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Last Update/Developer
AbleWord v3.0
AbleWord v3.0 Free word processor and PDF editor. AbleWord is a very capable word processing application that can read and write most popular document formats including PDF's and Rich Text Format (.rtf). It is fully featured, supporting image formatting, tables, headers & footers and includes spell checking and print preview functions. Best of all it is totally free even for commercial use. Edit PDF files as simply as Word® documents There are a few free Word Processing packages available for Windows but none come close to the features offered by AbleWord. It is highly compatible with popular document formats including .DOC & .DOCX but Ableword can also open and save as a PDF which makes it a very useful tool to have. AbleWord can read and write the following file types: • Microsoft Word® (doc, docx) • Adobe® PDF (pdf) • Rich Text (rtf) • Plain Text (txt) • HTML (html, htm) AbleWord very simple to install and use, it is commonly used as a PDF Editor and also for converting PDF to Word® but of course it is also a splendid Word processor and supports most of Microsoft Word® features. Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. 10 and 11. Attention: When prompted, you must allow the Microsoft .NET installation. Click here to visit the author's website:
5/5 1,340 Jan 29, 2024
Amphetamine v3.0
Amphetamine v3.0 Description: Amphetamine is designed to prevent three things, (all are individually optional): Screen Saver Sleep Mode System Shutdown/Restart While there are apps out there that prevent the screen saver and sleep modes, when this app was originally written there weren’t any that prevented Windows from shutting down; additionally we added more extended functionality in apps you won’t find today. Optional/extended functionality also exists to perform custom actions when a shutdown/restart is initiated and prevented by Amphetamine: Ensure pre-configured services are started. Ensure pre-configured programs are running. Run a program/script. Send an email (e.g. to a systems administrator) notifying you of the prevention, so the system can be checked out to ensure proper operation. License: FREE Amphetamine is FREE for all personal and commercial usage. Version 3 Release Notes Both the Amphetamine portable and installer versions are now the same binary and both are capable of the same usage and configuration. Added option to manually check for updates to Amphetamine. Improvements to the Shutdown/Restart prevention: Added Group Policy setting to block Windows Update from initiating automatic reboots when users are logged in. Because this is not guaranteed to prevent automated restarts on non-enterprise editions of Windows in all circumstances, see the following addition. Added blocking of “MusNotification.exe” which prevents Windows 10 from initiating automated restarts due to Windows Update (this also prevents displaying Windows Update notifications, such as updates available or the need for restart after an update is installed.) Added blocking of “shutdown.exe” which many apps will use instead ...
5/5 3,440 Jul 02, 2020
AutoClicker v3.0
AutoClicker v3.0 A full-fledged autoclicker with two modes of autoclicking, at your dynamic cursor location or at a prespecified location. The maximum amounts of clicked can also be set (or left as infinite). Hotkeys work in the background for convenience. Features Choose whether to follow your cursor or click at a fixed spot Set the amount of times to click (or unlimited) Choose between which mouse button to click as Pick between single clicking, double clicking or triple clicking Change the hotkeys Convenient - Hotkeys work while application is in background Settings are saved (includes last fixed location) Free and Open Source Clean User Interface Low CPU usage Portable No advertisements or malware Virus Free (The amount of autoclickers with viruses out there are uncountable) Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,248 Jun 16, 2022
CloseAll v3.0
CloseAll v3.0 Close All Windows with Just a Single Click: Select Apps You Want to Close and click OK CloseAll lets you close all running applications with just a single click. It doesn’t use any system resources at all and unloads right after completing its task. CloseAll simply flashes a ‘close’ signal to all open applications on the desktop and then ceases. What can be easier than a task list with check boxes and OK button? Just select apps you want to close and click OK. It’s CloseAll v3.0: From the main menu, you can enable “Small Icon” view: Enable/disable sorting and grouping of tasks: You can pin CloseAll shortcut to the Windows 7 Taskbar for quick access: CloseAll is indeed very handy if you are running multiple applications at the same time and want all of them to quit instantly. Try it to see if it can save your time. It’s FREE! System Requirements CloseAll runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (32-bit and 64-bit). In order to display information about UAC elevated processes, it requires to be installed in the system %ProgramFiles% directory. Changelog for CloseAll v3.0 (April 23, 2018): Command line switches: /NOUI and /TERMINATE Added ability to terminate all applications Added "Close All", "Terminate All" and Refresh buttons Some other minor UI changes and improvements
5/5 5,294 Jul 02, 2020
NTWind Software
ConvertShellCode v3.0
ConvertShellCode v3.0 ConvertShellcode takes Shellcode as input and disassemble it in a list of instructions in assembly language. It shows the assembly instructions that the supplied shellcode string represents. What do you need Windows XP SP2 or newer License Copyright (C) 2015-2017 Alain Rioux This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
5/5 5,053 Jan 16, 2019
Alain Rioux
CSV Buddy v3.0
