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Last Update/Developer
Alternate Password Generator v1.100
Alternate Password Generator v1.100 A program for password generation and checking them against a free customizable password dictionary and/or a brute-force method which also may be customized. This application is freeware and requires the .NET-framework 2.0 (already included in operation system since Windows Vista). IMPORTANT NOTE: This program cannot guarantee the security for any kind of password (which might not exist at all), it is intended as simulation. Changes in this version: - French translation updated MD5 value: ecbdbc1e47f335be56ace11f1c8d81b5 Supported operating systems: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Languages included: English, German, French, Japanese, Greek Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,947 Feb 16, 2021
Alternate Tools
Alternate QR Code Generator v1.780
Alternate QR Code Generator v1.780 A simple program to generate QR codes (quick response codes). You can modify the size, color and error correction level for QR codes to be generated. Generated QR codes can be either saved as images or copied to the clipboard for the usage within other programs. The program can also be run from command line using parameters. Supported operating systems: Windows NT 4, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 Languages included: English, german, french, spanish, polish, slovak, danish, czech, italian, chinese, russian, japanese, hungarian Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,038 Mar 28, 2022
Alternate Tools
Anagram Generator v2.4
Anagram Generator v2.4 1. Creates anagrams and lexigrams. 2. Generates reverse dictionaries. 3. Word search / crossword solver function allows wildcard searches against dictionary. 4. Allows you to see if your phone number spells anything interesting. 5. Searches for palindromes. 6. Search for words that rhyme with other words. Ideal for song writers, musicians and poets. 7. Includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish dictionaries. 8. Solves Jumble puzzles. 9. Saves all results as txt files for future viewing/editing/printing. 10. Non-encrypted dictionaries allow full customisation of words if required. 11. Manually edited English dictionary trimmed to generate interesting anagrams at a much faster speed. 12. Can be installed portable to run from removable USB devices. This software supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
5/5 4,676 Oct 30, 2019
Background Generator v1.0
Background Generator v1.0 Background Generator is a free background creation software program based on Windows platforms and it creates large material and random background images in high resolution PNG/JPG image formats by 7 background generating programs, which include Abstract Background Generator (Colorful), Material Design & Repeating Pattern Background Generator (Graphics) and more cool background generators. When people discuss about background images, most of them would say they either go online and download the high resolution wallpapers or use their family or scenic photos. However, what the internet offers cannot fulfill everyone's needs, because some users or designers might need to use background images for graphic designing or commercial posters, and these would require the background to be brilliancy, outstanding and well designed. Now they can try to create custom pretty backgrounds by themselves. Background Generator is a straight-forward and neat image creation program that provides a few wonderful templates and effects for image designers, UI designers, graphic designers, website developers and bloggers to create amazing backgrounds, logos, banners and more types of designs. This excellent image generating application creates perfect designed images by the random machine programs with 7 different models and makes sure every new image is 100% unique. It provides options enable users to make images in high resolutions even bigger than 4K, and allows them to customize the image size. Besides standard JPEG/JPG image format, this program allows designers to generate transparent PNG images. With the "Add Text" feature, they could add some text onto the image and apply lots of text effects instantly. Background Generator Features: - 100% Unique Image Generating - 7 Different Models - 100+ icons - Output in Large Resolutions - Text Effects - Create Transparent Images - Create Creative Banners, Logos and More Designs - Totally Free, No Limits - Portable Version Available - Multi-language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, ...
5/5 3,149 Jun 16, 2020
CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader and Generator v1.1.2.4
CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader and Generator v1.1.2.4 Scan and generate QR codes on your PC Main features Desktop QR Code reader and generator for Windows Generates QR Codes for your personal or commercial use Decodes QR Codes directly from images on your PC screen Decodes QR Codes from file or clipboard Decodes QR Codes through a webcam Saves QR Code information to a file Free tool What is a QR Code QR Codes (also known as Quick Response Codes) are becoming more and more popular. These two-dimensional codes composed of square dots are now used in various areas of life. You can find them on ads, banners, all kinds of product boxes, websites, business cards and even in email signatures. QR Codes may contain text, links (to websites, videos or files), email addresses, phone numbers, vcards that automatically update your contacts on your PC or a mobile phone, and more. Wondering how to decode a QR Code? You can scan it with your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry equipped with additional software for scanning QR Codes. You might want to check out tools like Barcode Scanner or Red Laser. If you don’t have a mobile device or you need to scan a barcode on your PC, simply use CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator. How this program works QR Code reading CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator is a free tool that will let you quickly scan any QR Code from your screen – be it a part of the website, email, banner or a document. Simply run the program and hit From screen on the top menu. Your standard mouse cursor will change into a cross to help you make ...
