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Last Update/Developer
CCode v1.5.0
CCode v1.5.0 A free source code editor based on Scintilla. CCode is written in C++ with about 24000 line of code, no MFC, no WTL, no QT, just pure Win32 and C++. Features • Runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 11 • Automatic code indentation • Code hinting Changes Version 1.5.0 2023-05-25 Added Always load last session at startup Added load/save session Fixed a crash when switching styles This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here. If you need the ARM 64bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,003 May 29, 2023
Football and Tanks v1.5.0
Football and Tanks v1.5.0 Control a tank and fire rockets toward the ball to get it into your opponent's goal. Watch your opponent get pushed back when your rocket lands near them! Music by Eric Matyas Changes: v1.5.0 Latest update adds a single player option with a loco tank CPU opponent. For those who wanna play single player! Use 7-Zip to unzip this file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 977 Jul 02, 2023
Mirror v1.5.0
Mirror v1.5.0 Mirror copies a directory to another location. If the destination directory already exists, Mirror only copies the files that have been added, modified, or deleted compared to the source directory. Mirror is especially adapted to frequent backups. Compared to a classical directory copy, it saves time by only copying new or modified files. Moreover, when Mirror detects that a file is no more present in the source directory, it deletes it from the destination directory too. This saves disk space if you rename or move files. Mirror is a command line tool, without graphical interface. It can be easily used in scripts and BATCH files. How to install Mirror? ---------------------- Choose the EXE file matching your Windows version: - 64-bit: take Mirror64.exe; - 32-bit Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8: take MirrorNT.exe; - 32-bit Windows 95/98/ME: take Mirror9x.exe. Copy the file to C:\Windows for Mirror to be accessible without having to specify its full path. You can then launch Mirror from a console box. You can rename the file MirrorXX.exe you have chosen to Mirror.exe or any other name. How do I use Mirror? -------------------- Typical use: C:\MyFiles is the source directory E:\Backup\MyFiles is the destination directory Ensure the destination directory E:\Backup\MyFiles exists, by creating it if necessary. Mirror does not create the destination directory automatically to avoid mistakes. Then, open a console box ( ou cmd.exe) and type: mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles You can automate the full procedure by creating a BATCH file (.bat extension) containing those two lines: @echo off mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles Why has Mirror problems with modification times? ------------------------------------------------ When using Mirror with the source directory in a NTFS partition and the destination directory in a FAT16 or FAT32 partition, time precision issues may occur. Modification times in FAT partitions are rounded to the nearest 2 seconds, while modification times in NTFS partitions are very precise (100 nanoseconds). This limitation explains why files you just mirrored may not have exactly the same modification time. By default, Mirror tries to avoid time precision problems by considering that modification times having a difference less than ...
5/5 3,287 Jan 18, 2021
Guillaume Ryder
Stretchly v1.5.0
Stretchly v1.5.0 Break time reminder app Stretchly is an open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working with computer. Default behavior When you run Stretchly for the first time, you are presented with a Welcome window that allows you to change the language, review the settings, view the online tutorial or simply continue with the default settings. Stretchly itself lives in your tray, only displaying a reminder window from time to time, which contains an idea for a break. By default, there is a 20 second Mini Break every 10 minutes and a 5 minute Long Break every 30 minutes (after 2 Mini Breaks). You'll be notified 10 seconds before a Mini Break (and 30 seconds before a Long Break) so that you can prepare to pause your work. When a break starts, you can postpone it once for 2 minutes (Mini Breaks) or 5 minutes (Long Breaks). Then, after a specific time interval passes, you can skip the break. Both actions are available by clicking on the link at the bottom of window or by using the Ctrl/Cmd + X keyboard shortcut. Clicking the Stretchly icon in your tray area will display the current status of breaks, provide menu items with extra functionality, and link to the Preferences. Stretchly is monitoring your idle time, so when you are idle for 5 minutes, breaks will be paused until you return. Stretchly is also monitoring Do Not Disturb mode, so breaks are paused when DnD mode is On. Stretchly follows the theme of your system and is also available in dark mode. Interact with stretchly from command line When a Stretchly instance is running, the stretchly command can be use to interact with it from the command line. Type stretchly help to get a list of all commands and options available as well as some examples. Preferences Most of the preferences ...
5/5 5,121 Apr 07, 2021
Jan Hovancik
The Pandoran War v1.5.0
The Pandoran War v1.5.0 The Pandoran War is a 2D mission-based space shooter, set between THE THIRD SIDE and THE ATTTRIBUTE OF THE STRONG. The game features over 50 individual missions, with many different objectives and craft to pilot. Features Battle through a story-backed Campaign, composed of over 60 missions. Pilot starfighters from the novels, including the ATAF, Ray, Firefly, and many more, including new fighters not featured in the core trilogy. Take the seat as one of the many characters from the novel trilogy. Non-linear mission structure. Multiple mission objectives. Engage in combat with pirates, traitors, and the Pandoran army. Tackle huge and deadly capital ships. Work alongside AI team mates, to reach your goals. Engage in epic struggles, where the destruction of your fighter does not mean the end of the fight. Take advantage of the player-only Boost and ECM abilities, to gain a tactical edge of battle. Earn trophies for completing missions and racking up impressive stats. Take on the Challenge mode, designed to test your skills to breaking point. Manual The gameplay manual can be found in the "manual" folder of the game archive. Installation Windows: Uncompress the zip file, and double click on tbftss.exe to launch the game. v1.5.0 * Game now renders at chosen resolution instead of scaling up from 1280 x 720 * Added command line switch -size to allow for custom window sizes. - For example: -size 900x600 for a width and height of 900 x 600. * Minimum resolution is now 1280 x 720 * Graphics and fonts now use texture atlases to help with performance. * Misc. bug fixes. Click here to visit the author's ...
5/5 5,238 Mar 26, 2019
Stephen J Sweeney
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