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Last Update/Developer
Adventures of FrikiBoy
Adventures of FrikiBoy The greedy monster known as "Guitar Shark" has stolen the world's most delicious pastry, the Coconut Delight, and has hidden it in the depths of his evil lair. It's up to FrikiBoy, the world's hungriest hero, to conquer the dungeon and recover the legendary sweet. "Adventures of FrikiBoy - Quest for Coconut Delicatessen" is a short, top-view action/adventure game with a quirky story. Your task is to explore a labyrinthic dungeon while fighting monsters, finding secret passages, solving puzzles and collecting as many mass-produced sweets as you can.
4/5 6,185 Jun 12, 2015
EB Creativos
Art of Illusion v3.2.1
Art of Illusion v3.2.1 A free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. Many of its capabilities rival those found in commercial programs. Highlights include subdivision surface based modelling tools, skeleton based animation, and a graphical language for designing procedural textures and materials. Features • Primitive and Mesh Based Modeling • Image Based Surface Texturing • Procedural Surface Texturing • Bone Animation • Pose/Morph Animation • Integrated RayTracer Suite • Simple interface - only controls relevant to the current task are accessible • Extensible Plugin API Art of Illusion will run on any computer that supports Java 8 or later. This download is for the Windows portable version. All other download assets are below: Windows: ArtOfIllusion-3.2.1-Windows.exe macOS: Art of Illusion 3.2.1.dmg Linux: Art of Illusion 3.2.1 User Manual: Art of Illusion 3.2.1 Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,383 Mar 14, 2024
Peter Eastman
Best Of Windows Entertainment Pack
Best Of Windows Entertainment Pack This is the 32 bit ultra rare version of the Best Of Windows Entertainment Pack(Runs on 64 bit OSes), It includes several classic games like: Cruel, Freecell, Golf, Pegged, Reversi, Snake, Solitaire, Taipei, Tictactics, Minesweeper This Microsoft Entertainment Pack Will Run on 64 bit Operating systems, as it is the 32 bit version and not 16 bit, you'll notice it doesn't have some notable games like chips challenge, that is because Microsoft never finished this pack. This was originally supposed to come with Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 but it was not included in the final version.
5/5 5,390 Oct 15, 2019
Microsoft Corp.
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks v2.5.0
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks v2.5.0 Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks is a puzzle/blockfall game inspired by Nintendo’s Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. The game is pretty action packed for a puzzle game :-) The game is programmed by me (Poul Sander) and is released under the GPL license version 2. Features: Based on the classic “Tetris Attack” for the SNES 5 single player modes: Endless, Time Trial, Puzzle Mode, Stage Clear and Vs. Mode 2 two player options: Time Trial and Vs. Mode Puzzle mode has 30+ puzzles Players can use a custom key setup Handicap in (local)multi player High scores are saved Joypad support Music and sound effects Animations Puzzle level editor (written in Java) Select puzzle file from a list in the game Runs under Linux and Windows + more Save/Play Replay function Network play, you must know the IP address of the server (uses enet) Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,643 Dec 08, 2019
Poul Sander
Fistful of Gun
Fistful of Gun The game is a western topdown arcade shooter, hope you guys like it! I am still working on it and releasing builds on my twitter from time to time, so check em at @farmergnome , this is the first and probably most stable of the public builds. Enjoy! The 3 characters were specifically built with a certain input device in mind (keyboard, mouse, joypad) so that 3 players could play simultaneously without sharing devices. They each have different skills, weapons, movement speeds and upgrade patterns to suit there control device. -Keyboard controls Noah -[Shotgun] Z & X will fire each shotgun barrel, while directionals will move you around, you can double tap movement keys for a dash movement. You can edit his controls in config.ini in the root folder (each key uses a number - just use this as reference for remapping controls ) -Joypad controls Abel- [Revolver] Left analog stick moves Abel around, flick the right analog stick to fire his weapon, kind of like the reload motion on a revolver. I have only tested this with wired/wireless 360 controllers currently. -Mouse controls Zeke- [Long Rifle] Left mouse button will move Zeke around, while holding Right mouse button will aim his rifle. Zeke will automatically cloak if you don't fire, firing or moving too close to enemies view cones will reveal him.