5/5 1,370 Sep 14, 2022
Free Meme Generator v1.0
Free Meme Generator v1.0 Generate memes by importing images and adding your own text with this free program. Multiple fonts. Variety of text colors. Control text placement. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,453 Nov 13, 2019
Infinite Password Generator v3.1
Infinite Password Generator v3.1 Infinite Password Generator makes any number of different passwords for websites and applications. Using only a single Master Password that you need to remember and a keyword of your choice, you can use entirely different passwords for different websites! It utilizes many keyboard shortcuts to make the generating process very easy, simple and straightforward. You can also customize the password generated to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols. The MD5 algorithm makes sure that no one gets the Master Password from the generated password. The specifications of the password generation method are provided so that you don't need to worry about hidden tricks. Just a very simple application that frees you from stressful daily life. The above example uses peace as the Master Password and yahoo as the Keyword. The Result is bBieW7Us which can be pasted into the website. Version 3.1 new feature: Create Portable Version! Click the menu button to create a portable version.
5/5 3,471 Dec 17, 2019
Yuku Sugianto
PassBox : Free Password Manager & Generator V1
PassBox : Free Password Manager and Generator V1 PassBox is a handy little tool that will remember all your passwords. You just have to set and remember one password for PassBox, and you can save all the other passwords in it. And if you forget your PassBox password, you can use the “forgot password” option and you will receive an e-mail on your recovery e-mail address, giving you the new password. When you fire it up for the first time, it asks you to enter a new password and the recovery e-mail. Giving the email ID is optional. Once done, you are all ready to save your passwords. PassBox can even suggest passwords for your account. Just hit the “Generate” button and the password generator appears in a new window. You just have to select the length of the password and whether or not you need special characters in the password.
0/5 8,488 Apr 22, 2013
The Windows Club
Password Generator v3.8
Password Generator v3.8 Password Generator can generate secure and easy to read and remember passwords. The most important features are: Password Generator can generate WEP and WPA2 keys for Wireless LAN (WLAN). Due to separate use of vowels and consonants, as well as separate syllables, the created passwords are easy to read and easy to remember. For a fast creation of passwords you can use user defined password-set. These password-sets allows the definition of the length and the character types to be used in the passwords. Reconstructable passwords can be created from sentences. Passwords for UNIX, PHP and .HTACCESS (DES, MD5 and SHA1) can be created. The checksums of passwords (MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512) can be generated. Password Generator can analyze the security of passwords and also shows details. 1.000 passwords can be created at once. The passwords can be saved in a plain text file. Password Generator is portable and can be used on USB devices. After you start the program, you can change the display language my choosing Extras and then Language from the drop-down menus. Languages: English, German, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese (trad.), Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (brasil.), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian 7-Zip Code--- Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file. Changelog Version 3.8 Changed Password Generator has been converted to Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,786 Aug 06, 2020
Random Password Generator 1.3 (0313)
Random Password Generator 1.3 (0313) Random Password Generator is developed to create powerful passwords which are not easy to be cracked. This smart and easy-to-use tool allows you to securely and easily manage your passwords and IDs with editable remark. With Random Password Generator, you don't need to worry about the security of your password being violated any more. Changelog: + Improved Support for Windows 8 + Fixed General Bugs
0/5 8,454 Mar 14, 2013
Request Slip Generator v2.0.1
Request Slip Generator v2.0.1 Generate professional song request slips for use in Karaoke and DJ shows. Easy intuitive interface makes the task of creating professional request slips a breeze. Various options include custom sheet arrays and sizes, custom fonts and sizes, optional border styles, and the ability to add your own custom logo, or simply choose from one of the built-in generic logos. - Customizable paper sizes for international users - Ability to export sheet of slips to PDF format (make once, print many times later) - Over 30 generic logos included! - Touch gesture support for touch screens - Oh yeah, it's completely FREE!!! Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,307 Jan 16, 2020
Route Generator v1.11.0
Route Generator v1.11.0 A free tool to draw routes on a map and generate a movie from it. This movie can be imported in your video editing software (e.g. Pinnacle Studio), so you can add it to your own movies. A great tool for travel streaming and vacation movies! Features Generate movie from your route Import map from Google Maps Import routes and tracks from GPX files Changes v1.11.0 GeoTiff support. Possibility to set fixed output resolution for output video's. Scrolling/sliding map with fixed resolution of output video when generating movie. Because background map resolution can now be higher than the output resolution, you can now specify a ratio in relation to the selected output resolution in the Google maps importer. Make it possible to select existing folder again. FPS setting now passed correctly to the ffmpeg commandline. Possibility to set different file type for generated video frames (e.g. PNG, JPG, etc.) This download is for the Windows 64bit version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,369 Mar 26, 2024
