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lessmsi v1.6.3
lessmsi v1.6.3 This is a utility with a graphical user interface and a command line interface that can be used to view and extract the contents of an MSI file. Usage To extract from the command line: lessmsi x <msiFileName> [<outouptDir>] Commands Command o: - Open in GUI Opens the specified msi_name in the GUI. switches: Not supported. msi_name: The name of the msi to open in the GUI path_to_extract: Not supported. file_names: Not supported. Examples lessmsi o theinstall.msi Command x: - Extract Extracts from the specified archive. switches: Not supported. msi_name: (required) specifies the msi to extract files from path_to_extract: (optional) The path to extract the files to. MUST have trailing backslash or it will be treated as one of the file_names. file_names: (optional) Names of files that you want to extract from the msi. All files are extracted if not specified. Note: There is a known bug err "limitation" that you can only specify the name of the file (not the path). Therefore if there are multiple instances of the file inside the msi with the same name and you want to extract that file there is no way to specify which file to extract. If this is a problem for you report an issue and if I know it is important to someone I'll take the time to make that work. Note: /x will work as the "command" for backward compatibility. The /x command is obsolete. It may be removed in the future! Examples Extracts all files from theinstall.msi into the current directory: lessmsi x theinstall.msi Extracts a.txt and b.txt from c:\theinstall.msi into the directory c:\theinstallextracted. lessmsi x c:\theinstall.msi c:\theinstallextracted\ a.txt b.txt Command l: List Lists the specified file table as a csv. switches: -t ...
5/5 771 Nov 26, 2018
Scott Willeke
NBFC - Notebook FanControl v1.6.3
NBFC - Notebook FanControl v1.6.3 NBFC is a fan control service for notebooks. It comes with a powerful configuration system, which allows to adjust it to many different notebook models. Windows Run the NBFC installer Start NoteBook FanControl.exe (by default located in C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteBook FanControl) Select a config. As soon as you hit the apply button, NBFC should take control over your notebook’s fans. There is no additional configuration required. The NBFC service will start automatically. If you want to adjust the selected config according to your needs, edit it in the Config Editor. 1.6.3 Most important changes: Support for Intel CoffeeLake, ApolloLake and AMD Ryzen CPUs (thanks @dan-and) Support for AMD Puma CPUs Support for many new notebook models ec-probe now supports colored output Improved settings file handling Lots of stability improvements and bugfixes Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 453 Apr 16, 2019
Stefan Hirschmann
PDF Link Editor v1.6.3
PDF Link Editor v1.6.3 PDF Link Editor is a small and smart application intents to do more for you when editing PDF hyperlinks. As we all know, it is not quite convenient for users to edit multiple links in PDF with Acrobat. PDF Link Editor contains the wonderful features that enables you to edit, add, replace, remove and extract PDF links in batch mode. With its intuitive and elegant interface design, it is quite easy to access no matter you are novice or expert. All-In-One Application. Small and Smart. Replace Hundreds of PDF Links in One Click. Add or Insert Hundreds of PDF Links in One Click. Clear or Extract All Hyperlinks in One PDF in No Time. Standalone and Run Smoothly Without Any Adobe Plugin Installed. Compatible with All Adobe PDF Versions. All-In-One Application. Small and Smart. As an all-in-one pdf link editor tool, PDF Link Editor offers you the possibilities to edit, replace, clear or extract links in one PDF document conveniently. Upload any PDF document you desire and this smart tool will display all links and anchors in a Gridview. No need to search before editing and replacing anymore! In addition, it is so small in size (<10MB) that it can achieve without requiring too much space. Replace Hundreds of PDF Links in Batch. Feel tedious to search and replace pdf links one by one by using general PDF tools? Boost your productivity by using this smart pdf link editor. PDF Link Editor could search all hyperlinks effectively and list them orderly after you have added one PDF file. You can manage all of these links and anchors intuitively. Select the desired links, enter the link you want to change to. Then, click ...
5/5 1,348 Jun 28, 2019
PDF Link Editor
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