0/5 7,520 Apr 26, 2015
Game of Thrones Screensaver
Game of Thrones Screensaver Bring Game of Thrones to life on your desktop with this official HBO screensaver.
0/5 8,226 Mar 14, 2014
Home Box Office, Inc.
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology! Egther, last of the Frost Giants, has sworn to turn all the world to ice. A young heroine is called to fight him, but first she must survive the harsh environment, battle hostile trolls, and deal with many creatures and characters from the classic myths. Heroine's Quest is an adventure / RPG inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series, and was voted 69th All-Time Best Computer RPG by RpgCodex. Best of all, it's completely free! Play as fierce warrior, cryptic sorceress, or elusive rogue. Their skills can be customized and each has her own solutions and sidequests, offering great replay value. Are you up to the quest, or will you die trying?
4/5 6,422 Aug 02, 2016
Crystal Shard
Isomorphism- Mathematics of Programming Book
Isomorphism- Mathematics of Programming Book Open book about math and programming. This book introduces the mathematics behind computer programming. Contents The book can be downloaded in both English (EN) and Chinese (中文). Preface Chapter 1, Natural numbers. Peano Axiom, list and folding; Chapter 2, Recursion. Euclidean algorithm, Lambda calculus, and Y-combinator; Chapter 3, Symmetry. Group, Ring, and Field. Galois Theory; Chapter 4, Category theory and type system; Chapter 5, Deforest. Build-fold fusion law, optimization, and algorithm deduction; Chapter 6, Infinity. Set theory, Infinity and stream; Chapter 7, Logic paradox, Gödel's incompleteness theorems, and Turing halting problem. Answers to the exercise. This download is for the English (EN) version. If you need the Chinese (中文) version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,255 Oct 21, 2021
Liu Xinyu
Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll
Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll Joust needs no introduction, but not many people have played Joust 2. It was an arcade game that elaborated upon the original but was not very widely distributed, unfortunately. Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll was Jph Wacheski's prizewinning entry into the Summer 2003 Retro Remakes competition. The graphics and mechanics are right on, and although his prize was "most faithful remake," this is hardly just a clone. You can't miss Wacheski's signature details, such as the intricate ambient sounds and finely-tuned particle effects. This game is short, and if nothing else, really leaves you wanting more--not a better game, but a longer one. Even if you get through the game quickly, the boss may give you some trouble.
5/5 4,216 Mar 04, 2019
Iteration Games
LAME 3.99.5 using libsndfile 1.0.25
LAME 3.99.5 using libsndfile 1.0.25 lame compiled with Intel Compiler 12.1.(This version of the libsndfile-1.dll provides FLAC and ogg vorbis (.ogg) input support.) lame.exe - the command line encoder, used from the Windows command shell lame_enc.dll - LAME encoding library, generally used with CD rippers, etc
0/5 8,665 Dec 09, 2012
LAME 3.99.5 using libsndfile 1.0.25 64bit
LAME 3.99.5 using libsndfile 1.0.25 64bit lame compiled with Intel Compiler 12.1.(This version of the libsndfile-1.dll provides FLAC and ogg vorbis (.ogg) input support.) lame.exe - the command line encoder, used from the Windows command shell lame_enc.dll - LAME encoding library, generally used with CD rippers, etc
0/5 8,644 Dec 09, 2012
Master of Magic-IME v0.9.9.7
Master of Magic-IME v0.9.9.7 Multiplayer Java rewrite of Simtex's classic game Master of Magic Master of Magic-IME is a multiplayer client/server java rewrite of Microprose/Simtex's classic DOS turn based strategy game Master of Magic. Instructions from the author: MoM IME v0.9.9.7 quick instructions ----------------------------------- Here's some quick notes on how to get a game up and running in case some parts aren't obvious: 1) Unzip somewhere. I recommend you don't put this under C:\Program Files, or anywhere else Windows doesn't like files being modified. Straight under C:\, in your user home folder, or on another drive letter are fine. 2) You must have a Java 11 or higher. There are now 2 builds of MoM IME, one which has a 64 bit Windows Java runtime environment already included and can just be unzipped and ran, so use this if you do not want to do your own configuration. The smaller download does not include a jre so can be used if you already have Java installed and configured, or are trying to run it on some platform other than 64 bit WIndows. 3) Run the server. After a few seconds it'll say "Listening for client connection requests on port 18250". Nothing else to do here, just leave the window open. 4) Run the client. This takes significantly longer to start up (1 minute+) as it reads in a lot of the graphics files and performs a lot of consistency checks on them before starting up. 5) Click connect to server. Click localhost (for the server running on your own PC). Enter a player name and password. Since this is the first time you're connecting to ...