CSV Buddy v3.0 A Swiss knife for your CSV files. CSV Buddy helps you make your CSV files ready to be imported by a variety of software. Load/save/export files with various delimiters and lots of options, including scripting. Freeware. Features Even if the CSV file format is a widely accepted standard, it is still found in multiple flavors. In some implementations, fields are separated by comma. Others are delimited with tab, semi-colon or a variety of characters depending on the OS. Most CSV file records stand on one line. However, some programs export multi-line data with line breaks inside fields (try to load in Excel a CSV export from Outlook or Gmail contacts with multi-line notes text fields). Many programs will have a hard time importing these various variations of the CSV format. The freeware CSV Buddy helps you make your CSV files ready to be imported by a variety of software. Load files with all sorts of field delimiters (auto-detection of comma, tab, semi-colon, etc.). Field containing delimiters or line breaks can be embedded in various encapsulators (double-quotes, single-quotes, pipes or any character). Get field names from the file’s header (first line) or set your own column titles. Load data with line-breaks. Rename, select or reorder fields. Merge fields into new columns. In a grid, add, edit or delete records. Sort them on alphabetical or numeric values (integer or float). Filter the list, search records with global or columnn search. Search and replace, confirm each replacement or replace all. Save all or selected rows to a new file using any delimiters, with header or not. Replace line breaks in data fields with a marker to make your file ready to load in software (like MS-Excel) that can only load single-line fields. Automate tasks with CSV Messenger (included) scripting commands. This app allows to set the ...
5/5 1,800 Feb 08, 2024
Jean Lalonde
Far Manager v3.0 build 6226
Far Manager v3.0 build 6226 Free file and archive manager. Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: • viewing files and directories; • editing, copying and renaming files; • and many other actions. Customize it Far Manager has a multi-language, easily configurable interface. File system navigation is made easier through the use of color highlighting and sort groups. Your task — your way The functionality of Far Manager is greatly extended by external DLL modules — plugins (made possible by a special set of interfaces — the Plugins API). For example: archive support, FTP client, temporary panel and network browser are all implemented as plugins included in the standard distribution of Far. Changes: : 2023-12-13 build 6226 1. More ranges. 2. Refactoring. This download is for the Windows 64bit msi version. All other download assets are below: Windows msi: Far30b6226.x86.20231214.msi (32bit) Far30b6226.ARM64.20231214.msi (ARM64) Windows portable : Far30b6226.x64.20231214.7z (64bit) Far30b6226.x86.20231214.7z (32bit) Far30b6226.ARM64.20231214.7z (ARM64) Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,334 Dec 14, 2023
Far Group
FolderMove v3.0
FolderMove v3.0 Move the installation folder of a Program or Game to other drive, without breaking it or reinstalling. A symbolic link will be created from the old directory to the new one. Easy as one-two-three... Just Select the Installation Folder Select New Destination Drive Start Moving, that's all Do you have a SSD drive that is too small to hold all your Games or Software? move programs from one path to a different path on the same hard disk or to another hard disk on that same computer What is Symbolic Link? A symbolic link contains a text string that is automatically interpreted and followed by the operating system as a path to another directory. The symbolic link is a second file that exists independently of its target. If a symbolic link is deleted, its target remains unaffected. If a symbolic link points to a target, and sometime later that target is moved, renamed or deleted, the symbolic link is not automatically updated or deleted, but continues to exist and still points to the old target. Requirements: Microsoft Windows® 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7 .NET Framework 4.7.2+ Usage: Move installation folders in one click Make Symbolic Links automatically FM does not require any skills Just Select the Installation Folder Select New Destination Drive Start Moving, that's all Completely Free It's a 100% free software for private, non-commercial use. Nothing to install A small executable file "265KB" to take with you anywhere. Secure Transfer Must be run 'As Administrator' no permission to guest Account. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,057 Jan 12, 2022
Free Clipboard Viewer v3.0
Free Clipboard Viewer v3.0 A free, full-featured and portable clipboard viewer Free Clipboard Viewer is a program used to view the information that is stored in memory when you use copy and cut functions of Windows operating system. A clipboard viewer displays the current content of the clipboard. Most applications for Windows support cutting or copying data to the Windows Clipboard and pasting data from the clipboard. The clipboard data formats vary among applications. The clipboard viewer is just a handy way to know what's on your clipboard at different times. The clipboard temporarily stores whatever you've cut or copied. As soon as you cut or copy something else, the clipboard's contents change. Other useful features Free Clipboard Viewer allows you to save a clipboard data to a file and load a clipboard data from a file. So you can transfer clipboard contents between computers. The program also allows you to clear the clipboard and redeem the memory occupied by the large object. To clear the contents, click the "Delete" button in the clipboard viewer toolbar. Clipboard Formats An application can place more than one object on the clipboard, each representing the same information in a different clipboard format. Free Clipboard Viewer lists the available formats for any data that is currently stored on the clipboard. It automatically updates the information displayed as the contents of the clipboard change. For any format you can also view the clipboard contents, size and description. Run it from your portable USB flash drive Free Clipboard Viewer is a totally portable application, meaning that you can put it on any USB stick and run it directly from there. In this way, your clipboard viewer and manager will always be with you. Clipboard Software You may need more functionality than the clipboard viewer provides. In either case there is a variety of software solutions available for download ...