Michiel Jansen
Simple Code Generator v1.0.1
Simple Code Generator v1.0.1 A simple code generator (QR, Barcode MSI, 128, 39, Aztec Code and Matrix Code). Uses: .Net 6.0 and Zxing 4.0 library (dll) Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,688 Oct 11, 2023
Sordum Random Password Generator v1.0
Sordum Random Password Generator v1.0 Your password is your metaphorical ‘key’ to unlocking you online ‘front door’. You wouldn’t hand your home key to just anyone, would you? Cybersecurity experts continually recommend to use of strong, unique passwords for several reasons , cyber-criminals compromise websites and online accounts, and post lists of usernames, email addresses, and passwords online. A criminal can look for other online shopping, social media or financial accounts for that same person. When the criminal finds those accounts they can try logging in with the exposed password. If the password is reused, they can gain access to further accounts. This is why unique passwords are so important. The use of strong passwords can slow or often defeat the various attack methods of compromising a terminal’s security. Passwords are the first line of defense against unwanted access to your accounts. The stronger a password, the better protected accounts. Your enemy isn’t some guy in a ski mask trying to guess your password one try at a time. It’s a program that automatically runs through massive databases of common passwords or random combinations of characters . Hackers use a technique called brute forcing. This is a technique where they try every possible character combination until the correct password is identified.The stronger the password the less likely brute forcing will be successful.To Create a Strong Password ; Choose a password that no one will easily guess , Do not share passwords , Make sure your password is long, Use at least one letter, number and special character in your password, Remember to update and vary passwords. How to use Sordum Random Password Generator. We have developed a free and portable software (Sordum Random Password Generator) to create random secure passwords. Download , Unzip it and run the “RandomPW.exe” file Sordum Random Password Generator has ...
5/5 4,438 Nov 26, 2019
Terrain Generator v1.0.4.16
Terrain Generator v1.0.4.16 Terrain Generator is a simple terrain editor. Exports RAD (Radix game remake) maps in WAD format and Doom maps in UDMF format for advanced source ports. RAD engine: Features Export RAD (Radix game remake) maps Export UDMF GZdoom/K8Vavoom maps Export screenshots to disk Export screenshots to clipboard Multiple Undo/Redo Changes: Version (20201214) --------------- Reduce complexity of UDMF maps by merging sectors without slope. Added heightmap resample X2. (limited to the existing deformations) Changed main form layout for better productivity. Added a PK3 file reader. We can now load textures directly from PK3/ZIP files. Zlib library updated to ver. 1.28. Speed optimizations to texture loading. Import terrain texture from an image file on disk. Import heightmap texture from an image file on disk. Added main form size constrains. Select drawing textures from directory path. Hint messages for various tools. Scale slider to select the texture scaling. Information labels in texture preview. Draw terrain with plain color. Added custom cursors. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,586 Dec 15, 2020
Jim Valavanis
Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0
Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0 An open source barcode encoding library supporting over 50 symbologies. Encodes data into any of the following: Australia Post barcode, Aztec Code, Aztec Runes, Channel Code, Codabar, Codablock-F, Code 11, Code 128, Code 16K, Code 2 of 5 (Including IATA, Datalogic, ITF14, Deutsche Post Leitcode and Identcode), Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode), Code 39, Code 39+, Code 49, Code 93, Code One, Data Matrix (including DMRE), DotCode, Dutch Post KIX, EAN, Grid Matrix, GS-1 DataBar (including stacked and composite symbols), Han Xin, HIBC, Japan Post, Korea Post, LOGMARS, MaxiCode, MSI, PDF417 and Micro PDF417, Pharmacode, POSTNET, PLANET, QR Code and Micro QR, Royal Mail 4-state (RM4SCC) and Mailmark, Telepen, Ultracode, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPNQR and USPS Intelligent Mail. Automated ECI switching to support all Unicode characters and automated FNC1 character insertion in GS1 mode. Save to PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, SVG, WMF and EPS. Includes CLI, GUI and API for calling from other applications. Changes v2.13.0 (2023-12-18) **Incompatible changes** ------------------------ - Buffer lengths of members `fgcolour` and `bgcolour` in `zint_symbol` extended 10 -> 16 to allow for "C,M,Y,K" comma-separated decimal percentage strings - CMYK values for EPS (slightly) and TIF (significantly) have changed - now use the same RGB -> CMYK formula - Text (HRT) placement for vector (EMF/EPS/SVG) output changed - for EAN/UPC slightly further away from barcode, for all others slightly nearer. Some horizontal alignments of EAN/UPC vector text also tweaked - Text (HRT) for standalone EAN-2 and EAN-5 now at top of symbol (was at bottom) - Text height (font size) for SMALL_TEXT vector output reduced - For Windows, filenames are now assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. Affects `outfile` in `zint_symbol` and all API filename arguments - Never-used `fontsize` member removed from `zint_symbol` - Buffer length of member `text` (HRT) in `zint_symbol` extended 128 -> 200 (client buffers may ...
5/5 2,338 Feb 20, 2024
Robin Stuart
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