5/5 2,111 Dec 02, 2021
Nigel Gay
Naikari: Eye of Chaos v0.12.0
Naikari: Eye of Chaos v0.12.0 An open source 2-D space mystery game with exploration, trading, and combat. After a cataclysmic explosion rips through Sol and nearby systems, the Galactic Empire is rapidly decaying. Corruption and piracy run rampant. But in the eye of the storm that is chaos, there is also opportunity. Seize that opportunity for yourself in this 2-D freeform space mystery game. As an independent contractor, you can do as you please: uncover the cause of the mysterious Incident, discover the source of the pirate scourge, or simply make your own way in the galaxy. Content Warning While Naikari is not the most heavy game out there, it is not a light game either and deals with some heavy subjects. We believe it is generally suitable for people aged 13 and up. Please keep in mind that the game includes the following: • Portrayals of various kinds of bigotry and discrimination (both real and fictional, ranging from subtle to explicit). • References to fascism and authoritarianism (ranging from subtle to explicit). • Mentions of drugs and alcohol. • Moderate levels of profanity. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the macOS version, download here. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,081 Feb 14, 2024
The Diligent Circle
Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.9
Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.9 A free, open source, web based point of sale application written in PHP using CodeIgniter framework. It uses MySQL as the data back end and has a Bootstrap 3 based user interface. The main features are: • Stock management (Items and Kits with extensible list of Attributes) • VAT, GST, customer and multi tiers taxation • Sale register with transactions logging • Quotation and invoicing • Expenses logging • Cashup • Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing • Barcode generation and printing • Suppliers and Customers database • Multiuser with permission control • Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status • Receivings • Giftcard • Rewards • Restaurant tables • Messaging (SMS) • Multilanguage • Selectable Boostrap (Bootswatch) based UI theme • Mailchimp integration • reCAPTCHA to protect login page from brute force attacks • GDPR ready The software is written in PHP language, it uses MySQL (or MariaDB) as data storage back-end and has a simple but intuitive user interface. The latest 3.x version is a complete overhaul of the original software. It is now based on Bootstrap 3 using Bootswatch themes, and uses CodeIgniter version 3 as framework. It also has improved functionality and security. Try the online demo. A demo version of the latest master version can be found on the developer's Demo Server. LOGIN using username: admin password: pointofsale Server Requirements PHP version 7.2 ...
