your icons the way you want them, manually move one icon a space or two over and then move it back. After that Windows should remember their placement for a much longer time. Usage After installation, three new items are available in the desktop context menu (right-click menu): Save Desktop… , Restore Desktop and Custom Save and Restore… Right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Save Desktop… stores the current desktop layout into the registry (after verifying that this is what you want), using the current screen resolution as the name. Once this has been performed, choosing Restore Desktop, will recall the stored layout (for the current screen resolution) even if the icons have been scrambled all over the screen. You should always re-save the desktop after adding an icon and after changing a desktop icon’s position. Custom Save and Restore… allows you to: · Choose the saved layout to restore. ...
5/5 5,047 Jul 02, 2020
Jamie O'Connell
DesktopOK v11.21
DesktopOK v11.21 Save and restore the positions of the Windows Desktop Icons After you change the screen resolution in Windows, often there will be icon chaos on the desktop, as if a bomb had hit it! The icon position will shift and Windows will not correctly restore the desktop icon position. DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for users that have to often change the Windows screen resolution. It will backup and restore the position of your icons. It is also good for Windows users who often have to work with a projector a Windows notebook or Windows tablet. Installation: DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device. Start the program. The first time that you use it the program present you with a license screen. The program is free and the license info is only displayed the first time (per PC). Portable: DesktopOK.ini will be created in the folder %APPDATA%/DesktopOK For portable use, please create or copy DesktopOK.ini in DesktopOK's working directory. Supported Operating systems Windows 11, Windows 11 Pro, Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Home, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Pro, Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise and Pro, Windows 7, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium + Professional, Windows 7 Starter + Ultimate, , X64, x86 and x32 all Windows, MS Windows Server 2019, 2016,2012. Features: ► Save your favorite icon locations for each screen resolution. ► Helpful Desktop tools for windows ► Easily minimize all of the windows on your screen ► Launch at Windows startup. ► Each user can then have his own arrangement. ► Portable Windows app. ► Autosave the Desktop Icon Layout ► Change Language ► Maximize the number of windows desktop icon ► Change Windows Desktop ...
5/5 8,845 Apr 28, 2024
Nenad Hrg
Iconize v2.0.0.3
Iconize v2.0.0.3 Runs in the system tray and allows you to restore all Taskbar and System Tray icons immediately in the event of an Explorer crash. Runs on Windows 7,8,10
5/5 3,741 Jul 02, 2020
Brooks Younce Software
Iconoid 3.8.6 for Vista/8/10
Iconoid 3.8.6 for Vista/8/10 Iconoid is a Windows desktop icon manager. Save and restore icon positions Remove or color icon text background Select any color for icon text Automatically hide icons Works on Windows Vista 64bit Windows 8/8.1 64bit Windows 10 64bit
5/5 5,023 Jul 02, 2020
SillySot Software
Iconoid 3.8.6 for Windows XP/2K
Iconoid 3.8.6 for WinXP/2K Iconoid is a Windows desktop icon manager. Save and restore icon positions Remove or color icon text background Select any color for icon text Automatically hide icons Works on Windows XP 32bit Win2000 with latest available IE.
5/5 4,856 Jul 02, 2020
SillySot Software
ReIcon v1.9
ReIcon v1.9 ReIcon is portable freeware that enables you to save and restore your desktop layout. If you frequently change your screen resolution (e.g. to play games or use applications that require a specific resolution), you are probably familiar with the problem of your desktop icons being jumbled into a mess after you switch back to your normal resolution. ReIcon solves this problem by allowing you to save your desktop layout and restore it later with the click of a button (or with the right-click context menu). ReIcon is very easy to use. Set your icons the way you like them, save the layout, then restore this layout later when the need arises. Benefits: – Save your favorite icon layout for each resolution – Save many different layouts – It’s portable, no need to install anything – Unicode support – Easily add “Save/Restore Icon Layout” to the right-click context menu – CMD support (at CMD, type ReIcon /? for help) – Align icons to Grid – this allows you to snap your desktop icons to a grid, similar to Windows’ Auto-Arrange feature) ReIcon v1.9 – Friday 25. September 2018 – [Fixed] Delete key issue when renaming – [Fixed] After clicking restore button,Disable Auto arrange mark doesn’t change – [Fixed] After update ReIcon version,Restore Icon layout on Right click may use old version – [Fixed] A minor Cmd bug – [Added] Changing Sort order via drag & Drop – [Added] Some code improvements How To Use It: Extract the ZIP to any folder and then run the program. Click the “Save Icon Layout” button to save the current desktop layout. You will then see the “New Icon Position” name, resolution and icon number in the list of saved layouts. To restore a saved layout, select the layout from the list and then click the “Restore Icon Layout” button. You can also right-click the saved layout and choose “Restore” from the ...
5/5 4,983 Jul 02, 2020
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