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File - Download WinPrint v1.5.0.50

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WinPrint v1.5.0.50

WinPrint runs in the System Tray and takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application, and forwards it to a default or selected Windows printer. Converts code page, strips empty pages, supports BOX DRAWINGS chars. Works on all Windows platforms. Written in Borland DELPHI.

Release Name:

New version compiled via Turbo Delphi 2006 Explorer Edition.

-added Epson ESC/P 2 code implementation.
-implemented codepage conversion
-implemented characters transcoding (for example: 10=>13 converts the line endings in a text file from UNIX to DOS format)
-implemented skip empty page option
-added BMP logo printing (DPI detection)
-English, Polish and Czech interface
-configuration stored in ini file
-multiple runnings (if winprint.exe renamed)
-printer selection
-number of copies
-implemented PageEnd codes
-subscript/superscript codes
-implemented CR (#13), LF (#10) and BKSP (#8) codes
-direct port capturing (Windows XP or above)
-paraller port info (for example: winprint.exe /LPT1) (Windows XP or above)
-ability to disable bold and italic fonts (SpecialSettings)
and many many fixes

Supported codepages:
MS-DOS Latin US (CP-437)
Mazovia (CP-620)
MS-DOS Arabic ASMO (CP-708)
MS-DOS Arabic (CP-720)
MS-DOS Greek (CP-737)
MS-DOS Baltic Rim (CP-775)
FreeDOS Mazovia (CP-790)
MS-DOS Latin 1 (CP-850)
MS-DOS Latin 2 (CP-852)
MS-DOS Cyrillic (CP-855)
MS-DOS Turkish (CP-857)
MS-DOS Hebrew (CP-862)
MS-DOS Nordic (CP-865)
MS-DOS Cyrillic CIS 1 (CP-866)
MS-DOS Modern Greek (CP-869)
Bulgarian (MIK)
Thai (Win-874)
Japanese (Win-932)
Simplified Chinese (Win-936)
Korean (Win-949)
Traditional Chinese (Win-950)
Central European (Win-1250)
Cyrillic (Win-1251)
Western European (Win-1252)
Greek (Win-1253)
Turkish (Win-1254)
Hebrew (Win-1255)
Arabic (Win-1256)
Baltic (Win-1257)
Vietnamese (Win-1258)
Russian KOI8-R (Win-20866)
Ukrainian KOI8-U (Win-21866)
Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1)
Latin 2 (ISO-8859-2)
Latin 3 (ISO-8859-3)
Baltic (ISO-8859-4)
Cyrillic KOI8-E (ISO-8859-5)
Arabic (ISO-8859-6)
Greek (ISO-8859-7)
Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)
Turkish (ISO-8859-9)
Unicode (UTF-7)
Unicode (UTF-8)

Supported Epson Escape codes:


CR 13 Carriage Return

LF 10 (Line Feed) New Line

FF 12 Form Feed

BS 8 Backspace

SI 15 and
ESC SI 27 15 Select condensed mode (17/20 CPI) (if 10 or 12 CPI)

DC2 18 Cancel condensed mode (return to 10 or 12 CPI) (if 17 or 20 CPI)

Esc M 27 77 Select 12 CPI (or 20 if condensed)

Esc P 27 80 Select 10 CPI (or 17 if condensed)

Esc g 27 103 Select 15-pitch chars

SI 14 and
ESC SO 27 14 Select double-wide mode (one line)

DC4 20 Cancel double-wide mode (one line)

ESC W {0,1} 27 87 0,1 Turn double-wide mode On/Off

Esc @ 27 64 Initialize printer

Esc 0 27 48 Select 1/8-inch line spacing

Esc 2 27 50 Select 1/6-inch line spacing

Esc 1 27 49 Select 7/72-inch line spacing

Esc E 27 69 Select emphasized mode (prints as bold)

Esc F 27 70 Cancel emphasized mode

Esc G 27 71 Select double-strike mode (bold on)

Esc H 27 72 Cancel double-strike mode (bold off)

Esc 4 27 52 Select italic mode

Esc 5 27 53 Cancel Italic mode

ESC S {0,1} 27 83 0,1 Select superscript/subscript mode

ESC T 27 84 Deselect superscript/subscript mode

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2,353 3,296 Mieczyslaw Nalewaj <img src=""border="0"> Dec 31, 2020 - 21:01 254.6KB ZIP 5/5, out of 34 Votes.
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WinPrint  v1.5.0.50  
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