5/5 2,441 Feb 18, 2024
Remove Windows XP End of Life Messages Utility
Remove Windows XP End of Life Messages Utility On April 8th 2014, Microsoft ended all support for Windows XP. They then released a number of Windows Updates that displays annoying messages on your desktop telling you that your operating system is now at its end of life. This is the Windows message: The second is the Microsoft Security Essentials one: We have been asked a number of times about how to remove these and we have now created a new utility that will help you to do this. (Download at bottom of page) CONSIDERATIONS There is one problem with removing the Microsoft Security Essentials end of life message. If you have already installed Version then you cannot remove this message. Also, eventually, your system will update to this version so the best thing to do is to uninstall MSE and install another free anti-virus like Avast or Avira. If you have not yet installed Version then this utility will work for you for the MSE part. The Windows end of life message should be able to be removed without issue using this utility. You must have Dot Net 2.0 installed for this to work. INSTRUCTIONS Once you have downloaded the file you should run the executable file to start the utility. You will then be presented with a utility that looks like this: You should then click the buttons on the right hand side in relation to what you want to do. So, if you want to remove the Windows message, click the top button, if you want to remove the MSE message, click the bottom button. Once you have done this, you should reboot your machine and you should now notice that the messages have not reappeared.
0/5 7,486 Jul 13, 2014
Techy Geeks
Rigs of Rods v2022.12
Rigs of Rods v2022.12 A free and open source sandbox-style vehicle simulator What makes Rigs of Rods different to most simulators is its unique soft-body physics model: vehicles, machines, objects, etc. are simulated in real-time as flexible soft-body objects, giving the simulation an extremely accurate behavior which entirely depends on the physical construction of the vehicles or objects you create. Entirely Free and Open Source Community driven and developed, anyone can join and contribute You need to read the guide. Seriously. You need to read the guide or you won't have any fun. The Guide The Controls This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,988 Aug 24, 2023
Petr Ohlidal
Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin
Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin 3D Shooter Game. Play as Luke Skywalker in the epic battle of Yavin, assault and detroy the empire's Death Star. Fight in space, on the Death Star's surface, make the trench run, and try not to get blasted by Darth Vader's ship. Six stages of intense action.
0/5 6,357 Apr 26, 2015
Bruno R.Marcos
Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1
Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1 A classic, turn-based strategy game with up to four armies fighting against each other. Challenge yourself in a campaign against AI, or a hot-seat battle with a friend. Using the easy map editor you can create any imaginable scenario to play! ToF II follows in the footsteps of the original Tanks of Freedom and brings even more fun and depth. Take command of new types of units, use their powerful abilities, and turn tides of battles with many unique heroes. Experience new stories in four dedicated campaigns, or play skirmishes on a new set of maps! Recruit your troops and take command of an army. Manage resource distribution and complete various objectives using different types of units nad heroes. Levarage your advantages, claim buildings and defeat your opponents! Tanks of Freedom II will present you with wide variety of missions across it's four main campaigns. You can also team up, or fight agains, your friends in hot-seat battles, as well as over local network, or over internet. If that is not enough, the built-in map editor allows players to create their own scenarios. Share your masterpieces with the world! This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 443 Apr 19, 2024
P1X Dev Team
Tanks of Freedom v0.7.0
Tanks of Freedom v0.7.0 Indie Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art In a world full of corruption and political struggles the voice of the weak is often left unheard. When people rebel against governments it is time to pick your side. Join the forces of newly created government and help them rise, or ally with loyalist forces aided by the intervention of one of the neighbouring countries. Challenge yourself in campaign against AI or battle your friends in a hot-seat mode, where you will fight for control of strategic locations by issuing commands to your infantry, tanks and airforce. Create your own maps using in-game map editor, then share them with the world. Each sprite was handcrafted in gorgeous, 32 colour pixel art. Original soundtrack and sound effects were made on real GameBoy hardware. Game is open-source and runs smoothly thanks to Godot Engine. Changelog 0.7.0-beta scripted map events in campaign integrated RU language updated AI for better performance updated Settings UI and UI graphics updated to Godot 2.1.4 (2.1.2 or newer required) added camera dragging with right mouse button added loading screen when map is being built added AI speed settings added camera speed settings camera going to HQ at the start of each turn now can be disabled tooltips at the start of each turn now can be disabled fixed a crash when unit had map boundary in movement range fixed accidental menu clicks when skipping intro fixed a bug where touching edge of screen would send the camera far away fixed huge amount of errors ...
