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Last Update/Developer
Crypto Notepad v1.5.0
Crypto Notepad v1.5.0 Notepad-like simple text editor for Windows, where files are saved and loaded encrypted with AES algorithms. Features Drag and Drop support Detect URLs and email links Fully customizable editor. Able to customize the colors and fonts Able to customize different parameters of the encryption (hash algorithm, key size, password iterations) Included all the features of the default Windows Notepad Association with the application extension Easily search through the content System requirements Windows Vista SP2 and higher .NET Framework 4.5 License Distributed under MIT license v1.5.0 (2019-08-28) added Drag & Drop file on executable to open it #19 added Line numbers panel in editor #23 added Saving in settings Custom colors values from color picker #24 added Able to disable functionality of Insert keyboard button #25 added TAB button functionality in editor. improved Text search. Now it more like in windows notepad. improved Minor design changes. fixed Wrong behavior after try to close app #22 fixed Bug with incorrect file name. fixed Many minor bugs. Added new bugs (not on purpose). dev Migrated to Visual Studio Community 2019. dev Removed unused code. dev Added new string for Debug. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 658 Aug 29, 2019
The Pandoran War v1.5.0
The Pandoran War v1.5.0 The Pandoran War is a 2D mission-based space shooter, set between THE THIRD SIDE and THE ATTTRIBUTE OF THE STRONG. The game features over 50 individual missions, with many different objectives and craft to pilot. Features Battle through a story-backed Campaign, composed of over 60 missions. Pilot starfighters from the novels, including the ATAF, Ray, Firefly, and many more, including new fighters not featured in the core trilogy. Take the seat as one of the many characters from the novel trilogy. Non-linear mission structure. Multiple mission objectives. Engage in combat with pirates, traitors, and the Pandoran army. Tackle huge and deadly capital ships. Work alongside AI team mates, to reach your goals. Engage in epic struggles, where the destruction of your fighter does not mean the end of the fight. Take advantage of the player-only Boost and ECM abilities, to gain a tactical edge of battle. Earn trophies for completing missions and racking up impressive stats. Take on the Challenge mode, designed to test your skills to breaking point. Manual The gameplay manual can be found in the "manual" folder of the game archive. Installation Windows: Uncompress the zip file, and double click on tbftss.exe to launch the game. v1.5.0 * Game now renders at chosen resolution instead of scaling up from 1280 x 720 * Added command line switch -size to allow for custom window sizes. - For example: -size 900x600 for a width and height of 900 x 600. * Minimum resolution is now 1280 x 720 * Graphics and fonts now use texture atlases to help with performance. * Misc. bug fixes. Click here to visit the author's ...
5/5 1,414 Mar 26, 2019
Stephen J Sweeney
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