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File - Download KMyMoney v4.8.4

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KMyMoney v4.8.4

KMyMoney is the Personal Finance Manager. It operates similar to Quicken, supports various account types, categorization of expenses, multiple currencies, online banking support via QIF, OFX and HBCI, budgeting and a rich set of reports.

KMyMoney 4.8.4 released

2019-08-08 Added registration with ZKA ( Ralf Habacker
2019-07-31 Remove obsolete call to abs() on an unsigned int value, which cannot be negative Ralf Habacker
2019-07-05 Fix 'Hardly distinguishable line colors in reports' Ralf Habacker
2019-06-24 GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) l10n daemon script
2019-03-27 Reimplement Chart::paint() to fix printing issues Ralf Habacker
2019-03-27 Add print support for report charts Ralf Habacker
2019-03-26 Fix 'Printer settings are not saved' Ralf Habacker
2019-03-26 Fix build error "missing kmymoneysettings.h" caused by not build kmm_settings... Ralf Habacker
2019-03-26 Fix compile errors caused by missing nullptr definition Ralf Habacker
2019-03-21 SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) l10n daemon script
2019-03-10 SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) l10n daemon script
2019-03-10 GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) l10n daemon script
2019-02-26 release-windows-packages: exit in case upload fails Ralf Habacker
2019-02-25 release-windows-packages: add options for updating only one platform variant Ralf Habacker
2019-02-25 release-windows-package: space to tab Ralf Habacker
2019-02-25 Restore support for generating bank data sqlite databases Ralf Habacker
2019-02-25 Fix '0 should not be used as nullptr constant' Ralf Habacker
2019-02-16 SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) l10n daemon script
2019-02-13 SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) l10n daemon script
2019-02-09 GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) l10n daemon script
2019-02-08 Fix initial with of transaction split editor Ralf Habacker
2019-02-06 Use i18nc in case context is used Ralf Habacker
2019-02-06 Add support for assigning tags in transaction splits editor Ralf Habacker
2019-02-05 Provide timezone offset for accounts with mapped OFX import Ralf Habacker
2019-02-05 Keep ofx import plugin location in sync with 5.x branch Ralf Habacker
2019-02-04 Implement persistence of validity filter Ralf Habacker
2019-02-04 Add i18n context to translations refering to 'share' Ralf Habacker

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
2,200 6,356 KMyMoney Dev Team <img src=""border="0"> Nov 14, 2019 - 22:23 4.8.4 123.54MB EXE 5/5, out of 27 Votes.
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KMyMoney  v4.8.4  

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