5/5 5,296 Dec 18, 2019
P1X Dev Team
Terms of Service; Didn’t Read v2.0.0
Terms of Service; Didn’t Read v2.0.0 “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. aim to fixs that. We are a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good Class A to very bad Class E. "Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them. We hope that our ratings can help you get informed about your rights." - Abdullah Diaa, Hugo, Michiel de Jong Install the browser extensions to get instant information about the terms and privacy policies of websites you browse. Pick the browser you are using below to install the extension: This download is for the Google Chrome extension. If you need the Mozilla Firefox add-on, download here. If you need the Safari extension, download here. If you need the Opera add-on, download here. Internet Explorer: coming soon Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,454 Jul 16, 2020
The Initiative
Terrordorme: Rise of the Boogeyman v2.10.3
Terrordorme: Rise of the Boogeyman v2.10.3 The ultimate horror movie fighting game! Terrordrome – Rise of the Boogeymen is free fan made game, a tribute to the most popular horror movie icons of the 70’s, 80’s to 90’s and for the first time all your favorite horror character are bound together in a unique fighting game. Decide who’s the most evil and badass boogeyman in fearsome battles. Terrordrome is a dream come true for any fan of the horror genre and video games. The game makes use of 3D models that faithfully replicate the iconic characters and integrate them as 2D art style. Each of their fighting style stay true to their nature and abilities as seen in the movies. They are put in motion with top-notch key-framed 3D animation. The sounds are directly grabbed from the movies and add to the faithfulness of each character. Every fighter has its own stage that comes directly from a particular scene in their movie, they were also done in 3D then rendered into a 2D background. The game is powered by 2D Fighter maker 2002, a 2D fighting game engine, much like Mugen. The game started as a hobby and took around 9 years to be completed, from the prototype stage to the final product. Characters • Jason Voorhees (classic and undead) • Freddy Krueger • Leatherface • Micheal Myers • Ashley Williams • Tall Man • Chucky • Ghostface • Matt Cordell • Candyman • Herbert West • Pumpkinhead • Pinhead Note: The game runs fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 ...
5/5 563 Feb 07, 2024
Huracan Studio
The Legacy of Isaelius for Mac
The Legacy of Isaelius for Mac Take control of Dimitri, and seek revenge for the murder of your best bud, Isaelius For fans of Zelda, Earthbound, and amateur video games This is a game I began developing in high school, and have only now finished to a reasonable degree, in third year university. There are towns to explore, enemies to fight, shops to visit, and so on. All Music taken from The Monroeville Music Center's page at the Free Music Archive under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
4/5 5,929 Aug 02, 2016
Jack Lambermont
The Legacy of Isaelius for Windows
The Legacy of Isaelius for Windows Take control of Dimitri, and seek revenge for the murder of your best bud, Isaelius For fans of Zelda, Earthbound, and amateur video games This is a game I began developing in high school, and have only now finished to a reasonable degree, in third year university. There are towns to explore, enemies to fight, shops to visit, and so on. All Music taken from The Monroeville Music Center's page at the Free Music Archive under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
4/5 5,984 Aug 02, 2016
Jack Lambermont
The Legend of Edgar v1.31
The Legend of Edgar v1.31 The Legend of Edgar is a platform game, not unlike those found on the Amiga and SNES. Edgar must battle his way across the world, solving puzzles and defeating powerful enemies to achieve his quest. When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorceror who lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp. Donning his armour, Edgar sets off to rescue him, but his quest will not be easy... Features Platform game Large levels with different environments A variety of weapons A persistent game world that can be travelled through Boss Battles! Lots of sound effects and music tracks Joypad support with configurable controls Configurable keyboard support Default Controls In Game Arrow Left / Right Move Left / Right Arrow Up / Down Move Lifts Up / Down Space Jump Left Control Attack with equipped weapon Left Alt Block with equipped shield a Use selected inventory item c Interact / Talk / Pull item* z View Inventory (comma) Previous Inventory Item (period) Next Inventory Item Escape Main Menu *To pull an item, push against it whilst holding down 'c'. You can then move it around until you let go of 'c'. Inventory Arrow Keys Move selection icon Left Control / a Use selected item immediately Left Alt / c Select item but do not use it* z / Escape Exit inventory (comma) Move the currently highlighted item left (allows sorting of items) (period) Move the currently highlighted item right (allows sorting of items) *Selecting an item rather than using it means that you can ready items such as health potions to use at a specific moment. Options Menu Arrow Up / Down Move selection Up / Down Arrow Left / Right Lower / Raise selected sound option Return Activate Menu Option Escape Previous Menu Misc F12 Toggle Full Screen F10 Take Screenshot Keyboard Configuration To change the controls select ...
