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File - Download Folder Sync v1.0.0.219

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Folder Sync v1.0.0.219

Saleen Folder Synch is a folder synchronization tool that:

- Performs comparisons between two directories
- Reports new, updated, renamed, moved and deleted files
- Performs synchronization from the source to the destination path
- Can be used for differential or full backups.

Main functions

Synchronize directories
This tool allows you to perform comparisons between directories, and reports, new, updated, renamed, moved and deleted files.
It can also generate synchronization commands (one-way only: right to left)
It can be useful for differential or full backups.

Source path.
This path is considered to hold your original files, and never gets updated by the "synchronization" function.

Destination path (backup path).
This path is considered by the program to hold copies of your files.
New files or files that have been updated are copied in this path.

Reviewing differences
The following color indications are used by the program to mark differences:

Green: Updated file. File on the left side was updated. Column age difference shows the difference in the most suitable friendly format.

Blue: New file. The file does not exist in the destination path.
Red: Deleted file.

White: Identical file. File has not been updated.

The program supports these filters:

a) show identical files
b) show new files
c) show deleted files
d) show updated files
e) show renamed/moved files
f) It also supports filtering by keyword. To filter by keyword, simply type your keyword in the filter box at the top of the screen.

All these filters can be applied simultaneously.
For example you can to filter only "new files" that contain the keyword "mp3"

a) type mp3 in the filter box
b) check the "show new files" checkbox
c) uncheck all other checkboxes

By pressing the "Synchronize" button, a script that could perform all listed changes into the destination path, is generated.
If you have a filter applied, the script will only include the filtered files.
So regardless of the total changes between the right and left paths, only visible files will be included in the script.

Manage Tasks
This function allows you to store sets of directories so that you can review differences by simply selecting an entry from these tasks.
To view the tasks, press "Tasks" from the top toolbar.

To add a new task:

a) press "Add task"
b) enter the Source and Destination paths

Command Line Parameters

+Identical : show identical files
-Identical : hide identical files (DEFAULT)
+New : show new files (DEFAULT)
-New : hide new files
+Deleted : show deleted files (DEFAULT)
-Deleted : hide deleted files
+Updated : show updated files (DEFAULT)
-Updated : hide updated files
+Moved : show moved files (DEFAULT)
-Moved : hide moved files
/filter : Include/Exclude filters
Supports multiple keywords and also exclusions.
To exclude a term prefix the keyword with a dash (-) .
paint: lists all files that contain the word "paint".
microsoft -office: lists all files that contain microsoft but not office.
artist1 mp3: lists all mp3 files that contain the term artist1.
artist1 -mp3: lists all files that contain artist1 but not mp3
/tolerance=N : modification date tolerance in seconds, where N is the number of seconds
/start_synch : automatically start synchronization
/auto_close : automatically close after synchronization

Change Log
build 219: 12 Apr 2019
update: added "Sync all", "Sync selected" context menu items

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