5/5 5,893 Jul 02, 2020
Comfort Software Group
Monocraft v3.0
Monocraft v3.0 A programming and general use font based on the typeface used in Minecraft The font for developers who like Minecraft a bit too much. Notice: This project is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way and is exclusively a fan project. This font emulates the typeface of the font used in the Minecraft UI, but it does not include any assets or font files from the original game. Features • Minecraft! -The characters in this font were based around the typeface used in the Minecraft UI, with a select few glyphs updated for better readability and spacing • Monospaced! -Each character has been carefully redesigned to work in a monospaced font -Thin characters like "i" and "l" have been reworked with tasteful tails and serifs to look better in a monospaced environment • Programming ligatures! -Add some spice to your programming life with all new ligature characters -Arrows now look like arrows and comparison operators are easier to see at a glance How to install Windows Download the Monocraft.ttf file below. Right click on the downloaded font and select Install. You might need administrative access to install fonts, depending on your machine. Mac Download the Monocraft.ttf file below. Double click on the downloaded font file and select Install Font in the window that appears. Linux Download the Monocraft.ttf file below. Move the file to ~/.local/share/fonts (create the folder if it doesn't already exist). In a terminal, run fc-cache -fv. Alternatively, log out and log in again. How to use After following the installation instructions up above, simply select the "Monocraft" font in ...
5/5 1,606 Feb 20, 2024
Idrees Hassan
Sea Battle v3.0
Sea Battle v3.0 Sea Battle is a computer desktop version of popular battleship board game. The program is small and cute, it has no 3d graphics, but it is very interesting and playable. Sea Battle is a great replacement of solitaire game on coffee break, airplane, or cloudy evening. You can play with computer opponent on different skills. The sound effects can be easily turned on or off. The game has some interesting enhancement such as mines, customized battle ship count, and high scores record table. Sea Battle guaranties you at least few hours of fun and good mood. Real connoisseurs will find the game very playable and forget about standard windows games at all :)
5/5 4,908 Oct 15, 2019
Anton Karpenko
TREK v3.0
TREK v3.0 This is a classic version of the old program TREK, inspired originally by the 1960's TV show Star Trek. From the author: "The original MS-BASIC version of this specific DOS implementation was written by me in graduate school in 1983 to emulate the FORTRAN version of Super Star Trek that ran on our lab PDP-11/34. That PDP-11/34 FORTRAN version of Super Star Trek was written around 1975, I believe by David Matuszek & Paul Reynolds with modifications by Don Smith." "Being often in a low-temperature physics lab overnight nursing a He3-He4 dilution fridge, He3 cryostat, or He4 cryostat, I often had too much time on my hands in between moments of sheer terror. During those boring times, I rewrote my MS-BASIC version of TREK, greatly expanding it's capabilities and sophistication in the 1980's. I converted it to Quick Basic 4.5 somewhere along the way, with the final Quick Basic version written in 1991. That version, v3.0, is about 3000 lines of code." "This is that version, with its expanded capabilities." "That version produces the file TREK.EXE. It encompasses the original 1960's Star Trek universe ("Original Series" or OS), or the 1980's Star Trek Next Generation (NG) universe. It also operates in real time, so that if you do nothing, your enemies (Kingons or NG Ferengi) are still able to attack you, and there are other entities (OS Berserker "planet killers" or NG Borg) which will chase after you across the galaxy if you irritate them." "You can dock at Star Bases to repair and refuel, and if a planet has dilithium crystals, you can transport down (if the transporter is working) and refuel that way. You can abuse the warp drive to time warp, as well as sometimes time warp if you hit a black hole. Black holes can also absorb photon ...
5/5 2,338 Aug 01, 2021
Michael J. Burns
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