5/5 5,308 Jul 16, 2019
Parallel Realities
The Legend of Markiplier
The Legend of Markiplier "In a strange land, a young man awakes with no memory as to how he got there. with the aide of his friends, a knight and his mysterious friend, and many, many familiar people, this man must discover how to find a way home..." The Legend of Markiplier is an RPG developed on the RPG Maker VX (RMVX) engine by Sir Areis Lionheart (AKA: Necrodusk). FEATURES: ~Custom story (approx. 3 to 5 hours of gameplay) ~Two potential endings ~Several unique locations ~Many familiar YouTube users, as well as Markiplier and his friends themselves.
5/5 6,186 Aug 02, 2016
The Legend of Markiplier: Episode II - Chains of Eternity
The Legend of Markiplier: Episode II - Chains of Eternity "Return to the interesting life of everybody's favorite youtuber, Markiplier, in this sequel to the "Legend of Markiplier". With memories of their adventures in Mysterium still fresh in their minds, Mark and his friends find themselves pulled into a post-apocalyptic plain of existence, and aided by a mysterious shade, must find a way to pull the plug on this decrepit world and release it from the supernatural entities trapping it in Limbo." The Legend of Markiplier: Chains of Eternity is an RPG developed on the RPG Maker VX Ace (RMVXA) engine by Sir Areis Lionheart, and a sequel to the The Legend of Markiplier. FEATURES: ~A brand new, multi-act story set in a post-apocalyptic world. ~A trophy system, compete with your friends to see who can collect the most achievements on GameJolt. ~An array of sidequests, including "Super Dungeons" for the most hardcore RPG players, hiding amazing rewards in exchange for insane challenges.
4/5 6,143 Jun 11, 2015
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. v2.1.0
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. v2.1.0 A two-dimensional side-scrolling platform game based on OpenGL and SDL. The game features a rich set of levels plus an advanced level editor that allows you to create your own levels. It is accompanied by a powerful scripting engine that utilizes mruby, a minimal implementation of the Ruby programming language. Features: In-Game Editor Activated with the F8 key in the game. You can insert any graphic file as a background or sprite in the game. All graphics like hedges and ground sprites are included. You can insert enemies, change the player start position, insert special objects like a powerup box, global level effects, and create half-massive sprites which the Player can jump through, but can not fall through. Many Levels Each level ends with a Gate or Pipe, press up to enter the next level or the direction key into the pipe. Multiple Maryo Stages Includes Small, Normal, Fire, Snow, Star and Ghost Maryo. Advance to the next stage by getting Mushrooms, Fireplants and Stars but beware of the Poison Mushroom. The powerup items can be obtained by jumping into question mark boxes. Multiple Overworlds Get an aerial perspective between levels, just like the World Map in Super Mario World. Great Sound and Music High quality Ogg music and sound for a great game feeling. Save and Load Save anytime in a level or world from the game menu. Then load whenever you want. Get Extra Lives By getting 100 coins or finding the Green Mushrooms and secret Moons. This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. Linux downloads are on the authors website. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,042 Feb 28, 2022
The Secret Chronicles Team
Treasures of Ali-Gar 1.0.2
Treasures of Ali-Gar 1.0.2 In Treasures of Ali-Gar you take on the role of a good wizard who has chosen to explore a castle. Not just any castle. This is the "abandoned" castle of the great (and terrible) Wizard Ali-Gar. Many years have passed since Ali-Gar was driven from the land by the combined might of the High Wizards and the Knights of Light. All that remains of Ali-Gar is his aging castle. Rumors tell of great riches waiting in the castle for the brave adventurer to find. And of evil forces left begin to guard the treasure. Can you claim all of the treasure? Play Treasures of Ali-Gar to find out!
5/5 5,075 Dec 31, 2016
Gar Benjamin
Unicodia — encyclopedia of characters v2.7.3
Unicodia — encyclopedia of characters v2.7.3 A free replacement for the Windows Character Map with definitions. Features • In Windows 10/11 — all characters of Unicode 15 (no named sequences right now). • In Windows 7 — all characters of Base Multilingual Plane, plus Phoenician, Aramaic and Brahmi, as scripts of high importance. I’ll also support Old Gothic, just because it looks really “gothic”. • Shows if the character is supported in your system, and if so — which font. • Copy character codes in HTML, UTF-8 and UTF-16. • Simple search. • Little emoji reference. • A few words on every script. Unicodia is just fun to read. • Chinese/Japanese/Korean are collapsed initially. Otherwise point somewhere, and 75% you hit an ideograph. • Free/libre (except license for one font, see About). Changes: v2.7.3 🕞 UNICODE 15.1 New glyphs for alchemical symbols, in Funky for now 🖋 FONTS Devanagari: Added Mangal font (W7) to system chain 🗑️ UnicodiaFunky FONT Kerned all Makasar letters, not just vowel marks 🔡 DECAPITALIZATION nabla 📚 TEXT Elbasan: changed to put Lef Nosi to nominative form in Russian/Ukrainian Minor typos in all three languages 🐞 PROGRAM Search by some terms: e.g. term “default-ignorable” will have a search for all default-ignorable characters 🔍 SEARCH #331 Search for 3E02 won’t return numeric 300. Current rule is: disallow exponential integer if it’s up to 9999, or less economic than straight integer Use 7-Zip to unzip this file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 483 Jun 04, 2024
Mikhail Merkuryev
World of Padman v1.6.2
World of Padman v1.6.2 A Freeware Fun Shooter! A first person shooter where you and your opponents are tiny... real tiny in a giant world. For Windows, Linux and MacOS. Weapons Each weapon in World of Padman is different and has its strengths and weaknesses. The right choice always depends on the current game situation and the skill of the player. In many cases, the prerequisite is simply to practice, practice and practice again. Please also consider Psychic Pads valuable monster tips, which are listed for each weapon. Not all weapons are always available on all maps and certain weapons only appear in special situations, as is the case with the Injector and the Spray Gun. Other weapons, like the Imperius, are always well hidden for a good reason! Powerups There are several powerups and holdable items available in World of Padman. The player can pick up powerups to modify and increase his abilities for a short amount of time. Holdables are portable items to be activated at any time with the use key. Only one holdable item can be carried at a time. The health energy of a player can be regenerated via Health Stations and also shield energy can be picked up in the maps. Game Types Besides of a selection of game types which are characteristic for shooters, World of Padman also provides some unique developed game types, which focus more on strategy. In total there are 7 game types, including team variants, which can be supplemented and combined with the mutator InstaPad. Maps In total there are 24 maps in World of Padman, but not every map is suitable and available for all game types. They provide richly detailed environments of everyday places like a garden, a kitchen, a bathroom up to a backyard. A distinction is made between motley platform maps and those ...
5/5 1,725 Feb 22, 2024
PadWorld Entertainment
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